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An Unexpected Husband

BOOK: An Unexpected Husband
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An Unexpected Husband





Constance Masters



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Unexpected Husband, An

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Chapter One



Skye Martin brushed away the annoying tears that coursed down her face no matter how many deep breaths she took to try and stem them. She placed the third white plastic stick on the bedside table next to the other two and set her phone alarm to sound in three minutes. She lay back against the pillow and closed her eyes. What the hell had she done…


From the first moment she’d set foot off the plane on the tropical island on the first day, she made up her mind that she was going to have fun. She wasn’t going to be the quiet one who sat alone in the corner with her ideals and her virtue intact. She was twenty five years old for goodness sake and entitled to a life. This winter break was going to count. She was going to drink and be merry, hopefully with some company of the male variety.

She’d made some friends, both men and women while she laid in the sun, ate in the restaurants or drank in one of the many bars. This island was a singles dream. People were here with the sole intention of meeting people and having fun, but she hadn’t yet really connected with anyone intimately. It took her a couple of days to get up enough courage to actively try and meet someone but finally realizing that her week was dwindling away, she made the decision to bite the bullet and go to the Time’s Up bar. Skye knew that if she set foot in that bar, like everyone else there, she was making a statement, that she was actively looking to meet someone for sex.

The dress she wore that night was a far cry from the sedate pants and shirts she wore to school, or even any of the clothes she’d worn so far on this vacation. Although all the clothes she’d worn here were sexier and more revealing than her usual, her outfit tonight could be considered to be risqué. So could the hooker heels. She could just imagine the impression her plunging neckline would make on the seventh grade hormonally charged boys she taught and their female counterparts were already easily led by the celebrities they worshipped. She could just imagine THEM mimicking her new found taste in clothes. She’d heard it enough before in the teachers meetings. “Dress code starts with the teachers.” There was some truth in that. Children learned by example.

“Would you like to dance?” A tall fair haired man asked. She smiled.

“I’d love to…thank you.” She stood up to take his hand, trying to tug down her microscopic dress that had inched way up her thighs when she sat. It seemed like a great idea in her cabin when she was putting it on…or pouring herself into it more likely. Did she just see his eyebrow raise?

“My name’s Shaun.”

“Hi…mine’s Scarlett.” That was the name she’d decided to give herself. A new vacation identity needed a new vacation name. She’d picked the name Scarlett while she donned her red dress. It seemed to fit, better than the dress apparently which clung to her every curve. Still, it made her feel wanton and sexy.

“Pleased to meet you Scarlett,” he said with a smile. He held her tightly against his body and twirled her around the dance floor for the rest of the song and the next, then led her back to her table and bought them both a drink.

“Have you been to this bar much since you’ve been on the island?” he asked.

“This is my first time,” she answered returning his smile. “At this bar.”

“Mine too,” he said. “Actually this is my first time on this island at all.”

“Are you having a good time?” she asked, trying to sound calmer than she actually felt.

“Yes and no,” he said. “I’m starting to relax a little.”

“This would be the place for relaxing,” she said. “And maybe meeting someone.” Oh God had she said that out loud? Her mouth seemed to have a mind of its own. She was so bad at this kind of stuff, which was why she didn’t make a habit of it.

“Care for a walk on the beach? It’s kind of warm in here,” he asked.

“Yes it is,” she said fanning herself with her little clutch purse. It certainly was hot in there. So was he.

“So, are we on the same page here?” Shaun asked. When he looked at her so intently, her tummy flipped.

“Yes,” she answered clearly. She thought she was going to be nervous but strangely enough she wasn’t. She felt like she WAS acting, playing a part. It felt good to let go and flirt a little, especially with this guy. He made her feel relaxed. He wasn’t bad on the eyes either.

“That’s my cabin over there. It has a nice lounger on the porch. We could open a bottle of wine, watch the stars and listen to the waves crashing on the beach.” Skye grinned and leaned in to him as he put his arm around her and steered her towards the porch light.


Skye jumped as her alarm jolted her back to the present. She reached for the last stick. Same tell-tale red line. It was official. She was an idiot. How could she have let this happen?


“More wine?”

“No. Thanks.” She was feeling positively mellow already.

“So tell me. What do you do?” he asked with a frown.

Skye smiled. “I’m an actress,” she found herself saying. Well she was wasn’t she? She was a dowdy little school teacher acting like, well acting like a woman called Scarlett who was about to have a one night stand with a hunky stranger she’d just met.

“Oh? What have you done?”

Ok, Skye thought. What had she done? “Plays mostly.” She was a tree once in her kindergarten play at school, that counted right?

“That’s cool.”

“Enough about me,” she said in an effort to take the focus off her. Too many more questions and her whole new persona was going to come crashing down around her and she’d be exposed as the fraud she was. She was starting to wish she’d at least been a little more honest. Honest enough that she wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught up in her own lies. “What do YOU do?”

“I run the family business for now,” he said. “My Dad passed and it had to be taken care of, but it isn’t really what I want to do. Now, I’m taking a break.”

His gentle touch as he ran his fingertips down her arm delicately made her shiver with pleasure. She snuggled in closer to him, arching her back as he kissed her deeply and slowly. She ran her hand up his bare thigh and as she brushed across his shorts she could feel his hard cock. It seemed the time for small talk was over. He pulled her to her feet still kissing her passionately. They barely broke contact as he carried her in and deposited her none too gently on the bed before dropping right beside her.

He made short work of her dress, unzipping it and peeling it off her body with great precision. Her sexy little matching thong and bra, one of the sets she’d bought especially for her trip, soon followed it onto the floor. Normally she would have rather have died than be sprawled out on a stranger’s bed, completely naked but she felt strangely exhilarated as he fondled and touched her. His eyes were so desperate, like he really liked what he saw and had to have it.

Skye wasn’t a virgin, but the few times that she had had sex were when she was young. The encounters hadn’t been much more than awkward fumbles in the back of a car with most of their clothes still intact. She wasn’t used to anyone looking at her like that. Skye wasn’t used to anyone seeing her naked at all. But she wasn’t Skye this week, she was Scarlett and apparently Scarlett liked it a lot.

Shaun trailed light kisses from her lips down her neck until he reached her breasts. He took his time suckling first one nipple and then the other and then moved back to kiss her deeply again. He chuckled deep in the back of his throat as she gently explored his eager cock with the very tips of her fingers, daring to explore the length and hardness. His mouth covered one pebbled nipple and nibbled on it gently while his hand snaked between her legs, tapping each thigh lightly until she opened them, allowing him to dip his fingers into her damp folds. His hard cock twitched in her hand at her sharp intake of breath as he reached her swollen clit and swirled his fingers around it before dipping deeper into her slippery entrance. She moaned loudly, overcome by the strong sensitivity that was building fast. Too fast. Her eyes widened as his mouth moved lower. He kissed her belly and traced a pattern with his tongue lower and lower until he almost reached her mound…she panicked and flipped over onto her stomach to stop what was to her a foreign and overwhelming feeling.

One overwhelming feeling though was replaced with another when Shaun’s hand slapped her bottom. She yelped and tried to turn back over but another smack came just as fast. One hand was still underneath working it’s magic, his fingers circling her clit, occasionally delving deeper while the other hand massaged and squeezed her ass. Skye clenched and unclenched her cheeks not really sure why. She didn’t know if she wanted him to stop or not. She was so aroused she couldn’t think straight. Part of her wanted to tell him to stop, but the other more wanton part relished the feeling so much that it not only stopped her from resisting but forced her to push her ass up towards him begging for more.

Skye had never felt such pleasure at a man’s hand. Young boys with inexperienced hands that grope and explore are more interested in their own pleasure than the pleasure of the girl they’re with.

A hand suddenly landed very sharply on her right cheek.

“Hey,” she squeaked in shock at the biting sting.

Shaun smiled to himself and spanked on the other cheek just as sharply.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

“Naughty girl, no cursing,” he said as his hand bounced off her bottom rhythmically.

Skye’s eyes were wide and confused. She wanted to move away. She really wanted to tell him to stop now, her ass started to hurt, but that would mean also moving away from the hand that was working her so expertly.

BOOK: An Unexpected Husband
11.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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