Beyond Betrayal: A Diana Scott Novel

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Beyond Betrayal

A Diana Scott Novel


Carol Massey

Text Copyright 2012 © Carol Massey


All Rights Reserved

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Mature Content Warning

This erotic novella deals with
adult sexuality for readers 18 years old or older. The characters portrayed are fictitious and above the age of eighteen.

Beyond Betrayal

After dinner Wednesday night at their favorite bar, O’Mallory’s, Eric Scott kissed his wife Diana goodbye as she headed for her art class.  She loved to paint and was quite good.  The problem was the class ran from 7-10 pm.  By the time she got home including drive time, she was always gone for five hours.  He wanted her to have fun, supporting her in her art endeavors, but he didn’t like her being gone for so long.  Eric decided to have a few drinks before going home.  He really was not much of a drinker, but he thought the whiskey would loosen him up and help him forget how bored he would be again tonight, like every Wednesday night.

After his first shot, Eric
noticed a redheaded woman at the end of the bar had glanced over to check him out.  He enjoyed her gaze.  Minutes
later, their eyes met as this time he returned her the favor. She smiled as she slightly bit her bottom lip.  He took her smile as an invitation.

May I join you?” he asked.

Sure.  I’m Nancy.”


they finished introducing themselves, the bartender served them a fifth of Jack Daniel’s with two shot glasses.  While Eric poured the whiskey, Nancy placed her hand on his upper inner thigh.

I saw your lady leave and hoped to meet you. I’m here on a convention trip with my boyfriend.  He promised we would have a couple of nights alone, but the idiot decided to go to a baseball game with some other men attending the convention.”

That’s too bad.

I know. He claims he’s trying to close a business deal. All I know is the game is a double-header. Now I’m stuck alone with nothing to do until at least two or three in the morning.”

picked up his drink, downing the shot in one swallow something he normally does not do.

Nancy, why don’t we shoot some pool?”

Once she stood up, Eric
could really appreciate how sexy she was wearing a butt hugging black miniskirt.  She had a nice tight curvy backside augmented by sexy black stockings and five-inch heels.  Her top was silky red with a plunging neckline that provocatively revealed her large well-rounded breasts.

I’ll break,” suggested Nancy.

admired the way she handled the pool stick with authority and grace, wondering if she handled her men that well.

fore she broke, she downed another shot of whiskey.  Then, she bent over.  Her skirt pulled up.  Eric could see the back of her legs above the stockings up to the bottom of her fine ass.  His impulse was to bend her down on that table, spread her legs farther apart, and pull her skirt up higher.  She knew he was enjoying the view as she very slowly rose up from the table after taking her shot.

Your turn.”

made a few shots before he missed.  It was her turn.  This time her shot was from the other end of the table.  As she bent down to shoot, he could see she was not wearing a bra.  She had the most delicious looking breasts. She looked up and smiled to see him enjoy the view.  When it was his turn, she turned to him.

Can you put it in the hole?” 

Oh, I can nail it.”

I want to see how good you are,” she said lustfully.

fired a commanding shot, firing it straight in the hole.  She looked at him seductively.  He went to her and kissed her gently on the back of her neck.

whispered, “I always fire a good shot.”

looked in each other’s eyes and gently kissed.  He knew she was getting hot.  He just wasn’t sure if he could get her to go home with him just yet.  Messing with another woman was new for him.  He didn’t want anyone to see him take her upstairs to a hotel room and telling his wife.

fter they drank another shot, Eric said, “Let’s dance”.

wanted to give the whiskey time to take effect.  He wasn’t a great dancer, but he gave it his best.  Nancy, on the other hand, was quite good.  She knew how to show off a miniskirt on a dance floor, wildly rubbing her ass all over his cock.

I bet you give a hell of a lap dance.” 

Want to find out?”

Yea, let’s go to my place so you can show me privately.”

What about your wife?”

She won’t be home for four hours.”

She smiled and kissed him

in his eyes, she answered, “Alright.”

Eric placed his arm around her, and they headed for the door.
  After she got into his two-door sports car, he reached in and kissed her on the lips.  Nancy hugged him tightly.  He slid his hand inside her skirt gently caressing her inner thigh.  Having massaged his way to the top of her leg, he went straight for her vagina.  He was pleased to discover she wasn’t wearing panties.  He slid his middle finger inside her soaking wet pussy, slowly at first, then faster as she hungrily plunged her tongue deep in his mouth.

Oh Eric, oh, ah, oooooooh Eric, yesssssss,” she cried as she climaxed to his finger.

If I don’t get you in bed, I may cum right here in my pants.  Let’s go,” he said.

He started the car and drove hurriedly to his house.  He lived only five minutes from the bar, so both were still scaldin
g hot when they arrived.  He practically ran to the bedroom dragging his conquest, hurrying to lay her on the bed. He unbuttoned her blouse revealing her amazing breasts.  He rubbed one nipple between his fingers as he sucked diligently on the other.  Nancy began rubbing his sides as she cooed and awed.  Eric kissed and licked his way to her other breast while pleasuring her other breast with his other hand.  She stretched her arm out reaching for his cock.  She gasp when she felt how big and hard it was, bigger than her boyfriend’s.  She began rubbing it the best she could through his pants. 

Hungrily, she said
, ‘Take your clothes off.”  Eric stood up and pulled his shirt over his head.  Admiring his brown beard and hairy chest, she purred, “I just love fucking hairy men” as he pulled off his pants.  She slid to the mattress’ edge, grabbed his cock, and pulled it to her moist red lips.

returned home about ten minutes after Eric laid Nancy in the bed.  She was relieved.  She felt guilty going to school every Wednesday night knowing Eric didn’t like her coming in so late.  She stopped in the kitchen and poured herself a bourbon.  Hearing sounds coming from the bedroom, she peeked in through the door.  Eric was receiving a blowjob from a woman she did not know.  She was speechless.  All she could do is stand there and watch as silent tears ran down her face.  Eric and Nancy were so intensely at it they didn’t notice her.  Eric pulled away, turned her on her back, and spread her legs wide open.  Knelling on the floor, he started licking her clit with gentle upward strokes.

Oooooooh, that’s right, lick my pussy.  It feels sooo good,” said Nancy as her pelvis began to rock.  Her pussy was secreting so much Eric’s face was soaked.  She wrapped her legs around his head begging for more.  To Diana, it seemed like Eric was down on Nancy an eternity.

Lay on your back,” she said.  Then she climbed over him spreading her luscious wet vagina open and lowering it on his mouth.  As soon as his tongue touched her clit, she screamed, “Yesssssss” in total ecstasy.

She grabbed Eric
’s cock hungrily and began licking his shaft frantically from his balls to his head.  He kept tonguing her as she rocked herself on his face.  She paused for a second.  She thought she saw a shadow move in the hallway.  Diana stepped back out of sight.  Consumed with passion Nancy didn’t care and opened her lips wide to take Eric deep.  She began sucking and tonguing his magnificent cock. Diana eased back in to watch.  As Nancy’s passion rose, the faster she fucked Eric with her mouth.  Suddenly, she sat up abandoning his cock.  All she could do was grind her pussy on his face while rubbing her breasts and sucking her left nipple.  Filled with passion, Eric plunged his tongue deep in her love hole, trying to stroke her womb itself.

Yea, that’s it.  Lick me. It’s so good! I’m cummmmmmming,” she squealed. As she came to rapture all of her muscles tensed; her pelvis began jerking.  Gradually, her climax began to fade.  Eric rolled her off him. 

Tell me what you want,” he demanded.  “I won’t fuck you until you tell me that you want it.”

Fuck me.  Oh Pleasssse fuck me.”

No Eric no,” thought Diana.

wanted to hear Nancy beg for it.  It turned him on knowing that he had what she desperately desired.  He turned her over and spread her legs. Her eyes filled with burning passion as he raised her pelvis pulling her slowly toward his cock.  She screamed as it pierced her pussy.  Diana’s heart filled with anger while unknowingly her hand gently rubbed her breasts as Eric fucked faster and faster.

Give it to me baby.  Give it to me.”

thrust himself deep spraying her pink sugar walls with massive loads of cum giving her five full thrusts.  Nancy oohed and awed with every shot he fired.  He gave her a deep kiss.

You’re a great fuck, Nancy.”

Oh yeah, you gave it to me good.”

Noticing the time,
Eric said, “My wife will be home in less than an hour.  I think you need to get cleaned up.”

I’ll just get dressed.  I want my boyfriend to know that I went to a ballgame myself.”

Okay, get dressed, and I’ll drive you back to the bar.”

went to the guestroom and waited for them to leave.  She lay on the bed and wept.  She was pissed at Eric but also at herself.  She couldn’t believe she was turned on by what she saw.  Except for the fact that Eric was the man doing the fucking, the sex turned her on. After he got back home, she slipped out of the guestroom back into the kitchen.

Eric, I’m home.”  She found him in his recliner and gave him a kiss on the cheek, tasting Nancy’s love juice still on his skin. “How was your night?”

I made the best of it.”

I know you did you bastard,” she thought to herself.

After the late news, they went bed.
Eric asked for his nightly loving but did not protest when she said she was too tired.

Chapter 2

The next day Diana decided that Eric needed to pay for his transgression.  She placed a personal ad on Craig’s List.  It read, “Lonely housewife needs her life
filled.”  She included a sexy photo of herself wearing a halter-top, which showed off her 36DD tits.  By the end of the day, eleven men had responded with photos of themselves.  Four of them caught her eye.  She decided to meet each of them at a bar across town the following Wednesday night.  Her “dates” were at 7:00, 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 pm.  Eric would think she was at art class. 

On Wednesday,
Diana took her date clothes to work with her, so she could change afterwards.  Throughout the day, her sexual tension increased knowing she had dates with four sexy studs.  She decided to go without panties or a bra.  She wore black fishnet thigh highs, high heels, and a new red dress.  It was short barely covering the top of her thigh highs.  The neckline was so low it barely covered her nipples.  At the bar, she explained to each of her dates that she was looking for a one-night stand for Friday night.

You may do anything to me that won’t hurt.  Fuck any part of me.  There is just one stipulation.  I will bring a camera and a laptop, so I can stream our sex for my husband to watch at home.”

She danced with each of them
bumping her ass all over them.  On the slow songs, she clutched their bodies tightly, measuring the size of their cocks. She decided to fuck Stephen.  His package felt huge to her.   All the next morning, she kept daydreaming about Grant.  He was sexier than Stephen with an above average cock.  Diana decided to have the best of both worlds: looks and size.  Having confirmed her dates, she went to the bank.  She withdrew all of the money out of the account she shared with Eric, depositing all $300,000 in a new account of her own.  When she got home, Eric noticed she was very happy. 

After dinner Diana
said, “Eric, let’s plan a special date night for tomorrow.  I promise to drive your cock wild.”

Eric accepted her proposal and gave her a deep passionate kiss.
  Friday at 5 pm, Diana called her husband who was at home waiting for her.

Eric, I have to work late but should be home around 7 pm.”

, she left work and checked into the hotel where O’Mallory’s was located. She began setting up the camera and computer.   Dressing for the occasion, she changed into a black mini-skirt, garter belt, black thigh highs, red platform shoes, and a sheer red top.  She dressed exactly as Nancy was the night Eric took her home and fucked her.  She even had her haircut and dyed to match Nancy’s during an extended lunch break.  Grant and Stephen arrived at 6:45.  She greeted each with a juicy wet kiss and a nice stroke of his cock.  Her big moment arrived.  She called her husband.

Eric, I want you to get online, so I can stream you a live feed.”

Eric whispered
to himself, “What the hell?”  He turned on the computer and was shocked to see Diana sitting on a bed.

I promised to drive your cock wild tonight.  How do I look?  Does my dyed red hair match the color of the slut you fucked when I went to school? My class was cancelled, so I got home just in time to see her grind her pussy on your face.”

Eric couldn
’t believe what he was seeing.  She is even dressed like Nancy he thought to himself.

I not only can look like her. I can fuck like her too.  Meet Grant.  He’s going to help me act like your slut.  Isn’t he a stud?  Now before you get mad and turn off the computer, I think you should know I withdrew all our money from the bank.  It’s in a new account in my name only.  To get some back, you’ll watch Grant fuck me.  Tomorrow, if you can describe in detail my fuck session, I will deposit $75,000 back in our joint account on Monday.  It’s your choice.  Regardless, Grant will fuck the shit out of me.”

’s face grew red.  He was furious.

Now, meet Stephen.  I couldn’t pass up his ten inch cock.  I am going to have some fun.  If you do watch me, I don’t want you to get angry.  I never would have considered acting this way if I hadn’t witnessed what type of woman appeals to you.” 

, Diana turned to Grant and began kissing him passionately while stroking his dick.  Grant reciprocated by rubbing her breasts.  Next, he unbuttoned her top and laid her on the bed.  He licked each of her breasts teasingly by avoiding her nipples.  She was beginning to heat up.  Grant slid down in the bed and began licking her left inner thigh and then her right.

Fuck this shit,” thought Eric.

Diana just smiled at him before pulling
up her skirt and spreading her legs more.  Grant went right for her pussy.  He sucked and licked her entire package before focusing on her clit.  As she received his upward strokes with his tongue, Diana’s pelvis began to rock back and forth.  She grabbed his head pulling it tightly down on her pus.

Oh Eric, he is so good.  He isssss sooo good,” she cooed looking directly into her husband’s eyes through the camera.

After his tongue tired, Grant slid up in the bed and stuck hi
s cock in her mouth.  She sucked him like a cock-craved whore.  Then, she began stroking it with her tongue.  Stephen decided now was his time to join in.  He stuck two fingers in her pussy and began to stroke it.  Diana moaned in pleasure and looked at him lustfully.  He kept finger fucking her as he went down on her clit.  She raised her ass off the bed to meet his tongue and began sucking Grant again. Diana was in pure ecstasy.

That bitch,” thought Eric.  “She’s rubbing my nose in it.”

several minutes, the two men switched places.  Diana opened her mouth wide to receive Stephen’s ten inches of manliness.  It was all she could do to keep from gagging on his big stick, but she took it like a true slut.  She pumped it with her mouth while Grant kept stroking and licking her clit.  Shortly, she began climaxing as her body tensed up tighter than it had ever been.  In spite of himself, Eric slid his hand to his hard shaft.  After her climax began to diminish, she pulled Stephen’s cock out of her mouth.

Are you two going to fuck me or not.  I’ve got to get fucked.”

looked at Eric thru the camera.

I want them to fuck me.  Eric, I need fucking.”

Grant raised her legs s
traight up in the air raising her pussy to his dick.

Give it to me.  Give it to me babyyyy,” she screamed as Grant pierced his cock deep in her pussy.

She returned
her hand to Stephen’s cock and began stroking him good.  Her pussy was the hottest Grant ever had.  It didn’t take him long to reach his apex.  Diana’s pussy overflowed with his steaming cum.

Baby, you were great.  Wasn’t that great, Eric?”

Eric massaged his penis with hand.  Diana
began licking Grant clean.  Stephen moved to get between her legs as she sucked Grant dry.  Diana paused.

Not yet, I have special plans for you in a minute.”  When she finished licking Grant clean, she got on all fours. “Spank me good,” she commanded.  Stephen and Eric moved to each side of her and spanked her ass red.  She screamed in pleasure from the rush. They dominated that ass.  Diana loved it.  Afterwards, she lay back down on her back.

I have never had a cock nearly as big as yours is.  I want you to give it to me good.  Don’t be gentle.  I want it rough.”

unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out.  Diana was too preoccupied to notice.

Grant I want you to help him.  Don’t let me try to get away from him if his mammoth size causes some pain.  I’ve missed rough sex.  I don’t get it a home.”

’s heart twanged in anger at her critique but kept stroking his penis just the same.  The two men went straight to work on her.  Grant grabbed her hands and pressed them down on the mattress.  Stephen spread her legs wide and pushed his head inside her.  She was too tight as he began working his dick in stretching her pussy.

That’s it.  Pushhhhh it in me.”  After three strong pushes, all ten inches went in with a slap of Stephen’s balls against her ass.  “Oh, oh, it’s too big,” said Diana as her body started to tremble.  He kept hitting it faster and faster.  “I can’t take it.  It’s too big,” she cried.  Grant looked down at her.

You told your husband you were going to act like his slut,” he chided.  “Sluts take medium size dicks, small ones, and monsters like his.  Sluts take them all.  Either be a slut or quit.” 

She looked
through the camera at Eric and then down at Stephen.

Can’t you fuck harder?  I want you to use me up!”

Stephen shif
ted gears giving her the fuck of her life.  In spite of himself, Eric shot his wad, hitting the computer screen in the process.

Give it to me.  Give it to me,” Diana demanded. 

Eric quickly wiped the screen.  His wife
grabbed Grant’s cock and began sucking profusely.  Stephen kept fucking her.  Diana relaxed and took his pounding like the slut she desired to be that night.  The orgasm of her life was building.  Grant fired his flaming hot juice into her mouth.  She swallowed it all. Eric rubbed his shrinking penis.

’s pounding cock got the best of her as her body tensed as he pushed as deep inside her as she could take it and fired his volleys.  Diana reached the top of her climax staring into the camera at Eric.  He hastily covered himself to conceal his aroused state.  Diana turned showing her overflowing pussy to the camera.

Eric, did I act like her?”  He just sat speechless.  He was at a loss for words.  “I have more instructions for you, but first I must lick them clean.”  Both men brought their dicks to her face. She sucked their remaining cum dry alternating back forth between their cocks.  “You are so good.  I don’t want to stop, but you fucked me raw,” she purred. “I’ve never been fucked that well.” Grant and Stephen climbed out of bed and got dressed to leave.

spread cum that was on her chin onto her lips while looking at Eric. “Sweetheart, I’ll be home in the morning.  Tonight, I just want to sleep in this cum soaked bed and savor my slutiness.” She smiled and blew her husband a cum-bubbled kiss before turning off the camera.  He just sat there in disbelieve.

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