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Bitten by Treachery (Hadley Werewolves)

BOOK: Bitten by Treachery (Hadley Werewolves)
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Bitten by Treachery


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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Crouched low on the ground, Charly seethed. With her wrists bound in front of her and her legs tucked in, she fought to maintain the pose she’d been taught as a child. Her thighs clenched tight from sitting on the cold, wooden floor for so long. All of this was her coven’s punishment for her mother’s deeds, and now hers, a daughter atoning for her mother’s sins. The coven was never merciful—especially for those who tried to disrupt their plans. They’d make her pay just to warn others not to even try to break the coven’s laws in the future.

A thin line of sweat rolled down the witch’s back, creating an itch she couldn’t scratch.

Ignore everything around you, Charly

Pain, on the other hand, was far more difficult to tune out than discomfort. No matter how much she twisted to the side, she couldn’t see the werewolf’s bite on the small of her back. Before Charly had been shoved to the floor, she’d been stripped of her clothing in a stuffy room filled with covered furniture and cobwebs. She snorted with bitterness, unable to hold in the anger that overwhelmed her senses. The bite wound on her back throbbed, and she tried not to think about how she got it.

The sound of high heels echoed across the chamber. In the outskirts of Las Vegas, there wasn’t much to hear so far beyond the limits of the bright city. The elder blood witch’s home was one of the largest among the sisters, a perfect place to hide away Charly while keeping her on the crow coven’s commune.

“Are you done fighting us, Charlene?” The voice dripped with condemnation. The coven used her full name, and Charly hated that they never wanted to use her nickname. Ever.

“No, Isabella, I’m not done fighting you,” she replied between clenched teeth.

The woman chortled. “You were always a stubborn lot—just like your mother.”

Virulent words came to mind, but Charly couldn’t cast spells due to the magic in the ropes around her wrists and ankles. Either way, this wasn’t the time to speak.

More footsteps. The rest of the elders had arrived to assess her. Women dressed in black with imposing expressions flanked them on each side. The enforcers, known among the witches as their soldiers, had bound and left her here.

“Isabella,” one of the women said, “is she ready to take her place among them?” This high-pitched voice was easy to place: Ophelia, their leader. To think she had helped raised Charly. Also, she was the one who had so easily judged her mother unfit to stay with the coven. That was until Charly stepped forward to save her.

“Almost,” Isabella replied. “But I believe she’s forgotten—or chooses to forget—why we take such extreme measures in our fight against evil.”

Charly didn’t forget. She
forget. Any witch in this room sensed the siren’s call from the trapped monstrosities in the basement of that very building. In a tiny room on the lowest floor sat a plain wooden jewelry box on an ornate Victorian table. Not a single witch dared to touch it—unless they wanted to be a vessel for a blood demon—a parasitic spirit that used a witch’s corporeal form to take life from other beings like humans or witches. Her ancestors had crafted the boxes to imprison the creatures, but the containers only worked so well. A few months ago, one of the sisters had foolishly gotten too close to the demons’ box. She answered its never-ending call, managing to disarm the guards and touch the jewelry box. After that the slaughter began. The memories flashed crimson in her mind: Limbs torn off without mercy, heads squeezed until the victims screamed. Such was the demon’s telekinetic power.

For years, the coven had used werewolves, the only beings who could touch the box, to guard it and keep the box out of the wrong hands. But a week ago their last loyal guard had died from a long exposure to the demons and then the decision had become clear—to the other witches but not to Charly and her mother—that the werewolves would have to be enslaved to help them. Once a werewolf guard entered the room, the demons in the box made sure they never left again. The werewolves didn’t exactly die…but who the hell would be willing to help the witches’ cause?

“You’re just as damned as the demon who escaped,” Ophelia said. “We all have a price to pay to protect what we hold dear. Some are forced to pay more than others.”

“How long until the wolf’s venom takes effect?” another of the elders asked.

“It’s been twenty-four hours,” Isabella said coolly. “The transformation should take place soon.”

Charly squeezed her eyes shut. Her coven forced her to become one of
. She sucked in a breath and held in a curse.

“Very good,” Ophelia said. “Our plan will work this time. Amelia made too many mistakes during our last experiment. She messed up everything we’d worked so hard to achieve.”

Charly heard everything the older sisters said and realized the rumors she’d heard were true. A few weeks ago, rumblings began that her aunt Amelia infiltrated an isolated werewolf pack in the Arizona desert. She’d been sent with a singular mission: take over the wolves by controlling the alpha male. But based on what her mother had told her, everything had gone horrible wrong. Either the spell on the wolves was poorly cast or it outright failed. The alpha went mad, and after he bit other werewolves, they turned rabid instead of becoming the loyal protectors the witches had needed. In the aftermath, Amelia was dead, and once Charly’s mother threatened to reveal the coven’s mishap to the blood witches who governed all covens, she’d been detained and now sat alone in another room similar to this one. Unable to fight back, Charly agreed to their plans to save her mother, but there was no way in hell she’d lay down without a struggle on their part.

A growl rumbled in a darkened corner, and chains rattled across the floor. Charly refused to look up. She refused to think about what lurked in the darkened corner, what it had done to her. When the attack occurred a few days ago, Ophelia had been in the room the whole time. She’d done nothing to stop it.

“The wolf’s awake,” was all she recalled Ophelia saying. “Are you ready, witchling?”

No one could’ve been prepared for what horror she endured.

Charlene’s body shook as her recollection of the attack flashed through her memory. The rapid beat of her heart, the tightening of the magical ropes on her arms and legs. They had no concern how badly she might be mauled, only that she was bitten and infected with their poison. Once the poison was inside her, she’d heal. She had steeled herself for the impact then a gray-haired wolf was on her, teeth bared. Yellow eyes had stared at her, hungry since the beast had been denied food for four days.

During the attack, she had managed to roll onto her stomach, crouching as best as she could to protect her head and torso. Clawed hands had kept her still while it swooped in to bite her. Her choked screams ended abruptly as the werewolf had crawled back into the corner where Ophelia dropped a bowl of dog food. Whether it had been the wolf’s conscious decision or the food that had saved Charly, she didn’t care. The throbbing pain from the bite remained—an ever-present reminder—and a new emotion joined it: A deep-seeded fear that at any moment the chains would shift again and the restraints wouldn’t be short enough to keep the beast at bay.

Now that she’d been infected and the werewolf was quiet, the blood witches could move forward with their plans.

Ophelia crouched and brushed away clumps of blonde hair out of Charly’s face. “Don’t ever forget. Those animals can’t get back their humanity once they surrender to the wolf. Our
option is to control them or lose our battle with the blood demons.”

Ophelia turned to the elders.

“Set her free tonight, Isabella,” she ordered. “Her provisions are packed. Keep an eye on her until she reaches town. From there, Charlene is to find the pack’s alpha male. She
enchant him, and she
take over the werewolves. She must if she wants to spare her mother from judgment.”

The lone road in and out of Hadley called to Trenton. He’d sometimes sit in his patrol car by the highway and watch hawks circle overhead as they hunted for prey. Once in a while they’d dip into the brush to snag a kill. His fingertips flicked the keys dangling from the starter again. A habit to keep his agitation in check. Maybe his restlessness was due to all the time he’d spent traveling as a rogue werewolf. He’d done too much hitchhiking over the years. Going from town to town through the desert. The sand practically could’ve swallowed him before he’d reached Hadley, a surprising oasis for his wandering. Other than the past couple of months, his first year had gone by quickly.

The radio in the car came to life. “Drew, we got a 484 over at the hardware store. They caught the Granger kids stealing again.”

Trenton chuckled. Drew was the newest werewolf hire who got a job as a cop a few days ago. Instead of working in town, Trenton preferred his post by the county road. Maybe so he could think. His boss, Kyle, may have assumed he was just looking for another excuse to sleep. The most he’d seen in terms of vehicles, suspicious or otherwise, were delivery and gas trucks that came through a few times a week.

Hadley wasn’t the kind of place where folks dropped by on vacation. The werewolves around here liked it that way. Especially after what happened a few weeks ago: destruction, fear, and crazed werewolves. A bunch of words that all coalesced into an apocalypse rolling through the area. They didn’t need word of that mess traveling.

He settled deeper into the seat as sleep tugged at him. He’d worked a double twenty-four hour shift. Far too long, even for a werewolf. His eyelids drooped, and the rise and fall of his chest slowed. Before he closed his eyes, he spied a form walking down the road. From this distance, she was a moving speck among the cacti and sagebrush.

BOOK: Bitten by Treachery (Hadley Werewolves)
6.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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