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Chapter 8

"All right, what's going on now?" Janice asked as she stood in the bedroom with a thigh length bathrobe on. Tim had asked her to get naked and put the robe on but he wouldn't tell her why. 
"I have a special treat for you. I thought you might enjoy a nice professional massage tonight."
“ I can't go out like this!"
“ Who said anything about going out? I have a licensed masseuse coming over in exactly fifteen minutes."
“ Here?"
“ Yep! Right in our own living room."
“ All right. I guess that would be nice," Janice said hesitantly. "It's been ages since I had a good massage." However, Janice knew that it would be more than a simple massage.
"Good," Tim answered just as the front doorbell rang. "I'll get the door and take care of the money. Give us a few minutes. He'll need a minute to set up."
“ He?"
“ Yes, I hired Steve Jackson from the exercise club. They tell me he's very good."
“ Tim!" Janice said in shock. 
Tim stepped over and hugged Janice. "What difference does it make if it is a him or her? He's a professional." Tim's hands slid down her back and under the hem of the robe. "What's this, panties? You know that panties are not allowed." He quickly slipped the panties down her legs, ignoring the protests. 
"Tim, are you crazy?" Janice felt more than naked now without the panties under the robe. The short terry cloth robe barely covered her buttocks. "Are you going to use the safe word?"
“ No!" Janice answered quickly. 
"Okay, then come on down in ten minutes." Tim walked out of the room holding Janice's panties in his hand.
Tim greeted Steve at the door and helped him bring his massage table into the living room and set it up. 
"Thanks for coming on short notice," Tim said.
"No problem. Mondays are generally very slow days anyway."
“ Have you been doing this long?" Tim asked.
"No, I just got my licensee a few months ago. I've been trying to fit it in with my physical training appointments because there's good money in massages," Steve said. He saw a questioning look on Tim's face. "Don't worry. I'm new at this but I'm pretty good."
“ I've heard that. Steve, I want you to make sure Janice enjoys herself. She is a little shy but I'm sure you can get her 'loosened up' if you know what I mean," Tim said with a wink.
Steve gave Tim a strange look. 
"Listen, just make sure she has fun," Tim said. He wasn't sure how to tell him that he could take some liberties with Janice. In fact, he wasn't even sure what liberties he wanted him to take. He handed Steve a $100 bill as a tip. 
Steve's eyes opened wide in surprise as he looked at the $100 bill in his hand. 
"That's because I know that you will do a good job. Now, I have some errands to run so I'll be gone for an hour or so. You have her all to yourself." 
Steve still wasn't sure what Tim wanted him to do. He looked at the bill in his hand again then back at Tim. It almost sounded like he was asking him to get a personal with his wife. He was new at this work but he had heard a lot of wild stories. He shrugged his shoulders as Tim walked out the door, deciding he would see how things went. However, the last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize his license. A few minutes later, Steve saw Janice walk quietly into the room. He almost gasped. She looked gorgeous with her short robe barely covering her thighs. She also looked very uncomfortable. His first job would be to get her to relax. 
"Nice to see you again, Mrs. Harwick," Steve said with a boyish smile. He knew that his twinkling blue eyes and smile could be very disarming. 
"Yes," Janice answered in a noncommittal tone, glancing at the young man. He was wearing a skin-tight tee shirt that emphasized his strong chest and arms. Instead of shorts, he was wearing a pair of baggy exercise pants. The pants almost looked like harem pants, gathered in the front, tied at the waist, and held around his ankles with elastic. On his feet, he had a pair of white socks and running shoes. Janice had to admit that he did look very good: tan, young and fit like a beach boy or lifeguard. 



"Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can take the robe off, then get on the table and cover up with this sheet. I have to get some supplies from the car."
“ Where's my husband?"
“ He said he had to run out to do some errands."
Janice felt even more nervous now.
"Excuse me. I'll be back in a minute," Steve said. 
After Steve walked out of the room, Janice stood nervously, fidgeting with the belt around her waist. She knew that she couldn't wait long or he would be back. Quickly she stripped off her robe and got onto the table naked. She lay on her back and pulled the sheet up to her neck. 
Steve came back into the room carrying a container of his massage supplies and a portable CD player. He saw Janice's robe on the floor and that she was lying on the table. Good, he thought, at least she wouldn't run out of the room screaming. He immediately noticed her large breasts covered by the thin sheet. He could already see the hard nipples poking through the material. "Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can turn over on your stomach and I will start with your shoulders first. Give me just a minute."
Janice turned over and lay on her stomach. She saw Steve walking around the room placing scented candles here and there. He lit the candles then dimmed the lights in the room. Then he put some soft music on a portable CD player. When he was done, he took a position at the head of the table. Then he gently and neatly folded the sheet down her back until her upper body was bare. Janice squeezed her arms to her sides to keep him from seeing her breasts as they squished out to the sides.
Steve poured massage oil onto his hands and rubbed them together rapidly, making the oil warm.
Janice almost jumped when she felt his hands touch her shoulders. She could feel the material of his pants touch her head as he began to work on her shoulders, his hands strong and soothing.
"Wow! you’re very tense. Just relax," Steve said as he rubbed the warm, scented oil into her shoulders. Within a few minutes Steve could feel the muscles in her upper back begin to relax.
"Ummm!" Janice moaned in spite of herself as she felt his hands massaging the tension from her muscles.
Steve worked on her shoulders, and then moved down her arms until he reached her fingers. He took each one in his hand and rubbed them until they were limp. He moved on to her neck, then her back again, his hands sliding downward until he reached the end of her spine. 
Janice found herself very relaxed as the young man continued to work his magic. When he moved from her head to her legs, she began to tense again. She felt him folding the sheet up until only her backside was covered. She felt exposed as she lay on the table naked but for the thin sheet across her buttocks. This is silly, she thought. He is a professional. Just relax and enjoy it.
Steve began to work on her feet, massaging the tension from them. Then he moved up her legs, caressing her ankles. He was very impressed with the muscle tone of her legs. "You have great legs," Steve said. Then he blushed when he realized how his comment sounded. "Uh... uh... I mean you have great muscle tone in your legs."
“ Thank you, Steve," Janice said realizing that the young man was as nervous as she was. 
Steve began to move his hands on her tight calf muscles then up to her thighs. He couldn't help but look at the juncture where the sheet covered the back of her thigh. If that sheet were only a couple of inches higher I would have a great view, he mused. Did she have panties on? he wondered. A little shiver of excitement went through him. You're a professional, he told himself in admonishment. Then he remembered Mr. Hardwick's instruction: --"Make sure she has fun." As his hands worked up her thighs, they gently pushed the sheet a little higher. He heard Janice moan and realized that she was enjoying his fingers working the tightness out of her thighs. His fingers worked a little higher and toward the inside of her thighs. 
Janice was truly enjoying the hands on her thighs. When she felt his fingers work toward the inside of her thighs, she unconsciously moved her thighs a little bit apart. She didn't realize that she was giving Steve a very intimate view between her legs.
Steve's hands stopped for a moment when he realized that he could see between Janice's thighs. He suppressed a gasp when he saw the puffy lips of her sex between her legs. No panties! he thought excitedly. He was also surprised that there wasn't any hair on her pubic area. He knew that it wasn't unusual for some women to shave. However, he didn't picture this professor of law as one of them. Suddenly, he felt himself becoming erect. Down boy!
Janice realized that Steve's hands had been between her thighs for quite some time. Still, it felt so good that she was reluctant to say anything. 
Steve, felt his face flush hot as he continued to work on her thighs, gradually spreading them further apart. He knew that he was on the verge of stepping out of bounds. Excitement was taking over.
Janice felt fingers move perilously close to her vagina. Suddenly, she felt a little thrill run through her. Could he see anything? What if he could?
Steve regained control of himself and pulled the sheet down her thighs and over her back, covering her again. "You can turn over now, Mrs. Harwick."
Janice sighed in relief, but she also felt a little disappointed. But disappointed at what? She wasn't sure. Had she wanted the young man to go further? Her body was tingling all over, but not just from the massage.
Steve folded the sheet up Janice's thighs again, exposing the front of her legs. He worked on her legs, slowly moving higher. The front looks just as good as the back, he thought. "Were you a runner?" he asked.
"As a matter of fact, I was. But that was a long time ago," Janice said feeling pride that a young man still thought her legs looked pretty good. 
"I thought so." 
Janice lay quietly, feeling his strong hands work up her thighs. Suddenly, she realized that her breathing was becoming more rapid. Her eyes were closed as she felt Steve sensuously work on her upper thigh muscles, kneading the flesh like cookie dough. Almost imperceptibly Janice moved her legs apart. She knew it was wrong but she felt thrills running through her. However, she still wasn't sure what Steve could see.
Steve didn't miss the subtle movement. As his hands squeezed her thighs, he pulled gently outward, causing her them to open wider. If only that sheet was an inch higher, he thought lecherously. With a shaking hand he reached up and folded the sheet back a little further as if it was nothing unusual. Suddenly, he had a clear view of her vagina. His eyes stared and his hands stopped moving when he saw the fat lips of her sex exposed in the dim light of the room. His penis sprang to hardness again. 
Janice's heart was pounding in her chest. There was little doubt that Steve could see her vagina. She should stop this. It wasn't right to tease the young man. Still, what harm did it do? she reasoned. It was just a little teasing. Besides, didn't Tim really want this? He loved it when she had done it to the boys at the shoe store. 
Steve's hands started moving again, working slowly up her legs.
Janice realized that Steve was leaning into the table and that her left hand, which was holding onto the table, was also touching the material of his pants. She almost gasped when she felt something hard touching her knuckles. Could that be his erection? Janice shivered again.
Steve felt her hand touching him. As much as he wanted to stop, he couldn't. Subtly, his hips pressed forward, pushing his erect penis into her knuckles. He felt her hand move. Was that an accident? he thought.
Janice was holding her breath as her hand moved almost out of her control. It pressed toward the hardness. Then it slowly moved up and down, rubbing the backs of her fingers against his cloth-covered erection. There could be no doubt now that he was hard and that he knew what she was doing. Janice felt her vagina swell and her juice begin to coat her swollen sex lips.
Steve's hips began to move up and down in time with her movement. He pressed harder into the hand as his fingers began to move further up her inner thigh. He continued to stare at the swollen lips, his hands moving on the soft flesh of her inner thigh. He could see her vagina begin to glisten with excitement. He knew that she was getting excited now. Boldly, he moved his fingers still higher until his little finger touched the smooth skin of the outer lip. It was just a delicate touch, almost like an accident. He heard Janice moan but she made no move to stop him. He looked up and saw that her eyes were still tightly closed. She was biting her lower lip.
Janice's brain was screaming, No, No, but her excitement was screaming Yes, Yes.
Steve grew bolder and gently flicked his finger over the smooth skin until he reached the swollen inner lips. He thought he heard a little whimper and saw her hips begin to lift slightly off the table. 
Janice had no doubt that this had gone beyond a professional massage. Yet she couldn't move to stop him. Instead, her legs slid further apart, exposing her entire groin. "Ohhhh!!!" she whimpered as she felt Steve's fingers slide between her swollen lips. He rubbed her gently, smearing her clear juice across the wrinkled inner lips. Then ever so slowly the finger began to slide inside her body. Janice held her breath as the finger continued until it was all the way inside her vagina. 
"Oh God," Janice whispered. 
Steve was amazed at what was happening as he pulled his juice-covered finger from the clenching hole. He couldn't believe that he using his finger on this beautiful woman. He knew it was wrong and very unprofessional but nothing could stop him now. Taking a chance, he reached up and pulled the sheet off Janice's chest. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw her gorgeous breasts exposed. The breasts were milky white with tan lines emphasizing their nakedness. The large brown nipples were hard and long, sitting proudly on her firm breasts. With one hand in her crotch, he reached up with the other and caressed a breast.
Janice moaned as Steve's strong fingers began to play with one swollen nipple. At the same time, she felt his finger begin to move slowly in and out of her wet hole. Her breath came in short gasps as this stranger's hands caressed her breast and vagina. Her hips began to move up toward the probing finger in little jerks. 
Steve removed the hand from her breast and untied the rope holding his pants up, letting them fall to his feet. He wore no underwear. Steve's large penis stood proud in front of him and pulsed with forbidden excitement. He reached for Janice's hand and picked it up. He could feel it trembling. Cautiously and gently, he placed it on his shaft, fearing her scream of indignation.
Janice almost jumped off the table when she felt the hot flesh in her hand. Her head lifted up and her eyes opened in shock as she looked down at his huge tool. It was much larger than Tim's and had a gigantic purple head, dripping his clear juice. It was almost impossible to believe that she had another man's penis in her hand. It was only the second penis besides Tim's she had held since she had taken her marriage vows. 
When Janice looked up at Steve, she saw his wide eyes staring down at her. She knew that he was waiting for her to stop him. She also knew that she should yet instead she moaned and closed her eyes again, laying her head back on the table. God, what if Tim saw me now? she thought.
What Janice didn't know was that Tim could see her now. When he left the house, he drove down the block and parked the car. He snuck back to the house, letting himself in by the back door. He now stood in the shadows in the dining room watching his wife and another man. Steve had his back to him so he obviously didn't know he was there. He couldn't see Steve's penis but from Janice's look it must be big. Tim held his own hard penis in his hand.
As Steve's finger began to move in and out, Janice moved her hand on his rod. It filled her hand, barely letting her fingers touch. She wanted to look at it but couldn't bring herself to open her eyes again. Somehow she thought that if she didn't look, what she was doing wasn't so bad. 
Steve was incredibly excited now. He didn't know what to look at --- this woman's beautiful vagina with his finger working in and out or her soft hand working on his throbbing penis. Then there were those gorgeous breasts. He moved his hand back to her chest and began to play with her nipple. He watched Janice began to squirm on the table. He thought about climbing on the table but realized that Tim could come back at anytime. Occasionally he would look out the window in front of him, watching for headlights. The table blocked his lower region so someone coming up in front of the house would not know he was naked from the waist down. 
Janice became delirious with excitement. The fact that it was so wrong and against all of her upbringing added to the thrill. It was almost like she was flaunting her sexuality at all those narrow-minded people that had taught her that pleasures of the body were wrong.
"Oh God," Janice moaned when Steve added another finger to her dripping hole. Her body began to shake and she knew that she was getting very close to losing control. Her hips lifted off the table as Steve began to move his fingers in and out rapidly, causing a squishing sound that echoed around the quiet room. Janice's hand matched Steve's fingers as it flew up and down the large shaft. "Ohhhhhh!!!" she cried as her vagina began to pulse around the probing fingers. The pulsing turned to shudders of excitement as a climax overtook her senses. She felt like all her relaxed muscles had tightened back into a knot. Janice moaned as her body convulsed in pleasure and her back arched off the table.
Steve watched in amazement as Janice trembled in pleasure, her hand halting its movement as her climax took over. The finger's squeezed him tight as illicit pleasure consumed her. 
It took Janice a few minutes for her to calm down. When she did, she realized that she still held Steve's penis in her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at the large shaft. It was just as hard and maybe larger than it had been before. Incredibly, excitement still coursed through her. Throwing caution to the wind, she pulled Steve by his penis toward the head of the table. She turned on her side, her face just inches from his dripping organ. "Oh Jesus," she whispered and opened her mouth and took him inside. 

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