A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1)

BOOK: A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1)
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


A New Day copyright @ 2014 by Sophia Hampton. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.


Part 1 of
Knights Disciples MC



Laura Mills woke up that morning with such a feeling of well-being. Her night’s sleep was amazing and she awoke totally rested. She saw her baby brother off to school. Lucas was a freshman at Western High School and Laura wasn’t delusional; she saw him get on the bus. She even took a few minutes to herself before committing to the grind, lazing with a cup of hot coffee and checking her email.


None of how the morning was any kind of clue as to what would happen next. Her serenity came to a screeching halt with a loud thud against her front door. The air was jammed with the racket of motorcycle engines and police sirens. She opened the front door and Lucas’s lanky frame pushed passed her trying to avoid a rough looking teen trying to get at him.


Laura was a slight woman but she was a mother bear when it came to her brother, her ward. She had been mother and father to him since their parents died about eight years prior. He was half her age but nearly a half a foot taller. A couple of hard looking teens with spiked hair, earrings, and tattoos crawling up their necks were on his heels. Laura did her best to body block them, but she was mowed over. She felt the solid pressure of their boots press into her gut. She thought she would be squished but then the pressure lifted. They backed off. She was being helped to her feet.


When Laura focused, she saw her lawn was mobbed with bikers and teen boys and on the outside of that were squad cars blinking with urgency, but right in front of her was Will Shriner. Every time she saw him she forgot how remarkably good looking he was. His dark, shaggy hair was just outgrown enough from the last haircut so that the style could be detected but unruly enough to make him look so hot. His beauty parted the drama.


It had been such a long time since Laura had had any kind of relationship with a man and she always thought Will Shriner was fine. She met him while working at the Girls and Boys Club in downtown Baltimore. Laura was forever working on her criminal justice degree. She was required to complete so many practical hours and Will and his club members volunteered there.


Laura lived in the Greenspring Corridor of Park Heights, which was considered a good neighborhood, but parts of that community were responsible for the highest crime rate in all of Baltimore – perhaps the highest in all of the country. Members the community, however, didn’t feel as thought it were the best move to have the Boys and Girls’ Club associate with a motorcycle club; Laura had nothing but amazing experiences with them. If it weren't for the presence of the motorcycle club, the local street gangs would overrun the community facility.


The Members of Park Heights Gang – or M.O.P.H. – was a particularly aggressive gang, one that was chasing Lucas just now. Without the Knights’ Disciples, the entire Park Heights area would be completely unsafe. The misunderstood motorcycle club was like the unofficial security, making it possible to put in her hours to complete her degree and they created a positive influence in the fairly bleak lives of inner city kids.


Between taking care of her brother, working and finishing school when she could, Laura had no time for a love life. Although there was an intense attraction between Laura and Will, he never pushed. Laura was sure that if the opportunity presented itself she would make time for him. Having him stand in front of her now in the door of her home, their bodies so near, was not what she had in mind; although she didn’t mind.


"Hi there," he winked. "Let's get you out of this tangle." Without any more warning than that, he lifted her off her feet and onto the sleigh bed just off the entrance in Laura's office. Laura didn't know Will
well but he pulled up the hem of her shirt to inspect where the boys had stepped on her stomach. He pressed and he probed.


Laura was too stunned to protest. Finally she asked, "Do you have some medical background that I don't know about?"


Will smiled. "Why? Am I doing this wrong?"


His question shook her. The sweet friction their intense chemistry raised in her was one thing, but to bother that with playfully suggestive questions was almost more than she could bear. Her brother was almost clobbered, her house was under siege, and yet he managed to completely arouse her.


"I have to check on Lucas," she said, coming to her senses.


"Only if you promise me you're okay," he said.


"I'm fine," she rolled off the sofa and rushed to Lucas's room. His door was locked. "It's me. Laura. Open up."


For the first time ever, Lucas completely defied her. "Go away," he said.


"No," she said. "I'm not kidding. If you don't let me in-"


Like a shadow, Will was up and behind Laura. He was so warm and soothing. "Lucas," he said, taking hold of the door knob. He turned it so hard he broke the lock and entered the room.


"Get out! They are after me!" he shouted.


"No one is after you now. Especially no M.O.P.H. Not while I'm captain of the Knights’ Disciples. Whatever is going on, we will set it right."


Lucas wouldn't answer. Laura pushed.


"They want me to join and I keep putting them off. They were bugging me again. It gets worse each time."


Laura shook her head. "I knew there was something going on."


"You have to let me handle it," Lucas pleaded.


"Your sister was nearly seriously injured with you handling it. I'm handling it from now on. The Knights’ Disciples are going to handle it," Will said decisively.


Lucas started to argue, but Will's kind and gentle demeanor suddenly took on a steely vibe. There was no talking back to the captain of the Knights’ Disciples.


A police officer made his way back to the room. As he asked Lucas questions, Will stood side by side Laura with his huge strong hand pressed at the small of her back, grounding her, warming her. An immense wave of grief rose within her, thoughts that she inadequately took care of her young brother, that she didn't know what she was doing. Will's quiet hand on her grounded out all the negative noise in her head.


Now a couple of the Knights’ Disciples joined them. The police advised that, for the time being, Laura's brother stay home from school. He loved school and protested that he would not be bullied there. Everyone chuckled softly.


"Hmm I wonder where his gets his scrappiness from?" Will asked rhetorically.


The other Knights invited the boy to hang out with them. They were about to go to breakfast and then to the shop where they had bikes being customized. He reluctantly agreed.


And just like that, Laura's house—previously overrun by bikers, cops and gang members—was quiet and still…except for the erotic turbulence Will Shriner stirred in her. And it was now just the two of them in her very cozy restored Park Heights row house.


"I guess I'm going to have to research private schools," Laura said, trying to reduce the sexual tension.


"A private school isn't your solution. It’s a good start, but what you need to do is move," he said frankly.


Her jaw dropped. "I work and go to school here, not to mention that this is my little brother's home. He has been through so much. We can't just change everything."


"You've been through a lot as well, assuming you went through whatever it was he endured. You are raising him alone. You are a single parent and as such, you can't live life looking over your shoulder or wondering if you're going to get a terrible telephone call."


"God. I don't know what to do," she said. She blamed herself for this. Her idea was to go to school so she could do both what she loved, earn a pretty good living, and have a flexible schedule for Lucas. But what she did instead was get involved in the Girls and Boys Clubs where the gang members first met Lucas. "I did this," she said out loud.


Will closed in on her almost spiritually cradling her. "You don't have to make any moves today. One question, though," he said.


"What?" she asked dejectedly.


"Where is the spare room? I'm moving in."




Laura could hardly catch her breath. Of course she could say no. She was, after all, in charge of her own home. But somehow, in a few minutes really, their relationship went from a kind of a distant and vague one to very familiar one. It put a whole new spin on standing next to him. “You’re moving in?” she asked.


"Yep. I'll stay in the guest room. I may ask if some of my guys can camp in the family room," he said casually.


"Until when?" she blinked.


"Until we figure out how to get rid of the gang and keep young Lucas safe."


"What if I have a boyfriend? And he objects to the arrangement?" she asked, a little annoyed that he had just assumed. She took her offense back when she saw his disappointment.


"Do you?"


"No," she was embarrassed to say.


"Well," he replied with a little of his wolfishness, "then this should work. I'll have a couple of the guys be Lucas's personal body guard and then I will shadow you."


"Shadow me?" she thought she would faint. He had this disturbing habit of looking her directly with those dreamy eyes of his. It was just about all the attention she could handle.


"Yeah. Eat with you. Sleep with you," he flinched. "I mean eat when you eat.” Will’s face turned the most adorable shade of red.


"I must admit, you haven't live until you see a biker blush," she teased.


"Turnabout is fair play," he said. His eyes grew smoky and his hand snaked around her slight waist.


She felt his strength course through her as he pulled her close to him. He tipped her chin upwards, guiding her mouth to his, and kissed her. A rush of heat washed through them. His hot, commanding tongue owned hers, sweeping and tasting. He cupped her hair with his large powerful hands, holding her still so he could savor her.


Laura was certain that, until now, she had never really kissed a man—or been kissed. She faltered and Will was quick to steady her. She was certain she heard her own voice in her ears as she whined with pleasure. Their bodies swayed, as they couldn't get enough of each other. His hands braced her ribs just below her breasts. She felt so petite by comparison to him. He was large and looming and luscious.


He broke the kiss. He rested his forehead on hers as he spoke. "I don't want you to get the wrong idea that I'm going to camp here and then just expect to hook up with you. This was spontaneous. It couldn't be helped," he said.


Laura's heart sank. Of course she wasn't going to jump in bed with the guy just because he was smokin'. She wasn't just going to pull back the covers and crawl underneath with him because she had always thought the fact that he was not just part of a motorcycle club but the Sargent at Arms made him hot and the fact that he was compassionate towards kids even hotter.


Just because she made out with the guy in her house seconds after he announced he was moving in for her protection - who was she kidding? Given the opportunity, Laura was dangerously vulnerable to him. If he hadn't pulled away she wasn't sure she could stop. Even if their connection hadn’t been about that before, it felt suddenly as if they always had a sort of intimacy. And the smoldering chemistry she just experienced with him was, for her anyway, a once in a lifetime deal. She had never had such a strong, delicious reaction to a man in her life. And she already craved more.


There must have been something in her face that gave her away. His thumb grazed her cheeks delicately and, for a moment, he seemed to be contemplating taking back what he had just said. She could see it. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.


“What just happened here?” she asked him, kind of lost in the frenzy of their passion.


“I don’t know,” he said, his eyes dark and erotic. He was, indeed, contemplating making a move. She could see it and she could feel it. She stepped ever so slightly towards him and that was all he needed to close in.


The atmosphere in the space where they stood shifted and became surreal. The intense events of her kid brother being chased into the house by vicious gang members had been wiped from Laura’s mind and the entire world at the moment consisted of just Laura and Will. He took her head into his gentle grip and cradled her as he drew in for a more devouring kiss.


He tugged the hem of her shirt, up and off her body. Laura’s satin demi bra pushed up her full, generous breasts – almost too heavy for her petite body – up for his eyes to feast upon. His gaze dropped immediately to them, their rich, full arcs pushing up and over the seams so fresh and firm. He pressed his lips softly to them sending a twining current of erotic pleasure to her core. She clutched and twitched and came alive.


She returned the gesture, trailing her hands up the rigid array of muscles gridding his rock hard torso. They were splendid to touch. So warm, so firm and soft at the same time and as her fingers glided across them, his sweet scent rose and filled her nostrils. He smelled so good. He tasted so good. Her hands dropped to the waist of his jeans and unbuttoned his pants. He corralled her against a wall and did the same. Her pants were unfastened and around her hips. His giant powerful hands coursed the smooth curves of her buttocks.


With his feet, he removed her jeans completely and lifted her, guiding her legs up and around his hips. She could feel his erection graze her soft, sensitive center. She ached and was wet for him. He pinned her bodyweight against the wall so that she didn’t have to grip him with her hands. They were free to explore. Her fingers found the opening in her pants and felt for the soft-skinned hard length of him. She had the urge to put him in her mouth but mentally noted to wait until she was in a better position to fully take him.


He freed a breast from its pillowy containment and touched the tip of his wet hot tongue to her erect nipples. Reflexively, she grinded her hips into his, pressing against his erection. She clutched his wild hair, darky wispy strands, through her fingers as he sucked on her. She lowered her leg down, touching the floor so that she could tease him. She broke from his mouth and turned, pressing her hands on the wall and jutting her buttocks outward. She knew she looked amazing in this position. It flexed every muscle in her body, posing them at their best. She knew he liked what he saw because he whimpered. That made her hotter.


Will covered her, his body over hers. He wrapped his arm around her hips and pulled her against him, impaling her with his arousal. He slid into her easily for she was completely worked up. She arched even more as she received him. He was well-endowed and he filled her incredibly.


The heightened excitement created by their fast forbidden union promised to make the climb to climax a short one for Laura. Will's wanton thrusts were tense and rigid. Laura suspected that the pleasure for him was as paralytic as it was for her. She moved in and out of a daze created by erotic dope. Will murmured graphically how much he liked being inside of her and Laura was gone. Her body started to tremor from the inside out. Ripples and waves of pleasure pulsed her flesh on his as he drove into her. It was the most intense, if not the easiest, orgasm she had ever endured. She wilted against the wall, her body wet with sweat as Will peaked, as well, pumping into her like thunder.


Finally he was blanketing her, spent from the ultimate pleasure. As the passion ebbed from her and she regained a clear mind, Laura was trying to figure out what she had done. She had had sex with a man she hardly knew. From the moment she woke up until now, almost every aspect of her life had changed in ways she could not predict.


Will withdrew from her, guided her to the bathroom. They stood under the shower together but hardly said two words. They did not kiss. They dressed and went their separate ways. The only thing he said as he was leaving was that he would come back later with his stuff. He meant what he said. The Knights’ Disciples were going to protect Laura and Lucas.

BOOK: A New Day (Knights Disciple Motorcycle Club Book 1)
2.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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