Adventures of a Spanking Addict (Wicked Leather)

BOOK: Adventures of a Spanking Addict (Wicked Leather)
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of a Spanking Addict









T. Rose


To Mike
H. for being a dear friend and supporting all my adventures.





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My adventures as a spanking addict began when I met
Professor Daniel Metcalf.  I worked for him at Southland University grading
papers for over a year. He was darkly handsome, intelligent, always running his
fingers through his dark hair as he lectured and advised his students. I
yearned for him in silence, staying late just to be near him.  Thorough and
silent, I was happy enough for the time to be near him professionally, and
fought back tears the day he fired me.  I soon discovered that he let me go out
of his own needs.  He too had secrets, secret longings for me, secret rooms,
and secret desires.

Daniel introduced me to the joys of spanking over a
year ago, slowly addicting me to the painful pleasures of his hand.  Daniel
took the time to talk to me about safewords, Dominance and submission. I
listened without truly understanding, so he allowed me the room I needed to
grow into my own, our relationship remained loosely open, while I became the
pursuer. His loose reigns were still pulling me back.  I would visit often, and
return to him for guidance in my other relationships, at work and at play.

After a summer back home, Daniel
had helped me find a great new job working for the university in Dr. Ryan’s
office.  We had been working so much overtime lately, that I decided we needed
a night out on the town.  My best friend Renee had come into town for the
weekend, and we decided some good old fashioned hell-raising was in order.
 After the office secretary had dropped some more paperwork on my desk, I
had another thought.  

As I watched her walk towards the
door in her tight skirt, I had to ask, “Amanda, are you doing anything tonight?”
“I don’t have any plans, why?” she asked, in her always cute
“My best friend Renee is visiting and we are going out
tonight.  Would you like to join us?”   

Of course I had my motives; I had
been daydreaming about Daniel and Renee, but had been watching Amanda in that
tight sweater and skirt all day now.  She was the worst secretary ever.
 Dr. Ryan only kept her around, because he couldn't stop looking at her
perky breasts poking through those sweaters, and the way she always wiggled her
ass as she walked out of his office.  Sad reason to keep a secretary, I
know, but true.
“Oh that sounds like a lot of fun Chloe, thanks for inviting
me.  I’d love to come. Maybe you can tell me more about this mysterious
professor of yours.”
As Renee and I drove to the restaurant, I thought about when
we had been getting ready to leave.  We almost didn't make it.  We
hadn't seen each other for months, and while we were supposed to be getting
dressed, we could not help but steal a kiss.  Renee was an Italian beauty,
with olive skin, black hair, and deep, deep brown eyes that my own green eyes
could get lost in.  Before we knew it we were tearing our clothes off, my
long fire red hair entangling with her black hair.  We made love for what
seemed like an eternity.  It was only just a short time in reality, but I
had missed her so much.  We had to get ready to leave all over again, and
called Amanda to meet us an hour late.  As Renee and I pulled into the
parking lot, I was still thinking about how she tasted.  I parked the car,
turned to her and reached over, pulling her to me.  We kissed each other
passionately, and then grinned as we had to repair our lipstick before going
As we entered the restaurant, we could see Amanda at the bar
waiting for us.  I introduced Renee to Amanda, and Amanda was all giggles.
 Amanda was beautiful, but I was glad she didn't notice the glances being
exchanged between Renee and myself.  We were seated at a table, and
started talking.
“Was it a long flight Renee?  Did you get a chance to
rest up?” asked Amanda.
“The flight wasn't too long, and I did get a chance to go to
bed for a while,” Renee said while smiling across the table at me.  
“Have you two had a chance to get all caught up with each
other, Chloe?” asked Amanda smiling still.  

Amanda’s blue eyes were really
sparkling; all I could think of was how much I wanted to kiss her. The wine
must be going to my head; Renee had been the only girl I had ever kissed. 
Daniel was the only one I had ever told about our special friendship.
“Yes, we got to spend some time together; we got a little
carried away.  That’s why we were running late.” I said as I grinned at
Renee.  I could tell Renee was thinking the same thing I was, Amanda was
so hot.  Renee tapped me under the table and I knew then that we both
wanted her naked at that point.
We had dinner and two bottles of wine, talking and laughing
all evening. As I told them about Daniel, I could see they were both getting
turned on by it.  We were blushing and speaking in hushed tones as I described
getting spanked by Daniel. Renee just grinned and winked. We were being
eyed by several men in the restaurant, and finally one handsome young man came
to our table and asked if we were out causing trouble.  

“Of course!” we replied in unison,
all giggling in a drunken laughter.  He was very nice, and of course
Amanda was putting out all her dumb blonde act.  I smiled at Renee, and we
excused ourselves to the ladies’ room, leaving Amanda to get his phone number and
talk to him a moment longer.
When we arrived at the restrooms, Renee took one look around
and noticed no one was there.  She quickly grabbed me and pulled me close.
 Her hands on my ass, made my head swirl.  I kissed her deeply,
tangling my tongue with hers.  Reaching up, I cupped her breasts through
her shirt and shivered at the thought of what we had done before coming to
dinner.  I knew she wasn't wearing panties, so I reached down under her
skirt, and felt her wetness.  I looked at her, smiling wickedly, as I
brought my finger to my lips and tasted her sweetness. Suddenly I had an idea;
we had to get out of here, and fast.  
We had all gotten far too intoxicated to drive, so I had to
call us a cab.  I told Amanda she could stay at my house if she wanted.
 We were getting a lot of attention at the bar waiting on our cab, three
beautiful horny drunken women.  Renee winked at me, and I was grinning
like a Cheshire cat.  Amanda was giggling and still clueless.  
When we arrived at my home, I went into the kitchen and opened
another bottle of wine.  I poured us all a glass and we sat around the
living room talking.  Eventually, our conversation got hot and turned to
sex.  I was dripping wet just thinking about Renee.  Renee and I kept
exchanging knowing glances at each other.  I moved over to sit by Renee
and looked over at Amanda.  Finally, I began to tell Amanda about how
Renee and I had met in college, as dorm roommates.  
“Amanda, did I ever tell you how Renee and I met?” I asked.
“I don’t think so; I know you've been friends a very long
time.” She giggled.
“We met in college, as dorm roommates.  We were best of
friends, and then one night after spending hours drinking and talking, the
conversation turned to sex.  We talked about what we had tried and not
tried.  One thing we learned was that we both had never tried sex with a
woman.  So we did it with each other.” I went on.
“Ohhh!”  She looked quite shocked.  “I just can’t
believe it!”
To prove it to her, Renee reached over and began kissing me
deeply on the mouth.  She reached in my blouse, and cupped my breasts
while our tongues intertwined.  I could take no more, and let out a moan.
 Amanda sat there in amazement, but we could tell she was getting turned
on by all the action.  So we kept going.
Renee pushed me back against the couch and pulled my shirt
open.  I reached down and helped her undo the front clasp of my pink lacy
bra.  Renee exposed my beautiful full breasts, and leaned forward, slowly
beginning to suck on my nipples.  Amanda stared as Renee’s tongue swirled
in circles around my already hard nipples, watching me arch and moan.  I
pulled Renee to me, pulling open her blouse.  After undoing her black
satin bra, I began to use my fingers and massage her nipples.  Her breasts
were so beautiful, they were firm and perky.  I leaned up and kissed her
breasts tenderly, and sucked her nipples till they were hard and rigid.  I
love to suck on her breasts.
Amanda leaned forward with a look of wonder and curiosity on
her face.  She looked very interested in what we were doing, almost as if
she wanted a closer look.  I could tell she was getting very excited by
watching us.
“Amanda, would you like me to suck on your nipples and let you
know how it feels to have your breasts sucked on by a woman?” I asked.
She just shook her head, bewildered, not knowing how to
answer.  We stood up, went to her and kneeled in front of her.  Both
Renee and I quickly unbuttoned her sweater, and noticed her beautiful breasts.
 As we undid the clasp of her white lace bra, her breasts were stunningly
beautiful.  They were full, round and firm, with pink nipples that were
already turned on and erect.  As Renee began to suck one nipple, I swirled
my tongue and flicked at her other one.  I was getting so wet.  I
looked up and kissed her deeply, as she moaned from the excitement.
  I could take no more, and slowly pulled off my skirt and pink lace
panties.  As I returned to continue caressing Amanda’s breasts, I also
fondled my own, squeezing my nipples until it was almost painful. Renee paused
only to remove her skirt; she hadn't worn any panties at all.  The kaleidoscope
of beauty around us was stunning, with Amanda’s blonde good looks with a soft
summer tan, Renee’s black hair and olive skin, and my long red hair with creamy
white skin.
Renee continued to caress and suck on Amanda’s beautiful
breasts, while I began caressing her thighs, slowly pulling her legs apart.
 I reached down and slipped my fingers up inside her panties and stroked
her.  She was already so wet.

 “Chloe,” she started in
protest, but it was lost in moans of ecstasy and she just leaned back in sheer

I pushed my fingers inside of her
and felt how wet and tight she was.  I then found her clit, and slowly began
to flick my fingers across her already aroused bud.  Amanda continued to
moan with eagerness.  I reached up and kissed her soft lips again, I
wanted to get her attention.  As I looked into her blue eyes filled with
passion, I slowly pulled my finger from within her and put it to my lips.  Sucking
it clean, I tasted her sweetness.  She smiled with elation as I slipped it
back inside her again.
All the while, Renee stepped back and got another bottle of
wine and some glasses.  She stopped and watched with excitement as I
continued to bring Amanda to her first orgasm from a woman.  She could
take no more, and put the bottle and glasses down and walked back over.
 She was fingering herself as she laid on the floor, and positioned
herself beneath me.  I lowered my throbbing pussy over Renee’s mouth.
 I could not help but let out a gasp and loud moan as I felt her tongue
inside of me.  She flicked her tongue across my clit and continued until I
felt an orgasm explode from me.  I was groaning loudly, and began to suck
on Amanda’s clit, flicking it, licking her softly, and pushing my tongue into
her.  Her hips were arching up and her orgasm exploded as she yelled out,
and moaned.
I moved off Renee and whispered something to Amanda, she
giggled.  Renee scooped up the wine, and glasses and we left all our
clothes as we went upstairs to the bedroom.  We were laughing all the way
upstairs, and as we all jumped onto the over-sized king bed.  Over another
glass of wine, Amanda confessed she had thought about it, but had always been
too afraid.  I put on some music and we all climbed in the bed drinking
our wine and talking.  

BOOK: Adventures of a Spanking Addict (Wicked Leather)
6.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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