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“Sorry” Luca
spoke simply once he caught his breath, “I don’t know what came
over me”

Roman stepped
forward and rested a hand on Luca’s soaked shirt, “Better?” he
asked quietly.

“Yeah. I think
I am” Luca replied.

“Good, you just
about fucking killed me” Dom laughed before walking over and
slapping him on the back.

“I need to go
talk to Imogen” Luca replied, uncertainly.

“Yeah mate, you
do” Roman replied, “I’ll get Cass and get out of your hair”.


Imogen hadn’t
pressed Luca for details of the meeting with Bill McNaught, the
sheer amount of money written out to her on the cheque told her
pretty much all she needed to know. The problem with Bill McNaught
had been sorted and she was now unemployed, but at least she’d
never have to face him ever again.

Luca had been
quiet during the drive home and she couldn’t tell if he was mad
with her or not. She’d asked him once they arrived home and he
deflected the question by reassuring her that he wasn’t upset with
or at her; more just annoyed that it’d happened to her.

But once they
got inside, Luca pulled Imogen into the bathroom, stripping her
with an intensity that under normal circumstances would have her
hot and bothered; but instead tonight just left her feeling
bothered. As he pulled her under the scorching hot water, she
pushed away from him startling them both.

“I… I think
maybe I should leave”, Imogen said steadily.


“I feel like…”
she started, before stepping out of the shower and mumbling,
“Nevermind… I’ll go and stay at a motel tonight Luca. I think we
need some time”.

“No. Don’t
leave, please. I need to talk to you” Luca pled to her. “I need you
Im, please don’t leave”.

“You're angry
at me" she whispered, "I swear Luca, I didn’t do anything wrong

“Of course you
didn’t Im, don’t think for a minute that you’re in any way
responsible” Luca reassured her, pulling her in closer before
wrapping a towel around them both and leading her out into the
loungeroom. “I need to tell you something Im and I don’t quite know
where to start” he said, throwing himself back into the couch and
trying in vain to relax the tenseness in his body.

They sat in
silence for a few minutes, before Imogen shuffled over and
straddled his lap, leaning forward and resting her head under his
chin and softly planting kisses across his collarbone and jaw. Luca
started to relax under her touch, so she sat up and slid her hands
along his shoulders, gently kneading his tense muscles.

As he finally
loosened under her hands, he leant forward and took her face in his
hands, “I love you Im. I’ve wanted to say that to you for so long”
Luca whispered to her.

“I love you
too, Luca” she whispered.

“I was scared
today. I didn’t know if you were hurt, didn’t know what to do to
help you. I felt like I’d let you down” he spoke softly. “I
realized today Im, just how much you mean to me, and… it brought up
some stuff that I didn’t expect”.

“Stuff? Like
what, Luca?"

"I haven't told
you a lot of stuff about me Im, I guess I didn't want to in case it
scared you away—

"Luca, I'm not
going anywhere; it wouldn't matter what you told me" she offered

"I lost my
temper today, badly. I didn't know what was happening; my head felt
like it was going to explode, my whole body was buzzing and I just
wanted to hit someone, anyone".

"Did you hit
Bill?" Imogen asked, alarmed.

"Yeah, I did.
He's not hurt though, well not badly, but I'd have kept going if I
could have. I was, I am, so damn pissed off that you were put in
that position" he trailed off. "Then when we got back to the gym, I
still couldn't calm down. Dom and I hit the bags for almost an hour
and only then I stopped because I'd run out of energy".

"Luca, that
seems pretty normal—"

"Except, it's
not. I'm just like my goddamn father" Luca sighed, before lifting
Imogen off his lap and sitting her next to him on the couch.

"Hey! I was
comfortable" she interjected, trying to add some lightness to the
quickly darkening mood.

"You might not
want me after I tell you this Im; I'm just giving you an easier
out. You know that Ma, Roman, Dom, and I left Italy and moved here
when I was younger?"

Imogen nodded

"What I didn't
tell you was that my Nonno, my grandfather, had to help us escape
from my father. He was an alcoholic, with a really bad temper and
an even worse attitude to us. He beat us almost daily; Ma and Roman
usually copped the brunt of it. Roman would always hide Dominic and
I then head back to protect Ma. It was every bloody day—if it
wasn't his fists it'd be his verbal abuse hitting us all, making us
feel insignificant, useless, worthless" Luca recalled, his body
starting to shake.

Imogen scooted
onto his lap and pulled his head down into her chest, "Luca, that's
awful, god I'm so sorry that happened to you all".

"What if I'm
the same as him, Im? What if I turn into that? Something happened
today, I've never felt so out of control yet so single-mindedly
determined to fuck someone up".

"Luca, you were
angry… you were protecting me, that's absolutely different than
what your father used to do. Just look at the way you look after
me, Luca, you're a good man."

"Maybe…" he



The past week
had been busy; the events with Bill McNaught had finally died down.
Luca had made a point of driving Imogen to the bank to deposit
McNaught's cheque then insisted they spend the day together at the

After a few
hours of Luca being called off in every direction, Imogen realized
that Luca did need help with the running of the office. Part of the
problem was his absolute disorganization, paperwork was filed in
stacked piles around his desk in some kind of organized chaos she
doubted she'd ever understand. A quick check in the storeroom, and
she had a filing cabinet and all the folders and stationary she'd
need to get everything on track. Wheeling a trolley underneath the
cabinet, Imogen managed to get it back into Luca's office and
started sifting and sorting through the papers, filing everything
in a logical order and setting aside the most current paperwork
that needed attention. She'd run it all past Luca later.

As she filed
the last of the errant paperwork, Imogen collapsed into the desk
chair and surveyed her handiwork. Slipping off her shoes, she
rubbed at her ankle, the swelling still hadn't gone down and given
the pain coursing through her foot, moving the filing cabinet had
clearly aggravated something.

"Well, well,
well…" came Luca's deep voice from the doorway.

Spinning on her
chair, Imogen met his eye contact and saw the playful look on his
face, "Luca Capello. How on Earth do you get anything done in here?
This—" she said waving her hands as explanation, " is terrible!"
she commented mockingly.

"We're not all
born organisers you know Im; but if you are going to work in here,
there are some rules", he smiled cheekily, walking through the
office and checking out how neat and tidy Imogen had made it. "Im,
thanks for sorting this all out; it's been driving me nuts for so
long, but I never get a chance to fix it—"

"Hmmm… you're
welcome" she said as he bent down and took her mouth fiercely in
his. "These rules… I'm interested, what are they Luca?" she

"Firstly, no
more moving furniture" he scorned, kneeling in front of her and
inspecting her ankle. "Im, geez, you've stirred this injury up
again. Is it sore?".

"No" she

"Yeah, right.
Sit, I'll go get an icepack. Then we'll go over the other rules—"
he stopped interrupted by Imogen's ringing mobile phone.

"Ooh, saved by
the bell, huh?" Imogen laughed, grabbing her phone out of her bag
and answering it as Luca left for the icepack.




"Im, sorry I
got caught up—" he started as he walked into the office, and then
caught the look on Imogen's face. "Penny for your thoughts?" he

"That was the
publishing house" she whispered, "I'm a finalist, Luca. I can't
believe it… a finalist!"

"Amazing Im!
You are amazing" Luca said, sitting on the desk in front of her and
drawing her in closer to hug her, "what happens from here?"

"A gala dinner
next Friday, they announce the winner. God, I'm so nervous

"Right, let's
ice this foot for half an hour, then we're heading out" he said,
reaching for her foot and cradling it in his lap before bandaging
the ice pack on.

"Where are we

"I'm taking my
girl out, do I need a reason?" he smiled.




"Emerald green
or navy blue, Luca?" Imogen asked, holding them both up for him to

She hadn't
expected Luca to suggest a shopping trip and he hadn't once
complained as she dragged him from shop to shop trying to find the
perfect dress for next week's gala dinner. She'd finally found the
style she wanted, now the only question was colour.

"Try them both"
Luca replied, closing the gap between them and placing a kiss on
her forehead.

through the rack to find her size, Imogen noticed that the shop
attendant was once more showering Luca with attention. To his
credit, Luca had kindly brushed her off several times already, but
this time as she walked over and slid her fingers down his toned
arms, Luca caught her fingers and said something to her in a hushed
tone, causing her to stomp off looking annoyed and dejected.

Imogen barely
stifled her laugh, capturing Luca's attention immediately.

funny, Im?" he teased back.

"Not at all"
she laughed, "I was just admiring your tact".

"Take them
both, let's go try these on you" he bent and whispered in her ear,
nipping her earlobe before grabbing her hand and dragging her to
the nearby changing room.

"Luca!" she
exclaimed as he walked in with her, "you can't come in here."

"Ah, but I'm
helping Im—less steps for you to take on that sore ankle if you
don't have to walk out and show me" he nuzzled into her neck,
unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it off her shoulders before
reaching around and unzipping her skirt, letting it fall to the
floor, leaving her naked except her bra and panties.

Luca stood
back, checking her out appreciatively when she murmured, "It's a
strapless dress Luca".

Smirking, he
moved slowly but purposely as he reached around and unclasped her
bra, letting it fall between them before lowering his mouth to her
breasts, taking one nipple in his mouth and the other between his

"Luca, stop. We
can't do this in here" Imogen sighed, pushing his face upward to
hers, stopping to seal her lips over his briefly before reaching
for the navy blue dress and sliding it over her hips.

"Oh, this is
the dress Im" Luca whistled under his breath, stepping back and
breathing her in. "You look amazing".

"I've never
worn this colour before. I'm going to try the green" she decided,
hardly finishing her sentence before Luca had the dress unzipped
and was running his hands, and the dress, down the length of her

His touch was
electric, scorching her skin with every caress. If they didn't get
out of the changing room soon she'd hand herself over to him then
and there.

Sliding out of
his grip, she shimmied the green dress up and zipped it in place,
reaching down the front of the dress to reposition her breasts, a
deliberate tease aimed at Luca who had made himself comfortable in
a chair in the corner of the room.

"Amazing; let's
get it and get home" he said, his cock visibly straining against
the denim of his jeans.

Stripping the
dress off and standing in just her sheer panties, Imogen took her
time to hang the dress properly before crossing the room and
standing between Luca's thighs. "You can't walk out there like
that, Luca" she said, dropping her eyes to his crotch.

"I know, give
me a minute and I'll be fine. If you get dressed, it'd speed things
up" he smiled.

"Or, I can help
you" Imogen offered, sinking to her knees and slowly unbuckling his
belt and pulling his jeans open.

"Im, you
can't…" he whispered as Imogen lowered her mouth over his

Sinking back
into the chair and into Imogen's rhythm, Luca reached for her hair
and fisted it into a tight bun on top of her head. Thrusting up
gently against Imogen's downward movements, it wasn't long before
Luca's cock was sitting snugly in the back of Imogen's throat, her
gentle rhythm and swallowing bringing him to the brink almost
immediately. As she reached down and cradled his sac, Luca felt his
release approaching and breathed, "Imogen, now" before feeling her
greedily swallow his warm offering.

"What are you
doing to me, Im?" Luca sighed breathlessly.

up, Imogen smirked at him, "You started it Luca. Now, get me home
so we can finish this properly".



"Oh wow Luca,
you look… amazing" she breathed as Luca walked into their

"This old
thing" Luca laughed, proudly puffing his chest and straining the
gorgeous cut of his dinner suit. "Italian made, you can't go wrong,
huh? However, I think the attention of the night will be firmly on
you—you look beautiful" he whispered, zipping her into her

"I'm so nervous
Luca—I've never been this nervous, ever" she said, turning to face

"I'll be there
every step of the way. Regardless of what happens you're a finalist
Im, your name is out there now. If you win, you've obviously got a
clear path to being published, if not you're in an amazing position
to send your manuscript to other publishers and see how you go.
You'll be fine, I promise—" Luca stopped, hearing the doorbell
ring. "Expecting someone, Im?"

BOOK: Capello Brothers 3 Train My Heart
8.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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