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Authors: Anya Byrne

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A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer

BOOK: A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer
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A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer

Lone Wolf Pack 5


Copyright 2014 Anya Byrne


All Romance Edition December 2014

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Erdi is a silencer. His life is one of blood, duty and
shadows, and he has resigned himself to his role—until a mission leads him to
Jensen Moore.

Erdi's heart and his instincts know the truth—that Jensen is
his other half. But silencers don't have mates, and Erdi knows he doesn't have
the right to even desire Jensen. He is both relieved and crushed when, after
the mission, Jensen doesn't remember him at all. Given a chance to start over,
he sternly reminds himself that, no matter what, he will never deserve Jensen.

But Jensen is nothing if not very determined, and very
curious. His friend Parker's abrupt departure leads him to start digging—and
soon, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the werewolf world, meeting
Erdi for a second time.

The attraction between them is impossible to suppress, but guilt, pain
and sorrow still weigh heavily on Erdi. And the surprises aren't over yet.
Between Jensen's sudden bouts of nausea, and an unexpected threat from the
past, can the couple, and the Lone Wolf Pack, truly start over?


Warning: Gay erotic romance. The material in this
document contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences
only. All characters involved are adults capable of consent, are over the age
of twenty-one, and are willing participants.


41,999 words



A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer

Lone Wolf Pack 5


Anya Byrne

Copyright 2014






Chapter One



Erdi had been waiting for what seemed like ages. The silver
burned through his veins, enough to torture him, but not knock him out. After
all, it wouldn't be a punishment if he wasn't conscious to feel it.

He was very distantly aware of the cold tiles under his paws,
the smell of his own blood filling the room, the burning pain over his back and
head. But oddly, it didn't frighten him. He had no regrets. He'd been given a
gift, one he didn't deserve after the life he'd led. He'd accepted it and made
a choice. Under the circumstances, his path could only end here, in a dungeon,
bleeding to death after being scourged by the Malik he'd once seen as a

An image floated at the back of his mind, that of a brave man
trying to hold his own against the werewolves attacking his home. Erdi would
have probably smiled if his facial muscles had allowed it. A gift, yes, that
he'd even gotten to meet him, that he had been there to save him the fateful
day of the attack. The human would never know who Erdi was, but that was the
way things needed to be. Silencers didn't have mates. They didn't love. It was
a law as strict as the Secrecy Accords.

Despite that knowledge, Erdi clung to the memory, until it
was the only thing that existed other than the pain. When he heard the cell
door open and the approaching footsteps, he couldn't help but flinch. He didn't
want to let go of the image yet. It might be cowardly, but he wanted to live,
if only to remember his mate.

A rough, but familiar hand landed in his fur and pulled.
"It looks like you have as many lives as Dean Simmons," his
brother—no, his Malik—said. "Rejoice, Erdi. You'll soon become a member of
the Lone Wolf Pack."

Baqir's voice held both anger and satisfaction, and Erdi knew
that he wouldn't like what came next. The chains holding him down came off, but
Erdi didn't get the chance to enjoy his new freedom. "But first, I think
you need a little reminder. You might have stopped being a silencer, brother,
but we'll be watching."

Erdi didn't acknowledge the words. He didn't even have the
energy to whine in pain as his Malik started to whip him. He just clung to the
beautiful memory and told himself he would live through this. If not for
himself, for his mate. For the beautiful human who had made him see the truth
about himself. For Jensen.
Regardless of
the fact that he and Jensen would never be together, Erdi refused to let go of
that memory.

As the whip fell again and again, Erdi took refuge in the
recollection of the day when he'd stepped out of the darkness and into the


From his hiding spot, Erdi watched Mario Adler enter the
small bed and breakfast where Finn Simmons had driven his mate. He checked his
gun and waited for a few moments to make sure he wouldn't be spotted.

Traveling through the shadows, he made his way toward the
building. His mind was already in mission mode. As tasks went, it was pretty
easy. Get in, take out the targets, get out. The Alphas of the enemy packs
would lose their sons, but they'd also receive a warning that was long overdue.

Really, Erdi had expected he'd have to do something like
this soon. The Simmons pack had steadily become a source of disquiet for the
entire werewolf world, and it didn't take a genius to realize the Gathering
would ask a silencer guild to intervene. Erdi's was among the most efficient
ones, and Erdi knew the area, so it made sense that he'd be the agent who'd have
to handle it.

He couldn't even bring himself to hate it. His was a dark
life and a dark duty, but someone had to do it. If at some level, he loathed
himself for justifying it... Well, that was something that would only come to
him in his nightmares. Not now.

There was no doubt in his heart when he entered the
building, no doubt as to his duty and his course of action. And then, something
inside him faltered. His regularly set train of thought came to a grinding
halt. There was someone here, someone important for Erdi... Someone he needed
to protect. A lingering scent awoke Erdi's wolf instincts, buried deep
underneath his silencer training.

He didn't even have the time to process the impossibility
of the situation. He just shot forward, a shadow that not even other werewolves
could see and feel. The corridor was crowded with Adler's men, an obstacle
between him and his goal.

The first two fell before they could even realize he was
there, twin bullet holes through their foreheads. The next turned toward him,
but werewolves or no, they didn't have a chance. Erdi took out a couple of them
with steady shots that even shape-shifters couldn't avoid. When he emptied his
clip, he snarled in frustration. Normally, he would have just replaced it—it
wouldn't have taken him too long—but now, he didn't have time.

Instead, he retrieved his long silver blades and jumped
into the fray. It was messier than he'd have preferred—clean, painless kills
were always better—but the clock was ticking in Erdi's mind, and the countdown
made him angrier, more and more aggressive.

He reached the room that was his target just in time to
see a werewolf grab a human man from the floor and pick him up by his throat.
"Back off, silencer," the werewolf said, his claws against the human's
throat. "Back off or he dies."

A different time, Erdi would have sneered and said he
didn't care, but his mind quickly calculated all the variables of his current
situation. The way his opponent was holding the human meant that Erdi shooting
or stabbing him could lead the man's claws to slitting his captive's throat.
Also, his hold on the human was so tight that he might even fracture the
human's spine if he jerked while dying. After all, humans were so fragile,
ridiculously so. A chill went down Erdi's spine just at the thought of allowing
this particular human to get hurt.

The man's fair skin was already slightly bruised, his
blond hair matted with blood. He was alive, though, and his green eyes were
strikingly clear when he took in Erdi's appearance.

Erdi was acutely aware of the picture he must make,
covered in blood, holding his still dripping blades. The hate that he'd tried
to bury under a million justifications shot to the front of his consciousness,
and the bitter taste of self-disgust nearly choked him. His mate's captive
didn't notice, or if he did, he interpreted it in a different way.

"I mean it," he shouted, his hold on Erdi's mate
tightening even more. "Back off."

Blood trickled over the human's throat, and Erdi barely
managed to suppress the white hot anger inside him. He slowly set the blades
down and lifted his hands. "There. Now release him."

The werewolf laughed. "Do you think I'm a fool? Those
blades are the least dangerous thing about you. Slide them forward. Everything
you have."

Erdi used his foot to shove his blades forward. They left
a sickening trail of blood on the floor, and Erdi's stomach roiled when he saw
the human's gaze follow it. He mentally shook himself, because now was not the
time to be distracted. His mate might loathe him for being a silencer, but
those skills were the only thing Erdi could rely on to save the human.

He complied with the other werewolf's demands and left all
of his weapons on the floor. His mate's captor shot him a bemused look.
"So... What's this all about, silencer? Were you instructed to keep
collateral damage to a minimum?"

Erdi just gave the man a cold look, and the smile on the
other werewolf's face died. "Leave now," Erdi said, "and you
might just survive."

That was highly unlikely, since Erdi's wolf was more
inclined to tear apart the person who'd dared to touch his mate. Maybe his
opponent knew that—or at least guessed a part of it—because he shook his head.
"I don't think so."

Out of nowhere, the werewolf retrieved a gun and pointed
it at Erdi. Several options flashed through Erdi's mind, but in the end, he
didn't have to choose any of them. The werewolf's hold on the human had
faltered slightly while he changed positions, and Erdi's mate took advantage of
that. He head butted his captor so hard the werewolf actually groaned in pain.
Of course, that probably hurt the human too, but it gave Erdi the chance to
shoot forward, grab one of his daggers and throw it at the other werewolf. The
blade struck his opponent's throat, and his hold on Erdi's mate loosened. The
human staggered away on shaky legs, and Erdi used the opening to deliver the
finishing blow with one of his larger blades.

As the corpse of the werewolf who'd defied him landed on
the floor, Erdi turned his attention toward his mate. "Thank you,"
the human said, sounding dazed. "You... You saved my life."

Erdi's fingers twitched, wanting nothing more than to
touch his mate, but knowing better than to do so. "Why are you thanking
me? I'm a killer."

He didn't know what he'd expected, but it definitely
wasn't a smile. "Yes, you are. But people are rarely one single thing. And
I think you're... so much more than that." His eyes widened, as if he'd
just remembered something. "Oh my God, Parker. Parker and his friend. They
were just here. The men must have gotten to them."

Erdi couldn't say that the whole point of this had been to
kill Parker Knight and Finn Simmons, and that Erdi had come here for the same
purpose. His mate grabbed his arm and gave him a pleading look. "Please.
Please help them."

"I can't just leave you," Erdi protested.
"You're hurt."

"I'll be fine," his mate replied. "Trust me
on this. Go."

Everything inside Erdi screamed to stay. But his mate
smiled at him again, and Erdi knew it wasn't him the human needed. He went.


He'd saved both Parker and Finn that day, although he'd been
forced to call medical help for both of them—and, as it turned out, for his
mate. In the end, he'd learned Jensen—because that was his mate's name,
Jensen—had ended up with a concussion that affected his short-term memory and
had made him forget the entire thing, including Erdi.

It was for the best, Erdi thought as he bled on the floor. It
was for the best, because Erdi had no right to even want a mate. The human
would go on to find a lover who deserved him, and Erdi... Well, he'd just have
to endure.

Baqir continued to beat him until Erdi's consciousness
threatened to drift away. After that, he lost interest and dumped the still
blood-stained whip next to Erdi.

"I trust you'll remember this, Erdi. You failed me, and
I don't take kindly to people who fail me."

Anger bubbled inside Erdi, fueled by the memory of what he
would be forever denied. He hadn't asked to be a killer. He'd followed his
brother because he hadn't known any better, because at the time, he'd been
young, foolish, and alone. But now, he had to wonder if there hadn't been a
better solution—if he could have kept both his life and his soul, if he could
have endured an existence of a lone wolf long enough to meet Jensen.

The doubt was enough to force him past the pain and into his
human form. He shouldn't have been able to shift, not with all the damage that
had been done to him, but he was a silencer, and more resilient to torture than

"You're the one who brought me in the guild," he
snapped, hating the croaked sound of his own voice. "The fault lies with
you, not just me. I wanted to be a werewolf, not a silencer."

Baqir clenched his jaw and gripped Erdi's chin. His fingers
dug into the scourging mark on Erdi's cheek—the scar Baqir himself had left and
one Erdi would carry for the rest of his life as proof of his disgrace.

"I know," Baqir said, his voice scathing, but his
eyes strangely soft. "That's why you're still alive."

He leaned over to whisper in Erdi's ear. "You have a way
out now, brother. Don't waste it. I cannot give you more than this."

Before Erdi could even figure out what that meant, Baqir
shoved him away. His chains rattled and pain exploded through his body once
more. He melted back into his wolf form and fell to the floor, panting.

He heard the door open and close as Baqir left, and for the
first time, he allowed himself to hope. He might survive this yet.


Jensen rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he analyzed the data
on the screen. The capture screens from the few cameras that had caught
Parker's face told Jensen very little of what was going on. In the images,
Parker seemed happy, even enthusiastic, but Jensen wasn't convinced.

He wasn't an idiot. Parker would have never abandoned his job
for some guy he'd just met. Helping others through social work had been
Parker's strongest desire, ever since they'd been two kids, just old enough to
have dreams that could take them beyond the walls of their orphanage. Jensen
still had moments when he felt guilty for leaving Parker behind, but he knew
his friend didn't really blame him. Even now, after all this time, they were
still very close.

That made Parker's abrupt departure even stranger. And there
was something more, something that frustrated Jensen beyond belief. He closed
his eyes, trying to remember what was bothering him, but it was a futile

The concussion he'd earned from the attack on the Amaretto
had effectively wiped all memory of what had happened. He just had a feeling
something very important had slipped his mind. It was very strange, because
forgetting something should have, by its nature, canceled that kind of
uneasiness. After all, the tricky thing about amnesia was that you couldn't
remember what you'd forgotten.

BOOK: A Baby Daddy for a Werewolf Silencer
3.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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