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“Damn, Chels. That feels so good.”

She took him deeper, feeling him at the back of her throat
and finding she was only halfway down his cock. His pleasured groans told her
that she was doing okay though. She grasped the base of his cock, her fingers
just meeting as they wrapped around him. Stroking slowly, she bobbed her head
over him in conjunction with her hand.

Jud hissed out a breath. “That’s good, Chels. Suck me,

Chelsea complied, sucking so hard that her cheeks hollowed
as she tried to take him even deeper. She felt his big hand caress the back of
her head, his fingers snaking in between strands of her hair.

“Little faster, Chels.” He used his hand to direct the

A sense of power saturated every cell in her body. She
didn’t think she would like giving a man a blowjob, but she was loving this—his
response depending on her and the pleasure she was giving him. She wanted to
make him crazy, lose all control.

“Yeah, Chelsea. That’s right. Can you take me deeper, baby?”
Not waiting for an answer, he pulled her head closer to him.

She suppressed a gag as she felt him in her throat.

“Fuck, yeah.” He started to thrust his hips, quick and small
movements. “Oh that’s good. Suck me. Suck my cock.”

Chelsea didn’t care that her eyes were watering, that she
felt like she was being smothered. She sucked harder, stroked faster. Her world
was reduced to this cock in her mouth, this man that she loved—pleasing him,
pushing him over the edge.

“God, I’m gonna come.”

His cock rippled in her mouth and she felt the first warm
spurt of semen hit her throat. His animalistic grunts drove her crazy with
desire as she swallowed endless jets of his cum. She gently licked and sucked
him even after he was dry.

Jud finally pulled her head away and dropped to his back
along the edge of the tub. His chest rose and fell as he sucked in air. When
he’d recovered himself, he rolled his head to look at her. “You lied to me.”

“What?” Of all the things she’d expected him to say, it was
not “you lied to me”. At the very least, she thought a “that was great” was
warranted. “What do you mean? I’ve never lied to you.”

He reached out and grabbed her hand, smiling at her. “I’m
just saying—when you said you were a virgin, I assumed you’d never had
kind of sex before.”

“I haven’t.”
What is he talking about?

“C’mon, Chels. It’s okay. But clearly you’ve done that

“No, I haven’t.”

Jud sat up and then slipped back into the tub beside her.

“Yes, seriously.”

He shook his head slowly. “But that was perfect. It was like
the textbook blowjob.”

She burst out laughing. “Well, then, I guess all my studying
paid off.”

It was his turn to laugh. “Studying? What are you talking

Shrugging, Chelsea said, “I read books. I’ve seen movies.”

“Movies?” Jud nearly choked. “You mean you’ve been watching

She splashed some water at him and turned her back to him.
“Stop it. It’s not funny.” She was laughing all the same.

Jud pulled her back against him and kissed her neck. “It
funny. In fact, it’s hilarious. And I can’t wait to watch some with you.”

“Oh no. There’s some pretty freaky shit in those movies.”

“Tell me about it.” He grabbed her hips and lifted her.
“C’mon, hop on out. It’s my turn.”

Shivers ran down her spine, and it wasn’t from getting out
of the warm tub. She sat on the same towel and looked down at him. Every nerve
was on edge as she watched his gaze travel over her body. He focused on her
breasts and she looked down to see her nipples plump and erect. Before she even
thought about it, she reached up and pinched them, rolling them between her

“That’s it, Chelsea.” His voice was low and hoarse. “So
beautiful.” His fingers lightly stroked her knees and he planted a kiss on each
one before separating them. Moving in, he pushed her legs wide apart.

Dropping her hands, Chelsea placed them just behind her hips
to support herself. She felt her pussy spasm under his gaze.
Please, taste

Jud used his thumbs to spread her pussy lips open. “Mmm. So
hot and red.”

Chelsea whimpered with need. Her clit and pussy lips pulsed
with every beat of her heart. She was desperate to have his mouth on her. But
he just sat there, looking. Damn it. “Jud.”



He smiled. The bastard. “What?”

“Just do it.” Her need overcame her shyness. “Eat me!” She
expected him to laugh. He didn’t.

Jud rolled his head, his moan starting low, then up,
covering an entire octave. Dipping his head, he lapped his tongue through her
pussy, starting at her ass and moving up to her clit. His eyes met hers as he
took another long, indulgent lick, the heat from his eyes nearly equal to that
from his tongue. Clearly, he loved what he was doing and that was

“Mmm, you taste so good.” His fingers moved away from her
pussy, pushing her legs wider apart. He stroked the soft flesh of her inner
thighs while he fastened his mouth on her clit, swirling his tongue slowly
around the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Chelsea fought to hold still for him, trying to focus on his
gorgeous face as he ate her. He flattened his tongue and used the whole surface
to lick her, as if he were painting with a brush. It was decadent—she felt as
though she were a queen being serviced by one of her loyal subjects. The
initial chill she’d felt getting out of the water was gone—the heat pooled in
her core now spreading throughout her body.

“Damn, Chels. You’re so beautiful.” He slid two fingers
inside her and used them to gently fuck her. “So tight. You’re not sore are

“Uh-uh.” She could form no other words as she thrust her
pelvis against his fingers.

“Good, because I’ve got more plans for your juicy little
cunt.” He thumbed her clit while his fingers stroked inside her.

“Ah!” Fluid gushed from her pussy, she was as turned-on by
his words as his clever fingers. Who would have thought that such blatant dirty
talk would trip her trigger?

Jud removed his fingers and plunged his tongue inside her,
piercing her again and again. “I’m drowning in your juice. God, I love it.”

“Mmm, me too.” She felt his breath warm on her as he
chuckled. His fingers stretched her open again as he flicked her clit with the
tip of his tongue. The tension coiling inside her grew and spread, making her
feel as if she were on fire. She could feel her juices dripping down to her

Knowing just what she needed, he stopped flicking and closed
his mouth over her clit. His tongue lapped at her with delicious pressure as
his fingers pressed inside her again, stroking all her sensitive spots.

Chelsea whimpered, her head turning from side to side as the
tide swelled and threatened to overtake her. “So good. Don’t stop.”

Jud moaned, causing her to jump, jolting her higher. He
swirled his tongue faster and his fingertips pulsed inside her slick inner

Squeezing her eyes shut, she saw fireworks behind her lids.
As she spun out of control, her legs twitched and she drew them up out of the
water. She gasped for breath as she came, Jud supporting her legs while he
gently licked her clit, prolonging her orgasm.

Dizzy and gasping for breath, she dropped to her elbows and
scooted away from Jud’s talented tongue. “Enough.” She clamped her thighs
tightly together, relishing the last little bit of stimulation as she came
down. She rolled to her side, breathing deeply.

There was a splash of water and a thud. Chelsea turned to
see Jud leaning against the side of the tub, a grin on his face and lust in his

“How ya doin’, Chels?”

“Mmm. Good.” She pushed herself up to sit, smiling giddily.
She swirled her feet in the tepid water and looked down, the bath clearing now
that most of the bubbles had dissipated. Her gaze was drawn to his impressive
erection as it stood upright and floated invitingly.

Jud rose from the water and grabbed a towel, first drying
himself and then crooking a finger at her.

She held out her hand and he helped her up, pulling her to
him for a long, deep kiss while his cock poked at her belly. A moment ago she’d
been laid out by sexual ecstasy, been “D” for “done”. Now she felt nearly
desperate to have him inside her. Before she knew what hit her, she’d been
swept off her feet and into his arms.

“Let’s go.”


Jud dropped her onto the bed and pulled her hips to the
edge, stuffing a pillow beneath them. He tore open a condom and covered himself
while he took in the gorgeous spectacle of Chelsea Ryan lying before him, arms
and legs spread wide, a pink flush to her fair skin.

“You’re so sexy,” he said.

She closed her eyes and turned her head to the side.

“C’mon, don’t do that.” Jud bent over her and cupped her
cheek. “Look at me.”

With a heavy sigh, she opened her eyes and met his gaze.

“You are
sexy. Look at you—all warm and open, your
lips soft, eyes shining.” His fingers trailed down her neck to her breasts.
Using just a fingertip, he traced light circles around her areola, raising
gooseflesh and making her nipple hard and begging for attention. He plucked at
it, twisting gently. “So beautiful, your breasts firm and round, nipples red
and mouthwatering.” He tasted first one and then the other, tongue flicking,
teeth lightly nipping. Reaching between her thighs, he stroked her flesh open.

“Mmm. Pussy wet and swollen. You’re so turned-on, and that

She groaned at his words and he thought she might actually
believe him.

He took hold of his cock and guided it to her hot, juicy
flesh, inching it just inside. She gasped in response and he froze. “You okay,

Licking her lips, she nodded. “It’s fine. You’re just so
damn big.” She flattened her palms on the bed and rotated her hips.

“Lift your legs,” he told her. She complied, driving him a
little deeper inside her. Jud hooked her legs in the crooks of his elbows and
grabbed her ass. He held her gaze as he pumped his hips forward in slow
movements until he was buried to the hilt. “Fuck, you’re killing me. You’re so
tight, your pussy feels like a fist squeezing me.”

Looking down to where they were joined, Chelsea blew out a
deep breath. “
. I’ve never had a fucking pole
stuffed inside me.”

Jud couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately she smiled with
him, her eyes still focused on her pelvis. He looked down too and started
thrusting gently and slowly. “Damn, that’s a beautiful sight. Look at your
juice all over me, your pussy swallowing me up.” He had to restrain himself.
The urge to fuck her hard, fast and deep was unbelievably strong.

“Mmm, God.” Chelsea squeezed the comforter in her hands,
biting her lower lip. She tried to push her pelvis at him but with her hips in
his hands, she didn’t have any leverage.

That had been his intention. Jud wanted to have control, but
he didn’t want to hurt her. He kept up a slow, steady pace, holding himself
back but trying to wring a response from her. She started to jerk her head back
and forth as red blushes stained her cheeks. He was getting to her.

To his utter delight, she reached down between her legs.
“That’s right, Chels. Play with yourself.” She used one hand to pry her lips
open and the other to rub her clit, her arms along her sides forcing her
breasts together. She looked sinfully sexy.

He felt her pussy softening and leaking more cream. He
thrust faster, a little harder. “Come for me, Chels. Come on my cock. Squeeze
me with your pussy.”

Her breath hitched, her jerking motions more rapid. As if a
switch were flipped on, she was coming. Her back arched off the bed, her legs
twitched in his arms and staccato squeals sprang from her lungs. He felt her
cunt contracting on his cock and it was…heaven.

A few quick thrusts, deeper and harder, and he was coming.
It felt as if the top of his head would explode as spurt after spurt of cum emptied
into the condom that separated them.

Her ass still in his hands, he ground his pelvis into her
long after he was done. She lay beneath him, spent. And satisfied. After a long
moment, he pulled out of her and gently dropped her feet to the floor. He grabbed
some tissues from the bedside table to take care of the condom and fell to the
bed beside her, both of them catching their breath.

He grabbed her hand, interlacing their fingers, and turned
to look at her. She was smiling.

“I never imagined that sex could be like this,” she said.
“At least not for me.”

“Me either,” he said.

She looked at him and he knew she was going to make some
self-disparaging remark but they were saved by the ring of a cell phone.

“That’s mine,” she said. “Can you grab my purse?”

Jud found her bag on the floor, picked it up and handed it
to her.

Chelsea opened her bag and dumped the contents on the bed.
She grabbed her phone and rolled over to her belly as she answered.

Her beautiful ass was too difficult to ignore. Jud reached
over and squeezed before peppering it with kisses. He could hear Megan’s voice
on the phone, loud and animated. Chelsea gave some short, noncommittal answers
as his lips worked their way to her lower back.

“Hey.” She swiped at him but he was undeterred. “Jud, Megan
and Roger are asking us to join them for barbecue at Annie’s tonight. Do you
want to go?”

He nipped at the flesh of her back. “Sure, I’m starved.”

“Okay, we’ll see you there. Bye, Megan.” Disconnecting the
call, she pulled away from him and sat up. “Behave yourself.”

“What fun is that?”

Chelsea raised an eyebrow. “We have to get cleaned up. Megan
and Roger are expecting us soon.”

BOOK: Apres Ski
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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