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The air in the room feels heavy.  It’s almost a struggle to remember to breathe in and out. 


A flush of embarrassment comes over me as I realize that I’m not doing the great job I normally do of keeping Dante in the dark about my lust for him.  Christ, how humiliating.  I hope he can’t tell. 


Raising my eyes to him, I check to see if he’s noticed what’s happening with me.  His eyes blaze back in to mine and the look he gives me is pure heat.  Oh, wow.  He feels whatever this is too. 


He shakes his head like he’s trying to clear it, and returns to massaging.  I slide my eyes closed and try to process what’s happening, and my reaction to it.  


When he rubs the arch of my foot again, I can’t help it, I moan.  My eyes snap open, and I pray that maybe he didn’t hear me.  


His hand slides from the arch of my foot up to my left ankle and his other hand grips my right ankle.  Using my ankles as leverage, he jerks me toward him.


Yes, he definitely heard me.  I’m trying to process all of this as he bends forward and kisses first one knee, then the other. 


I take a shocked breath and my jaw drops as I stare at the top of his head.  Raising his eyes to mine Dante asks, “Rina.  I want this.  Do you?” 


The line is shockingly easy to cross. “Oh yes.”  From that moment, there is no hesitation on either of our parts.  There is no awkwardness.  Suddenly, it just IS. 


“Thank god.  I’ve dreamed of this,” he says as he returns to kissing and licking my legs, starting at my ankles and working his way up along every inch of the skin between my ankles and my knees.


Scooting forward, he places my right leg over his shoulder and then pushes my dress up to my waist. I shudder when he makes a sound of feral appreciation as he sees my little yellow panties. 

His breath is choppy, just like mine.  This is a sight to behold, Dante turned on.  I feel like I’m about to explode. 


His nostrils flare and I know he has no doubt about how aroused I am right now.  With no preamble, he put his hands on my panties and rips them open.


I watch, fascinated, as his mouth hovers just over my slit.  I can feel his breath on me, and it’s making me almost insane with lust.  I just about cum when his right hand slides across my sex.  Nothing I’ve ever felt could have prepared me for this. 


“Oh baby,” he growls.  “You’re so fucking wet.”  With that, his mouth descends on my cleft and sets to licking and tongue fucking me so good, it’s like he has a road map to my body. He slips first one finger and then another in to me, sliding in and out as I stretch to accommodate both fingers.


“Fuck baby.  You’re so hot inside.”  He starts rubbing a spot on the inside of me that has me panting for breath and I can literally hear how wet I am as his fingers and tongue work their magic.


The spot that’s he’s hitting with his fingers is on fire and his tongue is flicking over my clit faster and faster, each pass of his tongue flinging me closer to the edge.  I run my hand in to his hair and ride his tongue and fingers for dear life as my body ignites in an orgasm so intense, it’s almost scary.


Any other man would be ramming in to me right about now searching for their own release, but not Dante. He removes his fingers but keeps licking me, taking care not to touch my super sensitive clit as I start to build again.


I’ve never been gone down on like this and I’m totally outside of myself, almost in disbelief at the control and understanding he seems to have over my body.


Within a few minutes I am panting and on the edge of another orgasm.  He swipes my clit with the flat of his tongue and I splinter apart again, riding the wave as he takes me with his mouth.


He still doesn’t stop, gentling his licks and sucks even more as he takes his time and works me over thoroughly. As I build, he slips two fingers back inside of me and slowly starts spreading my juices around, sliding his finger and his tongue all over my clit.


I’ve never cum more than twice in a night, but within minutes I am grinding up in to his face, on the edge of another orgasm. 


Adding a third finger he starts fucking me, hard, with his fingers. I yell “oh fuck Dante, don’t stop!” Flicking his tongue all over my sopping wet slit in time with his fingers is all it takes to throw me head first in to another giant orgasm.


I’m panting and dizzy, swollen with desire as Dante makes his way up my body.  He leans over me so that we are face to face and the look he gives me is steaming.  “Baby, you taste so good,” he says as he licks his lips.


Holy hell, Dante is a bad boy.  Impossibly, I am even more turned on.  His head descends down to mine as he grabs the back of my head and says “taste” before pulling me in to a kiss that is off the hot scale.

We are giving each other no quarter as we kiss, our tongues thrusting hard and hot in to each other’s mouths. 


This is no slow build.  We are fucking each other with our tongues, and it’s more explosive than anything I’ve ever felt by at least a million percent.


I tear my mouth from his to yelp when I feel his arousal rub my center through his pants.  God it feels good.  His eyes flair as though he understands what I’m feeling. 


Leaning in he whispers in to my ear, “Baby, I hope you like it rough, because I’m going to fuck you senseless tonight.” 


It’s like a gun announcing the start of a race just went off. “Yes! Fuck me hard, don’t be gentle!”


I grab either side of his shirt and rip it apart, causing the buttons to fly everywhere.  One hits me on the cheek, but I don’t care. 


Grabbing my ass, he grinds softly in to me once, twice and then a third time and I fly apart again. It’s almost as if I can’t not cum.


I’m not even back on earth yet as he steps back and strips off his pants and briefs.  I gasp in shock as his hard cock is revealed to me.  My sex clenches at how hot he is, even as my brain screams that he’s fucking massive and that he probably won't fit inside of me.  His cock is long and very thick.  I’ve never been with anyone near his size.


Reaching out I grab his cock with my hand and start rubbing back and forth, trying to measure it with my hands.  “No baby,” he rasps. “If you do that, I'm going to cum all over you before this even starts.  I need to be inside of you.”  I am stunned when he grabs the hem of my thin silk dress and rips it clean in half. 


I completely lose my 'he's too big' train of thought as my sex gets wetter.  It feels like I'm boiling inside.  I love seeing him unglued like this. The passion is off the scale, uninhibited and savage. 


He’s panting as he takes his place between my thighs and pops the front of my bra open.  He growls in approval as he sees my breasts for the first time. 


“Fucking perfect, just like I knew you would be.  Jesus Christ.  You’re a goddess.”


Leaning forward, he takes my left nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.  It’s so good, but all I can’t think about is how bad I want him inside of me.  I can feel my arousal dripping out of me, on to my thighs and down on to the couch.


He moves to my other breast and starts flicking it too, before he gently bites.  I arch off the couch like

I’ve been shot out of a rocket.  “Please, Dante… please.  I can’t… I’m dying.  Fuck me!”


Grabbing his cock, he lays it on my clit and starts rubbing back and forth.  It’s like heaven.  I wiggle underneath him, my hands around his neck as we start kissing again. 


Sliding his hand down to his cock, he starts hitting my clit with it in quick repetitive movements.  My eyes roll back in my head and I convulse again, shouting out my release. 


He’s a fucking machine.  Briefly I wonder if I’m going to be able to withstand any more pleasure or if my head is going to blow off.


“Rina… I need you now.  Put your legs around me and get ready.”  I waste no time in following directions, lifting my thighs up and wrapping them around his torso. 


Taking his cock in his hand, he places it at the tip of my sex and starts rubbing the head around in a circle, wetting his dick with my arousal before he starts pushing in to me.  The toughest part is getting the head of him in to me, as I stretch to accommodate him. Groaning, he throws his head back and grits his teeth. "Oh fuck sweetheart.  You're so tiny and tight."


I’m gasping and moaning from the sensation of just the tip inside of me.  I can’t imagine how he’ll get any further, but gradually he does, one excruciating inch at a time.


I’ve never felt this full, and he’s not even all the way in.  I’m surrounded by his scent, his taste, and now his cock is stretching me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  It’s pleasure/pain in the most decadent form.


My back arches as I try to breathe my way through his entry.  It’s beyond intense.  He leans forward to kiss me, and puts my legs on either side of his arms.  We start kissing, hard, and I’m bucking underneath him, panting and moaning, when he stills. 


“Fuck! Rina! I’m in you bare.  I’m not wearing a condom. God you feel fucking incredible.  Oh baby, I can’t stop…All I can think about is filling your tiny cunt full of my cum. Fuck! Oh god sweetheart. I've got to pull out for you." 


He starts to pull out but I grab his arms and yell “No! Don’t stop! I’m on the pill. Don’t stop!”


He’s still for a moment, and I’m starting to panic thinking that he’s about to pull out and this will be over, when suddenly he says “thank god” and slams forward.  I let out a scream, the sensation beyond any words I have to describe it.


With each thrust, he works more of his cock inside of me. After a few minutes, he’s hitting the bottom of my womb with each thrust, the rhythm so intense, I briefly wonder if we will both combust.


Leaning forward, he starts licking and sucking on my neck.  I never knew this was such an erogenous zone for me, but I’m insane with lust as he does it again and again, bringing my blood closer to the surface.  I can feel the pulse in my throat hammering away.


The sensation of him thrusting, the stimulation of his mouth on my body, the smell of his skin and the sounds he’s making throw me in to another orgasm, arching and moaning as I’m assailed with sensation after sensation.


He continues to fuck in and out of me, giving me no quarter.  The hammering against my womb continues, and I seriously consider that I might pass out or my heart might give out, but honestly… what a way to go.


We are both moaning and gasping, the room filled with slap, slap, slap of his thrusting in to me.  “Fuck Rina.  This. Is. So. Good.  Your pussy is incredible.” Sweat is dripping off his face and running down his chest and his breath is so erratic, I think he must be about to cum. 


I’m pure sensation as he continues the assault on my body when he pulls out and in one quick movement and flips me over so that I am on my knees.  Grabbing the back of my neck he pushes my head down to the couch cushion and slams in to me from behind. 

BOOK: Broken Hart (The Hart Family)
2.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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