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Chapter Six


Carly breathed a sigh of relief. What she had just witnessed had been incredible, arousing and erotic. But mixed with her arousal was the fear that she would be discovered and exposed as an intruder.

However, now they were gone, and she was alone with her thoughts. Her body was on fire, and
she felt herself flush as she imagined being spanked on her bottom. Carly closed her eyes and her lips parted slightly: she would go home and find her vibrator. No, she couldn’t wait, she would use her fingers to pleasure herself again, right here. Her pussy was wet and hungry, and her nerves were on edge.

Just as Carly was about to strip off her towel, she heard a noise and her eyes flew open.

She gasped and clutched her towel. “Jeff!”

The man must’ve been here all along, maybe in one of the other cabanas. And now he
was holding open the door of her cabana, and he stood before her, silent and tall and large, his dark eyes glinting with desire.

heart thumped loudly, and the blood rushed up to her face and she felt herself turning crimson. She tried to find her voice. “Wh – what are you doing here?”

Jeff stepped inside
and the door closed behind him. He moved closer to Carly and she stepped backwards, until he had her backed against the wall, facing him.

“I could ask you the same thing.” His eyes travelled slowly down her body, taking in the towel that barely covered her. Her nipples were poking out against the fabric, and her juices had run down her thighs. He grabbed her hand and lifted it to his face. “See anything you like?”

Carly bit her lip, trying to think of what to say. She hated her body for betraying her, hated that she was standing in front of Jeff so barely covered. Her fingers were sticky from being inside her, and now Jeff lifted them to his mouth, and sucked them one by one. It was sensual and embarrassing, and she stifled back a moan.

When he had licked her juices off, Jeff dropped her hand and cradled her face, forcing
her to look up at him.

His dark eyes looked into hers and he asked softly, “Did you have fun, my Princess?”

Carly felt herself melting. A part of her was humiliated that Jeff knew what she had been doing, but another part was thrilled and excited. She nodded silently.

Jeff leaned forward until his lips were inches away from hers.
“I knew you’d have fun.” And then his lips came down gently on hers, kissing and teasing and making her insides run liquid.

All too soon, he pulled away. “Tell me, Princess,” he said softly, “What have you been up to?”

Carly pulled her towel tight around her body and her face felt hot. She lowered her eyes and shook her head.

Jeff took a step back and looked at her steadily. “I can just leave
. But I know you don’t want me to. So tell me, Princess, what naughty things have you been doing?”

His voice was caressing
, hypnotic. The soft kiss had left her feeling like mush, and something bloomed inside of her, spreading its petals and reaching outwards. She wanted Jeff, she wanted to feel the pleasure he was promising. The throbbing between her legs intensified, and she knew what she had to do.

Carly closed her eyes, unable to look into his face. “There was a man, and two women. He pleasured them, and then spanked them.”

“And what did you do?”

“I watched. And I – I made myself come
when he was spanking them.”

There, the words were out. That hadn’t been too difficult. Her eyes flew open and met Jeff’s.

He nodded, pleased. “How do you feel now?”

Carly clutched
at the towel like a life-raft. “A – aroused.”

“Show me.”

She bit her lower lip. Was she really doing this? And then the towel was between her fingers, and she dropped it to the floor. She stood before him, shy and naked.

Jeff ran his eyes slowly across her exposed body. He
took his time and drank in the sight of her heavy, swollen breasts, the nipples jutting out. Tiny curls covered her mound, and her clit was visibly exposed.

He moved closer, and traced his fingertips across the curve of her breasts. “You’ve been bad, haven’t you?” he whispered, and Carly nodded.

“Well.” His fingers closed across her nipples, and Carly gasped. Two threads of electricity travelled from her nipples, straight down her stomach and out through her pussy. Jeff let go, and his hands travelled around her waist. He nibbled her ear and murmured, “You know what happens when you’re bad, don’t you?”

Carly shook her head, her heart beating with excitement. Jeff’s hands travelled
lower and squeezed her ass cheeks firmly.

“Bad girls need to be punished,” he said. “And you, my Princess, have been very bad. You need to be given a good
, hard spanking.”

“No!” Her voice was a gasp, and she tried to push back. She wouldn’t be spanked, it was too humiliating. She had never been, and never would be. The thought of Jeff’s hand across her bottom was arousing, but no… That wouldn’t do. She couldn’t let him make her bottom red, she wouldn’t be spanked.

“Let go!” she said, but before she could protest further, Jeff picked her up unceremoniously and carried her over to the wooden chair in the corner. He sat down and placed her across his lap, her bare bottom positioned the way he wanted.

“No!” Carly tried to get up, but she was facing the floor, and he had one hand across her back, holding her down. Already her juices were flowing out
, and she hated her body for betraying her.

With no warning, his hand came down
hard across her ass cheek. Carly screamed softly from the surprise, and the warmth spread across her flesh. Jeff’s hand struck her once more, and the noise of the spank spread through the air. Carly sucked in her breath, and felt the dull pain spread across her bottom. So this was what a spanking felt like.

Jeff continued to spank her bottom rhythmically, his hand striking first one spot and then another. It hurt, and her bottom throbbed painfully and her clit was swollen with desire. Her pussy was drenched with her hot, sticky juices
. The spanking was sending strange sensations flooding through her body, and Carly found herself moaning uncontrollably, her hoarse noises mingling with the sharp sounds of the spanking.

At one point, time seemed to slow down. She felt the painful spanking, and the throbbing of her greedy pussy, and she groaned despite herself. She heard Jeff’s voice saying, “There. I knew you needed a good spanking.” He punctuated each word with a slap, and she moaned in agreement.

And then it was over, she felt the cool air swirling across her hot bottom, and she felt herself drifting back to reality.

Jeff traced a circle with his fingertips across her sore bottom and said, “I think you should thank me for spanking you.”

Carly groaned, embarrassed by her reaction. “No. I hated it, you brute.”

His voice was laced with amusement, and he dipped a hand between her legs. He traced his fingers along her swollen pussy lips, coating them with her juices. “It seems to me that you enjoyed your spanking very much.”

His fingers teased her, made her moan out loud, and she spread her legs wide apart from him. “Please,” she said, “Please.”

Jeff traced his fingers down and they found her swollen clit. He pressed down hard and she screamed out loud. And then they moved upwards again, gently tracing her swollen, hot pussy lips.

“Please,” she said again, “I need you.”

“Need me for what?”

He was making her beg, and she hated it. But more than anything, she needed to feel his
touch, she needed to release the pressure inside her. So she swallowed her pride and said softly, “I need you to fuck me. Make me come.”

The fingers went back down to her clit, and twirled around lightly. Carly moaned and ground her hips against the air. “Please.”

“Say the magic words.”

She paused, feeling the delectable fingers against her skin. “What magic words

“You need to tell me how much you enjoyed being spanked.”

The fingers moved away, and silence filled the air. Carly felt the loss, the emptiness against her throbbing clit, and she whimpered miserably. She hated him, she hated him more than anyone else in the world and she wanted so desperately to enjoy her climax.

She took a deep breath. “Thank you. Thank you for spanking me.”

Jeff shook his head. “I don’t believe you. Thank me like you mean it.”

felt her face flame up. She hadn’t known that anything could be more humiliating than that spanking. “Thank you for spanking me,” she said. “I really enjoyed it. My bottom hurts, but I deserve that.”

“Go on.”

“I – I liked being spanked.” She gulped. “Being spanked made me really wet. And now I’m wet, and horny, and I really need to come. Please make me come.”

“Good girl.”

And then his fingers were inside her, spreading her apart and filling her up and she screamed with pleasure. She thrust her hips and clenched her inner walls, and his fingers pounded her roughly. His other hand moved to her clit, and she felt his fingers press down, and then the dam broke. The orgasm flooded over her, rocking her world and flowing out of her as his fingers toyed with her, pressing against her most sensitive spots and prolonging the climax.

When it was over, she lay across his lap, limp and exhausted and weak.

Jeff squeezed her ass gently. “I’m beginning to think you want another spanking.”

Carly jumped up quickly. Her face grew red at the recollection of all that had happened, and she glared at Jeff. “I hate you,” she said.

It was a childish thing to say, but it was the first thing that popped into her mind. She hated him – hated him for showing her this world where pleasure and pain mingled, hated him for humiliating her and then giving her the most mind-blowing orgasm.

Jeff stood up, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “Now,” he said, walking towards her and
wrapping his arms around her waist, “That’s not a very nice thing to say.”

“You’re not a very nice person.”

The words were petulant and impulsive. Jeff pressed his lips down on hers hungrily, his kiss demanding and rough and impatient. Carly felt her mind go blank. All that was real was here, his mouth on hers, his tongue demanding, probing.

He pulled away too soon and said, “I’m not
very nice to a girl who’s been naughty. But I think you like that.”

heart thumped loudly. Although he had just spanked her and made her orgasm, she felt embarrassed under his eyes and crossed her arms across her chest. She wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“I’ll see you soon, Carly,” Jeff said. And then he turned around and left.






Chapter Seven


Carly heard the frosted glass doors slide shut in the distance, and she knew that Jeff had disappeared.

She couldn’t quite believe all that had really happened. She
grabbed her clothes and dressed hurriedly, suddenly desperate to be home.


She stayed up that night, unable to sleep, replaying the events over and over in her mind. She saw as if for the first time, the man spanking the girl called Angela, making her bottom red and making Carly feel so very aroused.

She remembered the way Jeff had entered her cabana, and sucked her fingers. She felt feverish with embarrassment as she remembered how she had dropped
her towel for Jeff, had displayed her body for him. He had spanked her thoroughly and her bottom was sore, but she had enjoyed it and she wanted it to happen again.

And she did truly hate Jeff – she needed to be punished by him again, but she didn’t know if she would see him again. She needed him to give her another incredible orgasm, but would he?

“I’ll see you soon, Carly,” he had said.

But she’d never told him her name.



This is the first part of the Submitting to the Billionaire series, and is continued in Part 2


BOOK: Carly's Punishment (Submitting to the Billionaire)
12.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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