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Authors: Jessica Caspian

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Along Came a Tiger

BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
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Along Came A Tiger

(A Paranormal Tiger Shifter Tale)

By Jessica Caspian

Copyright 2014
Pyramid Moon Publishing. All Rights Reserved





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For all of her adult life, Sanura Merchant struggled to find the best suitor for herself. She’d been the leader of a small tribe in the Serengeti for a long time, and she felt it was now time to find a counterpart. Others saw Sanura as a strong, perseverant young woman, and many wished to be her mate.


Sanura waited for her guests patiently at her house. She had invited three male weretigers and wanted to choose one of them. She was startled by the knock on her door. All her pack members were there to witness her union with her mate.


“Are you sure you’re making the right decision?” asked Samira. She was the one to take over the pack in case something happens to Sanura. She was one of her best friend and knew Sanura from childhood. They’ve been like sisters. She always had feelings for her but she kept her feelings a secret knowing that Sanura will never take her seriously. She didn’t like the idea of her having a mate, but could not stop her at any cost. She already made up her mind.


“Don’t worry, I’ve never been so sure in my life about anything.” responded Sanura. They were startled by the knock on the door. They looked at each other and smiled.

“My time has come!” she said as she motioned Samira to open the door. The three men entered and greeted the ladies. They looked happy. Sanura was the sexiest weretiger
, with a full, feminine physique, and every man wanted to be with her. The three gentlemen felt special being chosen by her.


Kazim, one of the males sat next to Samira and the other two gentlemen sat on the next seat facing Sanura. Kazim felt so sure about himself because he was from the same clan as her. This made him the best candidate for Sanura. She offered them something to drink before making a decision. All the men looked attractive to her but she had to choose one.


“Gentlemen, I want to thank you for coming,” said Sanura. “I like you all but unfortunately I have to choose one of you. This doesn’t mean that after this, a rival is created between us. I would love to choose all of you but I just can’t and that’s why I have to choose…. Kazim.” She smiled at him.


Kazim looked nervous; being next to a beautiful lady like Sanura was not easy. He had wanted this for a long time and felt like a man being chosen by her. The other gentlemen walked out slowly without any word. Her choice was final.


“I think we should also leave and check on the fields.” said Samira. The others followed her and Sanura was left alone with Kazim. Sanura noticed how nervous he was and this made her feel horny. She always wanted to be in charge.

“I want you to please me,” she said bluntly.


“Whatever you say,” answered Kazim as he moved closer. Her scent was so strong.
His hands found their way across the backs of her curvaceous hips. He kissed and carried her to the bed. He was on top of her full weight positioned between her legs. She was consumed by lust as he moved forward and backward. She took his head in her hands and guided it to her breasts.


He yanked down her top at the same time revealing her full breasts and hard nipples. She tried not to shift into her weretiger form. She wanted to enjoy this moment. His animalistic side was taking over his human side. She having loved her boobs sucked hard. She wanted him to nibble and lightly bite her nipples. She pushed him and took off her top completely, laying out her heavy breasts for him to admire.


She removed her panties in a primal way leaving her voluptuous body naked. She wanted to let him loose. She could see that he also wanted her so badly, he wanted to devour her. She could see it in his eyes. She lay back on the bed, totally naked and spread her legs for him. She touched herself slightly, one hand pinched her nipple and the other hand worked its way down to massage her clitoris. He was still standing and staring, with lust full in his eyes.


“Get your mouth on me now,” she said seductively.

He buried his face between her
big legs; the oral pleasure drove her nuts. His tongue swirled around her clit then buried itself inside of her. It worked its way around thumping her G spot in a way she thought was impossible. He was a hungry weretiger and her pussy was on his menu.


He stayed there, giving her the hottest pleasure possible.

“Oh, oh fuck,” she moaned excitedly.


When he stood up, she was sure of what followed. She had already felt the bulge when he lay on top of her. His chest was large and full and his arms were strong and veins running through them. His dick was both huge in length and girth. She was overpowered by dick lust and she grabbed it. She sucked it with mastery, sliding it in and out of her mouth.


Her tongue tickled the top as her hand touched his balls.

“I wish I would have you every single day,” he swore as he bit his lower lip. She was in love with his dick; she took it out of her mouth and examined it. She stroked it across her cheek, kissed the entire length up and down. She sucked him constantly and felt her jaw lock through the effort, but she didn’t care.


I need to fuck him hard, she thought. She laid back down, opened her legs and wiggled her finger to invite him. He slowly plunged the tip of his dick in her pussy. She twitched and then relaxed her muscles.


“Fuck me hard,” she screamed as she stroked his ass.

He lifted her legs up to his shoulders and started pumping hard in rhythm to her moans. He looked her in the eyes as convulsions rushed through her body and a blood curdling “Yes” rushed from her lips.


“Is that okay for you dear?” he asked as he flipped her on her side.


She felt his weight on her back. She bit her lip to stop from swearing from the pleasure she was experiencing. Sweat poured through her body and electricity surged from her pussy to her entire body. Suddenly he thrust extra hard and a warm tickle deep within her pussy as his cum exploded from his dick against her inner most walls.

It took time for him to regain his consciousness. He watched her as she put on her clothes and smiled.


“You know, we should do this more often,” he finally said.


“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here, there’s nothing between us. It’s more of scratching my back then I scratch yours.” She smiled. He felt a lump on his throat; he had developed feelings for her. He wanted her for himself and not any other man. He was determined to win her over.


Sanura trembled with the after effects of making love to him, while he still held her. He soothed and massaged her with tender strokes down her back.


“It’s always going to be like that?” he asked worriedly.


“I think so, but there’s nothing between us.” She answered him. “Let’s just avoid sleeping with other weretigers until we are ready to choose a mate and have cabs. As long as it’s not human, because they are not used to this kind of magic. I have to admit, I don’t like a human lover.” Kazim growled in a deep voice as he pressed her close. He said nothing more but his message was clear to her, she was his mate now. There would be no going back. She laid her head on his chest as she listened to his heart beat. She felt calm and satisfied.


Samira listened to their conversation, she had watched everything. She hated Kazim for stealing Sanura from her. The words hurt her as she watched. She only wanted Sanura to be her mate not his. She wondered what to do to win her over, she did everything she could but Sanura never noticed her nor her efforts. She wanted to strangle him.



At ten a.m, the elevator doors opened, and Flynn Jacobs stepped into the meticulous decorated expanse that is the Ministry of Forestry and Conservation’s reception area. The secretary was not in yet. The main reception desk, solid mahogany wood costing more than two hundred and fifty dollars, was unmanned. He never understood why the receptionist hadn’t arrived. He was on sabbatical leave and wanted to have fun.

He walked down the broad hallway, turned left and opened the solid oak door of his office. In the background, he heard phones ringing. The building was eight floors, well with over ten thousand square feet in one of the best addresses downtown housing with highly compensated personnel. It had three story library, fully equipped sauna, showers, lockers and conference rooms.


His friend sat on his chair. They’ve been friends with Mike for a long time. He was like his brother.


“Hey man, I thought you went on a vacation. You need to find someone and settle down.” said Mike.


“No man, I still need to have fun furthermore, I haven’t found the right lady.” He smiled as he poured himself a cup of coffee.


“What do you mean the right person? You’ve been with so many women, choose any of them.” He added.


“I have to be in love to do so. Right now I want to enjoy doing what I love most that is, my job and hunting. Imagine if I get married, I would say goodbye to hunting.” He chuckled while pointing Mike.


“I doubt you’ll ever get married. It’s the same story over and over; I wanna see you in love one day with kids.” Mike responded.

“I will never fall in love, not now not ever. I wanna have fun with many women that’s the best part of being single. Right now I wanna go hunting and do what I do best, after that I can have as many women as I want.”


“I know the best place you can go to enjoy hunting this weekend.” Mike said.


“I want to do something different, if the place is like any other then I quit hunting.” He suggested.


“It’s the Maasai Mara. It’s beautiful, but I hear there are tigers that are not friendly, so take care my friend.”


“Don’t worry about me; if no woman has ever tied me down, then nothing can intimidate me. Don’t forget I’m an extraordinary hunter. I will challenge myself by killing the tigers.”



Sanura sat at the table of the dim room silently eating dinner with Samira. She could tell that something was going on in that mind of hers. She had news which she hadn’t told her. She ate quickly figuring that she was waiting for her to finish before she could tell her the news.


“You can tell me whatever is bothering you.” She said as she swallowed her last bite.


“I have bad news from the other village.” Samira finally said.


“What is it? Spit it out.” She was desperate to hear the news.


“There’s a tiger hunter who has arrived and is killing tigers.” She looked disturbed. They remained silent for a while before Sanura said “He must be stopped, the hunter must be killed as soon as possible. Samira nodded in agreement. They were used to the peace and freedom of shifting any time they felt like it and they would kill an intruder without thinking twice.


“We must think of a plan to eliminate him before he kills all of us.” Sanura rose from her chair.


“But how?” she asked curiously.


“One man cannot defeat over a hundred tigers, we will outnumber him and kill him.” She added.


“That’s logical but he has a gun, remember.”


“I know what hunters use.” She paced up and down across the room. She had to do something immediately. She was busy thinking of how to kill the hunter and never noticed Samira talking.


“Hey,” she snapped her fingers on her face to try and draw her attention. She wasn’t thinking straight, she felt threatened.



Sanura stared out of the window at the fierce wind blowing up the trees. It was a terrible night to be out there. She was glad she was safe in the house, but what about the others? The hunter had disrupted their peaceful lives in the village. At this time of the night, they would be running everywhere training the little cubs to hunt. She had to do something.


Over the years, she had learned that to stop a hunter, you have to hunt them first. Everyone was indoors after hearing the news of the arrival of a hunter. This was the perfect time to sneak out and defend her clan from that hunter. She tiptoed slowly into the darkness. It wasn’t safe for her to shift first. She reached at the field and changed into a tigress.


She noticed an unfamiliar scent and was convinced this was the hunter. She followed the scent all the way to the forest. She heard something move and stopped immediately. She prepared herself to attack; her paws were ready to pounce on him. Her eyes watched carefully for the right moment to make a move. The hunter turned around and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
4.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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