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Excitement surged as he continued down her body, his fingers roaming over her flesh. The room was cool but her skin was hot. Each inch he covered with his hands burned. It was like this every time, and in the time she had known him it had yet to dissipate. Every time he touched her, she melted. It had not changed since the day she met him.

He bent his head and took a nipple between his lips. His teeth brushed over the tip, then he covered it with his mouth. As he swirled his tongue around the base, his fingers teased her other nipple. Heat surged, her whole body lighting up. Before she was satisfied, he was moving down, his mouth gliding over her flesh. He moved over her stomach. Her muscles bunched, tightening with desire. He broke the tension when his dipped his tongue into her belly button. She giggled in response, but it ended on a moan as he slipped between her legs.

He brushed his thumbs over her slit, then slipped a finger inside.

“Look at me.” She hesitated and his voice hardened. “Now, Cynthia.”

She did as ordered. As he lowered his head he didn't break eye contact. He touched his mouth to her pussy, immediately brushing his tongue over her clit. Heat singed along her nerve endings as she shuddered, her orgasm just out of reach. Before she was satisfied, he pulled away and smacked her pussy.

“I didn’t say you could come.”

Cynthia bit her lip to keep from responding.

He chuckled. “You please me, Cynthia.”

She shivered against her rising need. It wasn’t going to take much because she was almost there, but she knew he was in a mood to control. His authoritative tone always got her wet, got her heart pumping. Instantly, she wanted to please him, wanted to be rewarded. No one who saw her act out her Domme role would think she were the same woman. But when Chris took charge, she could give him her trust, her body and her soul.

Chris spread her legs wider and the cool air washed over her heated pussy. She had to resist the urge to close her legs to relieve some of the pressure. There would be hell to pay if she even tried it, even though she knew it impossible with Chris in between her legs. He rested his hand on her mound once again, then he lowered his head and set to driving her insane once more. This time, he didn’t hold back. He slid his tongue between her damp folds, then up to tease her clit. Every bit of tension slipped to between her legs, her body begging for relief. When she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he lifted his head.

“Look at me,
. Now.”

Lust deepened his accent. She used all of her strength to open her eyes and do as he commanded. The moment they locked eyes, he slipped his finger between her folds and pressed his thumb against her clit. In that next instant, the dam burst. She screamed as her orgasm rolled through her and she arched against his hand.

She was still shivering from her release when he pulled back and began tearing at his clothes. It only took seconds, but it seemed like forever as he tossed them behind him on the floor. He settled between her legs on his knees. Grabbing her hips, it pulled her up and pushed inside of her with one hard, swift thrust.

His fingers dug into her flesh as he pulled out and thrust back in again. With measured ease, he built her back up, her body tensing again for another orgasm. He pulled her legs up to his shoulders, changing the direction of his thrusts. The tension in her stomach grew, slipped down, and with one fast hard thrust, he pushed her over the edge. She screamed his name as she came. His rhythm changed, sped up, became erratic. She was just coming down from her orgasm when Chris pushed her back over again, her body convulsing with her release. He joined her this time, her name on his lips as he followed her into ecstasy.

Moments later, he released her legs and collapsed on top of her. He freed her wrists and pulled her close to him, his heart beating the same rhythm with hers.

Cynthia came awake slowly. She stretched her arms over her head and enjoyed the pleasant pull of well-used muscles. She knew she should get up, but the bed was so warm and comfy. Still, as she felt herself drifting back to sleep, the scent of tomatoes, pepper and garlic reached her. Her stomach grumbled and she sighed realizing that her body was not going to allow her to be a slug. It was probably close to ten at night and her last real meal had been lunch at about eleven that morning.

She pushed herself out of bed and grabbed one of Chris’ t-shirts off a chair that sat in the corner. After slipping it over her head, she padded barefoot down the hall and found Chris in front of the stove. Quietly, she stood and watched him, and thought about the first time she saw him cooking. She’d taken a big leap of faith and come to Hawaii. One of the first things she had done was go to his restaurant. She knew the moment she walked into his kitchen it had been worth the chance. Other men looked good at the beach or working out. Chris looked good at those things too, but when he was cooking, he was in his element. Maybe it was because he was doing something he loved, or he used the same dedicated attention when he cooked as when he made love to her. He was irresistible like this.

He flipped a pan of sautéing vegetables and moved to grab the olive oil. It was then that all that attention moved from the stove to her. And just like the first time she had walked into his kitchen, her whole body lit up like the Friday night fireworks in Waikiki. The smile that moved over his face shot right to her heart. Damn, she would never get used to the love and acceptance he gave her.

“I thought you’d sleep a little longer. You’ve been working too hard,

She smiled as she walked to him. “I tried, but then, you started cooking in here. How can I stay in bed with something so delectable simmering in the kitchen?”

She slipped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. His chuckle vibrated against her cheek.

“Is it the food I’m cooking or something else you’re interested in?”

She smiled up at him. “Both. But, at the moment, my stomach is grumbling.”

He laughed, patted her on the butt, and let her go. “I thought I would get us something to eat. Jambalaya.”

“Hmm. I figured from the smell.” Chris was originally from New Orleans and it infused all of his cooking.

She walked over to grab a couple of bowls but he stopped her. “I set the table.”

“Oh, well, I need a drink—”

“I’ll get it.”

His voice was abrupt and the shift in mood startled her. He was avoiding eye contact, something not normal for Chris.

She opened her mouth and he sighed.

“Just go sit down.”

Cynthia frowned but did as he asked. She rounded the corner to sit down at the breakfast bar. Chris stopped her.

"In the dining room."

She paused and looked over her shoulder at him. He'd gone back to working with the food at the stove and was muttering something under his breath. Cynthia listened for a second but gave up when she realized that she couldn’t make out what he was saying.

With a sigh and a shrug, she went to the dining room. It was odd because they normally didn't use it but for special occasions or when they had company. She stepped into the room and came to an abrupt halt. Candles covered every available surface bringing a golden glow to the room. The table was set for two. He used the good china and an elaborate candelabra she had never seen before. She shook her head. The man never failed to amaze her.

She approached her chair and found a small wrapped package on the plate. Her heart leapt into her throat. She glanced over her shoulder and found Chris leaning against the door jamb watching her with a guarded expression.

"May I?" she asked.

"It's yours."

She picked up the package and pulled the red ribbon, then slowly took off the wrapping. She opened the box to find a cork from a bottle of Dom Perignon in the box. Confused, she picked it up and set the box down on the table. This time when she looked at him, he was walking toward her.

"What's this from?" she asked.

"Do you remember the night we met?"

She chuckled. "Most parts. I mean I had a lot of champagne..."

She looked down at the cork again. Memories of their first night flashed through her head. Dancing with Max…her confession to Anna…telling Chris she wanted to lick him. It was the beginning of a whole new Cynthia, one she liked much better than her previous self. And it all began with their night together thanks to her overindulgence of champagne. Tears sprang into her eyes.

"I kept it all this time. I packed it away in my suitcase, then I would take it out and look at it before you moved here."

She looked up at him, but her vision was blurred. She couldn't swallow past the lump in her throat.

"I knew that night you were the one for me."

She finally swallowed. "You did?"

He nodded. "Granted, I almost screwed it up along the way, but that night, I fell in love with you. If it took moving to Valdosta, Georgia, I would have done it. It's corny to say, but I knew you were my other half. I had never had a woman who made me so complete, in and out of the bedroom."

She sniffed and held the cork to her chest.

"Chris...I love you so much."

"That's good because I have another gift."

"This is plenty," she protested, but he shook his head.

He pulled another box out of his pants pocket. This one was covered with red velvet. He went down on one knee and a fresh wave of tears filled her eyes and poured down her cheeks.

"I want to make this permanent. Marry me, Cynthia."

He opened the box and in the satin lining sat the most perfect ring. Not a boring solitaire diamond, but a sapphire surrounded by a ring of colored stones.


She looked at his face and was surprised to find worry darkening his eyes.

She cupped his cheek and bent down to give him a kiss. “I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I hadn’t met you. There isn’t another man in the world for me. Yes, I’ll marry you.”

He smiled, a flashing brilliant smile that lit up his whole face and those wonderful chocolate eyes. He stood, pulled the ring out of the box and slipped the ring on her finger. “You don’t mind that it isn’t a diamond? I just don’t see you liking that.”

She shook her head as she slid her arms around his waist.

“Good, because every time you look at it, I want you to think of me…and the way I see you. You are all those colors and more,

Tears continued down her cheeks. Love filled her, warmed her, the lump growing in her throat. “Oh, Chris, only because of you.”

Chris cupped her face brushing his fingers over her cheeks. “You were there all along. I just brought out the naughty bits.”

She laughed and brushed her mouth over his. “That you do, and I’m gonna show you just how naughty.”

Grabbing his hand, she dragged him in the direction of the bedroom.

“Dinner…” He protested weakly as he chuckled.

“Will keep, but I will not.”

“I do live to serve.”

She pulled him into the room and into her arms as she laughed, her heart filled with love.


If you would like to read more of Chris and Cynthia, pick up their story,
A Little Harmless Pleasure
, available in Digital and Print from Samhain Publishing.

And now, an exclusive look at Melissa’s next Harmless Release, A Little Harmless Addiction.

“Kai, why don’t you walk Jocelyn to her car,” his father said.

Heat filled Kai’s face. God, his family never had any kind of subtlety.

He noticed that Jocelyn paused in pulling on her sweater. But other than that, she said nothing.

“If Jocelyn doesn’t mind.”

She gave him an innocent smile. “Why would I mind?”

She stood and then went to the end of the table where his father sat. He stood and she gave him a hug. “Thank you for the wonderful evening, Danny.”

“I paid.”

She sent Evan a snarky smile. “Yeah, well, who would have paid if we had been alone?”

“You’re as bad as your brother so I know I would have.”

She laughed and walked to him. She leaned down, hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. Kai knew it was a brotherly affection, but he felt a jab of irritation when Evan whispered something in her ear. Nodding, she stood up and looked at him.


He nodded and followed her through the door. It was hard to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. It had taken every brain cell he had to concentrate since he’d walked into Dupree’s and seen her sitting across the table from his brother-in-law. What she was wearing didn’t help. As usual, it was bright. Neon pink sleeveless shirt, tucked into very worn blue jean shorts. And those legs…they went on for fucking forever. He had been dreaming of them wrapped around his waist.

“I hope you don’t think I planned what happened tonight.”

His brain wasn’t really working so it took him a minute to figure out just what she was saying. It was kind of hard to form words when there was no blood in your brain.

“Uh, I didn’t think that.”

She relaxed as she walked beside him. “Good. While I’ve gotten to be very fond of your father, I would never work with him to trap you into spending time with me.”

He looked at her profile, trying to figure out if she was joking. When he saw nothing on her face to tell she was, he shook his head.

“You don’t have to trap me to spend time with me.”

They reached the rental he recognized. She rummaged through her purse.

“You could have fooled me.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

She pulled her keys out of her purse and frowned at him. “You haven’t called me in over a week. I kissed you and you gave me the crap about me being ready.”

He almost reacted to the anger but he could see the pain beneath it. He had never expected to hurt her.

“I told you to let me know when you were ready for more.”

She narrowed her eyes and even in the dim parking lot light, he could see her irritation. “Really? So you’re not avoiding me?”

Of course he was. If he had spent any time with her, he wouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off her. But he knew better than to tell her the truth.

BOOK: A Little Harmless Surprise 3.5
4.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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