Alphas of Red Moon Ranch - Complete Series (28 page)

BOOK: Alphas of Red Moon Ranch - Complete Series
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She felt the head of his cock press against her then and she gasped as he eased inside of her, slowly. She could feel him, every inch, but she was soaking, feverishly desperate for more of him, all of him, and Holly shoved her hips against his, taking him inside her completely, suddenly. She cried out at the sensation, feeling wildly overwhelmed by the size of him, how he seemed to reach places inside her she hadn’t known existed, and she heard him moan behind her, felt his hips give a jerk, her own reward.

Holly felt his hand grip the back of her neck, holding her down, and her thighs spread wider for him, welcoming him inside of her. He kissed her throat and her shoulders, and then she felt teeth dig into her skin, marking her. She felt desperate, unraveling into a mess of a woman for him, her hips rolling back to meet his, to take him inside of her, pushing up against him again and again. She loved the feeling of Jacob over her, the warmth of his body, his soft lips and sharp teeth, every touch possessive and loving at the same time—
Mine, this is mine, and thank God this is mine.

She felt his free hand draw down her side, tracing the curve of her body. She shivered under his touch, his rough, calloused hands moving so gently over her skin, and he cupped her breast, rolling the hard nub of her nipple between his fingers. He tugged lightly, but she was so aroused that even the smallest sensation was enough to send a jolt straight through her, making her insides clench and ache with delicious torment. Holly whimpered in half pain, half pleasure, twisting under the tug of his fingers as her forehead pressed into the pillow and she arched back against him. How did he seem to know
how to touch her to make her writhe under his palm?

A tormenting touch, a hard thrust, a soft kiss to her back—her man of contradictions, her man of complexity,
her man
. Holly reached behind to find a handful of his hair and just hold him against her. He was wrapped around her like a blanket, his skin burning hot on her back, a light sheen of sweat tickling her. There was something incredibly erotic about a man who didn’t mind working hard to please his woman—but then again, hard work was something Jacob always did well. He thrust into her, moving with her in waves, and every thrust impaled her on a bolt of pleasure.

And then, just when Holly couldn’t take any more, he nuzzled against the back of her neck and whispered, “Do you know I love you?”

She nodded, and opened her mouth to say yes, a million times yes, but her breath caught on a gasp when she felt him reach underneath her, between her legs, and his fingers found her clit almost instantly. “Oh God, Jacob,” she whimpered as her thighs locked and trembled with effort, needing to keep him there,
right there

He flicked her aching, swollen little nub rapidly as his hips gyrated against hers. She felt her hips undulate senselessly, trying to meet his fingers and his cock, and her breath came in short, strained gasps as her pleasure mounted, her body becoming a furnace, sweating, breaking under the insurmountable pleasure. And her love for this man—this Beast, this Alpha who had claimed her, who had married her, who had chosen
over everyone else to be his and his alone. The thought made her pussy tighten around him, trembling with little preorgasmic pulses, dangerously close.

“You’re my queen,” he said—as though she knew—his voice a deep, sensual growl, hot against her ear.

Holly reached back to grab his hand, fingers interlaced. She clutched it as she felt her orgasm building to a momentous peak. “You’re my king!” she cried out before she gripped his hand, hard, and felt his fingers squeeze back as her orgasm exploded around him. She throbbed in tight pulses that never seemed to end, and she whimpered again and again as he continued to thrust his iron-hard length inside of her mercilessly, until she was completely spent, and only then did he cum with a shudder and a deep moan, spilling hotly inside of her, filling her.

“Sex with you should not be this good,” she said finally, when she could catch her breath.

He laughed against her shoulder. “And why’s that?”

“It’s unfair to everyone else.”

“Well, I don’t care about everyone else.” He pressed a kiss to her neck, where her mark thudded, satisfied. “I care about you.”

“And Jane?”

“And Jane.”

“Hold me,” she said and he rolled over to the side so he could spoon her. She snuggled up tight, as close as she could get to him. “Do you think we made another baby?”

“I hope so. I hope we have enough to make a clan of our own.”

“I like our clan,” she said.

She felt him smile against her back. “Me too. We’re family. That’s what’s important.”

. Holly rolled the word around her head and then decided, yes, that was exactly what it was. A family. And here, on Red Moon Ranch, in the arms of the man that she loved, she was home.

“Yes,” she said and yawned as her eyes grew heavy. “Family. Of course.”

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BOOK: Alphas of Red Moon Ranch - Complete Series
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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