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For over a minute she twitched and
convulsed atop me. I felt the silky walls of her pussy clamp down
hard on my cock as her core muscles contracted from the force of
her orgasm. I felt as if my cock would be pinched off from the
force of her fierce passionate release. Finally, spent , she
collapsed on top of me.

But I wasn’t done with her yet. She
wanted to cut out the middleman. With no thought of Jake
whatsoever, I decided to give her what she wanted.

With my cock still rock hard and rigid
inside her, I spun us in the bed, putting me on top of her. My cock
remained buried inside her pussy to the hilt. I lunged in and out
of her quickly, withdrawing nearly all the way, and then burying
myself fully into her again. She gasped.

Reaching down, I grabbed her legs and
spread them wide from side to side. With her workout regimen at the
gym, she was pliable and limber for me. With her legs spread all
the way, I held her knees down against the mattress, with my full
weight bearing down on her, holding her in place for the fierce
fucking I was about to give her.

Then I lunged in and out again. She
gasped. Then I did it one more time.

I’m gonna cum again!” She
whispered urgently.

Damn, that was fast!” I
thought to myself.

With her legs spread wide and held
down, she was exposed and vulnerable to my cock. I drove it deep
into her, feeling her firm, ripe cervix give way at the end of each
of my thrusts. I began to rhythmically lunge in and out, driving my
cock into her waiting womb.

She began convulsing underneath me as
she orgasmed violently. Spurred on by her sensual writhing, I drove
myself to even greater exertions, sensing that my own powerful
orgasm was not far behind. I let go of her legs, and felt them
being wrapped around my waist, with her heels hooking just under my
butt, using the power of her athletic legs to haul me further into

I love your cock!” she
moaned as she came hard.

That was it. I lost it. Quickly, I
felt my orgasm swell up and then strike quickly like a poisonous
snake. Seeming to strike every fiber of my body, it hit hard and
fast, rendering me speechless with its power. Then I felt the
familiar sensation of my balls beginning to empty themselves. A
large burst of warmth flowed down the center of my cock, and I knew
that the load of sperm that Gabi wanted me to fertilize her with
was being delivered. I felt my cock pulsing over and over, with
each pulse delivering another burst of white hot, sticky cum into
her waiting pussy. I continued to hammer her hard, and eventually
felt our commingled fluids wetting the outside of her pussy as my
balls slapped repeatedly, with each stroke, against her wet

Finally spent, I collapsed on top of
her. My cock was still buried deep inside her. Despite the
powerful, almost mind-blowing orgasm I had just had, I remained
fully aroused. I was clearly ready for Round Two.

But was my conscience? All of a sudden
I thought of Jake slumbering peacefully, drunk in the room down the
hall. I was instantly consumed by guilt. I rolled off of Gabi and
onto my back on the bed next to her.

I can’t believe we just
did that!” I whispered to her.

It was nice!” she
whispered back. “God, it was fantastic.”

I shouldn’t have done
that.” I said, in a low voice, very matter-of-factly.

Gabi propped herself up on one elbow
and looked at me with a smile. She glanced down at my still
completely erect, and obviously unsatisfied cock.

I can see he’s just
consumed with guilt,” she whispered with a little laugh.

I said nothing. I just laid there in
bed, fuming at my weakness. But I also realized that I was
powerless to resist Gabi.

She lowered her mouth to mine. Her
tongue found mine again. Then she slid one leg over my body,
reached down between us, and used her hand to guide my cock, still
glistening from our first round, into her.

I felt my cock slide between her lips
and work deep into her as she deftly encased me in one swift, sure

Looking at her above me, I saw her
bite the corner of one lip to contain the gasp that wanted to
escape her. Then she began to slide up and down on my

Once again, I forgot about Jake, and
my seeming inability to resist his wife’s irresistible




Chapter Seven


Three Years


I was in my office when I heard the
usual cacophony that erupted when Natalie came to the office. I
heard the receptionist quietly scream her name, and heard the quiet
clink of the glass candy dish as she began doting on the precocious
and spoiled two-year-old.

I heard her name called out loud by
others in the office as the tumult gradually neared the door of my
office. I heard her little girl voice making conversation with
those addressing her, marveling at her articulateness for a little
girl barely over two.

I watched toward my door, knowing what
was coming very quickly. Then I saw Natalie appear in my door. Over
my desk, I barely saw the top of her head, encased in two blonde
pigtails. I craned my neck up to see her better, and saw the
obvious product of a household of two wealthy North Dallasites.
Typical of the area, they had nothing better to do than to lavish
their attention on an only child, this one a cute, sassy toddler
who seemed to be permanently clad in the latest Laura Ashley
dresses and outfits. Outrageously spoiled, Natalie led a life that
would be any child’s dream.

Uncle Chris!” I heard at
my door, as Natalie rounded the corner. I stood up at my desk and
held my arms outstretched. She ran into my office and around the
corner of my desk as I reached down and scooped her up in my

Hey Darlin’!” I told her,
with my Texas accent barely creeping into my speech. “What are you
up to?”

We came to see Daddy!”
she told me, her voice enthusiastically bright.

Oh you did, did you?” I
asked. Looking over Natalie’s shoulder, I saw Gabi standing in the
doorway. I detected the slightest hint of a grin on Gabi’s

Yep. We came to ask him
for something,” Natalia told me, her voice close to my ear. As she
asked, I saw Jake’s form appear behind Gabi in the door.

Ask me for what?” Jake
asked, his mouth twisted into a smile. I knew damned good and well
that Natalie could have asked for the moon, and Jake would have
figured out how to get the best deal on it.

Natalie looked at Jake, and then back
at me sheepishly. I set her down, and she walked over to Jake. At
first, she looked him in the eye, like the good salesman her dad
was, then she lost her nerve. Her eyes sunk to her

I want a puppy,” she said

Natalie, look me in the
eye when you talk to me.” Jake commanded sternly.

Natalie looked up and fixed Jake in
her gaze.

Daddy, I want a puppy.”
She paused very slightly. “Please?”

Will you feed your puppy,
and clean up after it, and help us to get it trained like it needs
to be?” Jake asked. “Owning a pet is a responsibility, Natalie.
It’s a job. It’s not all fun.”

Oh, I know Daddy!”
Natalie brightly responded. “I’ll take care of the puppy, I

OK, Natalie. Come to my
office and we’ll talk about this puppy of yours,” Jake tried real
hard to sound like the hard-bitten insurance executive of old. But
the truth was, he wouldn’t have said no to Natalie if she had asked
for a giraffe or a hippopotamus or some crazy shit like that. He
held out his hand, and Natalie took it and Jake led her proudly
through the office to his private suite.

Gabi stayed in my office, which I was
a little bit surprised at. We hadn’t been together, at least in a
biblical sense since she had found out she was pregnant with
Natalie. Although I hadn’t experienced her physical charms in three
years, I couldn’t help but remember them.

After that night together at the
Christmas party, we had carried on a torrid affair. We had fucked
in the parking garage numerous times. She had called me to a city
park after dark one night, where I wantonly nailed her in the back
of her Escalade. I had spent an entire weekend with her once when
Jake was traveling.

But her favorite thing, like that one
time in the parking garage, was to call me right after she was
artificially inseminated with my seed from the sperm bank. She
always told me preferred the natural method, because my meat was
hot, as opposed to the cold rigid stainless steel of the tools used
by the fertility specialists.

And as soon as Jake announced that she
was pregnant, the affair ended. Not a word was said. I didn’t get a
bye, see you, kiss my ass, or nothing. It was just over as suddenly
and unexpectedly as it had begun. I was both disappointed and
relieved, but it was hard to say which emotion came out on top in
that moral dilemma.

I just quietly went back to my job,
and continued to kick ass.

Gabi was one of those women that
glowed radiantly when she was pregnant. Effortlessly, she bore her
child for nine months, and then Natalie came along in an almost
routine manner. While Jake was with Gabi in the hospital delivery
room, I waited outside in the waiting area, like a father from the
1960’s. He came out and told me it was a girl (we didn’t know up to
that point, as Gabi didn’t want to be told by the doctors), and
that mom and daughter were both doing fine. I was ushered into the
room and saw my daughter just moments after she was

And Gabi, even after giving birth,
remained as smoking hot as ever. She quickly got back in the gym
with a vengeance, and got her perfect figure back in no time. She
was still Jake Goldman’s world record trophy wife. And I was
jealous, but respectfully so.

Now in my office three years later,
she glanced back over her shoulder, clearly looking to see if
anyone was listening. Then she leaned forward over my desk, her
hands planted in front of me as she leaned near my face. Her blue
eyes peered intently into mine.

You know what else she
asked for yesterday?” she asked, her voice a whisper.

I have no idea,” I told

A baby sister,” Gabi’s
mouth twisted in an amused smile.

Oh shit!” I thought to
myself, barely managing to keep my thoughts to myself. I had just
sort of gotten my post-Gabi life back to normal, was back on the
dating scene, and settling into my comfortable role as Uncle Chris
to the sweetest, most beautiful toddler on the planet.

Here we go again,” I
thought as Gabi stood up from my desk and looked at me with a wry


The End

An Excerpt From

Breeding the Curvy Girl
Next Door

By Natalia


Time crawled at Alcatraz that day. My
Mac led me from one lesson to another. I figured the best way to
keep from dwelling on what was going to happen that night was to
stay busy. My plan backfired, when my diligence caused me to finish
all my lessons for the day nearly two hours before the end of

Good job, Gordon!” Mr.
Shivers said from the front of the room. He had a monitor that
showed every student’s work, and he always praised students that
made exceptional progress, probably because it was such a rare
occurrence at Alcatraz.

That left me with two hours to just
dwell on what was going to happen that evening. Was Gina suggesting
we might have sex? Or was she just going to let our make-out
sessions go a little further?

I pondered the situation, not really
knowing what to expect. At 18, I was pretty odd in my school for
still being a virgin. I didn’t know for a fact, but I suspected
that Gina was too. I had never seen, or even heard of her dating a
guy. Being a little chubby, she never attracted the attention from
the shallow guys, even though everyone seemed to like her since she
was universally considered one of the nicest girls in the

All day in Alcatraz, I had to steer my
thoughts away from my usual fantasies about Gina. As a sexual
novice, I wondered what it would be like to be with her, my
thoughts filled with my love for her, combined with my limited
knowledge of sex being limited to watching some ridiculous porno
clips and movies with their grotesque language and ludicrous “bow
chika bow wow” music.

Finally, the day came to an end, and
we began the laborious process of boarding the micro-managed
Alcatraz bus for the ride home.

Have a good weekend, Mr.
Gordon!” Mr Shivers said pleasantly as I left.

Thank you, sir! I will. I
hope you do too!” He smiled back at me, not used to dealing with
inmates that had manners and could actually carry on an adult

I sat in the usual lone seat with the
mandated silence on the ride home until the bus finally pulled up
in front of my house. I glanced next door at Gina’s house when I
arrived. Her battered old car was in the driveway, but her parent’s
car was gone.

BOOK: Breeding My Boss's Wife
3.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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