Betty Nabs a Billionaire (Billionaire New Adult Romance) (BIllionaire Romance)

BOOK: Betty Nabs a Billionaire (Billionaire New Adult Romance) (BIllionaire Romance)

Betty Nabs a Billionaire (Billionaire New Adult Romance)

By Pearl N. Lace

Copyright 201
3 Pearl N Lace

Betty went back to her apartment angry after
another argument in the lobby with Brewster.  She positively hated him and everything he stood for.  The neighborhood was gritty but everyone looked out for one another and he wanted to ruin it.

She struggled to make ends meet by picking up odd jobs around the neighborhood to supplement her income selling fruit fro
m her garden to local vendors.  Her parents were hippies and raised her to love the world and the people on it.  They bought a small plot of land almost 50 years ago and she grew up tending crops and selling them to local stores.

Then Brewster arrived and started to ruin everything gentrifying the quiet and quaint neighborhood she had grown to love.  Chain stores now populated every block and worst of all the new buildings going up were blocking the sun from reaching her garden.

The real problem with Brewster is that she found him so incredibly hot.  So much so that she masturbated to him every night in bed.  It was not unusual for her to wake up with her panties sopping wet and her hand on her clit.

For the first few months she tried getting his attention but nothing worked. 
A small bump in the elevator, a polite hello while they passed in the lobby, and flirting at the pool.

A month ago
she changed tactics starting a fight with him whenever they passed in the hopes that she would attract some attention.  This time she got him so mad that he stuck his business card down her bra in a fit of anger telling her to call him when she wanted to learn something about business. 

Now she had his business card and held it
close to her breast smiling.  Her plan may just work.  All she needed now was a way to get close.  Sitting down at her computer she started doing some research on him and his company.

He was in charge of financing
all the new buildings going up over the city.  Maybe if she put together a presentation about her plot of land and the good she could do it would be enough to get close to him.

For the next two weeks she struggled to come up with a plan and presentation aski
ng friends to critique her ideas. 

She spent
every waking moment thinking of Brewster and how she was going to get close to him.  In every instance, her hand would end up down her pants diddling her clit and dreaming of him on top of her panting his name as she dug her fingers into his back.

On the day of her proposal she dug through her closet for a nice, professional outfit.  She put on some makeup and a dab of perfume while tying her dreadlocks back trying to look as profes
sional as possible.  It was so hard for a new age hippy to look the role of a professional, she thought.

She sighed and hoped it was enough so she quick
ly took a picture and sent it to her friend for approval.  She made some touchups and headed out the door.

Brewster worked downtown in one of the largest office buildings on the
top floor.  His corner office had a great view of the city.  It was this view that made him so successful.  From here he could look out and not just admire the city but see potential deals in the making.

knew that Betty was coming by for a presentation which would probably end in an argument and her being thrown out of the office.  He was not sure why he took the meeting but hoped it would not waste his time which is why he made it late in the day.  Either that or he could just write her a check for her little property allowing him to build his massive condo project forcing her out of the neighborhood completely.

Unfortunately, his 3 PM meeting
ran long and when Betty arrived at 4:25 for their 4:30 meeting she was a bit disappointed to hear she had to wait.  4:30 turned to 4:45 and then 5 PM.  She kept inquiring with the receptionist but was told that in fact he was here and looking forward to meeting her but his 3 PM meeting was in fact running late.

Five minutes later Brewster’
s secretary came out, apologizing profusely, and telling her to come back.  She apologized again to Betty and assured her that Brewster was serious about meeting with her leading her to a nice corner office with a lot of privacy.  The only way anyone could see in was if the door remained open.

Brewster’s secretary introduced Betty and let her in with a look
like Betty was crazy.  Brewster looked up from his desk, smiled, and walked over to Betty apologizing for the delay.  A project was behind schedule and they had to stay on the call longer than expected.

Betty looked a bit perturbed at having to wait so long but her panties started to get wet seeing Brewster in his power suit.  She was finally in his office and her stomach started to tighten

Brewster led her over to a small round table where they could look over her
business presentation.  He feigned interest but thought she looked better than usual, dressed semi-professionally instead of the goodwill clothing she usually wore around the building.

He compliment
ed her and she blushed saying thank you complementing him on his suit and office.

“You have a great office with such a beautiful view of the city.”

“Success has its advantages.  My apologies for making you wait.  Please sit down and we can go over your presentation.”

“Thank you once again for taking time to meet with me,” as she pulled the presentation out
of her bag handing him a copy.

It was a simple but straightforward
highlighting the advantages of being green in the neighborhood.  She tried not to push her personal viewpoint but impress him with her knowledge.

A couple of times Brewster’s
leg brushed up against hers and each time it made her blush and stammer in her presentation.  Behind him the office cleared out leaving only the two of them.

One person interrupted to say goodbye startling both of them and when Brewster turned around his hand accidentally brushed her leg and she took the opportunity to set her leg against his.

One final person said goodbye and asked if he could lockup since he was the last one on the floor.  Brewster nodded and Betty listened until she heard the door close knowing that this was her chance.  She gave him a minute and cut him off mid-sentence to giving his thigh a good hard squeeze.

Brewster’s eyes shot open unsure of how to react.  Betty leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips, getting up
, walking over to the door, shutting, and locking it.

“I have a confession to make.  The presentation is bullshit.  Well not really but the real reason I came here is because I find you so fucking hot and have no idea how to approach you,” she said with her back against the door.

Brewster sat there stunned and Betty walked over to him untying her hair and letting her dreadlocks fall free.  She lifted up her skirt pulling off her soaked panties dropping them onto his lap.

“You are not getting out of here until you fuck this
pussy nice and hard mister.  I have chased you for months and now I want the cock in your pants,” as she dropped to her knees in front of him and started to unbuckle his pants.

Brewster stared at
the wet panties in his hand while this girl pulled out his cock and started sucking it with wild abandon.  The same girl who did nothing but argue with him for months was now trying to fuck his brains out.

He hoped that the office was in fact empty and that she had the brains to lock the door.  One hand went to the back of her head and pushed her down forcing her to swallow him whole.

She gagged but went back to swallowing his cock.

“You want me after all the shit you gave me in the building?  Well, I am going to see just how bad you
want me. I have an open position for an office slut and it looks like you want to apply.”

She stopped sucking and looked up at him jerking him off, “I masturbate to you almost every night and I want to be more than your little office slut.”

“You are not my type but let’s see what you have to offer.”

“By the time we leave I will have fucked you silly
and you are never going to get away Mr. Real Estate Mogul.”

“We will see about that.  Now know your role and suck my cock.”

“Yes sir,” Betty replied and went to work on his cock once again sucking it like she dreamed on her dildo.

Betty felt him begin to tense up and
stopped; getting up to walk over to his desk.  She pushed his work to the side and sat down, lifting up her skirt, and masturbating in front of him.

“Come over here and fuck me.”

“I am going to fuck you so hard you will walk funny for a week,” Brewster said walking over not wasting any time forcing his cock into her pussy.

Betty wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his tie pulling him closer to her.  Brewster took the nod and went to work on her pussy.  It was as wet as her panties and he started fucking her
hard.  He could hear the slaps of his hips on her thighs as he went to work. 

Betty’s pussy was as tight as it was wet and his balls started to tighten up
.  She tightened her grip with her legs looking up at him with her best fuck me eyes as he exploded into her pussy.  Betty grabbed his tie pulling him close and kissing him hard.

Their tongues met and she
pressed inside of his mouth seeking out his tongue.  He met her advance and they kissed with a growing passion.  Betty was not going to let him go right now or again after tonight.

She pushed his head down to her pussy where their combined juices dribbled out onto her skirt.  Brewster started lapping at her pussy l
icking up their nectar while she placed her hands on his head holding him in place.  Her legs sat on his shoulder trapping him in place.

moved up to suck on her clit causing Betty to lean back and moan.

“Suck my clit Brewster.  Oh yes, make me....oh I am going to....oh yes Brewster yes, yes, yes,” Betty cried as she started to quiver, pullin
g his head tight to her pussy.

Brewster got a shock as she squirted her pussy juice
into his mouth.

“Oh, I forgot to mention I am a squirter.”

“That felt great.  Now get off my desk slut and swallow my load.  You forgot to finish your job and I do not like to leave things unfinished,” as he moved to sit down in a chair letting his trousers fall to the floor.

Betty sat up and Brewster told her to stop wasting hi
s time and come suck his dick.

She pulled her top
off and got down on her knees crawling over to him.

Betty grabbed his sticky cock and started to work her way over the length cleaning it of their love juices
and then swallowing him whole while one hand cupped her balls.

As much as she hated him she secretly desired
his power.  She wanted him bad and the combination of looks and made her wet.

Brewster placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed her down on him making her swallow him whole.  She was not his type at all but if she wanted a fuck he was going to make her earn his cock.  He might even try and tap that ass later on. 
To him, she was nothing more than a notch on his headboard.

She gagged a few times as Brewster started to become more dominant. 
It made her mad but her pussy started getting wet again and she wanted more than anything to please him working her tongue around the underside picking up the pace of her blowjob.

“Here comes my seed bitch,” Brewster moaned as he pushed her down on his cock and shot his second load down her throat.  Betty gagged but quickly recovered swallowing his load
pulling off to clean up his cock and balls with her tongue.  Her hand gave his cock a few tugs squeezing the last of his cum from his dick and she licked it up with a smile on her face.

She looked up at him, tears beginning to ruin her
makeup and asked him if he was satisfied with the job she had done on his cock.

He looked down at her and was impressed with her blowjob although h
e was not going to tell her that.

“Pretty good, now bend over my desk so I can tap you from behind.”

Betty hopped up, and bent over the front of his desk spreading her legs and offering her pussy to him.  Brewster got up walking over to her admiring her yoga ass.

Brewster stuck his cock in her
pussy and gave her ass a firm slap leaving a pink imprint on her milky white skin.  He smiled and started thrusting harder and harder until she was moaning and having a hard time getting a hold of something.

Betty felt Brewster’s
cock rubbing against her g spot sending erotic tingles up and down her spine.  She squirmed reaching out for something to grab onto but to no avail.  She must have looked like a fish out of water but at this point she did not care.  She only wanted to please him.

Watching her squirm for a grip
made Brewster smile and he kept pounding away working that sexy ass for everything it was worth. 

A couple of more slaps to the ass and she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

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