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“Get to it, Hell Hound!” She grunted as the
demon jerked on her stake. “Send it home!”

Chewed bones, now what do I do?


Alex’s Brother lunged at the writhing body
nailed to the earth and drove his flaming muzzle into its chest. He
tried not to inhale the noxious fumes or taste the rancid ichor
oozing around his teeth as he latched onto the withered heart
shuddering under his tongue. Inhaling a fetid breath, he paused
long enough to look into the putrid green eyes and see its fear.
Then he exhaled all the fire in his core, setting the body

Sarah and Liam cried out behind him as the
flames surged. They reached the height of the trees around the
River House, white hot and glorious. Alex reveled in the power and
intensity of the Goddess’s heat sweeping the area clean of all the
rotten debris, but kept his grip on his target.

Holy Goddess, send this offal back to its
Kilgorem dwelling. I pray this in Your name so it may always be
branded with Your seal and never return to this world.

A shockwave from his prayer echoed off the
roiling water of the river. It bounced against the trees, rocks,
and house walls until it filled the small clearing with joy, power,
and brilliant light. Satisfaction and comfort filled Alex’s soul
and the flames cleansed his skin, healing the welts. Beyond the
rush of fire and joy, he swore he heard Lisa’s voice whispering
words of encouragement.


Be at peace, Alex.

With his farewell, his fiery
light dimmed and settled back into his normal coat, little sparks
flickering at the ends of the guard hairs. Sorrow remained, but it
mixed with understanding and hope in his heart.


He looked over his shoulder at Sarah. She
stood with her arms around Liam, their faces streaked with soot and
dirt. Both appeared a little shell-shocked.

“He looks like a campfire, Mama.”

A laugh bubbled out of Alex’s chest and he
shifted, rising to his feet in human form. His clothes settled
around him like a comforting mask and he’d need his armor to face
Sarah’s condemnation. He’d been snared by the demon’s deception and
he had to make up for it.

Admiration for Sarah filled his heart,
accompanied by… love?
She was a warrior, shining
in glorious sunset fire, and he wanted her by his side forever. Her
and Liam, both.
My True Mate and her offspring.
A Hell
Hound’s perfect family.

“I try not to be flaming very often.” Sarah
didn’t laugh and he smelled wariness in her scent. She studied him
with her pale green eyes and he swallowed his humor.

“I’m sorry, Sarah. The demon caught me
off-guard. I had no idea it could shift shape, but I’ve learned and
survived. It won’t happen again.”

“How do you know that, Alex?” She squeezed
Liam tighter. “This one took on the likeness of your dead mate. How
can you say you won’t be tricked again? You nearly took my bloody
hand off.”

Chagrin ate at him from the inside. “I can’t
say I won’t ever be tricked again, but I can say I now know the
energy signature of a demon, and I know none of them can dredge up
Lisa again. She’s gone to rest. You’re my only Mate.”

“Am I, Alex?” Sarah tipped her head, her
eyes filled with uncertainty he desperately wanted to make
disappear. “If a demon can make you turn on your Mate, how will I
know we’ll be safe?”

“Because I’ve tasted the sweetness of your
blood.” He stepped toward them until he stood no more than a foot
away. “I know your scent and the essence of you in here.” He
thumped his chest over his heart. “You’re branded on me forever,
Sarah, and without you, and Liam, I’d be lost.”

“But the demon—”

“No demon can ever twist what’s in my heart.
Not now. Not after what we’ve done, together.” He grasped her arm
gently. “Our connection will only grow stronger if you stay. And I
want you here. Please stay, Sarah.”

“For how long?” She met his gaze with fierce
determination, her arms bracketing her son.

“Forever, if I can convince you.”

Some of the fierceness faded. “What if more
demons come?”

“Then we’ll fight them together.”

He cupped both their faces in his hands,
switching his gaze between them. “I’d be honored to have you as my
mate, Sarah. And you as my son, Liam. Please stay.”

Sarah searched his eyes and Liam looked
between them, his brows drawn together with concern. Alex prayed to
the Goddess Sarah would believe him and stay with him forever.
Chewed bones, what if she says no?
His gut clenched and sank
to his feet.

“Perhaps we should start with a warm bath
and a bedtime story.” Sarah offered a careful smile. “And then we
might work on strengthening our relationship.” Her eyes hinted at

Alex chuckled to hide his relief.

“What about an action-adventure story this
time?” Liam asked.

“Didn’t we just live through one?” Alex
grimaced as they took in the scorched earth where the demon had
lain. “Let’s get the groceries out of the Jeep and make some

“Lunch?” Sarah blinked in surprise then
glanced at her watch. “Good Goddess, it
only early
afternoon. The storm clouds threw me.”

Fat rain drops punctuated her statement and
Liam shrieked with mock-fear as the first few drops became a

You gotta love Colorado.
“You go
inside. I’ll get the bags.”

“Don’t be daft. We’ll all help and it’ll go
much faster.”

They gathered the bags and ran for the
house. Alex cursed when he dropped the keys and Sarah laughed,
pushing her wet hair out of her eyes. The warmth of her amusement
and the presence of her at his back eased some of his tension. He
had a family, one he’d take care of come hell or high water. Which
seemed likely, given the wash of rain outside the porch.

“Welcome home.” Alex threw the door open and
ushered them inside.

Sarah looked over her shoulder as she
passed. “It’s good to be home.” Her smile cleared more of the dust
from his heart.

“Mama, can we get more books now?”

“I think so, Liam. Help me put away the

“We can get a whole library of books.” Alex
squeezed Liam’s shoulder. “In fact, I think I know just the room to
put them in upstairs.”

“Really?” Liam looked up at his mother

“Well, it wouldn’t be a home without a
library, now, would it?” Sarah said.

Liam cheered and Alex grinned. “We’ve moved
mountains, so let’s eat lunch. We’ll go shopping afterwards. Sound

“Sounds perfect.” Sarah smiled. “Thank you,

“For killing the demon?” He slid the milk
into the fridge and closed the door. Sarah cupped his cheek.

“For giving us a home.”

Heat and love bloomed in his chest. “Thank
you for filling it.”

He dipped his head and kissed her, sealing
the deal.






About Siobhan Muir

Siobhan Muir lives in Las Vegas, Nevada,
with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is
a shape-shifter, though he's never shifted when she can see him.
When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at
fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology. An avid
reader of science fiction/fantasy, her husband gave her a
paranormal romance for Christmas one year, and she was hooked for

In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor
at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the
Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS.
She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of
Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot
sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after,
redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her
paranormal romance stories

Connect with Siobhan online at:



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BOOK: A Hell Hound's Fire
11.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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