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Dag sucked a pink nipple into his mouth, and damned if his brother didn’t look like a man who’d just discovered heaven. Her reaction was pure delight, too. She gave a startled cry, like she hadn’t known such a simple touch could set her on fire. The scent of her arousal flooded the air, and she buried her hands deep in Dag’s hair.

“Maple-sugar sweet,” Dag growled, rocking back on his heels and lifting his head.

She whimpered as he took his mouth away from her breast. She didn’t want him to go, but Rafer wanted her greedier, so he reached down and slipped her running pants lower. He’d have liked to taste her for himself, but she was still shy. The sight of her in those lacy panties almost had him coming. She was impossibly feminine, lying there, waiting for their touch.

“Watch my brother,” he crooned against her skin as Dag finished removing her pants and shoes, and she shuddered, as if his words had a one-way connection to her pussy and he’d lit her on fire. “See how much he wants you,

Rafer settled his fingers against the back of her neck, cupping her, holding her still for that kiss that was coming. He let his own hand glide down, over her stomach and the lacy scrap of her bikini panties until he was touching her. First on top of her panties. Then beneath, while her breath caught and her body froze, pushing against his in silent demand.

Fuck, the impossible, fiery
of her almost undid him. His fingers parted her gently, easily, dipping into swollen, wet flesh. He’d expected the urgency of the mating heat. He hadn’t, however, expected this need to bury himself in her, learn

Reluctantly, he slid his finger free, making room for his brother.

Dag moved between her legs, drawing the soaked scrap of cotton and lace down. She opened up for him with a sigh, as if she’d been waiting for this for too long.  Rafer drank in the erotic sight of her pussy, the pale strip of golden hair and the slick, wet folds. The teasing moisture of her arousal. She was so wet. Had she already come that evening? His wolf growled, angry someone else might have seen to her, and he nipped her ear.

She gasped at the small sting of pleasure-pain, pushing back into his hold.

“You want this,” he said. She had no idea what she did to him, to them all.

She needed his Pack, even if she wasn’t ready to give them the words yet. He wanted to coax, to tease until she was trembling, too wet to remember all the reasons why she should say no.

Before she could protest, Dag sank into her sweet pussy, licking her. Her scent drove Rafer crazy. She rode his brother’s tongue, the soft moans slipping from her as her fists tightened by her sides. She liked this, liked his brother’s touch, but that wasn’t enough. Rafer wanted more, wanted her to let go entirely and lose herself in the orgasm he sensed building inside her.

“Fuck,” Dag growled, “she’s so tight.”

When Dag tucked a single finger inside her opening, she bucked in Rafer’s arms. Cried out hoarsely as if the sensations burning through were too much, as if she was afraid.

Behind them, the cabin door opened. Closed. His Pack had joined them.

He whispered rough reassurances. “Enjoy this for us,
.” He held her in place, anchoring her with his arm. Not letting her hide from the pleasure. “See us.”

Her head came up at his whispered command, and he knew she sensed those hot eyes on her, the Pack watching from the room’s shadows.

“Rafer,” she gasped, her eyes widening in shock.

He bent his head to hers, the words spilling from his mouth. How pretty she was as she rode his brother’s tongue. How he wanted his turn, couldn’t wait to taste her. Then, because he had to have some piece of her for himself, he dropped one hand between them. Using her juices, he drew a slick path along the hidden channel of her ass until he found that secret hole and worked his finger against her. Her low, sweet moan told him she liked that. She bucked, taking him deeper inside, the tight ring giving way beneath his penetrating touch. He needed this much of her.

His hard-on was killing him, but he wasn’t going to sink into her, so he’d take what he could get. Coax what pleasure he could.

Their Alpha took her mouth in a hard kiss when she came riding Dag's mouth and Rafer’s finger.

“Choose,” Luc ordered when he freed her mouth. “Choose a mate.”

She hesitated. And then, to Rafer’s shock, she did.

“Rafer,” she said and leaned back. “Give
to me.”

Chapter Six


His brothers left, the flimsy door to the houseboat’s cabin shutting behind them. The mated pair was heart and soul of the Pack. In the wild, the males ran together until one found his female and paired off with her. Then, the all-male pack would break up, going their separate ways. If she wouldn’t share, wouldn’t accept his brothers, that would happen here too.

That was tomorrow’s challenge. Tonight, all Rafer had to do was love her.

Easy enough to do.

The houseboat rocked around them, the water moving them here and there in a familiar rhythm. He knew this song, this motion. Somewhere out in the bayou, a male alligator roared and a higher-pitched juvenile answered. 

The primitive urge to see to her needs had him stiffening. He hadn’t planned this. He’d wanted this night for Dag. Instead, here he was, and honesty compelled Rafer to admit he wanted to mark her as

Crouching, he spread her out on his bed. Her skin was soft, and he gave in to the urge to run his hands along her arms, over her back. It had been months since he’d had a lover, and his wolf growled with anticipation. The glands in the pads of his feet and hands and beneath his chin swelled, and with each long, telltale stroke, he covered her in his spicy scent.

After tonight, there would be no question as to whom she belonged.

She was

She was naked, her pretty body bare for him, the pink flush of feminine arousal a siren’s call he couldn’t resist. As soon as he took his hands off her, though, she pushed upright on one elbow. The movement forced the tender curve of her breast against her arm. He wanted to lean down and tongue that hard nipple, to push her back down.

Instead, he moved away. He wouldn’t be an animal, wouldn’t fall on her like a beast and take her. He’d be more than his wolf side, even if that meant holding back when his cock demanded he press closer, slide against hers. Into her. She inhaled when he left her, rolling over to follow him as if she too didn’t want that space between them anymore.

“Now what?” She tugged the edges of his quilt around her, covering up all those delicious curves.

He growled before he could stop himself, and her eyes widened. “I like looking at you. Don’t cover up,

She stiffened, her fingers tightening on the well-worn flannel. He liked thinking about all that soft brushing against her.

Despite his request, however, the quilt didn’t move from where she clutched it, suddenly shy. Her brown eyes kept right on watching him, darting between him and the door where his brothers had disappeared. “Are they really gone?”

That husky whisper teased his senses like fingers gliding up and down his cock. She hadn’t touched him yet, not really. Just the sweet, hot weight of her body pressing back against his as he’d held her while his brother loved her. As he slipped inside her tight ass. The smile tugging at his lips wasn’t nice. He didn’t feel
. His desire for this woman was pure torment, and he was going to touch a whole hell of a lot more. He had the entire night to enjoy her, give her pleasure.

Until she came for him.

Or drove him fucking crazy with that pleasure.

“You don’t want the audience,
?” Just the two of them now, although he’d give her whatever she needed. She hesitated, and damned if she wasn’t actually thinking his suggestion over. Could she accept his Pack, enjoy their lush sensuality? Could he be that lucky?

“I’ve never done that before,” she admitted. “I’ve never let anyone else watch.”

He smoothed a hand over her shoulder, letting his fingers find that creamy skin. “Then tonight’s your lucky night,
. Whatever fantasies you’ve been dreamin’, you just tell me.”

The quilt slipped lower as she looked up at him, and her smile was something else. She lit him up from the inside out with her happy curiosity. He put some distance between them real quick then, got the hell away from her, because he couldn’t stay near and not touch her. And she wasn’t ready for that. Not yet.

“This night is for you,” he promised. “Whatever you want. All you have to do is ask.”

Hell, yeah.

The silence stretched between them while she thought his offer over. Carefully, he collected her clothing from the floor where his brothers had tossed it, folding and setting the small pile neatly to one side. In the morning, she’d be glad to have her clothes. Humans were strangely bashful about their bodies. And as a new mate with an unfamiliar Pack, she would be shyer than most.

“Come over here,” she demanded just when he thought he’d have to give in and go to her. Her eyes got real busy watching the clothes he’d set down close enough for her to see but not close enough to encourage her to do a cover-up.

Because he wasn’t done looking at her.

He stalked towards her. At last. “Make sure you know what you’re askin’ for.”

“This is my fantasy,” she argued. “I get to decide what happens.”

His hands fisted on his thighs. He was painfully aware of the thick erection punching up from his groin. Waiting was killing him. Every primal instinct he possessed urged him to take her and mark her so deep with his scent that the Pack had no more questions about who she belonged to. He’d be under her skin, in her blood. With every breath his Pack took, they’d

Lark Andrews belonged with

She eyed him. Hungrily. Hell, she was more wolf than he was in that moment. “Come. Closer.”

“Be sure,

He froze, ready to pounce.




“I’m sure.”  Liquid warmth pooled in her belly and lower. She couldn’t be surer. She’d never had dreams like this, never felt so wickedly sexy. She’d come once already, but watching him move confidently towards the bed made her think once wouldn’t be enough.

She’d been so alone. The farm consumed every waking minute, and at night all she wanted to do was sleep. No time for a lover, even if she could have found a man willing to play second to Pink Cosmo Farm.

She wanted this, wanted Rafer.

She relished her sexy awareness of her nudity. Her body was already sure, tuned to the man whose slow glide ate up the empty space between them.

Rafer was fiercely beautiful, his face more than half savage. He wasn’t tame. He’d give orders and expect her to follow them.

Alpha to her bitch.

Just for tonight, that was a game she could play. Just for tonight, letting someone else take charge was a delicious treat. Tomorrow, she’d have the bank and the farm and a thousand other responsibilities to see to.

Tonight, Rafer wanted to take care of her.

She shoved to her feet. Earlier, he’d been all wolf. Dominant and sure. His hard hands positioning her for his pleasure. God, she’d never come so fast. She’d meet him halfway now, though. Wouldn’t wait passively for what he could give her.

She wanted to
him, every hot inch of him. Maybe she had a wolfish side, too.

He drew her back down onto the quilts, one arm pulling her into his body. The other arm captured her head, his fingers tangling in her hair. She was pinned. Dominated. But not trapped. Her hands curled into his powerful shoulders as he kissed her, his mouth covering over hers.

He stroked, his mouth and tongue devouring hers, as he pressed himself against her hip.

She reached for him, needing to wrap her fingers around his cock, but he moved first, capturing her hands above her head. Holding her still for him.

“Let me,” he growled.

One big hand cupped her breast. God, there was no forgetting that wicked, knowing touch. Gentler now, his knuckles brushing the tender curve still made her shiver as he stroked upwards. He found her nipple, and sensation shot through her, fiercer and more urgent.

He'd touched her before, but this was better. She could see his face, watch the fierce pleasure consuming him as he concentrated on her exposed skin, his mouth and fingers teasing her flesh. She turned her body into his, pressing herself skin to skin with the man holding her so carefully.

He lifted his head, and her pussy clenched in anticipation. “You know what it was like for me to watch?”

“Tell me,” she demanded. The hot spark of emotion in his eyes fed the hunger in her, made her feel impossibly sexy and beautiful. As if tonight she was the center of his universe.

“He touched you first,” he growled against her ear. “Dag did.”

She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. All she knew was that she wanted
. More Rafer, more of his sensual brand of magic.

“Right here," he rasped. "And you liked it,

When he cupped her breast, pinching the hard pebble of her nipple, she arched into his touch, demanding that
. He was teasing her when she wanted him now.

“Maybe,” she admitted breathlessly.

“You made all those sexy noises,” he said. “You liked what Dag did to you just fine.”

He made her remember and that was good, but building new memories would be even better. She’d enjoy every single, heated moment of this night. “Sure did,” she breathed.

“You’re goin’ to like it more when I touch you.” His leg parted hers, coarse hair brushing against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. “Let’s see how much we can make you like it.”

“Rafer,” she pleaded, biting back the moan that threatened to slip from her throat. She was going to come all over his fingers, when waiting would be sweeter, the pleasure better with him inside her.

His finger slid down her soaked folds. Parting her for his touch. “You’re wet,
.” His husky drawl had her creaming more. “Is this for me—or for Dag?”

Oh, God. His game got her going and he knew it. What would he do if she said his brother’s name?  She wanted to find out, but there was no hiding how close she was to coming. She was done playing, lost in her enjoyment of his touch.  The raw sound of wetness filled the air, her breath sawing in and out of her in pants that mirrored the hard pulse beating in her pussy. She pushed up against him, demanding more.

“Yes,” he growled. “You tell me how much you like this.”

“Too much,” she cried. “I’m coming, Rafer.”

“You already came for him. You don’ need to come again.” The stern warning in his voice made her wetter.

She fought to see his face, to watch his eyes, but her own were drifting shut. He tucked a finger inside her, and her pussy clenched in welcome. He’d been there, too, before.

“Try and stop me,” she growled back at him.

That finger moved deeper, finding a spot and rubbing. Bright sparks exploded behind her closed eyes, a fiery maelstrom of pleasure engulfing her. When he slipped his finger free, she couldn’t hold back her cry of frustration.

“Ask me,” he demanded. “Ask me to let you come, Lark.”

“Yes,” she said, raising herself up to meet him. Shamelessly, she pressed herself against his hard length. She wasn’t usually this needy, wasn’t this demanding with a lover, but he awoke a wild side she hadn’t known she possessed. “Yes, let me come now.”

His hand returned, and she bit back a groan. She’d never done this, never let a man touch her until she was all raw, needy ache. The sensations overwhelmed her.

“Both of you,” she whispered, the husky admission a plea for more. “You both felt so damned good.”

Dag had touched her there too, but Rafer had taken her virgin ass instead, one wicked, forbidden finger exploring hidden depths. Remembered heat burned through her.

“I’m goin’ to have you here, too.” His finger traced the channel between her rear cheeks, dipping deeper, teasing her senses with that delicious burn as his finger stretched her a second time.              

“Rafer—” She froze.

“You liked that.”

She had. She did. When his finger slid free, she wanted more.

“This is my turn.” His hands gripped her hips, holding her in place. “I’m goin’ to take good care of you tonight, Lark.” Sensual promise filled his voice as he stared at her, all shadows and darkness, a large shape covering over her.

“I don’t need taking care of,” she protested weakly. Fantasies ran riot through her head. She
need this—the question was, did she want it?

“Yes,” he said hoarsely. “Yes, you do,
. You fantasized about this.”

“The dreams—” Had those dreams been something more than merely fantasies? A harbinger of future pleasures?

“We’ve been dreamin’ of you, too,” he vowed. “That moon up there tonight? That’s our once-in-a-blue-moon chance. My kind, we can only hunt for our mates when that blue moon rises. Then she leads us right to you. And so you’re not worryin’ too much,
, that moon makes sure you’re doin’ plenty of your own dreamin’.”

BOOK: Blue Moon Brides: The Complete Series
5.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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