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Carter smiled at the little man. “I will.” Well, at least he had the mates to pass the time with. It seemed as though Tryck had disappeared.

He didn’t blame the guy.

Who would want to stick around and be insulted again? His fight for freedom had backfired on him, and now he was going to pay the price for it.

Carter yearned to be back in Tryck's arms, to be held and talked to like he mattered. With the way he was feeling right now, he needed it more than ever.

The others left him as he unpacked, folding his clothes neatly and storing them in the dresser. He hung up the rest, shoving his shoes in the armoire. Carter sat on the edge of the bed, unsure of what to do.

He really didn’t feel like playing any games right now.


Lynn Hagen

Carter walked over to the window, shoved his hands in his slacks, and stared out into the forest. It really was a beautiful view.

“You all settled?”

Carter closed his eyes at the deep voice behind him. His mate had come back. He was afraid to turn around, afraid of what he might see in Tryck’s eyes. “Yes.”

Strong arms circled his waist, pulling his back to a solid chest.

Carter almost cried out at the contact. Little did his mate know how much those strong arms meant to him right now. “Good.” Tryck kissed his temple before he lifted Carter’s arm. “How did you get the bracelet off?”

Nothing slipped by his shifter. A small smile tugged at his lips.

“Teaky had a key.”

Tryck grunted as he turned Carter’s wrist this way and that. “And that wasn’t odd to you?”

Carter hadn’t thought about it, happy at the time to be free. How did his best friend happen to have it in his possession? There had to be an explanation. “Not at the time. I was just glad to get the shackle off of me. There has to be a reason why. I trust him.”

“I don’t.” Tryck growled low in his ear.

Carter wasn’t in the mood for another argument. He was tired, needed a shower, and was hurting from the ostracizing he just received. All he wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed.

“I’m tired.” Carter pulled from Tryck’s arms, heading into the bathroom. As much as he needed Tryck's comfort, he didn’t want to argue.

He disrobed, regulated the water, and sighed as he stepped under and allowed the spray to wash away his pain. He leaned his head back, washing his hair, and then rinsed it out.

Stepping from the shower, he wrapped a towel around his head, and one around his waist.

Tryck’s eyes watched his every move once Carter came back into the bedroom. He couldn’t be sure if the look his mate wore was anger
Carter’s Tryck


or lust. Finding a pair of thin pajama pants, Carter dropped the towel around his waist and slid them on.

Tryck came up behind him, pulling the towel from his head, and grabbed a brush from the top of the dresser. Carter stood still as his mate untangled his hair. It felt so good, he almost feel asleep standing there.

He luxuriated in the feel of his mate’s fingers running through his hair.

“Come to bed.” Tryck led him, pulling the covers back as Carter slipped under them.


Carter nodded, turning over as a tear ran down his cheek. Utter loneliness surrounded him. His mate crawled in behind him, pulling Carter to his chest as the shifter rocked him to sleep.


Lynn Hagen

Chapter Five

Carter inched his way down, looking up briefly to make sure Tryck was still sleeping. Okay, the mechanics shouldn’t be too hard.

It was just a cock, a very large one, but still just a cock.

Carter studied his mate’s flaccid shaft. Even at rest it was impressive. With his thumb and index finger, he picked the piece of flesh up and leaned in, licking with the tip of his tongue at the opening. The soft cock jerked.

Carter glanced up again, but Tryck still snoring loud enough to bring down the roof. He pulled the skin back, examining the V under the crown. He had such a beautiful uncut cock. He’d never seen one before, and it fascinated him. Well, okay, he’d never seen
man’s cock before, but he knew Tryck's was different from his cut one.

He pushed the flesh forward and then pulled it back again, giggling as he made it talk. “I want to eat you.” He used a gruff voice to try and imitate Tryck.

Carter pulled the skin back and barely touched his tongue to the glistening pre-cum that was beginning to leak from the head. The shaft started filling out, becoming even more impressive. Could he fit all of that into his mouth?

Taking a deep breath, Carter opened wide, sucking the bulbous head past his lips. He suckled on the helmet, swirled his tongue around to capture the leaking liquid, and then pulled back, staring at his saliva shining on the head. He smiled, sucked it in again, and pushed it a little further past his lips.

, no teeth.” Tryck moaned, running his hands through Carter’s long hair, gathering it up as if his hands were a
Carter’s Tryck


rubber band, and then pulled it to tilt Carter’s head sideways. Carter looked up. Big sapphire blue eyes were staring down at him. He smiled around Tryck’s cock, and then lowered his eyes.

He was busted.

All Carter wanted to do was experiment. He had hoped Tryck stayed asleep while he became familiar with his mate’s cock.

Guess it was too late now.

“Suck it.” Tryck grabbed the base, feeding his prick to Carter.

Why did it turn him on to see Tryck's hand wrapped around his own shaft?

Carter opened, accepting the large cock, using his tongue to lick at the veins, and at the same time he tried to suck it down. He gagged, pulled back, and took a deep breath.

“Go slow,
. No need to rush. Take only what you can,” Tryck encouraged him, petting his hair.

Even with Tryck’s large hand wrapped around the base, there were still plenty of inches to spare. He opened again, making another attempt.

“That’s it, love.” Tryck’s legs spread wider apart, giving Carter more room to explore. Carter wiped the spittle that was leaking down his chin, pushing further in until he knew he couldn’t take anymore.

“Suck your cheeks in,” Tryck instructed.

Carter did, creating a tight seal. Tryck held his head, moving slowly back and forth, using small measured strokes. Carter caught on, stilled Tryck’s hips, and then began to move his head up and down.

“That’s it. You got it,” Tryck moaned. “Ouch…no teeth,
.” Carter opened wider, trying his best to keep his teeth from scraping flesh. His jaws began to hurt, so he pulled back, giving them rest while he sucked at the crown once more.

, just do that.” Tryck cupped him under the chin, the other hand on the back of Carter’s head, groaning out his pleasure. Tryck’s hips began to move faster. “Gonna come,” he warned.


Lynn Hagen

Carter sealed his lips around the head, sucking vigorously, wanting to taste his mate.

He didn’t have to wait long. Tryck cried out, and hot jets of semen shot to the back of his throat as Carter tried desperately to drink it all down. He was somewhat successful. It got a little messy, but he was sure Tryck wouldn’t mind.

Tryck jackknifed, grabbing Carter under his arms and pulling him up, licking the wasted seed from his face. “You give good head,
.” His mate grinned, twisted around, and then laid Carter down onto the mattress.

His large body blanketed Carter’s, making him purr.

Tryck pushed Carter’s legs to his chest, grabbing the lube from under the pillow.

Carter was extremely nervous. The last time they had sex he was belly down. Now Tryck would be watching him. He bit his bottom lip, eyes darting to his left, unable to look at his mate.

This was way too intimate for him.

“No, look at me, love. Watch me take you.” Carter’s eyes shifted back to his mate, his head slowly following. Tryck stretched and lubed him, and then gently pushed in. “See how you stretch for me?” Carter nodded, looking down to where they were joined. It became a point of fascination to him. He reached down, allowing Tryck’s cock to glide between his index and middle finger.

“Enjoy it,
.” Tryck leaned forward, dropping to his arms.

His hands cupped Carter’s head, giving him his first heated kiss, his first kiss period from this man. Carter moaned, wrapping his arms around Tryck’s neck and pulling him in, opening for Tryck’s tongue.

He giggled and squirmed when Tryck rubbed his ears.

“Your ears are sensitive?” Tryck grinned into Carter’s mouth, rubbing the tips of his ears once again. “That’s sexy.” Carter’s breath hitched when Tryck reached down and hooked his legs over his mate’s massive arms, spreading him open wider. His
Carter’s Tryck


mate thrust hard, long, and deep, grazing that special spot that drove Carter nuts.

Carter pulled at his mate’s hair, feeling lost to the onslaught of sensations. His toes curled, his ears wiggled, and his ass clenched as electricity shot through him. “Oh my god, Tryck. Yes!”

“Do it,
. Scream my name, come for me, precious.” Tryck drove into him as Carter cried out, his seed splashing both of them.

He lifted his hips higher, feeling every inch of Tryck’s cock in his ass. A piece of his heart broke off and drifted into those deep sapphire eyes. His mate was looking at him with such desire, such need, that all he could do was stare back at him. He was hypnotized by those dark and gorgeous eyes.

“Carter,” Tryck called out as he stiffened, and then jetted into his hole. The veins in Tryck’s neck stood out, sweat trickled down his temples as his mate gave one last thrust, and then he lowered his head, breathing heavily. “You are going to drive me crazy.” Tryck rolled over, pulling Carter into his arms as he sighed heavily and petted Carter’s hair.

* * * *

“We want to go get something to eat,” Blair stated to the warriors in Maverick’s office. Cecil, Oliver, Keata, Kyoshi, and Carter stood behind him. Carter had no clue why he agreed to the uprising. Maybe because he knew it would piss Tryck and Maverick off. He loved a good tongue-sparring.

Making the Alpha's vein pop on the side of his temple had become a favorite pastime for him.

“That’s not a problem. We can take you.” Maverick stood.

“No.” Blair held his hand in front of him, palm out. “I want to drive, and the mates want to ride with me. You can follow if you want, but we want a little taste of freedom.”

Lynn Hagen

Maverick looked over to the warriors and then back at Blair, “At least you said something this time, thank you. We can follow.” Maverick held his hand out to indicate the mates could go.

“Really?” Blair asked in a happy voice and then cleared his throat.

“I mean, really?” he said more calmly.

“I’m not a warden. Just because we want you safe doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have fun. You’re not serving time.”

“Hell, that’s news to me,” Cecil muttered.

Carter peeked over at Tryck, his mate watching him suspiciously.

He shrugged, giving Tryck the most evil of grin he could muster.

Tryck gave a low growl, his eyes challenging Carter.

Carter snickered. Oh, this was going to be fun. He winked at his mate and then ran for the door, laughing as he jumped into the SUV.

* * * *

Blair drove the large SUV down the country road. He docked his iPod and pressed the button. The music flooded the interior. The song

“Ion” by a band called Placebo filled the truck.

Blair threw his right hand up as he jammed along. Cecil sat shotgun, playing an imaginary keyboard, strumming his fingers across his thighs.

Oliver sat behind Blair, both his hands were raised high as his shoulders bounced around. His lower body swiveled around as he jammed to the music.

Carter sat beside Oliver, his head nodding in short bursts to the rhythm.

Keata and Kyoshi were in the third row, doing some funky thing with their arms that resembled ocean waves.

Blair lowered his window, letting the wind blow across his face as he enjoyed the freedom of driving.

It had been too long since he was behind the wheel, and he was loving every second of it.

Carter’s Tryck


He saw the two pickup trucks and three motorcycles trailing behind them. He didn’t care that they had an escort. The interior of the SUV was theirs, their private domain of freedom for the moment.

Blair palmed the steering wheel, spinning it to the left as he pulled the vehicle into an empty parking space. He didn’t want to go through the drive-thru.

They all wanted to stretch their legs and enjoy their time out a little longer.

They went to the fast food place over by the police station. Blair snickered at the fond memory of when he and Cecil stole a truck to come here eons ago. They’d become partners in crime and best friends since then, something he never thought he would have.

* * * *

Carter looked around as he climbed out, Keata running up to him from the other side. “I never go here before.”

“Me either, buddy. Guess we both will find out if they’re any good.” He looked over his shoulder. The Santiago brothers were talking and laughing over by their motorcycles, but he knew better.

Tryck was watching him from the corner of his eye.

Carter made sure his hair was over his ears. Try and explain pointy ears to humans, impossible. He usually wore a hat when he went exploring, but he normally didn’t care what he looked like as long as he could see the sights.

For some reason he cared what Tryck thought of him, cared how he looked. He didn’t want to look geeky with a hat shoved over his head. It was bad enough his ears wiggled when he had sex.

He couldn’t believe that happened. Now
was embarrassing.

They ordered their food and took a seat at a large booth, chatting away as they ate. Carter looked from the corner of his eye. Tryck was leaning back on his bike, his arms crossed over his chest, watching Carter watch him. His mate winked at him, and Carter looked away.

BOOK: Carter's Tryck [Brac Pack 17]
2.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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