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Authors: Peter Bently

Casketball Capers

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Casketball Capers

Peter Bently

Illustrated by Chris Harrison

Albert Whitman & Company

Chicago, Illinois

For Theo and Tara


For my family



Chapter 1

School Time

Chapter 2

Bat Lessons

Chapter 3

Boris the Bat

Chapter 4

Growler the Fouler

Chapter 5

Mr. Tut in a Tangle

Chapter 6

Boris to the Rescue

Chapter 1

School Time

Lee Price was nine years old. He lived with his mom and dad in an ordinary house in an ordinary street and, like most nine-year-olds, he went to school every day.

Or rather, every night.

That's because St. Orlok's Elementary School was no ordinary school, and Lee was no ordinary boy.

St. Orlok's was a school for young vampires. Young vampires like Lee Price.

At St. Orlok's, Lee and his friends learned to do all the things that vampires do.

Like cloak-swishing…

Scary staring…

Tying a bow tie…

Losing your reflection…

Flossing your fangs…

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