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Tim quickly pulled Janice's top over her head then began to pull her pants down. She lifted her hips up and let him strip her naked. Then he stood up and looked at his sexy wife. She was lying back on the sofa, her legs were spread slightly apart, her thighs almost quivering. Her chest was moving up and down with her excited breathing and her eyes were hooded over with approaching pleasure. 
When Tim's eyes moved down her body, he had to suppress a gasp. Her large nipples were hard, sticking out like pencil erasers. Her beautiful breasts sat up proudly, firm, yet soft. When he looked a little lower, he could see the very large inner lips protruding from her hair-covered vagina. He had always loved the way her vagina looked. He liked that the lips were long and fat. In fact, he had never seen any woman with lips as large as hers. Unfortunately, she rarely let him look at her like this. His mouth practically drooled as he looked at the dripping flesh between her legs. The few times she had let him eat her, it had been incredible to feel those fat lips in his mouth; he could practically fill his mouth with the swollen flesh. 
Tim stripped off his clothes in record time and moved quickly into her arms. He moaned as his penis slid into his wife's willing body. 
"Oh God, baby, you feel so good," Tim moaned as he began to move in and out of his wife's slick hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist, he began to pound into her with rapid strokes.
"Yes, yes, fuck me," Janice whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.
"Fuck me!" Tim thought. She never used language like that. Two could play that game, he thought. He bent to her ear. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you, baby. I'm going to pound into your pussy until you can't stand it anymore," Tim whispered, using words he had never spoken to her before.
"Oh yes, God yes fuuuucccckkk me!!!" Janice moaned as her excitement built beyond control. 
Soon their bodies were covered in sweat as their moans filled the room. Tim worked to control his excitement. It had been a long time since he had been inside his wife and frankly, the conversation had excited him tremendously. Still, he wanted to make sure Janice enjoyed herself before he climaxed. He tried to think of anything but his wife's incredibly tight vagina. Suddenly, his dream flashed before his eyes. He wasn't with his wife any longer. He was watching... watching as she made love to another man. That was the wrong thing to think of. 
Fortunately, Janice couldn't last very long either. "I'm going to cum," Janice breathed. "Yes, yes, ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned as her body began to convulse in pleasure. 
In his fantasy, his wife's lover bellowed that he was going to cum. He watched his beautiful wife wrap her legs around her lover, pulling him deep into her, waiting for his cum. This was the point at which time Tim always lost control.
Tim could feel his own balls pull tight to his body. "Oh God, baby, here it comes," he moaned. Then his penis throbbed and began to spurt juice into the welcoming hole of the women he loved.
Janice pulled Tim tightly to her; her heals digging into his buttocks, forcing him as deep as possible into her. She could feel her already saturated hole fill with her husband's seed. Suddenly an unwanted thought raced though her mind. It was no longer Tim between her legs, but rather her fantasy lover taking his pleasure inside her body. Without warning, a second, even more intense, climax rushed through her. She had never had two climaxes this close together. Hell, she was lucky to have one good one. 
It was an intense coupling for both Tim and Janice. Maybe it was the argument... makeup sex was always good. Maybe, it was the thought of the suggestion Tim had made or the fantasy they secretly shared. Whatever the reason, it was the best sex the two had had in many of years. There was just a little crack in that emotional wall they had built.

Chapter 2

For the next several days, the only thing on Janice's mind was the proposition that Tim had made. At first, she dismissed it out of hand as a totally crazy idea. However, she couldn't deny that every time she thought of it, she could feel excitement begin to course through her. 
There were a thousand questions going through her mind as well. What if Tim really wanted her to do something with another man? God, what if he wanted her to go to bed with another man? Could she really do it? Having someone in a fantasy was entirely different than doing it in real life. She knew that fantasies were innocent most of the time. She had read where most women dreamed of fantasy lovers. 
And what about all the other things Tim had suggested? Sure she could go out without panties but could she really flash strangers? What about oral sex? She had grown up thinking it was dirty. Yes she had loved it the few times she had let Tim do it to her, but she had had too much to drink. At least that was her excuse. As far a performing oral sex, well, she really couldn't remember the few times she had done it to Tim because she had been intoxicated then, too. She knew that if she agreed to this wild game, she wouldn't be drunk. 
Then there was the nagging thought that worried Janice more than anything else. Would Tim stray if he got the chance and she didn't change their sex life? She had seen his roving eye. He was a very handsome man and it would be easy for him to attract some immoral slut. Maybe he had already done it?



Janice knew that Tim loved her with all his heart. She felt the same way. But was that enough? Was love without true sexual satisfaction enough, especially for a couple in their thirties?
Suddenly, Janice knew what she had to do.
Tim had also been agonizing all week over their conversation. He had thought a hundred times that he should call her and tell her that it was all a joke,; that he could never do those things that he had read about. Yet, every time he thought about it, he felt an erection coming on. 
He reached for the telephone to call Janice and tell her to forget what he had said when the telephone rang. "Hello."
“ Tim," Janice said in a whisper, her voice strained.
"Janice, what's wrong?" Tim asked, clearly concerned.
"Nothing sweetie. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I have thought about your proposition. In fact, I have thought about nothing else. I have decided that the answer... the answer is yes," Janice said breathlessly.
"No honey, it's not necessary," Tim answered. "I don't want you to do anything that you don't want to do. It was a crazy idea."
“ I want to do it. I've thought about it all week and the truth is, it excites me."
Tim could feel his heart begin to pound in his chest. "Are you sure?" he asked uncertainly.
“ Oh God," Tim said aloud without realizing it. Tim's brain began thinking of all the possibilities. He could feel his penis begin to harden in his pants. "God, I love you."
“ I love you, sweetheart," Janice answered, her heart suddenly overflowing with love. "When do we start?" she asked hesitantly. 
"Well, we both need to check on vacation. I think I can get off week after next," Tim said, taking a deep breath.
"Vacation? We have to take vacation?" Janice seemed surprised.
"That's what the couple in the article did. They even went out of town for a couple of days so that no one would recognize them."
“ God, what did they do?" Janice asked, her voice shaking.
"I can't tell you that. Besides, we might not do the things that they did. I have my own ideas," Tim said with a little nervous laugh. In truth, he wasn't as confident as he wanted to appear. This was all new to him as well. However, he had a very active imagination and knew that he would come up with some pretty wild things. "Tim, I hope this doesn't get out of hand."
“ We will make sure it doesn't honey," Tim reassured her. "Remember, you will have a safe word. Now do you think you can get some vacation?
"I have some time coming to me and I have a student teacher that wants to get her feet wet. However, I do have a guest lecturer coming in on Thursday, week after next," Janice said, thumbing through her calendar. Yes, Dr. Dan Forsman was coming to lecture her class that week. She didn't want to miss him. A little shiver ran through her as she thought of Dan. She hadn't seen him in over a year. No, she couldn't miss him. "If we can arrange it so that I can go in for several hours that day, I think I'm okay. However, let me check and let you know." 
"Great! I love you so much," Tim said sincerely. 
"Love you too sweetie, goodbye." Janice could feel her hands shaking as she hung up the telephone.
"Yes!" Tim said loud enough for his secretary to peek in to see if everything was okay.
"Is everything okay, Mr. Harwick?" Danielle asked, walking into Tim's office and closing his door.
Tim looked up at his pretty secretary. She was a gorgeous woman in her early 20's. She wore skirts too short and blouses too tight. It was clear to Tim that he could have her anytime he wanted. He had been tempted many times but had thus far resisted all her charms. He looked at the closed door with a frown then watched her walk over to the credenza that held the customer files.
"Everything is wonderful, Danielle," Tim smiled.
"I just need to get the Donnelly Fabrics file," Danielle smiled back and bent over to open the drawer.
Tim wanted to look away but found his eyes drawn to her rear as she bent forward. The short skirt pulled up in the back until he could see just the hint of her nylon tops. He already knew that she never wore pantyhose. He stared, fascinated by her sexy legs and the shinny nylons covering her thighs. Suddenly, he realized that she was looking back at him. He felt his face flush and turned away.
"The file isn't there. It must be in your desk." She turned and started to walk over to his desk. 
Tim looked up at Danielle as she stopped suddenly and stood frozen, a strange expression on her face. However, she wasn't looking at his face. When he followed her eyes, he realized that she was staring at his crotch. He almost gasped. A large wet spot was forming on is slacks where his erection had slipped out of his underwear as it hardened down his leg. Now it was Tim that was paralyzed, but with embarrassment.
Danielle moved as if in a trance. She walked over and stood above Tim, her eyes never leaving the site of his erection twitching and leaking in his pants. Slowly she slid to her knees, her hands coming out to grasp his thighs.
Tim tensed. "Danielle," he gasped as he watched her hands slid up his thighs toward the tent in his pants. "Oh God," he moaned as her hand touched his swollen cloth- covered penis. He wanted to stop her but his hands wouldn't move. 
Danielle could feel his penis twitching under her fingers as she slowly moved her hands across the large protrusion. God, she had wanted to do this for so long, she thought. She wasn't sure what had made him excited but she knew she couldn't miss the chance she had wanted for so long. Slowly her shaking fingers reached for his zipper.
The rasp of his zipper sounded loud in the quiet room.
"Danielle...," Tim gasped, his voice sounding like a squeak. The sexy woman between his legs ignored him.
Danielle moved one hand into the opening of his pants, searching for his hot flesh. A little moan escaped her lips as her hand wrapped around the smooth skin of his hard penis. She could grasp it but she was unable to pull it out. Sighing with frustration, she reached up, quickly unbuckled his pants, and began to tug them down.
"Danielle, we can't," Tim said feebly. 
"Lift up," she said, ignoring him again. Danielle almost smiled when she felt her boss lift his hips and let her pull his pants and underwear to his ankles. Then she sucked in her breath when she saw his throbbing organ standing proudly before her eyes. It was beautiful, just like she had imagined a thousand times. The mushroom- shaped head pulsed with life as the entire penis throbbed in excitement. His testicles were large and squirming in their sack, swollen with sperm. A clear liquid was running out of the slit in a steady stream. 
Tim's eyes were wide with excitement and fear. What am I doing? he thought. This is so wrong. Yet, there was no strength in his body to stop her. He moaned as he watched her cool hands caress his penis. Blood was rushing to his head, making everything fuzzy. It was almost as if he was watching someone else - not him and his secretary. It was another woman's pretty hands with the bright red nail polish wrapped around some other guy's penis. Tim began to tremble. Suddenly, he saw his wife's face.
Danielle stared at the throbbing flesh in her hands. She caressed it, squeezing more of his clear juice from the slit in the head until it bubbled out and ran down the shaft and across her fingers. As she ran one hand up and down the shaft, she brought the other hand to her mouth and licked the slick juice from between her fingers, her eyes glancing up at her amazed boss. A smile appeared on her lips. Suddenly, she needed to taste his flesh in her mouth. With an animal- like groan, she moved her head forward and enveloped the head.
"Oh my God," Tim moaned as he felt her warm mouth on the stretched skin of his penis. His hands gripped the arms of the chair as he watched the top of her head begin to move up and down. 
Danielle was moaning as well. All of her senses were focused on the swollen knob in her mouth. She could taste the sweet juice running from the hole, she could smell his excitement. She sucked the head and ran her hand up and down the shaft as if she were milking him. In fact, she was milking him, desperate for the sweet juice in his swollen testicles. Danielle loved to perform oral sex. She was an expert. Sometimes she thought that she was obsessed with fellatio and drinking sperm. 
Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Danielle's sucking mouth and their combined moans. 
Tim couldn't believe how good it felt as he watched her mouth slobber over his rod. He had enjoyed it the few times Janice had done this but she was never very enthusiastic. Danielle appeared to love it.
"Oh God, Danielle, be careful or I'll..." he tried to warn her. It was already too late. Then with his last ounce of strength, he reached out in panic to grab her head. It was a weak and useless attempt to pull her head from his nearly climaxing penis. 
Danielle moaned and shook her head, refusing to let him spoil it for her. She had waited too long not to get her reward now. She grabbed Tim's hands and pulled them from her head, holding them away. Then she worked her head up and down frantically, sucking hard; wanting desperately to bring him off before he could stop her. It worked!
"Ohhhhhhh!!!" Tim moaned when he felt his juice travelling up the shaft like an oil well ready to blow. He couldn't stop it now, even if he wanted to. Suddenly, his sperm exploded from the swollen head. His hips bucked up into Danielle's mouth. He vaguely heard her gurgling in pleasure as she drank his thick juice.
Danielle swallowed repeatedly as Tim filled her mouth with his sweet sperm. His penis throbbed repeatedly, forcing his thick juice into her mouth and down her throat. She wrenched one hand from Tim's grasp and wrapped her fingers around the shaft again. Her hand worked rapidly, pumping up and down in time with the throbbing shaft, milking the juice from him. Finally, she moaned in frustration when no more juice would come from the slowly deflating tube in her mouth. She swallowed one last time then let his penis slip from her lips. She looked up at her amazed boss and then stood up, smiling. "You have an appointment with Mr. Donnelly in fifteen minutes." 
Tim sat in stunned silence as he watched Danielle wipe a drop of sperm from the corner of her mouth and lick it from her finger. She smiled devilishly before leaving his office. A few seconds later he realized that he was sitting in his office with his pants around his ankles and his wilted penis dripping onto the material of his slacks. With a deep sigh, he pulled his pants up and straightened his tie. Then he rushed red- faced past Danielle to the men's room to clean the whitish stains from his crotch before his client arrived.
When Tim left work that day, he was having pangs of guilt. He had never cheated on Janice. Maybe it wasn't really sex he told himself --- Clinton got away with that. However, deep inside he knew better. He stopped at a flower store and bought Janice a dozen roses. 
It took Tim and Janice a couple of days to work out a mutual time for vacation. They told everybody that they had big plans for their vacation but were mysterious about where they were going or what they were doing. 
Tim didn't say much to Janice about what was going to happen. He was being very secretive about everything. He knew that this was driving Janice mad but that was all part of the plan. He wanted her to be a little worried and excited, - that was part of the fun. 
Tim made mysterious telephone calls. As hard as Janice tried, she couldn't figure out what was going on.
Finally, on the Saturday that their vacations started, Tim sat down with Janice. "Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?" Tim said as he took Janice's hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn't changed her mind.
"Sweetie, I want to make sure you still want to do this?" Tim said as he took Janice's hand. He held his breath, hoping that she hadn't changed her mind.
Janice didn't answer for a long time. "Yes, I still want to do it, but I'm scared," she finally said, her hands shaking and moist with her sweat. She looked at her husband of ten years and wondered if she really knew him. It almost seemed that he had become someone different. Not bad, just different. There was a light in his eyes and a bounce in his step that she hadn't seen in years. 
Tim saw her pensive look and said, "You know that I would never, ever, hurt you, don't you?"
“ Yes, but I don't know what's going to happen. What if I don't like it?" Janice said, tears coming to her eyes.
"If you don't agree to something that I am about to do you will use the safe word 'Geranium'. However, remember, if you use it three times, it's over and I win."
“ What do you get if you win?" Janice asked. 
"I want you to give me sex any time I want for the next year. However, if you don't use it three times, I am yours for a week. Then, after my week and you have used the code word less than me, you get to buy that convertible you have always wanted."
“ It's confusing to me."
“ Well, just remember that this is supposed to be fun and enhance our sex lives. Don't worry, I'll keep score," he said with a smile. "Listen, Janice, I know you have ideas about sex that have been drummed into you since you were young. Frankly, I have my own hang-ups. I think many marriages fail because couples never explore their relationship. I 'm sure that some of the things we will do, you will not like at first. I will be sensitive to that. However, I think that deep down inside that you will love most of it."
Janice could feel her head spinning with excitement and confusion. Who was this new man sitting across from her? she thought. She had slept almost every night with him for the last ten years yet never really knew him. God, maybe she didn't know herself any better.
"Tim?" she said quietly.

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