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She looked over at the ring holder. “Is that edible? Because
it looks really tasty.”

Now he smiled. “It is edible, but I have plans for it
later.” He slowly rocked his hips, inching inside her.

“Wanna give me a clue?”

“I was thinking about pushing it inside you. Then your
burning hot cunt would make it melt and I could lick you clean.” His tongue
snaked along her throat.

“Oh my.”

“Uh-huh.” He jammed his cock inside her, hard and deep.

Chelsea gasped and she saw stars. “How did I ever get so

Jud pressed his forehead against hers, their eyes two inches
apart. “I’m the lucky one.”


One Year Later


It was a beautiful space—concrete floors and white walls
with track lighting to showcase the works of art. The place was packed with
patrons of all sorts from highbrow to bohemian, and the waitstaff circulated
with trays of champagne glasses and hors d’oeuvres.

Jud looked across the room at Chelsea and smiled. She was
one of several artists showing their work at this funky downtown gallery and he
couldn’t be any prouder of her. The past year had been hectic and crazy, and he
wouldn’t have traded a single minute of it.

He’d married a woman he was desperately in love with and
they’d moved to New York City. Chelsea was painting and he was busy with his
new job. They’d settled into a blissful but frenzied domesticity, and he’d
never been happier in his life.

His wife, and he never got tired of saying that, looked
absolutely incredible. She was wearing a simple and chic black dress that was
fitted to her athletic curves. She’d given in to the big city pressure and
dressed more fashionably—not that he cared. Strands of caramel now highlighted
her dark-brown hair and subtle makeup intensified her features.

And tonight, she was glowing. She certainly deserved this
night, but Jud would like to think that he’d contributed a little to her
luminescence. They’d spent the afternoon in bed and she’d had orgasm after
orgasm. He’d wanted to help quell her anxieties about the evening, but he also
couldn’t get enough of her.

He was a lucky man.

He watched as Chelsea talked to the Morrows. She’d invited
the movie producer and his wife to the show and he was pleasantly surprised
that they’d shown up. Chelsea owed some of her success to them, having acquired
some of David Morrow’s rich and powerful friends as clients. As for the rest of
the crowd, he recognized a few of them—particularly a couple who’d just

Cameron and Nicole Wood were a striking couple. Even in the
practiced celebrity dispassion of New York City, there was a buzz around the
famous author. Cam nodded at him from across the room and they made their way

“Glad you could make it.” Jud shook Cam’s hand then turned
to Nicole. And froze. As usual, she wore something sexy—tonight a fitted red
sweater dress. That wasn’t what had shocked him. What had him nearly speechless
was the telltale bump beneath the dress. He met her gaze and then looked at
Cam. “Seriously?”

Cam nodded, a big grin lighting up his face.

“Congratulations.” Jud pulled Nicole in for a big hug. “When
are you due?”

“Four months.” She looked absolutely blissful and, though
Jud was surprised at this turn of events, he was happy for both of them.

“Didn’t think you had it in you.” Jud elbowed Cam in the
ribs. “Good for you, man. This is great news.”

Cam shrugged, grinning stupidly as he pulled Nicole to his
side and wrapped his arm around her.

They look so happy.
Jud shook his head. “I’m glad you
guys made it. Chelsea will be thrilled to see you.”

“You can thank her buddy, David Morrow. We hitched a ride
here on his Lear.”

Jud whistled. “Nice. What’d you guys talk about?”

“Well, he might have expressed some interest in purchasing
the movie rights to my latest novel,” Cam said.

They high-fived like kids. “I figured there was a reason for
Morrow’s generosity,” Jud said. “Although for a Hollywood producer, he seems
like a decent guy.”

“He is.” Cam smiled wickedly. “And he’s gonna make me rich.”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him as she pushed him away.

“I have to agree with your wife, buddy,” Jud said. “You’re
already too fucking rich.”

“Nope. Not possible to be too rich.” Cam grabbed a glass of
champagne from a passing waiter, asking for a sparkling water for Nicole. He
looked past Jud and smiled. “Hello, gorgeous.”

“I’m so glad you came.” Chelsea hugged Cam and then turned
to Nicole. “Oh my God. Congratulations!” She gave Nicole a quick, awkward upper
body hug. “How far along are you?”

Jud shook his head as the two women huddled together,
chatting as if they were best friends. He leaned over to Cam and spoke lowly
and at great personal risk. “Is the kid yours?”

Cam gave him a look. “Hell, yes, it’s mine.”

Jud threw his hands up in apology, even though he’d been
mostly screwing with him.

“Uh, we haven’t exactly been indulging as of late,” Cam

“Really? Because you’ve been trying to get pregnant?”

“That, and I guess it’s kinda lost its allure.”

“No shit? Congrats, dude. You’re growing up.”

“Figured it was time, since I’m gonna have a kid of my own.”

Jud and Chelsea watched as they strolled off to check out
the artwork. “I can’t believe Nic’s pregnant,” he said.

“I think it’s great.” Smiling, she looked up at him.

“Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great too. I just can’t
believe it.”

Her fingers walked a trail up his chest. “Does that mean
their wild sex days are over?”

Closing his hand over hers, he laughed. “I think they’ll
always have pretty wild sex. But maybe now it’ll just be the two of them.”

“Hm. Just like us.” Her eyes burned as she moved closer.

Moving them back into a shadowed corner, he pulled close for
a sweet, lingering kiss. “I’m not getting any younger. Maybe we should have a

She gasped. “Seriously? Just say the word and I’ll throw
away my pills.”

Another kiss, deeper this time. Wetter. “I love you, Chels.”

“I love you too.”

Behind them, Jud heard the gallery owner calling Chelsea’s
name. He was beckoning to her.

With a sigh, she said, “I guess duty calls.”

“Go knock ’em dead, Mrs. Tate.” Jud patted her on the ass as
she walked away. “Hey, Chels.”

She swirled around and raised her brows.

“Throw away your pills.”

She crossed her hands over her heart and took a deep breath.
She mouthed the words, “I love you”, then sexily swiveled back around before
going to meet her adoring public.

About Christie Butler


Christie Butler was born in the Midwest and has lived there
ever since. In her spare time, Christie enjoys reading, travel, good food and
quality time with her lovable dog. She is a lifelong avid reader with a fertile
imagination and, despite a full-time career, she has recently chosen to write
down some stories of her own.


Christie welcomes comments from readers. You can find her
email address on her
author bio page





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BOOK: Apres Ski
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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