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Annie's Anal Adventure (Snowed In, #1)

BOOK: Annie's Anal Adventure (Snowed In, #1)
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Annie’s Anal Adventure

(Snowed In, #1)



M. R. Johnson



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* * *


In upstate New York, a blizzard overcame a small
college town. All of the students found themselves snowed in,
unable to leave the safety of their dorms. The electricity was
lost, but they weren’t quite ready for bed. In the darkness, they
waited for the power to be restored. To fight off their boredom,
they were forced to use their imaginations. These are their


* * *


Annie missed the glow of the ceiling light in her
cramped dorm room. From the weight of the snow on the power lines,
the electricity had been lost and she was left with only darkness.
She lay on her side on the bottom bunk bed and felt her boyfriend’s
right hand slide along her belly. His warm breath tickled her ear
lobe as they spooned. The silence that persisted was getting on her
nerves. She broke the silence by clearing her throat.

“The storm must be really bad, Anthony,” she

“Yeah,” he said. “I guess we will have to catch our
show when it’s a rerun.”

She sighed. “Yeah.”

His hand lifted her shirt and slid down the front of
her pants. The sound of keys jingling outside the door interrupted
his descent.

“Shit,” Annie said.

The door flew open. Though they could not see who was
coming in, they could tell who it was by the sound of the voice
that followed: “This damn storm is ruining all my fun.”

“Hey, Pat,” Annie said.

“What time is it anyway?” Pat asked.

Pat’s shrill voice nearly caused Annie to scream
bloody murder, but she held back.

“Super late,” Annie said. She hoped that Pat would
not have her digital wristwatch on to realize that it was still

“I guess it’s time to hit the hay,” Pat said.

Annie heard Pat climb the rungs of the ladder that
made up the side of the bunk bed. Pat’s body made a muted thud on
the mattress overhead. Annie and Anthony lay in silence, waiting
for the inevitable snoring that was soon to follow.

Annie heard Anthony whisper into her ear. “I want

“I can hear you two,” Pat said. “Knock off that heavy
petting down there.”

“Sorry,” Annie said. “Good night.”

Several minutes passed before they could hear Pat’s
heavy breathing.

“It’s about time,” Anthony said.

Annie felt him move his hand from her belly to her
back. He slid it down her pants until he struggled to move any
lower. She could feel his hand between her cheeks, eager to make it
to its destination.

“What do you say you take those pants off,” he

“I don’t think I want to try that back there.”

“You told me a few nights ago you would give it a

Annie knew he wanted to play with her back door. Not
just that, she knew he wanted to shove his cock into it. He was
well-endowed, so she was hesitant to allow it to happen. But she
remembered that she had agreed to at least try it to see if she
liked it.

“If I do it, you can’t just plow on in. You have to
take it slow. Ease me into it.”

“Of course,” he said. “Trust me. You’ll love it.”

Annie unbuttoned her pants and slid them down. She
felt Anthony tugging on her panties in an effort to pull them down
as well. She rolled onto her stomach and felt him straddle her. He
pulled her pants completely off and hesitated slightly before
sliding her panties down her smooth legs. His warm hands touched
her butt cheeks and she felt him spread them apart, though she knew
he couldn’t possibly see anything in the darkness. She could feel
him roaming around with his hand until he had hit the spot.

She moaned as he rubbed her, then he moistened his
fingers by letting some spit fall from his mouth onto them. His wet
fingers startled her, but she grew accustomed to the wetness. Just
when she was getting into the motions of his hands, he stopped and
she could feel his body slide down her legs. His hands lifted her
shirt and then she could feel the stubble on his chin as he licked
his way down her back.

Before long, his tongue traveled between her butt
cheeks. His hands spread her cheeks as wide as they could go and
she felt his tongue make contact with her asshole. He made circles
around her tight hole, then pulled back slightly.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Yes. Keep going.”

Without saying another word, he lunged into her ass
with his tongue and spun it in circles as he went deeper into her.
He was inside her and she got her first taste of penetration. She
felt him press in before pulling out again. Then something harder
made contact with her asshole. His finger.

“Relax,” he said.

She felt his finger press into her and pass by her
tight ring after his first knuckle made it through. Then she felt
his second knuckle. He pulled out and then she heard the sound of a
plastic bottle opening. In seconds his finger entered her a second
time. It slid in with ease and she could feel the cool sensation of
the lubricant. His finger stretched her as it went in and out. She
felt him working her to the next level when he added a second
finger to the mix. She knew that two fingers was no equivalent in
girth to his cock. The anticipation almost became too much for her.
He fingered her for several minutes before he removed both fingers
out. Then she heard his fly unzip.

She continued to lay on her stomach with her face
pressed into the pillow. She waited for him to mount her, but each
second felt like an hour. The sound of the lube container opening
broke her concentration. Then she heard it snap shut and she knew
that he was about to enter.

“Ready?” he asked.

She moaned her approval into the pillow.

She felt one of his hands pull her right butt cheek
as he guided his massive cock towards her. She felt the head make
contact with her tiny asshole. It would stretch her for sure. She
was certain.

A wall of pressure was against her hole as his head
pressed against her. She felt slight pain, but then, with one
motion, he broke the barrier and she felt pure pleasure. She felt
his shaft against what felt like every nerve ending in her body as
he worked his way into her. She moaned softly into the pillow until
she felt his body press against her butt cheeks. He was completely
inside her.

She felt his left hand slip down her side and she
lifted up so he could play with her pussy while he filled her ass.
His hand tickled her clit as he pulled his length from her slowly
until only his head was inside her.

They lay there motionless. She knew he would soon
push back into her completely, but for now, she enjoyed his head
doing its job in keeping her open.

“Take it slow,” she said.


She felt him nuzzle up to her as his cock slid all
the way back in. His hips moved away from her as he pulled out
halfway before slowly filling her again. She felt two of his
fingers slip into her pussy as he continued to ride her ass. His
body smacked against hers and she was surprised that Pat hadn’t
been awoken by the calamity. To hell with Pat, she thought as she
took his huge cock in her tightest hole. Then she felt him press as
hard as he could and she reached back to spread her cheeks to
accommodate him as he went in farther than ever. She squealed with
delight when he penetrated the second barrier deep inside her.

Then she heard Pat move around on the top bunk.
Perhaps she had been awoken.

Annie knew that Anthony didn’t care. He pulled out
slightly before slamming back into her. In and out he went throwing
caution at the wind. And if Pat knew they were having a good time
below, what would she do about it?

Annie turned her head and felt Anthony’s stubble
against her right cheek.

“I want to ride you,” she said.

Anthony pulled out with ease and was completely out
of her in moments.

“Hop on,” he said.

Annie felt her way around and once off the bed, stood
with her back facing him as he sat on the bed. Before long she was
hovering over his cock. She grabbed onto his hard rod and held it
in place as she lined the head up with her eager asshole. She
wanted him inside her again. It felt so good. So right. His head
broke the barrier again and popped in. Nothing to it.

She slid down on his cock until she sat on his lap.
Then she pulled herself up and plopped back down again. Over and
over. He moaned as she rode him, gripping his shaft on the way up,
inviting him to explode inside her.

She leaned back and put both of her feet up in the
air. He took over thrusting into her. She could feel him breathing
into her ear. She also felt his hand rubbing her wet pussy before
he fingered her again. Between his hard cock pounding her and his
warm hand pressing into her, she felt a wave of pleasure cascade
over her. Her asshole began to feel a warm sensation as he slammed
into her repeatedly.

He whispered into her ear. “You are amazing.”

She matched his motions, accentuating the rhythm of
his thrusts and ensuring that each one hit home. His width made her
feel as full as ever as he made one final thrust before holding his
ground. Then he moaned as he released inside her. She could feel a
wave of warmth envelope her and she wanted time to stand still so
she could live in that moment a little bit longer.

She held back her screams. Instead, she bit her
bottom lip and let out a moan. She fell back onto him as he
remained inside her. He continued to rub her pussy and she couldn’t
wipe the smile from her face. When she felt her man softening, she
knew the ride was over, but she was sure that other anal adventures
would follow.

Following their session, they spooned on the bed. She
turned and whispered to Anthony. “Want to do it again?”

Then a voice from above startled her. “Why don’t you
pack it in for night. I don’t think I can listen to another

Annie giggled. “Okay. Sweet dreams, Pat.”

Then she turned around and faced Anthony in the dark.
He crept towards her ear and she heard the softest whisper from his
mouth. “Don’t worry. When she’s asleep for real, I’ll fuck you all
night long.”

Annie smiled though she knew he couldn’t see her. She
waited in the darkness, hoping the heavy breathing and snores from
above would soon break the silence.


# # #


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BOOK: Annie's Anal Adventure (Snowed In, #1)
7.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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