8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure

BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
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8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure

Sonia Borg, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.A.


This Is Not the “Same Ole” Oral Sex Book

But First, Basic Female Anatomy:
You’ve Got to Know Her Parts


The Masturbation/Cunnilingus Game

The Remote Control Cunnilingus Game

The Cunnilingus Challenge Game

The Cunnilingus Spelling Game

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Game: Level 1

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Game: Level 2

Truth or Dare

Yes, No, or Maybe

Introduction: This Is Not the “Same Ole” Oral Sex Book

No sex technique says “I love
” quite the way that cunnilingus does.

Oral adoration of her most intimate parts is one of the greatest gifts you can give a woman. Like every gift that will be cherished, it must be right for the recipient and offered from the giver’s heart. A few aimless licks in the hopes of getting something in return will not be considered the gift of cunnilingus here!

Regardless of your position on cunnilingus, most women love it and some can’t climax without it. Cunnilingus is sex, and a beautiful form of sex at that. Unlike intercourse, you get to taste, smell, and touch your partner all in the same moment. Like driving a stick shift, cunnilingus is a learned skill; you can learn it, and you can be very, very good at it. I will show you how.

Other books may teach you different tongue and mouth moves, as I do here. My book does more than that! I have created special scenarios that turn cunnilingus into a sex event.

If you’ve always wanted to be the kind of man who has the power to psychologically arouse your partner and the technical skills to bring her to orgasm, this book is for you. You will get so much from performing cunnilingus, including:

• Increased confidence in your skills as a lover
• Sexual satisfaction (hers and yours)
• Being in your masculine power
• Newly inspired sense of sexual adventure and creativity
• Being more in tune with her sexual response cycle

And my promise to both you and your lover is this: The relationship will feel new and exciting again.

Each scenario is exciting and creative
will help you master cunnilingus. I’ve organized them into categories, and you’ll find one that suits every erotic mood. In addition, Sex Facts are sprinkled throughout the book and are sure to add to your sexual knowledge. Within the scenarios, you’ll find easy segments: Perfect the Move highlights the special techniques used. The Scenario sets up the creative fantasy that turns this act of cunnilingus into a sex event. Last-Minute Preparations gives you all the little preparatory details. The Technique gives you step-by-step directions from first touch to her orgasm.

And finally, The Sexpert Says gives you useful information based on my own experience, observations as a sexologist, and confessions from clients. The notes here will help you understand how to be playful and sexually adventurous with your woman and give you a snapshot of female sexuality, with some insights into male sexuality, too.

There is a cunnilingus scenario here for every mood, from playful to soul mate-connecting. If you try one and don’t like it, try another … and another … and another. Adapt, change, and modify to make it your own. What compares to the warmth of your breath, the wet sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue?

I sincerely hope that my book will give you the tools and inspiration for rocking her erotic world and becoming more expressive and adventurous with her. And I hope that you learn more about your own sexuality and experience the confidence and personal power from a licking well done.

Wishing you a healthy and happy sex life!

Dr. Sonia

But First, Basic Female Anatomy: You’ve Got to Know Her Parts

You can’t drive her crazy if you don’t know where her buttons are, right? Here are some terms to get you started:

The Vulva

A politically and anatomically correct name, the vulva is the whole package of the female genitalia.

• Mons or mons veneris (Latin for
mound of Venus
): This soft spot on top of the pubic bone is sensitive to the touch and nice for arousal, but stimulation there generally won’t take her to climax.
• Labia majora (large outer lips): The labia majora is a somewhat sensitive area that overlays and protects the more delicate inner layer of the vulva. These outer lips are covered with pubic hair (that many women wax or shave). Many women find that removing the hair increases sensitivity to touch.
• Labia minora (smaller inner lips): These more sensitive lips swell and change color when a woman becomes aroused. They are more slender in size than the outer lips, though they sometimes extend down past them.

The Clitoris

Some of the slang terms for the little pink stalk sometimes compared to the penis include the little girl in the boat, the bean, the magic button, the flower, and the pearl, among others. It is the only organ on either the male or the female body designed solely for pleasure. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and operates within network of 15,000 nerve endings that service the entire pelvic region. Knowing this, it would be nearly impossible to have an orgasm that is not clitoral in nature.

• The clitoral hood: This little outgrowth or overgrowth of skin covers and protects the clitoral glans. When a woman becomes aroused, the glans protrudes from the hood, though in some women, just barely.
• The clitoral glans or shaft: When people refer to the clitoris, they are usually talking about the clitoral glans. The vast system of nerves connecting the clitoris to the vagina all end in the glans. What a potent little piece of genital property that is!
• The crura (a.k.a. wings): Located to the right and left of the urethra, they run back to the pubic bone. The internal portion of the clitoris, these two sections are shaped like
s, connecting to the clitoris at the point of the
• The vestibular or clitoral bulbs: A string of bulb-shaped aggregations of erectile tissue, the clitoral bulbs extend down beneath the labia minora. When a woman is aroused, they fill with blood, making the vulva swell.
• Front commissure: A very sensitive and often overlooked area above the base of the clitoral shaft, just below where the labia majoras meet.
• The fourchette: The bottom edges of the lips beneath the vaginal entrance, neighboring the perineum.

The Vagina

The vagina is the elastic, muscular canal connecting the uterus to the outside of a woman’s body. Babies come out of it. Penises go into it. When a woman is aroused, her vagina expands in width and length and produces lubrication, though additional lube may be needed if she is on some medications that may dry the vagina or is postmenopausal.


The term
comes from the Latin word for vulva (
) and tongue (
). A person who performs cunnilingus may be referred to as a “cunnilinguist.”

The Cervix

The narrow end of the uterus that connects it with the top of the vagina is the cervix. It feels hard to the touch and expands with arousal and orgasm. Women who have cervical orgasms report an intense physical and emotional release.


The much-hyped G-spot is a spongy, walnut-sized mass of tissue approximately 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.5 cm) up on the back wall of the vagina. You can feel it by inserting two fingers into a woman’s vagina and making the come hither gesture. Some women have intense G-spot orgasms; other women claim they can’t even find theirs.

The Urethra

Urine exits a woman’s body through her urethral opening. A small mass of erectile tissue above and on either side of that opening is very sensitive to erotic stimulation. Known as the U-spot, it is relatively undiscovered territory for some women (and the men who lick them).

Bartholin’s Gland

Located slightly below and to the left and right of the vaginal opening, the Bartholin’s gland secretes small quantities of lubrication when a woman is aroused.

Skene’s Glands

Located behind the rear wall of the vagina and around the lower end of the urethra, Skene’s glands swell with blood during arousal.


The exit for the colon, the anus is also very rich in nerve endings. Some women enjoy having their anus stimulated with a finger, tongue, anal dildo, or penis. Both men and women have a sphincter muscle that controls opening and closing the anus and that also contracts at the point of orgasm.


Don’t compare your girl’s vulva to ones that you see in
, or pornography. Many of the women featured in these magazines go through surgery to make themselves look picture perfect.

Pubococcygeal (or PC) Muscle

This is a hammock-like muscle stretching across the floor of the vagina from pubic bone to tailbone; it controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. If she—and you, because men have it, too—exercises that muscle, it will become stronger, enhancing sexual pleasure and intensifying orgasm for both of you. With a strong PC muscle, she will be able to “grip” your penis, and even pull it in and out of her vagina.

Doing Kegel exercises builds that muscle. For women, regular Kegels keep the vagina toned after childbirth and postmenopause. Kegel exercises to strengthen the PC muscle are essential for every woman and man. Doing them is the absolute bottom line requirement for good sex. Not only does a strong PC make your orgasm more likely and more intense, it also facilitates multiple and extended orgasms. So do them!

BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
2.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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