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Keith Mansfield always wanted to be an astronaut. Rejected by the European Space Agency and ineligible for NASA, he instead publishes mathematics books for Oxford University Press. He has scripted light entertainment shows for ITV and also contributed to “The Science of Spying” exhibition at London's Science Museum.

His first book,
Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London
, was published in 2008. The Johnny Mackintosh stories are based on childhood daydreams of being captured by aliens and escaping to see the wonders of the Galaxy. In reality, Keith lives in Spitalfields in the East End of London. Every window of his home looks out onto Norman Foster's beautiful Gherkin, the inspiration for the
Spirit of London
, Johnny's spaceship.

Praise for
Johnny Macintosh and the Spirit of London

“This book offers excitement all the way as Johnny, stuck in a children's home while his mum's on a life support machine, finds out he has a sister and ends up hurtling through time and space.”

Daily Express

“A great read.”

The Sun

“The story is great … the characterization in this book is fantastic and Mansfield paints some exceptionally believable, lovable and fun characters. The writing is engaging and accomplished. It's reminiscent of Rowling, yet still maintains an individual style.”


“Vivid with life and color … brilliantly original and multidimensional … I recommend wholeheartedly.”

Families Oxford

“A brilliant book, combining fantasy and real places together in one book. I absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to young people and adults alike … This is Keith's first book, which he's written superbly, making it totally believable … I adored the characters of Johnny and his sister … I hope that we shall be seeing more of Keith Mansfield's work because he writes such a brilliant story.”


Praise for
Johnny Mackintosh Star Blaze

“Full of adventure and excitement.”


“If you like stories in space with aliens, other planets and deadly enemies threatening the Earth, this series is going to suit you well … definitely a hit for sci-fi fans.”


“Awesome! The book cover just makes you want to pick it up straight away because it is so colorful and looks exciting. Flying around in a spaceship disguised as the London Gherkin! WOW!!! This is the first Johnny Mackintosh book and I hope there will be more to come.”

Bridgend County Council Library Services

“Ever since reading (and being disappointed by)
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
I have often felt a little pessimistic before reading sequels to books I had thoroughly enjoyed—will the author manage to recreate the magic with their second book? … However, with
Star Blaze
my pessimism was totally unfounded—in the same way that
The Empire Strikes Back
improved on
Star Wars: A New Hope
, so too does
Star Blaze
improve on its predecessor, and that is praise indeed. And the parallels don't end there—like
Empire, Star Blaze
is also a much darker book in places than the first in the series.”

The Book Zone

Readers' Reviews

“This was an excellent book filled with fun, action, laughter, sadness, and Johnny's inner struggles. It has something for most young readers. I highly recommend this book for teenagers.”

Courtenay, age 14

“Personally, I absolutely love
The Spirit of London …
On World Book Day, we dressed up as characters from the book, one of my classmates even dressed up as Alf!”

Malaika, age 11

“I am happily writing this letter to you because you have inspired me to be an author just like you. I like the Gherkin, the stars and the planets you made up.”

Hayrunnisa, age 11

“I am just writing to say how incredibly interesting your book is, I just cannot think of any improvements at all. Lots of children in other schools will enjoy it … even adults!”

Miguel, age 11

“I am writing to say I am a colossal fan of your books … Johnny Mackintosh is an inspiration for me as it makes me look at the stars and even makes me want to go into space myself … I cannot wait until the next one.”


“I love space and I am hypnotized by the details you wrote about space. Your books have inspired me to look at space and to be an astronaut.”

Samantha, age 11

“I can't believe how good you are at writing books. Your book inspires me to go to space one day.”


“When the book is being read to me or when I read it, it really sucks me in, it is like having an adventure without leaving your chair.”

Zakariyy, age 10

“I can assure you that I absolutely love your book. The main characters are just like my friends … what I really like about it is the suspense created, like when the asteroid is about to hit the Earth—fantastic!”

Hamsca, age 10

“I love adventure books and therefore I find this book thrilling and wish to read more of your series … it is probably the most exciting and intriguing book I've ever read.”

Eugenie, age 10

“I absolutely love your fantastic adventures. I think they are mad, clever and funny all at the same time … I rate them 110% … do you think you could lend me your spaceship sometime?”


Books by Keith Mansfield

Johnny Mackintosh
and the Spirit of London

Johnny Mackintosh
Star Blaze

Johnny Mackintosh
Battle for Earth



New York • London

© 2011 by Keith Mansfield

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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, institutions, places, and events are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons—living or dead—events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

A threefold thanks for this third story

to my mum and dad, who raised me to love books to all the great friends I've made through this writing adventure and to Jane, who struggled as soon as Johnny entered the space elevator, but has steadfastly supported him on his travels since

BOOK: Battle for Earth
9.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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