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Law looked over his shoulder while staying on all fours. “Ask him.” He jerked his head behind him.

Carter’s Tryck


Tryck looked over to the guy behind Law. “You ’bout done fucking my brother?” he asked as he stepped into the room. He was itching to get back, even though Carter wasn’t going to be there.

“Shit, man. Get the hell out of here.” The guy tossed a shoe at Tryck, just missing his head.

“Jackass.” Law kicked the guy off of him. “Nobody talks to him like that.”

Tryck grabbed the guy and knocked heads with him. “He wants you off of him.”

“What the hell is
with you two?” The guy grabbed his clothes and took off.

“Get dressed, we’re leaving.”

“Fine, he was lousy anyway.” Law quickly dressed, joining Dagon at their table.

“You ready, boy?”

“Boy, this.” Dagon flipped Law off.

Law only laughed as they left the club.


Lynn Hagen

Chapter Two

Carter sat in one of the barber chairs, bored out of his skull.

Maverick had asked him to “pop” Heaven to the barbershop and babysit the guy. Well, he used the word guard, but it meant the same thing to him.

He stared at himself in the large mirror in front of him. What was he going to do? He had been fighting an urge to find Tryck, to seek him out, but common sense held him back. The guy was hot, though, with all that brown wavy hair to his shoulders, big, deep blue eyes, and that shadow of a beard on his face.

Carter wanted to purr and curl around him.
What the hell are you
The mental slap didn’t help. He wanted Tryck more than his next breath. This was ridiculous and stupid. How could he want a man that was polar opposite of him?

“I hear Tryck is your mate,” Heaven said as he cleaned up the hair on the floor from the customer who had just left.

“Yep, that would be correct.” Carter slouched in the chair, his brain at war about what to do. He glanced at Heaven sideways, wondering if the guy was going to say anything about it. It seemed everyone at the Den had an opinion once the shock of the news wore off.


That wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. “How long are you open?” he asked, seeking a change of subject.

“Another hour. Thank you for staying with me. Murdock had patrol duty and goes nuts if no one can be here with me. He makes me close shop,” Heaven said as he put his broom and dustpan away.

Carter’s Tryck


Carter shrugged indifferently. “I didn’t have anything better to do.”
Except find my mate
. Maybe he was being childish in hiding. He could always shimmer out if Tryck became too barbaric. Why not go see him and find out what he was all about?

Carter sat up, his heart beating erratically and his palms becoming wet at the resolve to seek out Tryck. He was an adult after all, and he needed to start acting like one.

He glanced up at the clock, thinking the last hour was going to kill him. The thin second hand ticked around so slowly that Carter wanted to run over to it and spin it around until the hour was up.

The roar of motorcycles caught his attention. Carter’s head snapped to the door when he heard loud talking and laughing. His hands gripped the seat when Tryck and two others came walking through the door.
Oh, God, what should I do?

Tryck stopped dead in his tracks and stared at Carter, his blue eyes so intense, Carter could only lower his. He could feel them boring into him as he stared at his shoes. His knuckles were turning white from clutching the arms of the seat. His heart leapt when he heard the man finally speak.

“I need a haircut before Maverick drives me up the wall,” that thick and sexy voice spoke. Carter kept his eyes downcast, watching booted feet walk by his chair. His heart was threatening to beat right out of his chest.

He gasped when his chin was abruptly lifted to look up into heated eyes. Carter could feel his body shaking. He tried to shimmer, but nothing happened. What the hell? He tried again, but…nothing.

“Are you going to pop back out again,
?” Tryck asked with a snarl.

Carter shook his head, licking his dry lips as a thumb caressed across his now moistened bottom one. His fingers dug deeper into the chair, his body coiled with tension as Tryck leaned down and the most masculine smell washed over him. His cock thickened, his hole

Lynn Hagen

clenched, and he thought he was going to pass out. He was breathing in ragged gasps as Tryck moved intimately close.

Tryck whispered into his ear, “You are mine,
. Do not think of running again,
.” The man grazed his lips over Carter’s. The sensual act had Carter closing his eyes and leaning in. A deep-throated chuckle sounded next to his lips. “We have time for that later,

His chin was released, and Carter nearly fell forward with the empty air that now surrounded him. Tryck sat across from him, his intense stare never letting up as Heaven pulled the yellow bandana from his head and began to trim his mate’s ends.

Carter watched Heaven’s fingers glide through the soft-looking strands, envious that it was his fingers instead. Tryck’s entire frame took up the seat, he was so large, enormously so. Carter fidgeted in his seat, watching in awe as Tryck pulled back his lips with a smile.

When his mate stood and brushed the hair from his neck, Carter went into panic mode. He tried to shimmer, but Tryck was crossing the space between them and grabbing his wrist in seconds. “No,
, you leave with me.”

Tryck’s low and seductive voice threatened Carter’s very sanity.

He could feel his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed loudly, shaking his head as he stared into those mesmerizing blue eyes. They were so damn intense, as if Tryck could see into him mind and know what he was thinking. “But I have to take Heaven home,” he squeaked out as he pointed toward Heaven who was smiling at Carter.

“Law will take him.” Tryck reached in his pocket and handed Heaven some money before gently pulling Carter from the shop. He followed like a lost puppy, wanting to be with Tryck and scared as hell at the same time. Carter was at a loss of what to do.

Carter stared at the motorcycle for a moment. “You’ve
to be kidding me.” He crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. “I’m not getting on that.”

Carter’s Tryck


Tryck watched him as he released Carter’s wrist and walked over to his bike, swinging his leg over as he held his hand out to Carter.

He looked from the bike to his mate’s hand, feeling the panic seize him once again. This time when he shimmered he ended up back at his dwelling in the woodland elf tribe.

Carter collapsed on his bed, balling up and covering his face. “Oh, God, I’m such a dork.”

* * * *

Outwardly Tryck shrugged indifference. Inwardly, he cursed his mate for popping away once again. It was becoming frustrating as hell. He wanted to find out where he was and put Carter over his knee. A good spanking should teach his mate not to run from him.

“He seems skittish.” Dagon chuckled as he climbed onto his bike.

“Who fucking cares?” Tryck started his motorcycle and pulled off, leaving his brothers behind. The emptiness was eating away at him. Would he ever find peace? It was as elusive as trying to grab smoke from its spiraling ascent, and dealing with Carter wasn’t helping.

It was making that hole inside of him widen. Somehow, Tryck knew from a place he rarely explored that Carter was the answer to his emptiness.

Tryck pulled over to the soft shoulder, rubbing his hand over his face, and then looked out into the fields spread before him. He heard his brothers approaching, the thrum of their motors getting closer.

“Ready?” Dagon asked as he pulled beside him.

Tryck nodded and pulled back onto the paved road. He tilted his head back, letting the breeze wash over him with thoughts of those golden eyes, the scared look his kitten had when he saw Tryck enter the barber shop. Was he only running because he was afraid? He thought of the words his mother once told him in his youth.

Lynn Hagen

your heart to someone is a trust you must give sometime in your life,

Tryck wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. Hell, he had to pin the popping elf down first. An elf, what the hell was fate thinking? He had no doubt he would be mated to a male. That went without saying.

But to find out his mate was an elf had taken him by total surprise. He was unprepared for this but he thought he was handling this pretty well.

He pulled onto the gravel drive, cutting the engine and strolling inside, ignoring the looks he was getting from the mates in the den.

Word had to have gotten out about him and Carter. Figures. Everyone in this house had a big mouth. Something that normally didn’t bother him, but when it came to his mate, Tryck didn’t appreciate the gossip.

What went on between him and Carter was their business, no one else’s.

“Haircut done. Now leave me alone,” Tryck told Maverick when he spotted him in the hall.

Maverick grinned at him evilly. “Carter!” he yelled and then walked away whistling.

“Damn it, Maverick,” Carter snapped when he appeared.

Tryck caught his mate’s wrist before the pointy-eared man could disappear again. He was going to learn to stay in one spot for longer than five minutes, even if he had to hogtie him. The thought of tying Carter up set his blood on fire.

Eres muy testarudo
Tryck snarled.

“Could you repeat that?” Carter gulped, his bound hand shaking slightly.

“I said that you are very stubborn.” Tryck yanked the man toward him, Carter bumping into his side. “Come with me.” Tryck turned on his heel as he pulled his mate to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

“If you pop out one more time, I will tie you to my side, understand,
?” He pointed his finger in Carter’s face.

Carter’s Tryck


“Sir, yes, sir.” Carter saluted him with his middle finger. “What is it that you keep calling me? Chicken?”

“No, I am calling you kitten. And if you flip me off again, I’m going to put you over my knee.” Tryck was tired of playing these games. He was ready to claim what was his. Why was this man fighting him so much?

“In your wildest dreams, Biker Bob.” Carter pulled harder to free his wrist. Tryck could tell that there was no real effort in Carter’s struggle, or he would have freed him. He didn’t take anything that wasn’t freely offered. Tryck had a feeling Carter’s struggles came from insecurities instead. He would help him through these.

He watched Carter scrunch his eyes as he twisted his wrist, making him realize something. “You can’t shimmer away if I’m touching you, can you?” Tryck chuckled with satisfaction.

“Figured it out, did you, Einstein?” Carter tried to bite Tryck’s hand, but he pulled away in time.

“I have something for you to bite,
.” Tryck reached down with one hand to unsnap his jeans.

“Please, no,” Carter whimpered, doubling his efforts to free himself.

Tryck released him, throwing his hands up in surrender. He tilted his head, eyebrows pulling together in a frown as he studied his mate.

“You’re afraid to have sex?” When his mate looked quickly away Tryck cursed in Spanish. “You’re a damn virgin?” This was great, just great. Tryck wasn’t sure if he had the patience to teach Carter, although a small part of him gloried in the fact no other had known his mate. Still.

Tryck leapt but when he saw his mate’s eyes widen and his cheeks redden but Carter shimmered out.

“Carter!” Tryck yelled. It worked for Maverick.

“You guys have got to stop calling me like that. I feel like I need a collar.” Carter pouted behind him.


Lynn Hagen

Tryck whirled around. “I can arrange that. It seems you need one to stop you from running.”

“I’m not running from you. I keep forgetting to turn the oven off.” Tryck had to bite his bottom lip to keep from laughing. It would ruin his intimidating glare. “Come to me.” Carter shook his head, taking a step back.

“I only want to hold your hand. Now come.” His words were terse.

His mate inched forward, his eyes wary as he approached. No matter how much he wanted to close the distance and pull his mate to him, Carter needed to do this on his own. Tryck could see his mate’s hand trembling when he raised it to take his.

He slid his hand over Carter’s, knowing the man couldn’t shimmer now that he had him. The need to run away from emotional displays of weakness didn’t grip Tryck. Instead, he had a need to pull this man into his arms and comfort him.
Well, this was new.

“Hi, I’m Carter.” His mate smiled shyly.

Tryck chuckled. “We haven’t been formally introduced, have we?”

“I know your name is Tryck, and every time I see you, those other two men are with you. I don’t do orgies.” Carter curled his lips in, his cheeks coloring.

“Those are my brothers,
, and no orgies are in your future.” He gave a low growl. Reaching up, he fanned Carter’s hair over his shoulder, letting the silky strands run through his fingers.

“Just holding hands, right?”

Tryck ran his thumb over the smooth skin of his mate’s hand.

“Just holding hands.”

* * * *

Carter wanted to crawl all over Tryck and vomit from nerves at the same time. He did the next best thing. He leaned in and sniffed at
Carter’s Tryck


the man’s leather jacket. Carter had a weakness for the smell. When he and Teaky snuck off one time to Texas, they watched a rodeo, and the smell of leather had hit him hard. Now if he could only combine leather and chocolate, his life would be peachy.

BOOK: Carter's Tryck [Brac Pack 17]
13.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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