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To Howard, who knows exactly how to push
enough to make me






Marie Medina


Copyright © 2012



Chapter One



Katie stood a few
inches away from him talking to a man in a tuxedo. Peter considered placing his
hand on her shoulder, but instead he brushed past her and walked to the other
side of the university theater’s lobby. He took a deep breath as he did so,
breathing her in. She smelled like jasmine, as she always did. Her Regency-era
gown suited her, and her curly brown hair reflected hints of red in the light. He
liked it up, liked that a few delicate curls had fallen loose around her neck.
He’d been tempted to push one aside and kiss her neck as he moved past her.
Somehow he had managed to resist. He’d have many chances to touch every inch of
her later if he got his way.

Peter thought she looked
far sexier than the dozens of women around her, many of whom were wearing far
more revealing costumes. Katie didn’t like pastels and insisted she looked
awful in such colors, but the soft pink gown made her look enchanting, and every
glance brought him even more under her spell. He almost laughed. He’d never
thought of his feelings for a woman in such a flowery way, but no other way of
phrasing it seemed to have enough power to do what was happening to his heart

A petite brunette in
a flapper costume winked at him as he walked near her group. He smiled, but soon
he averted his gaze, and she turned back to her friends. Pretty as she was, he
had bigger and better plans.

He’d been unable to
focus all day at work. He’d even volunteered to help clean out a storage closet
in another wing of the Business and Engineering complex so he wouldn’t see
Katie. His excitement built with every step he took. Would he finally make love
to her tonight? He smiled as he thought of how pleasurable his success would be
for both of them.

She hadn’t even
turned her head as he moved around her. His mask covered most of his face, and
the solid black scarf on his head concealed his short blond hair, so he didn’t
fear discovery. What he did fear was that this final attempt to win the woman
he’d loved for two years might fail. She’d been reluctant and skeptical when
they began dating earlier in the year, and she’d refused him several times
before agreeing to that first date. He’d been thrilled when she’d finally agreed
to give him a chance. They’d had lots of fun together, but her feelings for him
hadn’t changed. When she’d finally broken up with him for good, she’d said he
wasn’t her type. He was sweet and kind, and she did want those things in a man,
but she also wanted someone more daring and exciting. She wanted a bad boy, and
he couldn’t persuade her that he would ever be able to give her that fantasy.
They’d been broken up for several months now and didn’t see each other outside
of work as often anymore, but he thought about her every single day. Today had
been the first day in a very long time he hadn’t tried to find an excuse to stroll
past her office so he could talk to her during the workday.

He wondered if she
had glanced at him after he passed, but he made himself continue walking. A few
more steps and then he would look back to see if she had noticed him.

He’d come as
Princess Bride
for several reasons. She loved the film, and the all black
outfit and mask fit well with her desire for a daring and exciting man. He also
enjoyed the eroticism and freedom of pretending to be someone else as
had in the film. He didn’t want to get shoved down
a steep hill for his deception, but the prospect of teasing her for a while
thrilled him. He hoped his masquerade would end as happily as the one in the
movie had.

Her refusal to
believe he could fulfill her romantic and sexual fantasies had seemed too great
of a challenge months earlier, and he’d resigned himself to only keeping her
friendship then. But his love and desire for her hadn’t faded, so he’d hatched
this seductive plan when he heard about the university holding a masquerade to
raise funds for the drama department. She loved events like this, and he’d been
sure she would attend.

Pausing to wait a few
moments before looking at Katie again Peter admired the ornate candelabra that
had been mounted on the walls between red and gold velvet tapestries. Guests
who had never been in the theater before wouldn’t guess the walls were actually
covered in severe black and white tiles. All of the stark modern art had been
removed and replaced by massive fountains and lavishly spread tables. He’d
never seen so much velvet and brocade in his life, but he liked the romantic
effect. He felt lucky to have been given such a perfect setting for spiriting
Katie away for a night of seduction.

Tonight, he would be
the bad boy she wanted, a mysterious stranger who would sweep her off her feet
and make her quake with desire before she even knew his name. It was his one
hope for a second chance.

He finished his
measured walk over to the punch bowl, picked up a glass, and turned casually to
look back at her. He smiled behind his glass. Based on the level of her eyes,
she had been checking out his ass. He waited for her to look up, and when she
did he raised his glass to her and smiled wider. He locked his eyes with hers
and made no attempt to hide what he was feeling. He let his desire to make love
to her show in his eyes, and she held his gaze for several seconds. Her cheeks
colored a little, and this reaction delighted him. She did not embarrass easily
and rarely blushed. Her breasts had become so still that he could tell she’d
been holding her breath as they looked at each other. The man she’d been
talking to looked at him and then he looked back at her before saying something
else. Katie turned back to him and laughed. She started talking again, probably
apologizing as she gave the man an awkward smile. The man didn’t smile back at
her. He’d been flirting with her, and she’d been distracted by another. Peter
thought the tuxedo-clad guy was supposed to be James Bond, but he wasn’t sure.
He was sure, however, that he wanted the guy
to go away, and within ten seconds he did.

Katie watched James
Bond go and then she turned back to look at him. She shrugged her shoulders and
smiled with far more sincerity. Though she didn’t move, her gaze told him not
only that she wanted him to come over but also that she didn’t care about the
other man’s departure. It would be so easy to go and flirt with her. She wanted
him to. She looked him over again, and he obviously met with her approval. Arching
one eyebrow, her favorite gesture of both flirtation and challenge, she looked
at him as if she wondered why he hadn’t come over yet.

But he had to stick
to his plan. If he gave in to her silent beckoning, he might easily lose
control of the situation. At the moment, she was interested; if he didn’t give
in at this first sign of encouragement, she would be intrigued and he would
maintain control a little longer. If he struck up a casual conversation, she
could walk away or make some other move to gain the upper hand. Making her wait
would secure her continued interest. He knew her so well, and soon he would
show her how perfect they could be together. He couldn’t let her dictate the
terms of his pursuit, not tonight. He grinned at her again and walked away. He
had to fight to keep from looking over his shoulder, but he managed to do it by
concentrating on every step he took.

He moved over to a
group of staff and graduate assistants from the biology department. A couple of
the men nodded, but no one said anything. Abigail, whom he talked to at least
twice a week, smiled at him flirtatiously and let her gaze move up and down his
body. He bowed slightly but didn’t make a move to get closer to her, instead
focusing his attention on the man talking about his thesis proposal.

Abigail had never
given him more than one glance before, but her behavior fit with the pattern
he’d seen tonight. No woman on campus had ever flirted with him, but in a pair
of tight pants and a mask he captivated them. He hoped he was having the same
effect on Katie.

She would probably be
puzzled that he’d walked away, but soon after that she’d be angry. The idea
excited him. He was a “good” guy, as she’d always said, and he’d never once
been able to make her feel an emotion as passionate as anger. He wanted her to
be angry and confused, intrigued and aroused. He wanted to make her feel every
emotion he’d never been able to inspire in her before. She’d always had every
single bit of the power in their relationship, and now he wanted some of it.

A bad boy would want
that. The alpha male of her dreams would crave it as much as he craved her.
Every move he made tonight had been planned to captivate her in every way
possible, so he had to resist the desires all of her actions were sure to
inspire throughout the night. At least, until he had her in his arms—once that
happened, he planned on giving in to every single desire he’d ever had.

BOOK: Be My Bad Boy
4.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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