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Tags: #Drama, #American, #African American

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He pressed hard the bloody fist to a thumping heart and left its imprint. The time had come. In Eritrea he had taught his sons many things. They understood the history of family. They understood what duty meant. Sergio must also recognize his responsibility. Having the blood of a King put him at risk, whether he believed it or not. Vincent’s son could no longer be allowed to fumble in ignorance and Nico would give him a crash course on how to use his hands. The Protector’s Circle was broken; it was a
matter of necessity to close it once again with youth’s blood for survival of their clan.

Sophie and Amelda ran toward him and it is good they were able-bodied because Nico’s feet were stone. Into his arms they sought protection and he bowed his head into Sophie’s hair. “
Io difenderò la famiglia, non disperate!”











The Giacanti Family Tree

Charts Courtesy of Karen Moss



The Alfonzo Series



Alfonzo: Volume I

Ascension: Alfonzo Volume II

Anarchy: Alfonzo Volume III

Atonement: Alfonzo Volume IV

Awakening: Alfonzo Volume V

Annihilation: Alfonzo Volume VI

Aftermath: Alfonzo Volume VII

Affirmation: Alfonzo Volume VIII

Associates: Alfonzo Volume IX

BOOK: Associates
3.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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