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For better or for worse.

Mr. Oakley looked straight at me. “Can you work this out yourselves?”

“Yes, sir.” My voice was drowned out by the bell ending the period.

As Mr. Oakley moved away and students gathered their books, Kennedy rolled his chair closer to mine and said in my ear, “Don’t raise your voice to me.”

Raise my voice?
was the one who’d raised his voice and caught Mr. Oakley’s attention.

The bell went silent.

Kennedy straightened. In his normal tone he said, “Tell Ms. Patel I’ll miss most of study hall. I’m going to stay here and get a head start on the other Superlatives pages, now that I know we’re in trouble.”

“Okay.” The argument hadn’t ended like I’d wanted, but at least he didn’t seem angry anymore.

I retrieved my book bag and smiled when I saw Quinn waiting for me just inside the doorway. His big grin made his dyed-black Goth hair and the metal stud jutting from his bottom lip look less threatening. Most people in school didn’t know what I knew: that Quinn was a sweetheart. We wound our way through the crowded halls toward Ms. Patel’s classroom.

“I overheard your talk with Kennedy,” Quinn said.

“Did you see his designs?” I asked. “I understand why he’d want to angle some photos for variety
the pictures themselves were boring. Mine aren’t.”

“He’ll change his mind when he sees your masterpieces,” Quinn assured me. “Speaking of the Superlatives, Noah said Brody’s been talking about you.”

I suspected where this was going. Noah and I hadn’t been as tight this school year, since I’d started dating Kennedy. In fact, if I hadn’t checked his calculus homework every day in study hall, we might not have talked at all. But last spring when we’d gone out, he’d told me what great friends he and Brody were. Brody’s dad had been their first football coach for the rec league in third grade. They’d played side by side ever since. Now Noah’s position on the team was right guard. His responsibility was to protect Brody from getting sacked before he could throw the ball. Friends that close definitely shared their opinions of the girl one of them had been teamed with as Perfect Couple.


Jennifer Echols has written many romantic novels for teens and adults. She grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama, where her high school senior class voted her Most Academic and Most Likely to Succeed. Please visit her at


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Echols, Jennifer.

Biggest flirts / Jennifer Echols. — First Simon Pulse edition.

p. cm. — (The Superlatives)

Summary: Tia likes to flirt, but she isn’t looking for a serious relationship. Will is the same way—
at least, that’s what Tia thinks. But Will wants a real girlfriend, so despite their chemistry,
he starts dating someone else. Then Tia and Will are elected their yearbook’s
Biggest Flirts, and things get really complicated.

[1. Dating (Social customs)—Fiction. 2. Flirting—Fiction. 3. Self-perception—Fiction.
4. High schools—Fiction. 5. Schools—Fiction. 6. Florida—Fiction.] I. Title.

PZ7.E1967Bi 2014



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BOOK: Biggest Flirts
5.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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