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Ok Marceline now here comes the hard part.

              "Life seemed to be going really well. Ben's father had left his bar to him and my mom as late wedding present because he felt he was getting too old to deal with the demands. They turned the place around and managed to make it even more successful than it already was. I had started school and was doing well, Adam was also doing well at school and was really popular. It was shortly after I turned 7 that things started to fall apart. I would hear Ben and mom argue about things to do with the bar however, the next morning they would always act like nothing had happened and like we were the perfect family. It was another couple of month until I noticed mom wasn't her usual bright cheerful self. She wouldn't argue with Ben anymore and she seemed to be really timid around everyone. Then I noticed the marks and bruises. She insisted it was nothing and that some folk had gotten into a fight at the bar and she had tried to stop it. I wanted to believe her and I did at first until the bruises started to appear more often and in much more visible places. Adam was acting really strange too and would shout at me and always seemed to be angry. I figured he was just upset about what was happening like I was, our family was falling apart and we couldn't stop it."


Ok Fischer you can do this, she is opening up to you just let her tell you without interrupting. Shit I knew her dad had died when she was a baby but I never realised how hard it must have been for her mother. What a horrible start she had. At least her grandparents were there for her.
Her mom has found someone and they're becoming a "
happy family"
as she's put it, but how come she hasn't mentioned she has a brother and how did that not appear in the background search?
Oh! My! God! That bastard Ben he was beating her mother. I need to look at my files again and find out that fuckers full name and make him pay for what he's done. My poor Marceline having to deal with her mother physical abuse at such a young age. Ok she's not finished let her finish without getting angry and storming off to find this fucker.



Oh he's clearly angry at what he thinks I'm about to tell him. Mr Control Freak is doing well to just sit here and listen to me even though I can tell he's frustrated. He keeps running his hands through his hair. Oh how I want to run my hands through his hair. Enough Marceline get on with it, you've started your story you need to finish and let him know.

              "Victor I know you're angry and thank you for staying quiet but it's going to get a little worse now so please bare with me ok. This isn't easy for me to tell you as it's hard reliving these memories. Ok where was I? Oh yes our order had arrived, we got chinese and we sat at the table and started to get everything set out when Ben noticed that some of the order was wrong. Adam noticed too and Ben's expression changed completely. Next thing I know Adam has launched himself from his chair and across the table towards my mom and had his hands around her throat screaming at her saying it was her fault the order was wrong. Ben ran around the table to try to pull him off but Adam could not be moved. He was like someone possessed. Ben eventually pulled him off her but he couldn't hold him, Adam grabbed a chair and hit Ben in the head with it. It shattered and he then picked up one of the legs and turned back to my mom and went after her. I was screaming and crying as I didn't know what was going on.
Then Adam stopped. He was looking at me and I could see the anger in his eyes, he was yelling at me to stop screaming and crying. I tried to run towards my mom but he chased after me, he caught me and hit me in the stomach with the leg of the chair. I fell to the ground and he proceeded to hit and kick me. My mother and Ben tried to pull him away and they managed to just as he was about to hit my head with the piece of wood. He was kicking and screaming as they pulled him away. Ben had a large cut across his brow and you could see he was getting a black eye and my mom, well lets just say she could hardly stand. As for me, I had two broken ribs a fractured wrist and cuts and bruises all over my body. I was so shocked at what had happened I wouldn't talk to anyone for days.

              When we got home Adam wasn't there. He had run away. I was so glad he was gone and I hate to admit this but I wanted something bad to happen to him so he could never come back. Ben filed a missing person report and explained to the police that he was violent and to be cautious if they found him. It was about two weeks after we got back from my being in the hospital that he was found. The police had found him and had placed him into care until they could get around to getting a social worked to help with what had happened to us. That night I was asleep and I woke up feeling really cold. I noticed my bedroom window was open so I got up to close it. When I turned back around I saw him. Adam had managed to escape from the care home and had climbed in through my window. I was so scared but he just looked at me and asked me to keep quiet. He was whispering to me that he was sorry and he didn't mean any of what happened, he was crying and kept repeating that he was sorry. I gave him a hug and told him that he was ok and that he needed to say sorry to mom and Ben too. He told me he would later and that he just wanted to go to sleep. I believed him so I let him sleep in my bed with me until morning when he could apologise to them both.

              I woke up again and I saw it was almost morning as the light was starting to come through the window. I turned to find Adam lying in the bed naked and he was trying to take my pj's off. He saw me wake and look frightened so he quickly got on top of me, covered my mouth so I couldn't scream and proceeded to try to remove my pj's. I was so scared, I was thinking of how stupid I was to believe him and let him stay. I didn't want to struggle as I knew that would just anger him. Then suddenly my mom comes into my room to wake me up and screams when she see's what is going on. Ben comes rushing into the room and runs toward the bed and drags Adam off me. Mom comes over to me while Ben is struggling with Adam. She was reassuring me everything will be fine. He tried to rape me, I loved him like he was my real brother and he tried to do that to me. Well after that he sent to a juvenile facility and was put away for a long time. Ben and mom tried to get on with things but it was a real strain on their marriage so they soon parted ways and filed for divorce.

              It turned out that Adam had a history of violence before my mom and Ben had gotten together. He had attacked children at his earlier schools and would have phases of being completely fine and would snap for no clear reason. Ben thought it was just a phase he was going through because his mother had just abandoned them. Since he got together with my mom Adam became better and the violent attacks had stopped so he didn't think it would be a problem anymore. Obviously that wasn't the case. I found out he had started to become violent again not long after we found out my mom was pregnant. unfortunately, or maybe fortunately now she had a miscarriage. He was jealous of the thought of another child taking attention away from him. It turns out that the stress of having to be so careful around Adam may have been one of the reason she miscarried. Anyway that's it. That's my story.

Ok you've told him now so there's no going back. He's still sitting here so I'm guessing that's a good sign. Although he does look completely taken aback by it all. Oh please let don't run away from me because of this.



Jesus! Fuck! I wasn't expecting that! No wonder there was no mention of that little prick in the report I got. Oh my sweet Marceline I can't believe what has happened to you. She's been through so much at such a young age just like I have but she's not as fucked up as I am. She's finished now and you're just sitting there looking like an idiot. Say something to here. Let her know you aren't going anywhere and that you still want her.

              "Fuck Marceline, I can't believe that. I wasn't expecting that outcome whatsoever. When you mentioned your mom having bruises and marks my first thought was it was Ben but never Adam. You amaze me Marceline, that you've been through so much as a kid and you are not completely fucked up."
Like you, you mean. "
Thank you for telling me, you look relieved?"

              "Well I am to be honest. It feels good to have told you and I'm also so glad you're not running for the hills after what I've just told you. I've found it so hard to trust many guys in my life and I finally feel like I can now that I've met you." She looks away blushing at what she had just said. Victor places his index finger under her chin and moves her face back up and towards him. He looks deeply into her big blue eyes and moves in for a kiss. There lips touch and that instant tingling feeling envelopes them both. Marceline parts her lips to allow Victor access. They explore each others mouths and their kiss deepens and becomes more passionate with every passing second. After a few minutes they both break apart, panting and trying to catch their breath. Marceline has never felt this comfortable around a man, apart from Hernandez and Jay. He takes her breath away and Victor feels the same way about Marceline.

              Marceline stands and Victor can't help but just stares at her. "You haven't given me the grand tour yet. I really want to see your place."
I'm really hoping you'll let me see your bedroom as I can't take waiting anymore.

              "Of course Miss Greene. I know just the room to start with." He says with a little smirk while standing and taking her hand.
Fuck showing her around I know exactly where I'm taking her.



Ok Fischer it's the moment you've been waiting for. From the second you first saw this girl this is what you've wanted. Except now you don't want to go hard, you want to show her that she was right to trust you. You have to make this the most gentle but passionate experience she's ever had. You have to go vanilla. Plus she isn't overly experience having only been with one guy and you don't want to scare the shit out of her.
Victor thinks to himself.
He stands up and takes Marceline's hand, "Of course Miss Greene. I know just the room to start with."
He practically sprints as he pulls her up the stairs and along the corridor giving a quick commentary of each room they pass without actually showing her any of them. Finally he stopped outside the room he was looking for and turns back around to face Marceline.
"Now this is the best room in the house. I hope you're ready Marceline?" he says with a reassuring smile.
"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." She replies with a look of pure lust and wanton in her sparkling blue eyes.

              He opened the door to reveal a gloriously large master bedroom with a huge king size four poster bed up against one wall. It had those floor to ceiling windows overlooking the New Orleans skyline. The room was completely different from the rest of the apartment, rather than looking like a gallery with plain white walls, very minimalistic furniture and art hanging on the walls, this room had a splash of duck egg blue, neutral creams and browns and the furniture looked antique and very expensive. Marceline looked at the room in awe. She went straight towards the windows that led out to a balcony. If it hadn't started to rain earlier that night she would have loved to have sat out there and admire the view.
"Breathtaking isn't it?" Victor says as he walks over to where she stands. She doesn't have to turn to know he is standing right behind her. It's as if there is an invisible force that connects them and it's pulling them towards one another. He isn't even touching her but already she can feel her skin tingle at the thought of his hands on her body. The thought alone sends her senses into overdrive. Victor wraps his arms around her waist and buries his nose in her hair.
"You smell so good Marceline."
She slowly turns around not breaking their connection. She puts her hands around his neck and stokes his hair.
"Yes it is. However the view I have now is even more breathtaking to look at."
"As is mine."
Victor leans in and gently places the most tender of kisses on Marceline's lips. She lets out a low groan as she parts her lips to allow their kiss to deepen. The mere sound of Marceline's groan makes Victor's knees go weak and makes him harden even more which he didn't think was possible.

              As their tongues explore each other and the passion envelopes them, Victor slowly starts to move them ever closer toward his bed. His hands exploring every part of her body when suddenly Marceline pulls away from their kiss and looks deeply into his smoldering gray eyes. She is wanting to look and make sure he isn't going to hurt her.
Victor gives her the most reassuring look he can while saying "I don't want you to feel pressured here. If this isn't what you want or you aren't ready for this then I won't be angry. I just want you to know that I won't hurt you in any way. You have know idea what you do to me Marceline, I've never felt this way about anyone before. It's as though this magnetic forceis pulling me towards you. I've never wanted anyone more in my life but I understand if this is moving too fast for you. I'm happy to wait for you."
And with that Marceline launches herself forward and kisses him with everything she's got. Victor is taken aback but soon he is slowing down their pace. He wants to make this as special as he can for her.
She deserves nothing but the best and I intend to give that to her.

BOOK: A Billionaire's Connection: Marceline's Kiss (Molding Clay Book 2)
9.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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