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She peeked over her shoulder at him, her
expression still playful but with a definite intensity in her eyes.
Not his imagination then.

Like the rest of the pub, the dance floor
was standing room only. But Leah’s grip tightened around his hand,
and she led him through the throng until they were hidden amidst
the moving bodies. When she seemed to be satisfied, she turned and
released his hand only to step in close and rest both her palms
against his chest.

He lowered his head. Her hair brushed his
cheek. Even though they were surrounded by the heat of too many
bodies and the pub reeked of stale beer and sweat, he closed his
eyes and skimmed his lips over her temple. For a moment, all he
could smell was the lavender in her hair. The dance floor had weak
strobe lights—not surprising considering they were in a bar, not a
night club—but it was enough to cast colorful lights over them and
outline the dips and planes of her face as she began to move. His
hands rested against her swaying hips. She moved in closer until
they were pressed chest to chest, bodies aligned. She rolled her
hips against him, and he had no doubt she could feel exactly what
she was doing to him.

He touched his forehead to hers. Her breaths
were warm against his mouth. The sliver of air between their parted
lips grew thin as his heartbeat thudded against his ribs. He
smoothed his palms up her waist, gathering the material of her
blouse in his hands.

Her mouth shifted to his left, skimming
along his jaw until she spoke directly into his ear, “I lied. I
don’t want to dance. I’m just trying to seduce you.”

Will smiled and turned his face into her
neck. “You don’t need to try.”

She reached down and once again took his
hand in hers. Then she pulled away, tugging him after her as they
weaved back out through the dancers and off the dance floor.

Drawing him away from the din of the main
bar area, they entered a smaller room off the back, across from the
restrooms. Will had only been back here a couple times. A staircase
stood in a dimly lit corner, leading up to an employee-only area. A
couple sofas were scattered around the wee space, but only one of
them was occupied. Compared to the noisy front of the pub, this was
an oasis of calm.

Leah crossed the room toward the dark recess
beneath the stairs. Then she turned and released his hand. Walking
backward, she crooked her finger at him to follow as she sank into
the darkness beneath the staircase.

Will hesitated. This wasn’t exactly what he
wanted. He wanted her, but not like this. Maybe he’d interpreted
her wrong, maybe she didn’t believe that this thing between them
was worth more than a quick tumble in a dark corner.

Then again, she still thought he was a real
sex addict.

Never let it be said that Will wasn’t up for
a challenge. He had no intention of letting her make him a one
night stand. Whether she felt the same or not, Will would show her
that he was an addiction worth keeping.


Chapter Twenty-Two


Leah rested her back against the wall and
waited in the darkness beneath the stairs for Will to join her. A
moment later, he did. She released the breath she’d been holding in
a shuddering sigh as his body surrounded her, warm and hard.

Pressing against him, she planted light
little kisses on his jaw. Her head was spinning, and her cheeks
felt flushed. Her heart pounded so loudly, it almost drowned out
the sound of voices and music only a room away.

He put his hands against the wall on either
side of her head and whispered her name again and again,
punctuating each with a long kiss and ending with a slow lick along
her lower lip. Her hands clutched his shoulders as she slid her
thigh up over his hip and ground down against the hardness beneath
his jeans.

“Let me,” he whispered, before drawing back
and sinking to his knees.

Leah’s mouth went dry. She wished she could
see him, but it was too dark. She could feel him just fine though
as his deft fingers trailed up her thighs, sending delicious little
shivers through her and making her ache. He pushed up her skirt,
and she swallowed thickly, panting now, as his hands slid up over
her hips and gently tugged down her panties.

Without a word, she felt her panties drop
and he nudged her legs apart. She could do nothing but obey, wet
and aching and ready. She let her legs fall open, and a moment
later, felt his warm breath between her thighs.

When his mouth touched her, she gasped. Her
fingers tangled in his hair, and she tried not to moan too loudly.
Wet pleasure cascaded through her body, spinning hungrily at her
center as she arched into his mouth.

The want inside her was terrifying. This
just wasn’t enough. She wanted not only his mouth, but all of him.
The horrible truth of it was that she’d pulled him in here as a
test. Not for him, but for how she would feel about him

The things he’d said to her at the party had
stayed with her all week, keeping her up at night and distracting
her from her classes. He had seen right through her.

So she had decided on one
more meeting. This would be the last because she had arrived with
every intention of seducing him. The counselor had been unwittingly
helpful because this was exactly how she wanted it. Hot, quick,
This was
how it had been with previous guys, and she had no idea how she
wanted to feel about it once it was over. She was terrified she
would still want him, and yet a part of her hoped for it. But that
hope, that fragile sense of something more—that was even more

Her hips jerked and she whimpered, all her
senses narrowed in on the feel of Will’s mouth, of his tongue, of
the way he groaned as if he was enjoying it. She gasped with bliss
and began to stroke and tug on the golden hair. He sucked gently,
and she almost bit right through her lip in an attempt not to

Just as she was coming, a sad little thought
flashed through her mind.

I’ve been kidding myself. I did want more
than this. But it’s too late now.

She slumped back against the wall, panting.
Her thighs trembled and her legs felt like jelly. Will wrapped a
strong arm around her waist and held her steady as he stood. For a
moment, the light from beyond their little nook fell across his
face, and she tried not to fall in love with his swollen lips and
the way he smiled at her.

“Come home with me,” he said, pressing
against Leah again so that she could feel … everything.

There’s no
, she thought grimly.
I’ve screwed it all up. I’ve done what I always
do, and now I’ll get bored with you.

When she felt his lips searching for hers in
the dark, she turned her face away.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice
painfully sweet. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Her chest tightened. The walls were closing
in. She had to get out. The guy had a way about him that made her
want to tell him the truth.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. He tugged gently
on her arms until she followed him just far enough out of their
hiding place that he could see her face. “You feel tense. I might
not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure ‘tense’ is the wrong way to
feel after an orgasm.”

“I’m fine,” she snapped, fighting
simultaneous urges to go home with Will and to leave and never see
him again.

“Come home with me then,” he insisted,
smiling his almost illegally charming smile. “You can’t leave me
this turned on. That would be sadistic.”

“How do you know I’m not a complete bitch
who gets off and then fucks off?” she demanded, trying to make him
understand that it would be better if they parted ways.

But hoping that they wouldn’t.

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Because
I think I know what’s been going through your mind ever since we

“Oh really?” She tried to glare, but instead
couldn’t think beyond the way her knees still wobbled and how
Will’s hair smelled of mint. Before she realized what she was
doing, she’d reached out to stroke a golden strand. She dropped her
hand almost immediately. Will moved closer at the contact.

“You’ve spent every night
imagining what it would be like to have me undress you,” he
murmured, “to move against you,
you. To feel my weight pressing you into the

She caught her breath, battling a resurgence
of lust. His mouth was so close. It would be so easy just to kiss
it and suggest a real date instead.

But it would be better to do this properly.
Leah had, as usual, managed to turn this beautiful thing into a
tawdry one night stand and now she had better get fucked and run
for it. Will’s mouth came down on the sensitive skin between
shoulder and neck and bit. She cried out and arched her hips into

“Yes,” she said.

Chapter Twenty-Three


Will’s apartment was full of psychology
textbooks. Maybe he’d been trying some self-diagnosis before
resorting to the support group. Or maybe he was a psychology
student, which could probably make it an incidence of ‘physician,
heal thyself.’ Leah watched him remove his coat and then lean over
to pet the large black cat that had darted across the living room
to greet him. She hadn’t expected him to have a cat, but she liked
learning things about him. Every new detail clarified him in her
mind and left her wanting. Constantly wanting.

Speaking of which, the air was full of
expectation. It nipped at her skin like a mosquito she couldn’t

A sick, sad feeling blossomed in her
stomach. She often felt like this during her past encounters.
Despite the pleasure and the ease of it, it never felt like

Leah wanted to talk, to know everything she
could about him, even the mundane things like what the name of his
cat was. But she had learned to channel her emotions through sex at
eighteen, and now she didn’t know how to stop.

Will switched on a dim lamp before
approaching her, his smile painfully sweet. He leaned in and kissed
her neck. Heat flooded between them. Leah closed her eyes and let
the hunger take over, to make everything simple.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered against her
throat, running a hand slowly down her back.

Her eyes sprang open. Yes, they’d been
stumbling toward this night since that first kiss, but one night
stands still shouldn’t say things like that.

“Don’t be so sentimental,” she said,
expecting an angry reaction. But Will merely laughed.

“It’s just an observation,” he said. “I’ve
wanted you since the minute I saw you.”

“Of course you did. We always do. We see, we
want, we fuck,” she muttered.

His hands paused in their journey up the
back of her shirt. Blue eyes looked at her with concern. “Are you
all right? I was only kidding when I said it would be sadistic. You
don’t have to do this.”

She ran a hand down his body and cupped the
hot erection through his jeans. He tensed.

“Yes, I do.” Her pulse fluttered rapidly
beneath her skin as she watched desire move through his face, a
face she had yet to tire of looking at. “That’s the problem.”

Before he could say anything else so
dangerously kind, she unzipped his jeans and pushed eager fingers
inside. He was hot, heavy against her palm. Leah closed her eyes
again. Screw introspection and self-doubt and loneliness. This was
going to be good.

They stumbled into an
untidy bedroom, peeling off clothes as they went and dropping them
on the floor to join the books and stray clothing scattered across
his floor. The back of her knees hit the bed, and she fell into the
mattress with a quiet
. He leaned over her, his warm
fingers leaving a trail of fire from her collarbones down her chest
where his thumb flicked over her left nipple. She arched her back,
gasping quietly.

His mouth followed, those gorgeous lips
closing over her breast. Wet and heat and desire streaked through
her as she dragged her nails over the hard line of his shoulders.
She wanted to explore every inch of him, every stretch of smooth
skin, every taut muscle. She wanted to feel him against her tongue,
to know the taste of him.

He pulled away, but the loss of connection
was brief. In the next moment, his hot body was on top of her and
their hips were moving together and fire was breaking out. His
firm, gentle hands touching her, the panting desperation, the agony
of waiting. She could hear herself moaning, kept telling herself to
stop. She sobbed with pleasure when his mouth followed the curve of
her neck, her breasts, her waist and hips, and started to lick her
intimately, sweetly, with even more agonizing attention than he’d
shown her at the pub. Her fingers scrabbled and dug into sheets
that smelled blissfully of her lover. The world was shattering

It was too much.

It was wrong.

“Will,” she gasped. “Stop.”


Chapter Twenty-Four


Will immediately sat back. She looked
panicked, and her long fingers balled into fists against the
sheets. Something was obviously wrong. Guilt surged through him,
pushing need aside. He should have known she wasn’t ready for this,
especially after last weekend, but he had ignored his better
judgment. He had arrogantly thought he could show her how he felt
with his body.

And he still hadn’t told her the truth.

I’m the worst kind of

“It’s okay,” he said, backing off her and
the mattress completely. Since he was naked, he reached down to
grab the first pair of jeans he could find. “We can order pizza and
watch TV or you can go to sleep.”

BOOK: Addicted to You
2.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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