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Aiden's Betrayal

by CT Nicholson





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Chapter One


Why did she agree to this torment?

Ell regarded herself in the mirror and would
've gasped if it hadn't been the twentieth time she’d looked in the past five minutes. The red dress barely covered her ass and her red shoes were too high. Tonight she knew falling would be inevitable and she just felt too old at twenty-eight to start clubbing and wearing dangerously high shoes.

The makeover made her feel like she
was asking to be ravaged by men and truly, maybe she needed to be. Brushing her hair once again to remove the tangles materializing every minute, she realized she did look pretty damn good thanks to her friend, Anya. If she could lose fifteen pounds and grow a few inches, her ego might boost up a little more.

Nothing wrong with dreaming.

“Isn’t it a little cold to wear something so... slutty?” She glanced over her shoulder at Anya who stood a foot taller with legs that never ended, legs men loved. Her sea green eyes gleamed with excitement as she twirled strands of her short blond hair. No man ever turned Anya down. Except if they pulled for a different team. Then again, even some of them might change sides for a chance with her.

First of all, thanks for calling me a slut. Second, you look freaking fantastic. You’re getting laid tonight.” Anya laughed as she inspected her perfectly manicured hands.

I don’t need to get laid.”
She so did, but that wasn't really the point.
Everything ended in sex with Anya and Elle liked having her alone time. If Anya found a man early, Elle planned to sneak back home. It was a likely situation.

Anya blew a raspberry.
“Don’t get pissed at me, Ellie. You’re the one who sits at home painting and running your precious Bed and Breakfast. You need to have fun. And you need a man to screw your brains out.”

Elle ignored the hated nickname and the inappropriate comment.

“I had a date a month ago and I have fun all the time.”
Not really. Maybe she should listen to Anya. Or not.

You mean the lawyer where you excused yourself before the food came then never went back.” Anya grinned. “I would've at least eaten dinner on his dime. And, well… You know what else I would've done.”

Oh yeah, she knew.
“We were there for fifteen minutes and he stayed on the phone for ten. The other five he spent getting the waitress's number.”

Of course Anya would have stayed because she loved men and he would have never stayed on the phone with Anya sitting in front of him.

Sea green eyes narrowed. “Fine, forget him. What about the blind date I set you up with? He was cute and a complete gentleman with me.”

Anya pursed her lips in the mirror
and applied what seemed like her third coat of lipstick.

Elle laughed then stopped
abruptly when Anya didn’t. “You’re kidding!”

Anya’s nose scrunched up and her smile turned down into frown.

Not kidding.
“He was gay! Hot, but gay.”

Sometimes Elle grew close to pulling her hair out when Anya tried to weasel with her love life.
Her life was just that, hers. She didn't have time or the patience for Anya's constant meddling. If meeting a man was meant to be then it would happen but until that day came, Elle just wanted to be left alone. She definitely didn't want to go clubbing.

Okay, Okay. I won’t hook you up with any more gay men.” Anya's hands stayed in the air as she backed toward the door.

Elle threw a pillow at Anya before she disappeared down the stairs way too fast
in her six-inch heels. Looking up at the ceiling, Elle prayed she survived the night in one piece.
Would it be too much to ask?

A cold nose nudged her hand for attention and she smiled down at the shaggy haired dog
that acted more like her spoiled child than a beloved pet. “I know girl, that crazy lady is mean. You should bite her.”

laughed when Princess gave a low growl. She grabbed a treat from the container on the nightstand and Princess took it quickly from her hand. “That's my girl.”

I heard that! Now hurry up!” Anya yelled up the stairs.

Elle kissed her fingers then touched them to the picture of her parents and sister sitting on her dresser. After
ward, she sauntered down the steps praying for the night to end quickly and painlessly. “Let’s get this over with.”

Don’t be so grumpy. Live a little.”

She was living or at least thought she had been.
Grabbing her keys, Elle headed out the door with Anya still complaining about her ‘boring’ life.


The line to the club went around the building, and at the rate the people moved forward, Elle doubted they’d get inside before closing.

Oh man, I guess we should go home.” Elle tried to sound upset but failed miserably.

Ha! Like I’m letting you off the hook that easy.” Anya grabbed Elle's hand to drag her toward the bouncer standing at the door. “Hey sexy, I’ve missed you!”

Anya, it's been too long.” The large bouncer, with too many tattoos and piercings, wrapped his arms around Anya.

The man actually has a real Mohawk.
Elle didn’t miss the fact his hands grabbed Anya’s ass during their hug, or the way Anya pressed her barely covered breast into him. So much for going home.

I’ve been away but I’m back for a while. My friend here is in some serious need for sex and I brought her out to have a little fun. Seems the club's pretty busy.” Anya’s lip popped out and her lashes fluttered as she looked at the crowded line then back at the bouncer.

Did she really sleep with every man she met?

The club's been busy since the new band started playing on Friday nights, but you know you don’t have to flirt with me to get in.” The bouncer unclipped the red velvet rope and waved them through.

Elle’s cheeks warmed as the
waiting throng of people made disappointing ahhs and offered a few curses.

Great, now she’s one of ‘those’ girls.

Inside the music blocked every word Anya screamed at Elle as they neared the bar. Every person she passed brushed against her and she really regretted having so much skin on display.

The music wasn't something she normally listened to but the lead singer's voice sounded smooth and hypnotic. He looked the part of the typical rocker wearing his jeans with holes
, black t-shirt with more holes and more than one piercing.

I really don't fit in here.

When they got to the bar, a young man with short blonde hair, blue eyes and dimples came straight to them, staring at Anya. “What can I get for you sexy ladies?”

Elle thought his words
might have sounded flattering if he didn't have to yell them over the music. Bottles of booze lined up behind the bar and Elle had no clue what any of them are. “I'll have a coke!”

The bartender
’s dimples disappeared with his smile. “What do you want in your coke?”

Elle leaned closer since the man clearly didn't understand her.
“I just want a coke!”

She's not getting a coke,” Anya yelled over the music to the bartender. “I want a sex in the shower and she wants a...” Anya paused as she studied Elle closely. “Screaming Orgasm! Literally!”

At this rate, Elle was sure
everyone in the club would know she officially had no sex life.

I don’t want a screaming orgasm!” Elle attempted to scream over the music and damn her luck, she picked the perfect time for the music to end. Unlike what she'd seen in the movies, the whole club didn’t hear her but the people nearest her and the bartenders heard her just fine. A few men winked at her and instead of being flattered, she wanted to throw up.

Anya laughed so hard
she nearly fell in the floor. “I think they all know you do now.”

BOOK: Aiden's Betrayal
3.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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