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2 Any Meat In That Soup? (18 page)

BOOK: 2 Any Meat In That Soup?
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George whispered, “It looks like you might need some help taking that shower. I could call one of your sisters, of course. Or…”

I smiled, and repeated, “Or…” as I took his hand and pulled him toward me.


No author writes completely alone. There are several people who have helped with ideas and support. Thanks to:

Patrice Fitzgerald, of eFitzgerald Publishing, who has given me encouragement and support throughout the writing of this book.

My beta readers, Jan Bozarth Smith and Nikki Shields, who are great at pointing out typos and confusing sentences.

The women and men of my online writing group—Housewife Writers. They have encouraged me to write for eighteen years, and I appreciate their collective wisdom and their love.

My niece, Kris Smith Theissen, for her young brain, coming up with concepts I couldn’t remember, while we were swimming at her mom’s.

Kathy Vogel for giving me the idea of the LOUD TALKER in the ER.

My siblings, who have teased me unmercifully, to whom all I can say is “Shup.”

Panera Bread Company in Quincy, Illinois for the generous use of their patio, where a good portion of this book was written.

Toni Taylor of Tiger Imagery for her permission to use her beautiful photograph as the basis for the cover photo. This lovely home is actually a private residence, but in the book, it’s the Quincy Community Clinic where Sam Darling works.

Keri Knutson for her lovely cover, taking Toni’s photograph and turning it into exactly what I needed for the book.

As usual, the people depicted in this book are the result of my imagination only, and bear no resemblance to actual people. The exception is, when the Darling sibs are being sarcastic, that accurately describes my five brothers.

Jerilyn Bozarth Dufresne is the oldest of nine, and that group gave her the inspiration for the Darling Family, although her sibs fight a lot more and have cornered the market on sarcasm. She returned to her hometown of Quincy, Illinois after having lived a nomadic middle part of her life. Currently she writes, is an outpatient therapist at a local mental health clinic, and teaches at Quincy University. She and her dog Gus live with, and are tolerated by, two cats.

Visit her at
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for all the latest news about Sam Darling and her upcoming adventures.


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BOOK: 2 Any Meat In That Soup?
6.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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