Blood Finale (God Wars #5) (32 page)

BOOK: Blood Finale (God Wars #5)
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Sounds of slot machines, gamblers, talking, laughing and a few happy shrieks greeted us as we headed toward the bar in Adam's casino. Lissa paused for a moment before we went through the doors of the upscale bar she'd chosen.

I watched as she took a breath and squared her shoulders before reaching for the door handle.

"Two vampires walk into a bar," she said. Without a word, I followed her inside.

* * *

Bill's Journal

We'd gathered there after the feast, and decided to stay—unless we were needed elsewhere—all of Breanne's mates except Charles, Ashe and Hank.

"So Charles built this for her," Jayson stared at the ceiling over our heads. It was high, that ceiling, with a rectangular skylight over the kitchen island, where we sat.

"He asked her what she wanted. She told him she wanted a house big enough for all of us."

"So she was thinking about us, too." Jayson nodded his thanks as Belinda set a fresh cup of coffee in front of him.

"You sound so surprised." Breanne appeared at the end of the island and blinked at both of us. I folded space to hug her first.

* * *


Hank's Journal

"So you finally get to me," I muttered. I even breathed a bit of smoke.

"Are you planning to waste time being mad?" My back was to Breanne, so she walked around to look at me. Her arms were tightly crossed and I knew—she was still afraid of my anger.

I had no idea if she'd ever get rid of what that bitch in Texas did to her. "Breanne," I breathed. "When will you know me well enough to realize I will never harm you?" Untucking her hands, I pulled them into my own, then drew her into my arms.

"I love you more than anything," I whispered. She trembled against me. I leaned down to kiss her. Was it perfect?

You bet your ass it was.


The End



About the author:

Connie Suttle lives in Oklahoma with her patient, long-suffering husband and three cats. For information on forthcoming titles, please visit Connie's website at, her blog at or find her on Facebook—Connie Suttle Author. She is also on twitter: @subtledemon.





BOOK: Blood Finale (God Wars #5)
7.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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