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I went inside. I found a note from my




We’re going out with
friends this evening for dinner and a movie. We’ll see you later.
Leave a note for us if you go anywhere.”



Not believing my luck, I scurried up
the stairs to my room and found my phone. I had to leave it at home
every day since they are forbidden at Alcatraz.

I typed a quick text to


I’m home.


I stripped off my clothes from school
and jumped in the shower. I began scrubbing off and had barely
gotten lathered up when I heard my text alert go off. I glanced out
the glass of the shower stall door and saw her reply.


I am too. Come on


I felt my cock begin to swell as I
feverishly finished showering. After finishing, I toweled off and
threw a pair of jeans and a polo shirt on. I grabbed my car keys
and stuff and headed out into the garage to my old car. I got in it
and drove it around the block and found a place in front of Grant’s
house. Grant was a friend who lived nearby. Then I ran back to my
house and left a note for my parents covering my tracks, telling
them that Grant and I had gone out for the evening and would be
back early.

After everything was set, I went out
the front door and walked across the yards connecting me and Gina’s
houses. I knocked at her front door.

After a few seconds, I heard some
rumbling in the house, and saw Gina approaching the front door
through the glass. She opened the door and smiled at me. I nearly
melted at the sight of her.

She said nothing. She just held out
her hand for me. I took her warm, soft hand in mine. She pulled me
inside and closed the door behind me.

Any thoughts about what she had in
mind pretty much went away as she pressed herself against me,
wrapping her arms around me and pressing her lips to mine. Kissing
my lips, she began kissing up and down my neck and ears, as I heard
her voice whispering in my ear over and over.

I love you… I love you….
I love you,” her voice hissed low in my ear sexily, as my member
rapidly grew to full size in anticipation of what was to

I love you too. I love
you so much,” I whispered back fiercely, the sexual tension in us
both driving us to an urgent level we were not used to.

Suddenly, I felt her pulling at the
waist of my shirt, pulling it upwards. I looked at her, surprised.
She lifted the shirt higher, and realizing she wanted me to take it
off, I lifted my arms to aid her. She pulled it off over my head,
and then stared at my naked torso.

She took me by the hand and led me up
the stairs, an urgency showing in her steps to her bedroom. I had
been on her bed hundreds, if not thousands of times, doing homework
with her over the years. I didn’t have to wonder now if we were
going to be doing something different here tonight.

Gina walked over to the bed and lay
down on it. I admired her plush, curvy body. I couldn’t understand
why some of the people at the school made fun of her because of her
size. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the

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BOOK: Breeding My Boss's Wife
7.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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