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Dan stepped over to her and placed his hands on her hips, kissing her neck.
"Behave," Janice said as she felt goose bumps on her neck from his kiss.
"You're driving me crazy," he whispered. He turned Janice around and kissed her passionately, his tongue searching for hers.
Janice was breathing heavily when she pulled away. "Let me finish or we'll be late."
Dan moaned in frustration and let Janice go, reluctantly.
Tim was watching out the upstairs window as Dan opened the door his car for Janice to slide in. He probably just did that so he could look up her dress, Tim thought - that's what I would have done. As Tim watched the car disappear down the street he thought, what the hell am I doing? I must be crazy letting my wife go on a date, especially with a handsome guy like Dan. Suddenly, he felt a twinge of jealousy and fear. The fear and jealousy combined to create an excitement in his the pit of his stomach. It was the same feeling that he had when he watched her at the nightclub and with Steve, just multiplied a hundred times. That feeling was overriding everything else. Then he told himself that all of this was necessary to keep their marriage together. Still, he knew that there were other ways to keep their marriage going. It was all so confusing, he thought as he turned from the window, a bulge in his pants.
Tim went downstairs to get a strong drink and wait. It was going to be a long evening for him.
Dan took Janice to an expensive French restaurant on the 30th floor of a downtown office building. They sat at a special table in the corner, reserved for dignitaries, with a view of the city on both sides. The lights of the city were gorgeous and romantic, twinkling like a million fireflies.
Dan was a gentleman all evening. He entertained Janice with humorous stories and jokes. He also made sure she had plenty of wine. While he didn't want her drunk, he did want her relaxed.
When dinner was over, they walked arm and arm to the elevators. As soon as the doors closed, Dan pulled her to him and kissed her. His hands went to her buttocks and squeezed them, pulling her tight to his groin.
"Let's save it until we get home," Janice said excitedly and pushed him away, fearing that the doors would open and someone she knew would be standing there.
Dan moaned a complaint but he liked the part about "until we get home."
Janice stumbled slightly as she opened the door of her house and walked into the foyer. She giggled as she tried to balance herself to take her shoes off. All the wine had made her just a bit tipsy. She let Dan steady her by holding her hips. When she had her shoes off she sighed and said, "Oh that feels so good."
“ Feet sore?" Dan asked.
"Yea, these are new shoes and I think they are a little too narrow. The guys in the shoe story were too busy looking up my dress to get the correct measurements."
“ I'm sure they got a very pretty view," Dan said lecherously. "You know I am an excellent foot massager."
Janice felt a thrill go through her as she thought of the boys in the store and the last massage she had in this living room just days ago.
"Would you like a glass of wine?" Janice asked, throwing her shoes in the corner carelessly.
"Yes, thanks."
“ Have a seat in the living room. , I'll be right back," Janice said, directing Dan to the living room and then going into the kitchen. She was surprised when she found a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice. A smile crossed her face when she realized that Tim had left it for her. She took the bottle and two glasses into the living room.
Dan was sitting on the sofa with his jacket off and his tie loosened. The lights in the room had been dimmed. Dan smiled when he saw Janice coming in with the wine. "Ah, that was fast. You must have had this all planned. Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Harwick?" Dan said facetiously.
"I'll never tell," Janice answered as she sat on the sofa a comfortable distance from him.
Dan poured each of them a glass and handed one to her. "Cheers," he said and clinked his glass to hers. "Now, let's take care of those feet," he said, reaching down and pulling one of her feet onto his lap.
Janice had to turn sideways to allow Dan to hold her foot. "Oh, that feels sooooo good," she said as she lay back in the corner of the sofa, ignoring the fact that Dan could see up her dress. "Thank you."
“ My pleasure," Dan said, looking at her sexy legs and higher. "You have gorgeous legs."
“ Thank you again."
Dan massaged one foot then the other as Janice sat back and enjoyed. When he was done, he took off his tie and moved over closer to her. He sat quietly looking at her as they drank their wine. Finally, he reached over, took the wineglass out of her hand and set both on the coffee table. Then he pulled her into his arms. "I've been waiting to have you alone all night," he whispered as he brought his lips to hers.
Janice moaned as she felt his lips press to her. This time she beat him to it and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their lips worked together like two horny teenagers. Within minutes, the room was steaming with passion. Soon, Janice felt Dan's hand slide down her back and across her buttocks. He gently caressed the firm ass cheek before moving lower to her thigh. As their tongue continued to duel, Janice felt his hand slide up her thigh until it was under the hem of her dress. She moaned and squirmed in his embrace when she felt his hand on the bare flesh above her nylons. She suppressed the natural instinct to stop his hand. The hand moved higher.
Now it was Dan's turn to moan as he felt the soft skin of her naked buttock. He had hoped that she wasn't wearing panties. His hand squeezed the supple cheek, kneading the flesh between his fingers. Tim stood in the dark hallway at the top of the stairs with a clear view of the sofa. His heart was pounding in his chest as he watched another man fondle his wife. He could see the hand disappear under her dress and begin to massage the cheek of her ass. Inside his pants, his own penis throbbed with excitement.
Dan pulled his lips from Janice and kissed down her neck. Slowly, he kissed across her shoulder, using his finger to gently push the shoulder strap of her dress down her arm. Then his lips changed direction, moving down her shoulder blade, kissing and teasing the soft skin as he went. Soon, he was at the top of one heaving breasts. The dress was barely holding on, caught on a hard nipple. A flick of Dan's finger and it fell, leaving one large, soft breast free.
"Oh God Dan, no," Janice pleaded breathlessly when she realized her breast was bare. There was still a hint of the remorse at what she was doing. It was so wrong. But, how could something so wrong feel so good? she thought.
Dan didn't pay any attention to Janice's protest. He kissed down the soft orb, opening his mouth and sucking the nipple inside.
"Ohhhh!!!" Janice moaned as she felt his tongue begin to flick the hard nipple.
Dan was ecstatic that he had made it this far. There were no guarantees that she would let him go all the way. He remembered the last time they were together when she jumped out of his car and ran back to the hotel. Quickly, before she could stop him, he pushed the other shoulder strap down, freeing both breasts, and captured the other tit in his mouth. He almost smiled when he felt Janice's hand grab the back of his neck and pull his mouth tight to her breast.
"Oh yes, suck it," Janice whispered in submission. She would stop him in a few minutes. Just a few more sucks and she would make him stop.
Dan pushed Janice over until she was lying on the sofa, continuing to hold the nipple in his mouth like a hungry baby. He sucked hard on the tit, finally letting it pop from his lips. He moved back and looked down at her excitedly. Her eyes were closed and her beautiful breasts were moving up and down with her rapid breathing. Both nipples were hard, sitting proudly on her firm white breasts. Again, he bent over and sucked one into his mouth. At the same time, his hand slowly moved up her thigh. When his fingers reached her vagina, he gasped in surprise. Prudish Janice, law professor, and wife, had a shaved pussy.
Janice was becoming delirious with excitement now. She squirmed on the sofa as Dan chewed on her breasts and began to play with her sex lips. She spread her legs as far as her dress would let her and let his hand have total access. A gasp escaped her lips and she almost screamed when he pushed a finger into her warm and wet hole.
Dan moved his finger in and out rapidly, spattering her juice on his hand. Then he moved away from Janice and slid slowly to his knees. He looked up at her as he spread her legs, pushing her dress to her hips. He could see that her eyes were swimming with lust. Then he looked at her swollen and enlarged vagina. His mouth practically watered when he saw the fat wrinkled inner lips bulging from the smoothly shaven outer lips. Slowly, he began to kiss down her soft thigh.
I have to stop this, she thought, just a minute or two more. Janice closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Dan's tongue move closer and closer to her vagina. She began to tremble with need as his tongue teased her, kissing her thigh but avoiding the treasure between. Unable to stand it anymore, and no longer able to distinguish right from wrong, she reached for his head and pulled him toward her center. "Ahhhhh!!!"
Immediately, Dan's senses were overcome with the taste of Janice's swollen vagina. He sucked her large lips inside, marveling at the size. He had made love to quite a few women in his life but none had lips as large as hers or tasted as good.
Tim's eyes were wide with lust and straining through the dim light to watch his wife with her lover on the sofa. It was hard for him to believe that he was actually watching another man eat his wife. His shaking hand went to his zipper and pulled it down, freeing his throbbing erection.
Janice's legs were wrapped around Dan's head, imprisoning his face between her thighs. Her hips lifted off the sofa as her hands pulled his head tight between her legs. "Oh God, Dan. Oh yes, eat me. Yes, yes, yes. Oh God," she moaned.
Dan prided himself in his ability to please a woman. He was especially good at oral sex and he loved to do it. The sweet taste and feel of Janice's lips in his mouth was making him mad with desire. He wanted to fuck her so bad, yet he wanted to wait. He wanted to get her off first. His mouth moved up slightly and sucked her swollen clit between his lips. "Ahhhhhh!!!" Janice screamed, her muscles tensing. "Oh God, Dan, I'm going to... I'm going to... cummmmmmmmmm!!!" Then Janice's body started to convulse as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her. Her hips were bucking so hard that she almost threw them both off the sofa. However, Dan held on, continuing to suck her even after her body started to relax. He sucked on and on until he felt Janice begin to tense again. Suddenly, another strong climax hit her.
Eventually, Dan had to pull away or risk drowning. His face was covered in her thick juices. He smiled down at her; wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he stood up and slowly stripped his clothes off.
Janice opened her weary eyes just as Dan was dropping his slacks and underwear. A new thrill of excitement rushed through her as she saw his long, throbbing shaft. It was larger than she remembered. She saw that his body was strong and well muscled. Janice sat up weakly looking at the penis just inches in front of her face. She hesitated. Then slowly, her hand shaking, she reached for Dan's penis. It felt hot in her hand and throbbed. She moved her hand up and down, squeezing a drop of clear juice out of the swollen head. Janice took a deep breath and pulled Dan's penis toward her.
Dan smiled and moved forward, pleased to oblige her. He moaned as he watched this beautiful woman, wife, and law professor take his penis between her lips. His hips began an involuntary movement back and forth as Janice sucked on his knob. He was surprised at how good she was. He watched in amazement as she pulled it from her lips and used her tongue in little butterfly flicks across the dripping head. Then she licked down the shaft to his balls. "Oh Jesus," he moaned as she sucked one inside her mouth. He couldn't believe it as he watched her cheeks bulge with his sperm filled testicle.
Janice moaned as she sucked first one large testicle into her mouth and then the other. Soon both were dripping with her saliva. She licked back up the shaft and took the head into her mouth again.
Tim was beyond excitement as he watched his wife suck on Dan. This time he had a better view then the two previous times. Yet, he wasn't as close as he wanted to be, so he quietly moved as close as he dared. He almost gasped when he saw his wife's saliva dripping from Dan's penis and balls. He wondered if she was going to suck him off.
Janice was considering sucking Dan off. However, he had other ideas. Before he lost control, he pulled away, his penis making a pop as it came out of her mouth. Janice looked up in surprise. She wanted his cum in her hungry mouth now.
"I'm going to fuck you," he stated emphatically.
"Oh Dan, no. It's not right, I'm married," she pleaded unconvincingly.
"So you don't want this cock in you?" Dan teased, swinging his penis back and forth in front of her face. "Are you saying that you don't want me to fuck you?"
“ Oh God," Janice moaned as she watched Dan's hard penis moving back and forth, her eyes following it. Her own vagina was dripping juice onto the sofa now. Janice bit her lip and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she knew that there was no turning back. With a sigh of submission, she leaned back on the sofa and opened her legs.
"No sweetie," Dan said. "Tell me. Tell me you want this. I want to hear you say it," Dan said. He squeezed his penis hard at the base, making it swell even larger and pulse. Dan knew that he was taking a big chance teasing her like this. It might backfire. However, he was pretty sure that he had her now.

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