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Authors: Nameless

Tags: #angels, #adventure, #action, #guns, #fantasy, #magic, #dark, #demons, #sword, #mythical

Azazel (6 page)

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At that time we were held up in some ruins, a natural
occurrence in Limbo. We were in the very centre of what would have
been the hamlets market. There was no night time in Limbo, the sky
remained a constant fiery whirl of madness. Growing angry as elder
Az wiped tears from his eyes he finally replied to me.

You are simply too retarded to make it in eight

Fuck you asshole! You’re the fucking retard… Wait a moment… Oh
fuck I used vulgar words… Son of a bitch!”

There was honestly no other word to accurately describe you
better within my vocabulary than retard. It has taken you four
months to learn the very basics of your demon ability and how demon
abilities work. Oh yeah… You did use vulgar words.”

Yet again he sparked me clean out, nose a blooded

He wasn’t wrong though, it was meant to take a month to learn
the basics. I was a slow learner. Az said I learnt better through
combat and life and death fights. Still I had absorbed enough to
survive the very first floor, maybe. Elder Az was still quite
worried. In another two years at best he told me he was going to
die. The Angel string within his body had sapped all he had and was
still sapping. Organs were failing quite quickly and training my
retarded ass was making him worse, still he beat the shit out of me

You dragged me down to Limbo, plucked me from the life of
Honduras and tortured me to save my new life. In all honesty I
could not have been more grateful to him. From a grade A dickhead
you had turned into a man I strived to become. I don’t know when it
happened but I had begun idolising you.

Sat upon a sandy dune just like you did in the middle of
nowhere elder Az was long gone. He had taught me best he could in
the time he had. Teachings about abilities and demons and that
every mortal had one of seven abilities, each person used them
differently and sometimes more productively. Basically I would meet
others with the same ability as myself. All mortals could manage
one ability, if a mortal was then to transcend into a demon they
could use two abilities or have access to special demon species
abilities. Then as rare as it was, the mortal could further
transcend into a fallen angel and gain a third new

Elder Az only taught me what my brain could handle, the rest I
would learn from experience. To get out of Limbo I needed to board
a ship manned by the dead, actual ghosts of the afterlife. Before
boarding I would have to pay one Ash coin, a currency known to
Hell. Ash was one of the three currencies in Hell and was worth
less than the other two. The other two being Token’s and Angel
dust, which was better known as an angelic coin.

Ash was procured from killing someone or anything that had a
soul. Depending on how strong the enemy was their soul would
compress and crystalize, becoming incredibly dense. The more
crystalized the soul became the more it was worth on the market.
Tokens were a minted currency made from various well-guarded ore in
Hell. Angel dust was almost none existent in Hell and was
incredibly valuable. It wasn’t even dust; it was apparently a
gleaming gold coin, gold nowhere to be found within

Elder Az had left and still he had not told me what the quest
was that he wanted me to undertake. His very last words were

When I die young Azazel my Reaper scythe will be delivered to
you. It will be my very last parting gift to you. I shall modify it
so that you truly fall in love with it. With the Reaper scythe I
will attach a note upon it.”

These were his last words.

Actually they were not his last words now that I ponder upon
it. As he was vanishing he told me to not start a fight with angels
until I felt I was ready. Almost two years had passed now and he
was right about it taking me so long to nearly reach the end of
Limbo. There were so many exciting things to do and see in Limbo
that my mind wondered of task. I had also seen countless others
fall down into Limbo but before I could attempt to even save them
they melted upon the sand or vanished into dust. No one was
accepted into Heaven, even those with a heart of gold, everyone
ended up in Hell.

Now a mess of battle wounds and some scars across my rugged
body my clothes were trashed. Well I guess it was time to leave
Limbo. Getting to my feet I proceeded to move forward, only to stop
a few feet later as five blinding beams of gold light came down
from the fiery skies of Limbo. Now that was something I hadn’t seen

Chapter twelve: Message in the sand

Five blinding golden lights, so attractive to gaze at. They
connected the many coloured sands of Limbo to the fiery sky. Where
were they coming from I thought. Only one way to find out I

Walking over the many sand dunes towards the golden beams that
were now fading I found myself grabbing my sword from its handmade
holder that I had stitched into the back of my jacket. Just don’t
ask what I had stitched it with, what it was made from or what I
used for thread, you honestly wouldn’t want to know.

Stood still out in the open the sand was grey beneath my feet,
a pebble colour. I began to scan the horizon for enemies but all I
could make out were a few Snagler’s in the very far distance.
Thinking of doubling back something gleamed and caught my eye,
something most peculiar. A fairly large black shiny pole was
sticking out of the sand, almost blending in with the grey. It was
completely out in the open surrounded by many dunes. If I didn’t
know any better I would say it was a trap. Like I cared. Nothing in
Limbo gave me cause to worry, this sword combined with my demon
ability carved through anything.

Nevertheless I cautiously began to walk towards the object
that became strangely familiar as I grew closer. Surely it couldn’t
be? God no! I knew the day would come but please do not let today
be that day.

Stood in front of the metal pole drenched in chains it made
the pit of my stomach churn and my body grow numb. This was elder
Azazel’s Reaper scythe. Tears began to fill in my eyes as I dropped
to my knees, my left hand clasped around the pole.

So this is it Azazel? You’re dead?”

I could barely contain my emotions. Never had I became
attached to anything that didn’t fire a bullet.

Never had I felt like this before in my life, it was strange
and I needed to compose myself, if elder Az was here now he would
kick my ass and break my nose. Slowly getting to my feet I noticed
an envelope attached to the base of the weapon. Attached with an
elastic band I ripped it open to read the contents.

Dear Azazel. The time has indeed come for me to die. I bestow
upon you the Reaper. Sadly I cannot give you more. Although vulgar
at times you were a joy to be around. Never did you ask for
anything or even want to know anything, still unsure whether this
is down to you being retarded.

In this letter I want to ask that you partake in a certain
quest on my behalf, so here goes. More than anything I want you to
live your new life to the fullest, collect your own group of
Warlords and run rampant through Hell. Beat Hell. Become the man I
know will make me proud.

P.S If by some chance this weapon does not land directly in
your hands then please be wary. Angels maybe close and if they are
do not engage them. Run!’

Once more he called me a fucking retard, his last dying words
and he calls me a retard. This wasn’t a quest you had left me you
dumbass, it was a call to live my new life to the fullest and enjoy
myself. You honestly think I didn’t know or notice that you were my
father? Fuck! I am stupid but it was pretty obvious after a few
months. Sure someone smarter may have figured it out sooner. Out of
all the people that dropped to Limbo none of them had help like I

Why would a floor ten badass fallen angel come to save my
scrawny behind, not to mention looking over me in the real world?
You did it because you were my dad, you had to be. And now… You’re

Whilst picking the Reaper up out of the sand it began to
change drastically and quickly. Watching as it warped, twisted and
contorted my dad had left me the best present an idiot like me
could ask for. Quite long and bulky it was some kind of four barrel
sleek black gun. Decorated in skulls and chains it looked fucking

Before I could even admire my new toy a group of five people
quickly surrounded me on the tops of several dunes. These men had
to be the angels Azazel mentioned. All of them were dressed in
white and gold armour. They looked like magnificent knights with
huge white wings sprouting our their backs. Funny enough none of
them had a halo.

Only one stood out more than the others I guess as he wore no
golden helm. He had a pasty face, long silky white hair and bright
blue eyes. Not much older than me he stepped forward pressing some
kind of device on his arm. Within seconds some kind of rays began
to scan me, red in colour.

No name, no information, no sins, yet here you are in Limbo.
This is most concerning. You do not appear in any database and Gods
database is absolute.” Said the pasty faced angel in a soft girly

Sorry but I am in no mood to be talked down to by a guy who
sounds like a fucking girl and looks like a pigeon dressed in
armour.” I began to walk away recalling that Azazel told me to

Luckily for me that the girly boy angel paid me little
attention yet he spoke once more.

We were following a demon weapon that had escaped the confines
of Heaven. The signal was here just moments ago but the scythe is
not here. You are here though. A mortal cannot wield a demon weapon
so it would be strange for you to have it, not that I see it on
your person. Still I would like to take you in for questioning
before being destroyed. Nat, grab him. Put him under Angelic

This fucker thought he was going to lock me up and destroy me?
No fucking chance!

Chapter thirteen: Sorry Azazel

Angel Nat flew towards me, nothing compared to the speeds
elder Az exerted as I couldn’t even see that bastard until he
smashed me in the face. His glorious white wings flapping through
the air he drew a long slender white metal blade with a fancy gold
handle. Landing next to me he used his other hands to pull out a
pair of weird handcuffs, I say weird because they were made from
golden beams.

You are now to be detained…”

Go fuck yourself!” I said calmly as I painted the Reaper gun
at his head and pulled the trigger.

Oh what a rush! His head went pop within moments, the rest of
his body dropping to the sands. I laughed so hard yet cried on the
inside. Elder Azazel you are amazing for giving me this. Still the
angel Nat wasn’t dead even with his head shot off. Angels couldn’t
die at all. Once defeated there body began to break down into balls
of light before shooting off back to heaven where they would
recuperate and regenerate. Think elder Az said that it took a few
days. Still one pigeon was down, only three soldiers remained and
the homo captain.

All four barrels of the gun were smoking. So awesome yet I had
the shock of my life when it spoke to me, I mean what the actual
fuck, my gun was speaking to me.

Nice wake up kid. You know how about a little hello before you
go pulling on pieces of my being.” Said the gun even though it had
no mouth.

What the fuck! How can you speak?”

Shut up kid or they will hear! Only you can hear me, you are
now my owner. If you must speak with me then do so in your damn
head… eh not much goes on in that head of yours does it. Azazel was
right, you are a retard.”

Hey screw you… But you look so cool.”

I was stood in the middle of Limbo having a fucking argument
with a gun.

Nat had disappeared into little balls of light, removed from
the battlefield leaving the other angels on edge. With no
information on me they didn’t know what course of action to take,
not to mention I must have looked clinically insane as I stood in
the desert yelling at the weapon that blew Nat’s head

Listen Kid my name is Reaper, I am yours now. Passed down from
one of the greatest demon kings you will ever know. Let us deal
with these angels first. You can take them all, the homo as you
call him maybe a little difficult.”

So he was called Reaper.

How can you even speak? I never heard you say a word when I
elder Az let me use you or when you were with elder

That’s because I’m linked telepathically. Do you see a mouth?
Stupid retard! Listen here kid you need to understand how I work…
Oi what the…” Why the hell would I listen to a gun? Too late
anyways I pulled the trigger a second time as another angel flew at

This angel had the balls to dodge barely, clipped his right
wing with one of the rounds before then driving my blade through
his chest. Completely exhilarating it was to be in battle. Nothing
compared to this feeling, would have been better if some noisy
bastard wasn’t rummaging around my skull yelling at me.

Listen kid you can’t keep firing off shots whenever you like.
They tax a huge amount of your soul energy. Listen to me you little

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