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11: Jack



I don’t know even know why I said it.

What did I think she was going to say? As far as she was
concerned, this was a fling. She was just trying to have some fun on a much
needed holiday. I was simply a means to an end.

Staying here hadn’t even crossed her mind. And I was wrong to
ask, wrong to interrupt her evening with ridiculous questions that had no good

I just got swept up in the moment. Something about the sight of
her standing there with her shiny windswept hair, a cold beer in her hand, and
a smile on her face made me feel like –
Yes! This is the view I’ve been

But that didn’t mean she was going to mess with her own plans to
spend more time with a guy who never had to think more than a few hours ahead.

Not that I didn’t have a lot to offer. I could make her more comfortable
than she could ever be in Seattle. Or at least, I wanted to believe that.

But money wasn’t always the cure-all people thought it was. I
couldn’t shrink the globe with it. Sure, I could fly her out to visit or pay
whatever it cost for her to change her flight if she wanted to stay.

But I wasn’t going to insult her by offering. I knew what it was
like to be worried about one’s financial security from my time in med-school,
and personally, I’d never felt like the unprovoked charity of others ever eased
that burden.

Plus, she’d think I was crazy. Which I was. Crazy for her.

“I think I got
some nicks in my shins from little rocks on the road,” she said, holding her
leg out in an obvious attempt to change the subject.


“Those weren’t


“What do you


“They were
bugs. Tiny bugs.”








“That may be,”
I said. “But they’re also the reason for the show we saw earlier.”


“Which was


“I’m glad you found
it worthwhile.”


“Are you
kidding?” She tilted her head at me and her hair fell to one side, exposing her


The sight of
her bare skin filled me with a strong desire to see more of it.


“I’m so glad I
caved,” she said, trying to suppress a smile.


I rolled my


“Sorry. I
couldn’t help myself.”


“That’s okay,”
I said, thinking I’d need to use the same excuse when her clothes became


She turned
towards the water and leaned against the railing.


“I got you a
little something.”


She looked at
me out of the corner of her eye. “What?”


“I got you


“I heard you,”
she said. “What did you get?”




“You shouldn’t


I shrugged. “I
wasn’t planning on it. I just saw it today and thought it would look nice on


“That’s really
too much, Jack.”


“It’s really
not,” I said. “I swear.”


She squinted
at me.


“It’s not even
wrapped or anything. I bought it from a woman in the street.”


She turned to
face me. “Let’s see.”


“Put out your
hands and close your eyes,” I said, reaching in my pocket and finding the small
piece of jewelry with my fingertips.


She set her
beer down on the teak table beside her and did as she was told, squeezing her
eyes shut so I would know she wasn’t peeking.


I pulled the
necklace out of my pocket and looked at her, standing there expectantly with
her wet lips slightly parted. The thought of laying my dick in her hands
crossed my mind, but I didn’t know how that would go down. So I decided to
stick with my initial plan and lowered the necklace chain-first into her hands.


She raised her
eyebrows as soon as she felt the delicate chain begin to pool, pursing her lips
until there was nothing left for me to do but drop the charm in her hands.


“Okay,” I
said. “You can open your eyes.”


She looked
down at the necklace and her face lifted. “Oh my god, Jack. It’s beautiful.”


“It’s a local
shell,” I said. “Something to remember your trip by.”


She looked up
at me. “You mean besides my scar?”


I smiled.
“Hopefully this will last longer.”


She picked up
the charm, letting the small silver chain hang over her fingers as she studied
the swirl in the center of the round white shell.


“I could’ve
gotten you one myself when I was scuba diving,” I said. “But it would have been
covered in algae.”


“This is so
thoughtful,” she said. “Mind if I try it on?”


“Not at all,”
I said, wondering if she would’ve said the same if I’d handed her my cock.
“I’ll do it,” I said, putting my hand out.


She handed the
necklace to me before turning around and lifting her hair. I reached the chain
around her, my large fingers struggling with the delicate clasp.


alright back there?”


“Yeah, one
second,” I said, finally securing it. “Okay. Let’s have a look.”


She turned back
around with her hand over the charm in the middle of her chest and then
released it, her hopeful blue eyes looking straight into mine.


“It looks
lovely on you,” I said, thinking I would, too.


“I hope it
didn’t break the bank.”


I smiled. “Nothing
a second mortgage can’t cover.”


Her lips
curled up at the edges. “Well in that case, I won’t worry about it.”


“Good,” I
said, walking over to the canopied lounger beside the bucket of beer and
sitting down.


“Jack?” she
asked, following me.




“Do you have
plans tomorrow afternoon?” she asked.


I slipped my
shoes off and scooted to the back of the lounger so I could lean against the
pillows under the canopy. “Besides drinking banana smoothies?”


“Yeah.” She
slipped her sandals off and made her way to the back of the lounger.


The sight of
her walking towards me on her knees was enough to make my mouth water. “Not
really. Why do you ask?”


“The hotel
gave me a free voucher for a couple’s massage to apologize for the fact that I
had to fend for myself- or rather, that you had to fend for me- when I got hurt.”




“And I was
wondering if you’d be interested in going with me.”


“Will Megan


“No,” she
said. “Megan doesn’t really like to be touched by strangers.”


I raised my


“Not like that


“That sounds
great,” I said. “I’d love to join you.”


“How’s eleven


“Perfect. Thanks
for thinking of me.”


“No problem,” she
said. “To be honest, I’ve been having a hard time thinking of anything else.”


I looked at
her and then at her beer. “Finish that.”


“What?” she
asked. “Like right this second?”


“Yeah,” I
said, downing the rest of my own.


“What for?”


“Cause you’re
going to need your hands in a second.”


She drained
the rest of her beer, keeping one eye on me the whole time.


When she was
done, I took the bottle from her and scooted forward so I could put the empties
back in the bucket.


“What am I
going to need my hands for?”


I stood up and
looked at her. She was so fucking gorgeous. And the way her curves looked as
she laid back on the lounger was something else. I had to have her. I couldn’t
wait one more second.


“Well?” she asked, lifting her palms. “What do I need them for?”

“You need them to hold on,” I said, grabbing her ankles and
pulling her forward until she was flat on her back under the lounger’s canopy.

Without wasting a moment, I crawled over her, pushed her hair
out of her face, and kissed her like it was the last time I would ever kiss


12: Audrey



The weight of his body on mine filled me with desire, and he
kissed me like no one ever had before, like he was going to kiss me forever.

I could feel how bad he wanted me as he lowered his hips against
mine, letting me feel how rock solid he was already, just from kissing me.

I dug my fingertips into the cushion below, sinking further and
further into it as he lowered his body down on me.

And then he pulled away and rose to his knees, pulling his shirt
off as he knelt over me.

My eyes followed his rippling abs up to his face. I couldn’t
believe a man that sexy had me pinned between his knees, his raging hard-on poised
over my stomach.

“Audrey, Audrey, Audrey,” Jack said as he looked down at me.

“Jack, Jack, Jack,” I said smiling, my chest rising and falling
as I tried to catch my breath.

“I like the sound of my name in your mouth.”

“Me too,” I said. “I mean, the sound of my name in your mouth
that is.” Maybe I shouldn’t try to talk sexy. Maybe I should just leave that to

He smiled and sank down a little so his cock was pressed right
up against my pussy, keeping his eyes on me like he was thinking about fucking
me right then. He felt so hard I was surprised he didn’t tear right through both
our clothes, and I was starting to ache all over with how bad I wanted him
inside me- how bad I needed him there.

He leaned back over my body, his torso and shoulders as
mesmerizing as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel… and not nearly as
uncomfortable to look at.

“I’m glad you like it when I say your name,” he said. “But I
won’t be able to say it for a while.”

I furrowed my brow at him, pinned down by all three of his arms.
“Why’s that?”

“Because my mouth will be too full,” he said with a devilish flash
in his eye.

I swallowed.

“Put your arms up.”

I did as I was told.

He wrapped his thick fingers around the bottom of my shirt and
lifted it over my head before tossing it to the side near his.

Then he feasted his eyes on my bra and clenched his jaw. “God
you are all woman,” he said, running his hands down my arms slowly from my
wrists to my elbows to the mounds of my breasts.

I couldn’t have answered him for anything. I was too hypnotized
by the way he was looking at me, like I was mouthwatering and he fully intended
to overeat.

He laid down on me, pinning my wrists above my head and placing
his mouth on my neck, sucking my thin skin through his lips as his five o’clock
shadow sent tingles through my body.

I exhaled a shallow breath as his hard chest crushed against my
soft one, making me feel so feminine I almost felt like prey.

And it was exhilarating, being held beneath a millionaire in a
secret location where no one would hear me scream while every part of my body
was telling me I was going to have to very soon.

He moved his head to my heaving chest, and I felt the warm tip
of his wet tongue along the top edge of my bra, so close to my nipple and yet painfully
far away. I watched his head rise and fall as he moved to my other breast.

“Is this the part where I beg?” I breathed.

He raised his head and looked at me. “No. But if you want to
start practicing, be my guest.”

I didn’t know if I could handle the speed of his seduction. He
didn’t have to do this, to take it so slow. I was sopping wet with my need for
him and he hadn’t even taken off my bra. I was worried if he didn’t hurry up, I
might burst into tears from my pent up sexual energy.

And then his hot breath was on my ear. “Arch your back.”

I lifted my chest as best I could considering his hand was still
pinning down my wrists.

He reached around me and undid my multi-hooked bra strap in one
swift motion. “It won’t be the last time you do that for me,” he said,
releasing my wrists. “Now take it off.”

He sat up and watched me as I pursed my lips and slipped my arms
through my bra straps.

With his eyes still on me, he grabbed my breasts with both hands
and squeezed them. Then he lowered himself back down and took one of my nipples
in his mouth, flicking his tongue around it like a flame. He rolled the other
in his fingertips before pinching it too hard, the sharpness of it shocking my

I didn’t know whether to moan or yelp. The contrast of the two
sensations as he groped me was overwhelming. And just when I thought I couldn’t
take it anymore, I felt one of his hands slide in the top of my pants and go
straight to the heat between my legs.

“You’re so wet,” he said, releasing my nipple from between his

I didn’t know what to say or where to look.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were so wet?”

I attempted a shrug.

His eyebrows furrowed in frustration. “That’s not the kind of secret
you should keep from me.”

He kept his eyes on my face as he slipped his fingers in the
front of my underwear and pressed them against my hot clit. Then he shook his
head like he’d just eaten something delicious.

“What to do about this..” he said, moving his fingers in gentle
circles, watching my face as he warmed me up.

“Is it time?” I asked under my breath.

“No.” He smiled. “But I can see now that you’re hurting.”

“So bad,” I said. “Not having you hurts so bad.”

“Let’s get one thing clear,” he said, positioning his fingertips
over my opening. “I’m the one that’s having you.” And then he thrust his
fingers deep inside me.

My eyelids fluttered as he pushed his way in, my lips falling
open as I squeezed around him.

“Fuck me,” he said, letting his fingers dive even deeper.
“You’re so tight.”

Every churn of his fingers sent waves through my body, each one
hotter than the next.

“I can’t wait to slip inside you,” he said, finger fucking me
until my arms writhed against the pillows.

“Please,” I said. “Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me now,” I said. “I need you to fuck me.”

He removed his fingers, leaving me horribly empty and hornier
than hell and grabbed the top of my pants with both hands. Then he pulled them
off me, leaving me lay right where I was.

I leaned up on my elbows.

I was completely naked on a rooftop bar in Thailand, and a sexy
man I just met was lowering his head between my legs.

I wanted to ask him what he was doing, but I wasn’t an idiot. It
just hadn’t occurred to me that he would fuck me like that. And then I
remembered what he’d said about saying my name and his mouth being full and it
all made sense.

I craned my neck up so I could see him.

He kept his eyes on me as he pushed my legs apart. “Relax,” he
said, wrapping his hands around the back of my thighs and digging his fingers
into my flesh.

Then he pressed his warm tongue against my pussy, and I melted.



BOOK: Claimed by a Stranger (Craved Series #2)
10.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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