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A Very Holland Valentine: Holland Brothers 6

BOOK: A Very Holland Valentine: Holland Brothers 6
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A Very Holland Valentine

Holland Brothers 6

Toni Griffin

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Cover Artist: Freddy MacKay

Editor: Erika O Williams

First Edition


All Rights Reserved.

Published in the United States of America.

A Very Holland Valentine: Holland Brothers 6
is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are fictionalized. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The story contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adult readers.

Any person depicted in the Licensed Art Material is a model and is being used solely for illustrative purposes.


Mischief Corner Books, LLC


To the staff at the Dome Cafe in Bassendean. Thank you for allowing a girl from Darwin to sit and write for hours without disturbance.

To my wonderful sister-in-law, Kara, who wrote me a beautiful poem.

And of course to my readers, without whom I wouldn't be here.

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Author's Note

A Holland Anniversary

Happy Birthday, Alex

Daddy Please

Walk with Me


A Very Holland Valentine

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


About Toni Griffin

Also by Toni Griffin

About Mischief Corner Books

Author's Note

Dear Readers,

After finishing the rewrites for my Holland Brothers series, I did a couple of short fiction pieces to coincide with their releases as a bonus, a small 'Where are they now'. To make things easier for anyone that wasn't aware of these and didn't read them, I have decided to have them professionally edited and include them in this published work as they lead up to the events in this story.

In regards to the timeline,
A Holland Anniversary
takes place prior to
A Very Holland Christmas
. Everything else is set consecutively after that, with
A Very Holland Valentine
taking place two months after
Walk with Me

I hope you enjoy.



A Holland Anniversary

Nobody ever said looking after twin boys was easy. Exhaustion weighed upon Brian as he leaned against the doorjamb leading into the boy's bedroom, the former study on the first floor. Only one cot was in use since the twins screamed their heads off whenever they weren't within touching distance of each other. At just over three months old, the boys were a handful.

When one needed a dipper change, so did the other. When one was hungry, so was the other. They did everything at the same time, even waking up and going to sleep. Brian was grateful every day that they had a house full of people willing to help out when they could.

The boys looked so peaceful when they were down for the count, like now. Other times they were right little terrors, taking after Marcus, no doubt. God knows Brian wasn't like that as a child, so he was more than happy to pin the blame on his mate.

Brian walked back into the nursery and leaned over the cot, gently kissing Samuel, then Dylan. He lightly caressed their heads, the thick golden brown hair so soft. Brian thought there was nothing better in the world, apart from Marcus, than the smell of his little boys.


Brian jumped at the unexpected sound, turning around. Marcus strolled into the room still wearing his uniform. God, the man could melt butter looking as hot as he did.

"Shhh, if you wake them, I'll never forgive you," he whispered. "I just got them down."

Marcus chuckled quietly, but Brian knew he wouldn't do anything to wake the cubs.

Brian turned again to face his boys. Marcus stepped up behind him and wrapped his arm around Brian's middle. Brian settled back against Marcus's chest, sighing in contentment. He was truly happy, had been for the past year. Marcus kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for giving me a family."

"Thank you for giving me that chance," Brian replied. He turned and wrapped his arms around Marcus's neck, pulling the man down as he rose to meet those perfect lips.

Brian moaned as Marcus took possession of his mouth, hard lips pressed against his, their tongues duelling. Brian could never get enough of his mate. Marcus broke the kiss when it was necessary to breathe, and Brian groaned at the loss and tried to chase those perfect lips as they moved farther away from his own.

"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now come on, we need to shower and change so we won't be late for our reservations."

Marcus was taking Brian out to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Thankfully, Alex and Jason had agreed to look after Samuel and Dylan tonight so they could enjoy a nice romantic dinner without having to worry about crying babies.

Had it only been a year since Marcus had first found him stranded on the side of the road and then driven away, leaving him behind?

Now they were happily mated with twin cubs.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? There's nothing I like better than a wet, soapy mate," Brian said.

He grabbed Marcus's hand and pulled him out of the boys' bedroom. They closed the door quietly behind them, then headed next door to their room. Brian ignored the knowing look and small chuckle from Alex as they passed him in the hall.

Brian closed their bedroom door and checked the monitor to make sure it was on. Satisfied they would hear if their children woke up, he started stripping off his clothes. A trail of Marcus's discarded clothes led to the bathroom. He laughed. By the time Brian was naked, Marcus had started the shower and was already enjoying the hot water.

Brian gasped as he was grabbed and pushed up against the wall. Brian hissed as the cold tiles made contact with his skin, but he knew from experience they would warm up quickly. The feel of Marcus's large callused hand running roughly down his back and over his ass had him moaning and pushing back into the touch.

"Hmm. What do we have here?" Marcus asked, his voice low and guttural and sexy as hell.

"Nothing, Officer," Brian replied breathlessly, pulling away from Marcus's questing fingers.

Marcus wrapped his fingers around Brian's hip and pulled him back roughly. Marcus's hard cock rubbed up and down his crease, and Brian bit back a whimper.

God, he loved this man.

"I don't know. This looks awfully suspicious to me. I think I'm going to have to search you."

Brian moaned as the blunt tip of Marcus's cock nudged against his hole.

"Oh God." The sound of a lube cap opening and the feel of the cool gel sliding down his crack had his balls drawing up tight.

Brian half-heartedly struggled as Marcus gently pushed forward. A hand connected solidly with his backside.

"Fuck," he swore and stilled. Brian's cock jerked at the heat radiating from the spot Marcus hit, and a bead of pre-cum leaked out.

"Hold still or I'll have you up on charges of resisting arrest as well."

Brian dumbly nodded, unable to say anything at the moment as Marcus's fat prick slowly entered him.

Marcus usually took the time to stretch him first, but there were times when Brian just wanted to feel that thick piece of meat slide into his unstretched channel. He loved that fact that he always felt Marcus for days afterwards.

Today was one of those days.

As soon as Marcus bottomed out, he pulled back until just the head of his cock remained and thrust forward again. Brian's fingers scrambled for purchase on the tiles but failed to find any. He hitched his hips back farther, meeting Marcus's thrusts. The sounds of their bodies colliding in the water, the feel of Marcus's claws on his hips, knowing his mate was losing control as he continued to fuck Brian into the shower wall was enough to send Brian careening over the edge.

Brian screamed. His orgasm ripped through his body and exploded from his dick. White sticky semen coated the tiles beneath him. Marcus's thrusts became erratic as Brian's hole continued to flutter and pulse, his orgasm subsiding. A low growl from behind him, one final hard trust and Marcus followed him into orgasmic bliss as sharp canine teeth clamped down on Brian's shoulder.

Marcus's knot took hold and sent him headlong into another orgasm. Brian moaned.

Jesus, he loved what this man did to him.

Brian's arms gave way, and completely spent, he collapsed against the wall, Marcus still attached to his back. The hot water from the shower continued to cascade over the both of them.

Marcus extracted his teeth from Brian's neck and licked the wound to close it before gently kissing his skin.

"Happy anniversary, baby."

Brian was too melted, his body wonderfully sated, to do anything but nod and whisper back. "Happy anniversary, Marcus."

Happy Birthday, Alex

Jason bustled around the kitchen trying to remember the instructions Brian had left for him. Cooking really wasn't Jason's strong suit, but he wanted to make an extra effort for Alex's birthday.

His mate's actual birthday was tomorrow and they were having Joe and Maryanne over for a big family dinner like they did for any special occasion these days. Jason loved his new family, every last member of it, but every once in a while it was nice to have a small intimate dinner with just the man he loved.

Tonight was one of those nights.

The kids had all been packed up and everyone had taken off to Joe and Maryanne's a half hour ago. The house was quiet, peaceful. Not something that happened very often when living with seven other men and four children. Jason looked down at his flat stomach and patted it.

Soon to be five children.

A huge grin broke out on his face as he thought about how Alex would react to his birthday present.

Ever since last Christmas, when they'd decided to start a family, they had been trying. But month after month passed without any success. Jason admitted he'd started to think there might be something wrong.

Then three days ago, he'd woken up feeling a little queasy. Jason hadn't thought anything of it and went about his day, and by lunch time he was feeling normal again. The same thing had happened the following two days.

Jason had mentally counted back in his head to when the previous new moon had been and started to get excited… and terrified. He'd gone out during the day and bought a home test, and just about fainted when two little blue lines showed up.

He'd been ready to call Alex on the spot and let him know when he paused with his finger on the button. This was a much better way to tell his mate. He'd rushed around all day organising the surprise and couldn't believe he'd managed to pull it off.

Jason had even called Eternal Ink, Alex's tattoo parlour, and spoke with Suzie, one of Alex's employees, and enlisted her help in keeping Alex at the store until seven. Jason glanced at his watch. Alex was due home any minute.

The table was all set, candles in place and lit, beer chilling in an ice bucket along with some water for himself. Dinner was just about ready. The steak only needed another minute before it could be taken off the heat and rested before serving. The oven-roasted vegetables Jason was serving with the steak were ready and keeping warm in the oven.

Jason removed the steaks and covered them with foil to rest, as per Brian's instructions, when he heard the deep rumble of his mate's motorbike pulling into the garage. Jason's palms began to sweat. Even though he had a fairly good idea how his mate was going to react, he was still bloody nervous. It wasn't everyday he informed the man he loved their lives were about to be turned upside down.

BOOK: A Very Holland Valentine: Holland Brothers 6
7.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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