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“Mmm.” She tossed her head back as he silently continued his
examination, deciding that he was right. There was definitely more sensation
with bare skin. She didn’t know if she was going to survive it. “Jud?”

When he didn’t answer, she looked down to see that he was
mesmerized by her—his big hands spreading her juice all over her as he poked
and prodded.


“Hmm?” He sent his middle finger deep inside, probing her
sensitive spot.

“Do you like it?” Chelsea asked shakily.

Finally he looked up at her. “It’s beautiful. It’s perfect.”
He laughed. “It’s so fucking hot it’s making me insane.”

She had only a moment to feel relief before bracing herself
on the tub as Jud’s mouth closed over her pussy lips. She was already so close
to coming, his tongue on her naked cunt was almost more than she could bear.

He ate her aggressively as he finger-fucked her. The
physical sensation coupled with the sound of his moans and lapping tongue drove
her over the edge. She saw stars as she came, going higher and higher until she
could take no more. She squeezed her thighs together, crushing his head.

Pulling away from her, Jud quickly rose, water sloshing
around him. Before she’d recovered her senses, he lifted her into his arms and
wrapped her legs around his waist. He stepped out of the tub and pressed her
against the wall. “Look at me.”

Chelsea focused on him. His jaw was tense, his eyes fiery,
his lips and chin shiny wet. He spread her open and slowly lowered her onto his
stiff, steely hard cock. A foreign, guttural sound crept uncontrollably from
her throat as she felt him split her in two. She dropped her head to his

“No. Look at me.” He threaded his fingers into her hair and
pulled, forcing her to meet his gaze. “You’re so wet, Chels. I love fucking you
without a condom. Your cunt is so hot and wet and tight on my dick.”

Her breath caught. “That’s because you’re so huge. I can
hardly breathe.” Her heart was still pounding from her orgasm, her pussy walls
still tight and spasming on his cock. And yet she wanted more. Wanted him
fucking her, losing control.

With a growl, Jud stalked into the bedroom, each step
driving him deeper inside her, sending jolts of electricity racing through her.
Reaching the bed, he pulled out of her and laid her down, folding her legs
against her chest. He leaned over and plunged his cock inside her, supporting
his weight on the backs of her thighs. “You feel so fucking good, Chels. I’m
not gonna last too long.”

“I don’t need long.” She was so on edge, she felt as if she
could come in five seconds.

He slowly pulled back until he was nearly out and then
thrust back in. Hard. So hard it nearly rattled her teeth.

Chelsea splayed her fingers on the bed, anchoring herself.
“God, that’s good. Give me more.”

“Jesus, Chels.”

Jud fucked her hard and deep and fast, sending pulsations of
heat through her body. He was so big and hard, he reached every sensitive nerve
ending. His face looked fierce as he grunted with every thrust, his breath
uneven and ragged.

“Yes. Fuck me. Oh.” Chelsea chanted with each jarring
motion, tension building and spiraling up.

“Come for me,” he commanded. “Come on my cock.”

“Faster. I need faster,” she gasped. He complied
and instantly she was lost. She came with a ferocity that stunned her, stole
her breath, made her lightheaded. Through her haze, she could hear Jud talking,
telling her he was going to come.

Then he suddenly pulled out of her and she felt his warm cum
squirting onto her body. She watched as spurt after spurt landed—on her mound,
her clit, her inner folds. Once he was empty, he used his cock to spread his
cum over her pussy lips, dipping in and out of her cunt. She didn’t have a lot
of experience, but it was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen.

Finally, he fell to the bed beside her. Chelsea straightened
her legs, tight from her position, and let her feet drop to the floor. She was
utterly wrecked.
That was

“It sure as fucking hell was,” Jud said, struggling for air.

I must have said that aloud.
Chelsea laughed.

“Something funny?” Jud turned his head to face her.

“No. I think I’m just giddy from mind-blowing sex.”

He puffed out his chest. “You’re welcome.”

* * * * *

Chelsea woke suddenly, in need of a bathroom. She started to
carefully creep out of bed but when she saw that she was alone, she rolled out
with abandon, grabbing a T-shirt on her way.

After emptying her bladder, she took a quick look in the
mirror. Her hair was a mess and felt like straw—damn bubble bath. Too tired to
take a shower and shampoo her hair, she went in search of Jud.

Out in the living room, she found him talking softly on his
cell phone. She stopped short, wondering who he was talking to at midnight. His
voice was light, his conversation peppered with laughs.

Heart sinking, Chelsea dreaded the thought that Jud would
leave their bed to make a call that was at least friendly and possibly
intimate. Was he talking to another woman? She’d convinced herself that she
could trust him. Was she the world’s biggest sap?

Just as she’d made the decision to flee, Jud turned to see
her standing there like the idiot eavesdropper that she was. He waved her over
and she awkwardly made her way to where he was seated on the couch—naked.

“I’ve gotta go,” he said into the phone. Then, “You know me
too well.” He laughed and then ended the call with a promise that he would see
him/her tomorrow. He squeezed Chelsea’s knee. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake

“Oh, you didn’t. I had to pee.” She tried to read his
expression and found it totally without guile. Unable to help herself, she
asked, “Who were you talking to at this hour?”

His hand inched up her thigh. “One of my clients. He’d
called earlier when we were otherwise indisposed and I was just returning his

Acutely aware of his fingers at they neared the juncture of
her thighs, she asked, “And you’re going to see him tomorrow?”

Jud smiled. “He’s in town for a few days and wants to meet
for a drink.” He moved closer to her as his hand covered her bare mound. His
fingers explored her cunt while he leaned in for a deep kiss. “Is that okay?
I’ll be sure to catch up with you after.”

Sixty seconds ago, she was bereft, convinced that he was
playing her. Now her fears were allayed and she was horny as hell. “Sure.” She
kissed him back, her hand migrating to his groin, stroking his cock to full

“Mmm, you know what I want, Chels?” He pumped his hips
rhythmically into her hand.

“Tell me,” she whispered.

“I want you to sit on my lap and ride me, baby.”

The roller coaster of emotions gone out the window, she
moved over him and carefully impaled herself on his hard cock. “Your wish is my

Chapter Twelve


“Do you want to tell me what we’re doing here at the most
expensive hotel in town?” Megan raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and waited.

“I already told you,” Chelsea said with a laugh. Jud was
having a drink with his client and he’d been incredibly closemouthed about it.
Not wanting to sit home alone and stew, she’d asked Megan to join her at The
Monarch for a special treat.

“For some incredible dessert? Seriously?”

“When I was here a couple weeks ago with the Morrows, I saw
several people ordering this gourmet s’mores thing and I’ve been dying to try
it,” Chelsea said.

Megan shook her head, her silky dark bob swishing. “Okay,
let’s go stuff our faces.”

They reached the bar to find the same hostess who had been
there on Chelsea’s last visit. With no important celebrity for her to join, she
and Megan were seated in a far dark corner. Megan didn’t seem to mind.

“This is a really nice place.” Megan sat on a low,
comfortable chair and crossed her legs, her leather miniskirt displaying them

For her part, Chelsea had chosen classic ski country
casual—corduroys and a sweater. “It is, isn’t it? Just wait ’til you try this

Their waitress arrived quickly to take their order. Chelsea
asked for the dessert and two Spanish coffees. When they were left alone,
Chelsea asked, “So what’s going on with you and Roger?”

Megan sighed. “Roger who?”

“Oh no. You split up?”

“Yes and you’d know that if you were ever around.”

“I’m sorry, Megs.”

Megan waved her off. “It’s okay. It’s not like we were this
big romantic couple or anything. We were basically together for the sex.”

“So the sex was bad?” Chelsea guessed.

“It got that way—boring, same old, same old.” Megan looked
at her pointedly. “It’s obviously not a problem you’d be acquainted with,
fucking a sex god and all.”

Chelsea blushed. No, the sex she had with Jud certainly
wasn’t boring. “Still, I’m sorry I haven’t been a very good friend lately. It’s
just that Jud will be leaving soon and I want as much time with him as I can

“Really? He’s leaving? Has he made a decision yet?”

“Not yet, but it’s just a matter of time.” Chelsea was
relieved to see the waitress headed in their direction with their coffees. She
didn’t want to talk about Jud or the fact that he was leaving.

Megan took a sip of her coffee. “Mm, this is good. Oh—how’s
the new painting coming? Have you had time between fucks to lay a brush on

Taking a quick look around to see if anyone heard her,
Chelsea said, “Yes. And can you please tone it down? We’re not at the Silver

“Chill, Chels. No one’s paying any attention to me.”

Fortunately, the dessert arrived so Megan’s mouth would be
otherwise occupied for a while. The two of them made sounds of orgasmic delight
as they feasted on s’mores, catching up on the past couple weeks in between

Their waitress delivered two more coffees and Megan lifted
her cup, freezing mid-sip.

“What’s wrong?” Chelsea asked.

Frowning, Megan placed her cup back on the table. “Please
tell me you didn’t know he was going to be here.”

Her brow furrowing, Chelsea asked, “What are you talking
about? Who?”

“Don’t look now, but Jud is sitting across the bar.”

Chelsea swiveled around, finding Jud seated at a table at
the far end of the bar, his back mostly to them. She turned around to find
Megan eyeing her suspiciously. “I swear, Megan. I had no idea he was going to
be here.”

After a moment, Megan said, “Yeah, okay. Well, he’s gonna be
surprised to see you here.”

“Shit.” Chelsea nibbled at her thumbnail. “I don’t want him
to think I’m spying on him, following him.”

“Why would he think that?”

Shifting uncomfortably in her chair, Chelsea said, “I don’t
know. Usually he’s pretty open with me, but this meeting? Well, let’s just say
he was a little cagey about the details.”

“So what? You think he’s lying to you about meeting a

“No, not really.”

“Well, I guess we’re going to find out,” Megan said.

“We can’t just sit here and watch.”

“Sure we can. We’re hidden in a dark corner over here. Scooch
down in your chair a little. He won’t be able to see us.”

“Really?” Chelsea sank down in her chair. “A minute ago, you
were pissed that I might be spying. Now you’re suggesting that we do it?”

“Well, yeah. Now it’s
idea. It’ll be fun.”

Chelsea frowned at her friend. How had this happened? She’d
wanted to go out with Megan so she could forget about what Jud was doing or not
doing. What were the odds that they’d end up at exactly the same place?
a small town.
“Oh hell, we can’t leave now anyway. We’d have
to walk right by him on our way out.”

“Now you’re talking,” Megan said. “Sneak over here and sit
by me so you can see better.”

Chelsea rolled her eyes but complied, moving next to her
friend. She had to admit she was curious.
This isn’t too creepy, is it?
Megan didn’t seem to think so.

The table where Jud was sitting was well lit, and Chelsea
could see that he was wearing wool slacks and a sweater. He looked relaxed,
flirting a little with the waitress as she took his order. That didn’t bother
Chelsea—it was just Jud being his charming self. He checked his watch once
while he waited, the waitress eventually returning with a small tumbler of what
Chelsea guessed was probably scotch.

A couple more minutes went by, and Chelsea said, “This is
ridiculous. We should go. We’ll pretend we’re going to use the ladies’ room and
just ‘discover’ him sitting there.”

Megan shrugged. “Okay. You’re no fun.”

Chelsea had reached across the table to grab her purse when
Megan grabbed her arm.


The tone of Megan’s voice chilled her blood. Chelsea slowly
followed Megan’s gaze across the room where she saw Jud standing—his arms
wrapped around a blonde woman. They hugged for long moments and when he
released her, they shared a kiss on the lips. It lasted a little too long,
Chelsea thought. Jud must have made some comment to the woman about her outfit
because she proceeded to step away and do a slow turn for him.

It was some outfit all right—tight, low-cut white cardigan
baring her midriff and some impressive cleavage, coupled with a micromini suede
skirt. Beneath the skirt, her legs looked bare and tan, while Ugg-style boots
covered her feet. With that outfit and the sexy long blonde hair, she looked
like every teenage boy’s wet dream.

“Jesus,” Megan said. “Who goes out in public dressed like

Chelsea’s heart sank as the woman sat and snuggled up close
to Jud. “I think it’s safe to say that she isn’t his client. For some reason,
she certainly doesn’t look like an author.”

“No shit.” Megan looked at Chelsea. “But listen, maybe it’s
nothing. Maybe she’s his sister or something.”

Voice catching, Chelsea said, “I don’t think his sister
would wear that getup to meet him.” She dropped her head, unable to look
I’m such an idiot. With
women like that in the world, why
would Jud be happy with me?

“Oh God, what’s happening? What are they doing?” Chelsea
couldn’t look but she had to know.

“They’re sharing a toast,” Megan said.

“How sweet. Is she still draped all over him?”

“Uh…yeah. But he doesn’t seem to be too actively involved.”

Chelsea groaned. “What does that mean? That he’s just
sitting there letting her grope him?”

Megan was silent for a moment.

That isn’t good.
“I’ve gotta get out of here. How can
I sneak out?” Chelsea grabbed for her purse and coat.

“Chels, hold on. Look—there’s a man joining them.”

“What?” Chelsea looked over to Jud’s table and saw him
standing to exchange a typical combination guy handshake and hug with the new
arrival. She allowed herself to hope. Hope that maybe things weren’t as they’d
initially appeared to be.

The man who had joined them looked to be a little older—dark
hair with just a touch of gray—but very attractive. He sat on the other side of
the table while the blonde chippy stuck like glue to Jud.

“Oh my God!” Megan grabbed her arm, causing her to jump.

“What? What is it?” Chelsea saw that Megan had a huge grin
on her face.

“Do you know who that guy is?”

Chelsea shook her head.

“It’s Cameron Wood.” Megan could barely sit still. “He’s one
of my favorite authors. I have to go meet him.”

“Cameron Wood? Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” Megan gave her a look.

An overwhelming feeling of relief washed over her.
didn’t lie to me. But…
“So who is that woman?”

“I think she’s his wife,” Megan said. “I read an article
about him in
a few weeks ago, and she looks like the woman in the

I guess that makes sense.

“Okay, you stay here and act casual. I’ll go do the restroom
thing you were talking about, and just ‘run in to’ Jud on my way back.”

“Megan, wait.” But she was already on her way. Chelsea moved
so that she wasn’t looking directly at them, but she watched out of the corner
of her eye. The three of them looked to be having a good time, chatting,
laughing often. Cameron Wood’s wife must just be the friendly type. Her husband
didn’t seem to mind that she was nearly sitting on another man’s lap.

Megan came back into the bar.
Here we go.
She walked
by Jud’s table, doing a comical double take. Both men stood as Megan accepted
introductions. Finally, she pointed over to where Chelsea was sitting and
trying to appear oblivious.

After a moment, Jud appeared beside her. “Chelsea?”

Praying her acting skills were up to par, Chelsea said, “Oh
my gosh. Jud?”

He bent down to give her a kiss, then helped her up. “Megan
said you guys were having coffee.”

“Yeah, we came for s’mores. What are you doing here?” She
hoped her voice was more natural than it sounded to her.

He laughed. “This is where my meeting is.” He raised an
eyebrow. “S’mores?”

“Oh yes. They were yummy.”

“I’ll bet. Megan’s made herself at home, so you’d best come
join us.”

“I don’t want to intrude on your meeting with your client,”
Chelsea said.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s fine. C’mon.” He took her hand
and walked her over to his table where Megan was indeed ensconced next to
Cameron Wood, chatting away.

When he saw her, Cameron stood while Jud introduced her. He
greeted her with a handshake and a big smile. “It’s lovely to meet you,

“Likewise. I’m a big fan.”

“That’s very kind of you to say.” Up close, Cameron Wood was
even more attractive. Tall and lean, his face was handsomely weathered with
laugh lines around his light blue eyes. He motioned toward the blonde goddess.
“This is my wife, Nicole.”

“Nic,” Jud said. “This is my…uh…Chelsea Ryan.”

Both women laughed, but Chelsea gave him a quick sideways
glance. She sat down, Jud between the two of them.

“How nice that you’re here,” Nicole said. “It’s delightful
to meet you.”

Chelsea smiled, nodding her agreement. Like her husband,
Nicole Wood was even more beautiful than she’d appeared from across the bar.
Chelsea couldn’t help but compare herself to the gorgeous woman and find that
she was severely lacking. Lacking in curves, sex appeal, pure brazenness. From
Jud’s clumsy introduction, Nicole would have had to surmise that he and Chelsea
were seeing each other. Chelsea tried not to wither under Nicole’s seeming
scrutiny. Maybe she was imagining it, but Chelsea couldn’t help but think that
the woman was studying her, probably wondering what a handsome stud like Jud
was doing with a mouse like her.

“So how did the two of you meet?” Nicole asked.

Chelsea looked at Jud, waiting for him to answer.

“We both work at the ski company,” Jud said.

“Really?” Nicole shot another penetrating look at Chelsea.
“You don’t look like someone who works ski patrol.”

“Thank you?” Chelsea guessed at her meaning, relieved when
she laughed. “No, I don’t do ski patrol. I work on the lifts.” She realized how
pathetic she sounded. Nicole Wood was a rich and glamorous woman, and not
likely to be impressed by a lowly liftie. But maybe she had one straw to grab
at. “What about you, Nicole? Do you work outside the home?”

Nicole shrugged. “Not really.”

“C’mon, Nic. Of course you do.” Jud turned to Chelsea. “Nic
just had a book of photographs published.”

Oh, “Nic” did, did she?
So sweet of the love of her
life to come to the defense of Miss Perfect. “That’s great. Do you do

“Mostly portraits. At least that’s what the book was about.
But I’ve been branching out a little. You can’t live in Colorado and not
appreciate the beauty, right?”

She might have imagined it, but Chelsea thought that the
woman had scooted just a bit closer to Jud. At the other end of the table, she
saw that Megan had captured Cameron’s attention. Apparently Nicole wasn’t the
jealous type. “Where do you live?” Chelsea asked Nicole.


Of course.
“Lucky. I love it there.”

“Chelsea actually has something in common with you, Nic,”
Jud said. “She’s an artist too. She paints.”

Nicole looked at her, amazement on her flawless face.
“That’s fantastic. I wish I had the talent for that.”

“She’s really good.” Jud squeezed Chelsea’s hand briefly.
“You should go to that gallery in town that I told you about. They have a
couple of her pieces for sale.”

“I’ll check it out tomorrow. I’m planning on giving Cam’s
credit card a good workout.” Nicole smiled at her husband before turning back
to them. “So you aren’t the only one who might be moving on to bigger and
better things, Jud. Maybe Chelsea will become a world-famous artist, move to
Florence or some other exotic and romantic place.”

BOOK: Apres Ski
12.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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