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Do you want to see more of Dale and Nicole?


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True Colors

The Masks Series, #1


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February 2014




Once again, there are so many people to thank. I'd like to give special mention to:


Allison Potter - my editor, publicist and PA. Working with you is a blast. I'm loving it.


Scott & Ruth - I so appreciate your time and advice.


Eden Crane - this cover is gorgeous and captured Dale and Nicole perfectly. Thank you.


Inklings - what would I do without you girls? Thanks for your time, advice and just being such an awesome support to me.


Indie Inked - thanks for making this writing journey SO much fun!!


Karen & Suzy - thanks for your proof-reading skills, your cheerleading and unwavering support.


My precious family - you guys are the sunshine in my day.


My saviour - you make life worth living. Thank you.

About Melissa Pearl

Melissa Pearl is a kiwi at heart, but currently lives in Suzhou, China with her husband and two sons. She trained as an elementary school teacher, but has always had a passion for writing and finally completed her first manuscript in 2003. She has been writing ever since and the more she learns, the more she loves it. Keep an eye out for future projects.


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