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Authors: Violet Veidt

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Bend over Bundle

BOOK: Bend over Bundle
10.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

Bend Over Bundle: Three Pegging Stories in One






Copyright 2014 Violet Veidt

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Strap On Honeymoon

remembered precious little of the day: just little snippets of
happy memories. His groomsmen bantering over bloody marys in their
anteroom; the quiet bustle of the bay windowed room overlooking the
lake, where he waited, trying not to be nervous. The sight of her,
a delicate white veil covering her soft freckled face, and her soft
lopsided smile. For her part, she remembered little but her
husband's smile when he slid the ring on his finger, and the
softness of his lips as he kissed her. She had worried that it
would be embarrassing to kiss in front of all her relatives, but
when the time came, she felt like the two of them were on a
different plane of reality, alone together.

left the reception rather early, zooming off into the night in a
low slung two seater, which they had borrowed for the weekend from
her brother, who had a small, much treasured collection of vintage
cars. He had seemed rather less worried about entrusting his sister
to his care than his car. They travelled for an hour or so out into
the forest, moving from the rural hotel into more or less the
middle of nowhere. The roads were mostly good, though the terrain
at the end was obviously more suited to more rugged vehicles. But
finally, they arrived at the lodge.

was a large, sprawling building, spreading over a large proportion
of the property. The back garden swept out behind and merged into
the forest. As they walked to the door, a snowy owl swooped low
over the garden, and soared noiselessly over their heads with its
prey. They stood stock still, until she realised she was holding
her breath. She laughed, a little nervously. They were truly
isolated: nobody could hear them or see them, or even knew exactly
where they were. The thought was not a little arousing.

entered the house and began to explore. The kitchen was large and
warm from the Aga, with a well appointed pantry. He grinned with
glee when he saw the cold stone: if he could find any time he would
make his bride some pastries on that. The living room had a large L
shaped sofa, and opened onto a decent sized dining room. Beyond
that, there was a conservatory, which had a variety of climbing and
draping plants, as well as a small, bravely fruiting lemon tree. It
was neat and tidy, and the plants were obviously well cared for.
Though renting it had been a rather mundane process full of
miscommunication with the owner, they felt rather like they had
stumbled across a fairy cottage. Out of the back door, they could
see a cedar hot tub, filled with water. She glanced about, and saw
a control panel. The jets sprang into life. They left it to warm
up, for later.

Upstairs, they could see some more of the landscape from the
window. The master bedroom was magnificent. The king sized bed made
a quiet focal point in the centre, deep burgundy satin covers
concealing sheets made of thick, high thread count cotton. Stroking
it with his hand, he imagined what it would feel like on bare skin.
An agreeable shiver passed over him.

jumped onto the bed, giggling like children, before he took her in
his arms and kissed her gently. She responded, lightly caressing
his lips with hers. She angled her hips to meet with his and he
reciprocated, making their bodies contiguous. He became aware of a
pressure at his lower belly, and his eyes opened, then widened as
he realised what he was feeling. He explored with a hand, running
his hand over her stomach to a distinct bulge below her white
dress. He grasped it in his fist, judging the size and thickness of
the strapon that his bride wore beneath her nuptial

rolled onto her knees, and pulled up her skirt. There it was: a
dildo which was impressive in its length and thickness, perhaps a
shade larger than what he'd taken before. He felt himself expanding
within his clothing, becoming as hard as the dildo protruding
obscenely between her legs. He gazed up at her gratefully, at the
woman who had fulfilled the fantasy he had blushingly whispered in
the dark of their bedroom at midnight. He felt a little nervous,
but not much. He loved her, and had promised to be hers forever,
and she his: he knew she wouldn't do anything to cause him

dildo— her cock— hung just at the level of his lips. She gently
brushed the tip over his lips, and he felt the smoothness of it,
and how it had warmed against her skin. How long had she been
wearing it under her wedding gown? All day? During the ceremony?
The thought of his new wife standing with a thick cock concealed,
for his later pleasure made his head spin. He wrapped his lips
around the dildo, relishing the feeling of his mouth being filled,
and the knowledge of how slutty he must look with his mouth full.
He grabbed her arse, pushing the dildo deeper into his mouth. The
idea of deepthroating fascinated him, but he had never accomplished
before. Would this be the night?

motioned to take her dress off.

leave it on." She smiled and slipped the straps back over her
shoulder, pushing her cock back into his mouth. She languidly
fucked his face for a little longer, before pulling out and
slipping the dildo out of the harness. She laid back, her legs
spread, surrounded by a fluffy white corona formed by the dress,
and slid it inside her wet cunt. She moaned a little: being
penetrated felt sublime, and she greedily fucked herself, though
she had only meant to slide it in for a moment to flavour it for
her husband. Eventually, she stood up beside the bed, re inserted
the dildo, and pulled him off the bed, making him kneel in front of
her. He eagerly sucked her juices from her cock, gripping her
narrow waist and stroking her back with her fingertips. Watching
her husband suck her was making her hornier than ever, but she let
him savour the moment, locking the image of him sucking her into
her mind. She ran her fingers through his hair as he ran his tongue
up and down her length, cupping her balls (which, he was pleased to
note, had a very realistic feel to them). He slid his fingers onto
her clit, swirling them around, hearing her breathing deepen in
response. Her fingers traced over his cock, achingly hard and
leaking fluid, bringing her precum slickened fingers to her lips to

lay face down on the bed, silently pleading to be filled. She had
no intentions of rushing, however. She grabbed the lube (she had
checked her luggage several times to make sure it was there), and
slid her hands underneath him, undoing his trousers and sliding
them down to reveal his bum. She stroked his rear gently, making
his legs fall open to give her access. Though he was still fully
dressed, he felt totally naked in front of her. However, all
thoughts suddenly left him, everything but the sensation of her
sharp little tongue spearing his arsehole. Her tongue fluttered
round the rim before fucking him as deep as she could reach. He
shucked off his trousers, and removed his shirt. He wanted to be
fully naked and vulnerable in front of her. He laid himself face
down, and she began to assault him furiously with her lips and
tongue, making him moan and buck his hips off the bed. She applied
a generous amount of lube, and eased one, then two fingers inside
him. She was desperate to sheath herself in him, but as the dildo
was thick, and her husband was inexperienced in being penetrated,
she held back, and waited until he was pushing himself back
desperately on four fingers, his arse hungrily convulsing round her

glanced up, seeing their reflection in the window, and relished the
sight of her nearly perfect hair and make up, and her dress hiked
up over her thick dildo. Her husband was lying on the bed, panting,
nearly sick with desire to be filled up. She reflected on how lucky
she was to have a man who loved being fucked as much as she did. It
was even hotter to let a man fuck her arse, knowing how good it
felt himself. She applied plenty of lube to the dildo's fat head,
and lined it up with his waiting hole.

"Relax," she purred in his ear, kissing his neck. He
concentrated on keeping himself loose, welcoming her into

advanced the first inch or so tectonically slowly, allowing him
plenty of time to stretch. She pushed a little, and the head
disappeared inside him, eliciting a moan of delight from her nude
husband. Inch by inch, he engulfed her. Finally, all seven inches
were inside him.

balls deep in you."

"Fuck, it feels so good to have your cock inside

popped her tits out of her dress, letting him feel her hard nipples
push into his back. At first she kept to a slow, gentle rhythm, but
progressively fucked him harder and harder. He moaned and bucked
his hips in response, encouraging her to fuck him deeper and
harder. Her eyes were half shut with pleasure experiencing her cock
almost as a phantom limb which could feel his arse around

she had selected the dildo, the delightfully helpful lady in the
shop had guided her to this one in particular. It was double ended,
with dual vibration controls. The protruding end was large and
thick enough to satisfy anyone, though not unduly threatening to a
novitiate. The other end was rather smaller, but cunningly curved
to hit the G spot. The vibrator was perfectly positioned to flutter
on the clitoris, and vibration was communicated along the length of
the shaft, gently buzzing the lucky recipient's hole.

well as the mechanical stimulation provided by this apparatus,
having this beautiful willing male grinding his hips into her lap,
giving low gutteral moans at each thrust of her thick cock made the
phantom sensations more and more real. She could almost feel the
clenching of his tight ring around her, the buildup of pressure in
her balls. She drew the strap on nearly clear of him before
slamming it into the root, but then radically slowed the tempo,
fucking him as slowly and gently as she had begun. He looked into
her eyes and whimpered, begging her wordlessly to fuck him like a
whore again. But she had further plans.

lay on her back with her knees bent and open, and positioned his
hips over her centre. He squatted back down on her, easily taking
the dildo within himself now, moaning at the sensation. She was
charmed by the sight of her husband: his eyes were hugely dilated
and half closed; his chest rose and fell as he panted with arousal,
and his cock was almost painfully erect, seeping the fluid of his
arousal. She couldn't resist leaning over and licking it, feeling
its insane heat on her tongue and tasting the salty tang of his
precum. She stroked his balls, feeling how tight and high and close
to cumming they were. She began to fuck him again, and he started
grinding on her, again giving guttural grunts.

looked so hot, getting fucked like that.

stroked his firm, densely haired chest, admiring the man she loved
posed so pornographically on top of her. As the vibrations built up
and up and up, the pressure on her G spot increased until she came,
shuddering and squirting, grabbing and squeezing his arse. When her
orgasm had subsided, she gradually opened his eyes to the sight of
him rubbing her spent juices into his cock. She leaned over again
to taste him, sucking him into her mouth. She had to curl over
tightly, so couldn't thrust so deeply. But he seemed to like the
feeling of her deep inside him, undulating as she took his tortured
cock as deep into her mouth as she was in his arse.

cum hit the back of her throat in an almost painful torrent. She
pulled away, allowing the rest to spatter over her lips, her bare
tits, and trickle over her dress. She wiped her face with her
fingers, scooping the rest into her mouth, then lovingly licked her
husband's wilting cock until he touched her face, indicating that
he'd had enough.

lay beside each other on the bed, in each other's arms. It felt
wonderful to be so at ease with another person, that being
respectively nude and wearing a wedding dress accessorised with cum
and a strap on made them not at all self conscious. Presently she
stood up and stretched, taking her dress off, followed by her strap
on, until she was as naked as he. She lay down with him again,
feeling his skin on hers.

BOOK: Bend over Bundle
10.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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