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Alice (Doxy Parcel)

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A Doxy Parcel

Nicole Ryan

The following is a work of fiction and a product of the author’s imagination. Any semblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. This work contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright laws. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without express written consent from the author.

Nicole Ryan 2013. All rights reserved. 

"Are you sure you want this to be your first party?" Lenora asked her
over her thin framed glasses.

Alice took a deep breath and nodded, "I have to make rent this week or I'm out on my ass.

took the envelope from Lenora and held it in her hands, when she'd interviewed at Doxy Parcel a month ago she had no idea she'd be assigned so fast, but she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. She certainly needed the work.

"This is a pretty serious party," Lenora began as she sat on the corner of her large desk. "You'll be having sex with more than one man, and sometimes
there are women at the parties. This particular client is a regular, and she has been known to throw wild gatherings."

"I understand. I'm fine with it." Alice said, and she actually hoped that there would be another woman
there; she'd always enjoyed having sex with women.

Lenora crossed her large office and took a
long cigarette from a wooden box on the end of her desk, then turned and opened it to Alice, who shook her head softly, holding one of her hands up.

"No thank you, they make me queasy." She said as she began to open the envelope.

Lenora nodded and placed the box back where it was, lifting a sleek metal lighter to the tip of her cigarette and hollowing her already sunken cheeks as she pulled on the cigarette. She watched Alice carefully as her eyes looked over the paperwork showing her blood tests had all come back clean. Her background check was clear, and she had passed the psychological check.

"I expect you to get blood tests every two weeks. You will use a condom with all clients, except when instructed otherwise. You will never be asked to have sex with a client who has not had a DNA test, however the ones that wish to ride, bareback as some of the girls call it, do go through more extensive background checks, and of course pay top dollar.
You are also expected to take monthly drug tests, the only inhibitors we allow are those which are provided directly from us. Do you have any questions?" She expelled two large streams of smoke from her nostrils as Alice looked up.

"No I don't believe so. The driver will pick me up
and bring me home?" She asked as she pulled the cash from the envelope and her eyes widened.

"Yes, Ronald
will be there at eight tonight." She pointed with the two fingers holding her cigarette, "That's half the money for the party, you will never receive payment up front again, this is simply because I know you've been in a sticky situation, and you will need to ready yourself for tonight." She tapped the long ash of her cigarette on an abalone shell and turned a bright smile to Alice.

"Thank you." Alice said, and Lenora
forced a pinched smile before she fluttered her lashes at Alice and waved her away with her hand.

"Go on, I have to see
two other girls in a few moments." She said, and Alice thought she liked her, she was firm, and blunt, but never rude.

"Yes of course." Alice stammered as she scooted off the leather chair and pulled her blonde hair tighter in the pony tail she wore
at the base of her head.

As she swung her purse over her shoulder awkwardly and reached for the door, Lenora stopped her.

"Alice?" She said in a low voice.

"Yes?" She turned slowly to face
Lenora, she sat in her high backed chair and folded her fingers together as she gazed at Alice for a couple seconds, as if gathering her thoughts.

"There are some things that will be waiting for you on a tray in the back of your car. They are all very clearly marked. Some girls have experienced a state of mind similar to that which comes with a couple of stiff drinks. Others say they feel tired, and some forget the night completely... you are not required to use them, however I do provide the option to all of my girls to be able to
opt out
for lack of a better term." She winked.

Alice could
n't speak, so she simply nodded and hurried from the office. She had five hours until Ronald would arrive to take her to the party, and she needed to use that time to get ready. Alice took the city bus to the only salon she remembered seeing that offered waxing, and got a full treatment, along with a thirty minute massage. The oils were invigorating and the masseuse had strong hands that worked deep into her muscles without pain, melting away her anxieties about the night.

"Would you like a scrub?" The woman asked behind her quietly.

"Pardon?" Alice said, she had nearly fallen asleep.

"Would you like a body scrub? It removes all the dead skin and leaves your skin clean and smooth."

"Oh, how much is that in addition?"

"Fifty dollars."

Alice thought for a moment, "Sure."

As the woman worked over her body Alice began to imagine the night ahead of her. What would these rich and powerful men have in store for her? If she was to be a party favor... what kind of party was she going to? She felt goose bumps rise along her skin at the thought.

"Is that too rough?" The woman asked, stilling her hands.

"Oh, no I'm sorry, I was worrying about something." Alice said.

When she was finished at the spa, Alice took the bus home, it was close to seven, and she watched the sun setting as the bus bumped along as it made its way through the city. Alice's stop was only a block from her apartment but she walked quickly, not wanting to be late. She pulled her limp sweater tight around her body as she approached her door, the doorman Lou nodded at her and opened it for her.

"Thanks Lou. A car will be here for me in about a half hour, will you ring me when he gets here?" She asked as she stepped into the building.

"Of course, have a nice evening miss Alice." He replied with a smile that crinkled the corners of his eyes.

When Alice opened the door to her apartment, Lucy, her pure white cat greeted her by circling her ankles
and yowling loudly.

"Alright, alright."
Alice said as she stepped carefully around Lucy and made her way into her small kitchen to fill her dish.

Alice hurried to the bathroom and turned on the shower, stripping all of her clothes
and leaving them in a pile on the middle of the floor. She gazed in the mirror as she wrapped her long hair in a towel and applied cold cream to her face. She had strict instruction to only wear powder and rouge, she was not to enhance her eyes at all, and on her lips she was to wear sheer gloss. Alice stepped into the steaming shower and rinsed the sticky remnants of her scrub and massage oils away, and after she rinsed her face thoroughly, she stepped out and began to get ready.

Lenora had said that for any job she was to be on, she was to wear something simple, and comfortable
that she could change in and out of easily. Alice decided on an old OSU sweatshirt and black yoga pants. She ran a brush through her hair quickly, she should have touched up her roots, but she didn't have the time or the money, if she wanted to get her landlord off her back. Sighing and glancing at the clock she paced in front of her sofa while chewing on her thumb, waiting for the driver to arrive. Lucy watched her, perched on the arm of the sofa and Alice eyed her sporadically.

"Don't look at me like that. I'll be back before morning." She said and stroked the cats thick back.

A few moments later her buzzer whined at her and she hurried downstairs to the lobby, checking her reflection before hurrying through the door that Lou held open. To her surprise it wasn't just a car that arrived to pick her up, but a sleek black limo, Lou hurried to open the car door for her, and smiled as she climbed in. The limo pulled away from the road, and the dark window separating her from the driver rolled down.

"Good evening Alice, your costume is in the cabinet to your left; put it on and when we arrive I'll help with the rest." He said kindly, and rolled the window back up.

Alice glanced to her left at the cabinet, to her right was a silver tray that held a small bottle, with a cork in the top, a string hung from it with a tiny tag that read
"Drink Me
. Beside that was a small tin, when she lifted the top there were three tiny chocolates on a bed of red velvet, and on the inside of the lid there was an inscription that read
"Eat Me
How many?
she wondered. Alice reached for the tiny bottle just as she heard a tap on the window, and it rolled down an inch.

"I forgot to mention,
" The driver called, "if you'd like one of the... snacks on the tray, best to wait until you've gotten dressed."

"Okay, thank you." She said as she withdrew her hand and the window closed again.

Alice leaned over to the cabinet and opened it, folded neatly on a shelf inside was a thick, pink satin thong, and matching top, they were accentuated with long silver beads that were covered with gleaming crystals. She quickly stripped her clothes off and pulled the thong on, which she noticed wasn't a thong at all, but crotchless panties, with rhinestones lining the material around her labia. The bra had several little beads that hung from between her breasts and glittered in the light. Alice pulled out two long cerulean blue satin ribbons, and set them aside, not sure what to do with them, beside that was a pair of shoes the same color as the ribbons. She slipped them on quickly, and grabbed the tiny bottle.

When she popped the miniature
cork out, she sniffed the top, and a pungent cherry smell stung her nostrils. After scrunching her nose up, she quickly replaced the cork and took one of the chocolates from the tin, it was shaped like a little rabbit, and as soon as she placed it on her tongue, it began to dissolve. As the milky chocolate slid down her throat the limo swung into a dark, gravel driveway, and Alice looked out the window at a large colonial style house, four large columns lined the front entrance, and two more supported a large awning that the limo came to a stop under.

Alice placed a second chocolate on her tongue, and quickly pulled the robe from the bottom shelf of the cabinet as the driver opened the door. He reached a hand in and Alice took it as she looked up into his stunningly handsome face. His brown eyes glittered as he looked over her
legs as she rose from the limo, she wobbled a little as she stood, and felt a wave of heat wash over her senses. The driver leaned in behind her and took the blue satin ribbons from the seat, he placed one of her wrists over the other and tied the ribbon in a pretty, loose bow around them.

"Close your eyes." He said, and she searched his eyes for a second
, they seemed to glitter with flecks of gold, and as she let her lids close, she saw sparks of light crashing in the darkness of her mind.

The driver gently placed the ribbon over her eyes and tied it in a bow behind her
head; she could only see her feet below her as he wrapped the robe around her shoulders and guided her across the thick pavement, up several concrete steps and into a warm, dimly lit foyer. Alice's heels clicked on the glossy marble floor as the driver lead her through the house, and into a room where he sat her on a bed that was so soft, she sank down into it. He gingerly placed her ankles beside her on the bed, and she heard him walk away from her as another wave of warmth washed through her veins, and straight to her groin.

"I'll be back to retrieve you in four hours but
I'll be waiting outside, you're not here alone." He said softly before he closed the door.

Alice's heart was pounding in her ears, and she leaned her head back against the wall, it felt as if her head was drifting away from her body. Alice had no idea how much time had passed before she heard the knob on the door turning, and then it opened, a thick stream of yellow ligh
t poured over her knees, and the blue heels. Alice heard heavy footfalls approaching. The bed depressed beside her and she heard gentle laughter.

BOOK: Alice (Doxy Parcel)
3.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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