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I heard the smack on my bottom before I felt it. I cried out in surprise. The sting wasn't terrible, but it prompted me to heed Mr. Bridger's next words. "You will learn to do as I ask, the first time, or there will be consequences. I'm being generous with your questions. In the future, you will not do so. Put your hands on the bar." His voice dropped even lower and from the look in his eye, I chose to do as he requested.

“I don't like this.” Panic set in at the position in which I was placed, at the very idea he proposed.

“You don't have to,” Mr. Bridger said, his voice brooking no nonsense. He reached and took the lid off a glass jar resting upon a shelf, dipped two fingers in and coated them in what appeared to be a salve or grease of some kind. With one hand, he pulled a cheek of my bottom to the side, exposing me in a way I'd never imagined. I squeaked at his overt action. He might be my husband, but he took liberties beyond my imagination. The shame was incredible. “Your pussy is so pretty sweetheart. And your ass, so tight.”

I shook my head, let go of the bar. "No, I can't do this!"

Mr. Bridger's one hand was quickly at my lower back, holding me down, as the other spanked my bottom, once, twice and then a third time before I put my hands back. "I can spank you until your bottom is red and too sore to sit on, then cork your ass, or you can just get corked. It's your decision."

He waited as I considered both of the miserable options. I grabbed hold of the bar again and dropped my head, not wanting to watch my humiliation in the mirror. I had never heard the word
before, but I knew from where he gazed to what he referred. I wasn't going to stand for this, but how could I stop him? Having sexual congress with my husband in darkness and beneath the sheets was one thing, but this was something—

I cried out as Mr. Bridger coated my back opening with the thick, cool grease. "
is not fucking," he told me. "Don't let go again or your lesson tonight will be even more uncomfortable than just spanking," he warned as he circled my forbidden hole. I bucked against his finger, but held tight. He slowly worked the grease around the area in circles.

“Shh,” he soothed. “You're doing so well. You're going to look so pretty with your fuck hole corked.”

At those words, I fought against Mr. Bridger's actions, wiggling my hips as much as I could. I did not think my
fuck hole
would look remotely good being corked. One hand held me firmly in place at the base of my spine. I could fight, but I would not win this battle.

“Your fuck hole is also your ass.” Mr. Bridger's finger continued to circle, slowly pushing in, then retreating, as he shared this vocabulary lesson. It didn't hurt exactly; I didn't feel anything other than complete exposure and obscene vulnerability. Did he have any idea how humiliating this was?

He stretched my opening, which had me clenching in opposition, but with his continued ministrations, his fingers breeched the untried opening. I groaned at the strangeness of it all. I felt stretched. And it burned.

“When it's not filled with a plug or a cork, then I'll use it to fuck. It's important that you're stretched to be ready for me at any time. I don't want to hurt you.” His voice was dominant, however his tone was soothing while his fingers worked deliberately upon me. Was this what my husband was really like? Calm and direct in his demands upon me, working me slowly yet in an efficient manner until I succumbed to his dominance?

One finger slid in past the muscles I squeezed tight in resistance, issuing a whimper from me. It felt so full and open. I clenched against his invasion. “I don't like this,” I breathed, my words coming out in little pants. I shook my head, trying to fight him, but afraid to let go. Mr. Bridger's foot tapped my ankle to spread me further apart.

“Like I said before, you don't have to like it. But you will know you belong to me, without doubt, being corked. It is a permanent reminder for you that your body is mine to do with as I wish, that I will always take care of you. Cherish you. Instead of a ring upon your finger, you will have something within.”

“Mr. Bridger, please! I don't need a reminder. I won't forget,” I cried as his second finger slid in.

“I love how you call me that, but it's going to get pretty confusing since Cole, Sam and I are all Mr. Bridger. My name is Jake and I'd love to hear you say it.” His fingers moved clockwise, then switched direction, pushing within all the while spreading the ring of my...of my ass wider and wider.

“Jake,” I gasped as the burning intensified.

“Keep your legs just like that, sweetheart,” he said as his fingers slid free to palpable relief on my part, making me clench my bottom tightly shut. The slippery wetness he'd used to coat my opening as well as deep inside, felt cold. Soon enough, he was pushing something against me once again, bigger than his finger.

“No more, please,” I begged, my long hair swirling around my face.

“Before you get your cork, I need to give you your medicine. This is a little pill,” he told me, ignoring my plea. “It will keep you from getting sick."

I lifted my head to plead with him, wanting to cry. He held the pill up, his fingers slick and shiny. It was a ball about an inch around, a pale white like a candy. Something of that size couldn't be worked in there. Oh God, what had I gotten myself into?

"Sick?" I asked, staring at the large pill. "Why would I get sick?"

"It's the water here. It has been making people who aren't used to it sick for years. Stomach pains, vomiting. When the white people first settled, the Indians laughed at how sick they became, then showed them the plants to dry, grind into a paste and take to prevent it. You're not used to our water and it will make you ill. You've already had some water to drink from our canteens and obviously will continue to do so."

have to take the medicine?" I couldn't imagine Jake standing in my position with something being pushed up inside him.

He shook his head all the while absently rimming me with his finger. It was as if he were enjoying himself while all I could feel was getting stretched wider and wider. "I was born here and have always drank the water, so it doesn't bother me. Maybe I was sick as a baby, but I don't remember."

I shook my head. "Please, I'm not sickly. Like you said, I've already had some water and I feel fine. I don't need medicine this way. Please," I begged.

His hands left my ass and put the pill back in a container on the shelf next to the jar of grease.

Negligently, he shrugged. "Very well, you don't need to take the medicine if you know what's best."

I sagged with relief.

"But you will be corked. My wife will have her ass filled at all times. You will get used to the feeling. Or not."

My eyes widened.
At all times.
I couldn't walk around, sit, sleep with something lodged within me.
I had to protest. This wasn't right!

"There will be no discussion on this, so close your mouth."

I snapped my mouth closed at his stern look, the harsh tone of his voice, and looked down at the floorboards between my toes.

I heard him rustling, then felt his hand spreading my bottom apart, then felt something hard once again at my back entrance, pushing in. "Usually a new bride has this done at the alter in church after the vows are read. In front of family and witnesses."

My head shot up and looked at Jake in the mirror, stunned. In church! He wasn't looking at me, but focused on what he was pushing inside me where it didn't belong.

"That's what Reverend Abernathy referred to earlier."

I squeaked when the hard object slid in, my body giving up the fight. It didn't go deep, thankfully, but stretched the ring of muscle wide enough so it burned. I couldn't squeeze my back entrance closed. Oh God, it was too big! I tried to clamp down again, but my muscles couldn't contract with the object keeping me spread wide.

"You can try to push it out. I expect you to do so. Your body will fight it, but it's no use. The sooner your realize that, the easier time you will have. You may stand."

I relaxed my fingers that gripped the bar, then stood, and turned to face my husband. The cork shifted, which made me squirm. Jake washed at the basin, then wiped his fingers on a cloth. "Say ‘thank you’ for saving you the embarrassment of this first corking in front of the Abernathy's and my brothers."

I couldn't imagine having that done in front of others. It was shameful enough with just my husband. "Thank you, Jake," I whispered.

"You may not take it out. It's my job. I decide whether you will be corked or plugged, stretched or stuffed. It is my choice, not yours."

"What if I have─" I couldn't say it. I

"You will come to me if you need it removed. As your needs are my responsibility, I will tend to you wherever I am - barn, house or prairie."

I wasn't going to ask details on that. Yet. I really didn't want to know if he'd be taking it out in the middle of a field or not.

"Now, lie down on the bed." He held up a hand, his look stern. "I gave you my word this afternoon that I wouldn't fuck you. If you question my word one more time, I will be led to believe that you don't consider me honorable."

My shoulders drooped as I considered what he said. He was right. I doubted his word.

He tilted my chin up so I had to meet his gaze. "Remember, sweetheart, my word is law."

I could only nod, contrite. That was fairly obvious as I had something hard lodged in my bottom.

He smiled. "Now, up on the bed."

I did as he bid, sitting on the edge of the soft mattress, then lying back carefully, trying not to bump the cork within my bottom, my lower legs hanging down off the side. I moaned when the cork shifted.

Jake came up and nudged my legs apart with his so he stood between my parted knees. He towered over me. "Put your feet up on the edge of the bed. I want to see my pussy."

I stared up at the ceiling as I considered the No Fucking agreement we'd made. Perhaps fucking wouldn't have been as bad as all this. My ignorance was only hindering me on my wedding night.

Knowing I had no choice in the matter - I was quickly learning my husband wasn't one to be trifled with - I lifted my feet up onto the mattress. Jake's big hands spread my knees, moving my feet so that I was spread obscenely wide. Everything, and I mean everything, was exposed.

Jake's face changed from stern taskmaster to heated from one heartbeat to the next. "Your pussy is perfect. So pink. So tight. I love seeing your ass stretched by the cork, knowing you're mine. I can see you're wet for me."

My face flamed with embarrassed heat at his words. I didn't know why I was damp down there, but I was. I could feel wetness seeping from my body, and he hadn't even touched me!

"Sweetheart, you please me so."

I looked up at his face. His dark eyes met mine. He smiled. Embarrassment faded away as I saw that I truly did please him.

He undid his belt, opened the flap on his pants and pulled himself free. "Have you ever seen a cock before?" he asked, running his closed fist up and down the length.

The sight of his male member transfixed me. It was huge! That was supposed to fit inside me? I could only shake my head. He stroked up the long length to just beneath the large protruding tip. It was dark, full of blood and almost angry looking. Thick veins ran up the length as he stroked himself, setting a pace that made his body tense. Sweat broke out on his forehead. I watched, transfixed for an indeterminate length of time, as Jake pumped his hand. He made a dark noise in the back of his throat as thick, white ropes of his seed arced from his...cock and onto my belly, my breasts. I gasped as the heated liquid touched my skin. His eyes were closed, his jaw tight until the last bit of his seed dripped from him.

When done, he looked at me, at my stained body. "Use your hands. Spread my seed on you."

Not sure what to do exactly, I dipped my fingers in the white liquid on my belly.

"Use your palms. Coat your stomach, your breasts. Lower. Spread it over your pussy."

I did as told, moving the quickly cooling seed over my torso and breasts with one hand, down into the curls above my woman's place with the other. Soon enough, it dried and I could feel my skin tighten, my nipples pucker.


"What about cleaning up?" I asked, looking down at myself, at the opaque sheen covering my body.

"Since I didn't plant my seed in your belly, it stays."

Chapter Three




I awoke to soft moaning and Catherine thrashing in bed beside me. It was still dark, the room only lit by the soft glow of the moon. I rolled to my back and smiled to myself when she curled up in a ball and groaned. Good. Besides the pills themselves, the doctor had given me a concoction for just such adversity. I'd slipped it into her food at dinner it was working well. There was no sickness from the water. Her dinner had been laced with dried, ground up roots that brought on stomach pains and nausea. Short lasting, but surely miserable.

The pill I planned to shove deep in her ass every day wasn't any kind of medicine, as I'd told her. The object was the oily aphrodisiac with a thick coating of beeswax. The town doctor supplied all the husbands in town. The man had seen it all, knew what was needed to aid in training new wives. The pill would slowly soften inside from the warmth of a woman's body, releasing the herbs that aided in arousal while providing a slippery pathway for a cock or plug. It would keep Catherine's ass well lubricated at all times for corking or fucking. Whatever I chose.

I knew Catherine would battle me over the pill, over the corking. What woman wouldn't? Ultimate submission was best achieved when a wife became completely dependent on her spouse. Having her ass corked or plugged was a simple and effective way to do that. The humiliation she'd feel at the insertion, knowing people could tell her ass was full by the way she walked, that I'd have to remove it for her, would be hard, at least in the near term, at least until she was dazed with her arousal.

To begin her training, she would spend a long night suffering from stomach pains, miserable enough to believe she needed the pill to keep from becoming sick again, and not to question that I knew what was best for her.

I dozed throughout the night, waking as Catherine shifted in constant discomfort. I tended to her, rubbed my hand across her sweaty brow to soothe her, but I could do nothing for her until the effects wore off. This occurred just around dawn, the soft sunlight brightening the room with pinks and golds.

"Feeling better?" I asked as I looked down at her from where I stood at the side of the bed, doing up the last buttons on my shirt.

The sheets were tangled about her legs, her body damp and sweaty. She was too tired, too worn down to even care that her naked body was completely exposed. Her eyes were closed, but she nodded her head.

"Here, have a drink. You must be thirsty." I held out a glass of water.

Her eyes flew open with glassy fear and shifted away from me. "No! Please. I can't have that water. It made me so sick."

I smiled at her mildly, as if placating a child. "I know, sweetheart, and I'm sorry for it. You can't give up water because of this and you refused the medicine. What should we do?"

This needed to be her decision, her choice. It was a hard one, as it would now be her decision to either be sick again or have something shoved up her ass every day. Humiliation or sickness. They were both impossible choices for her.

She sat upright, pushed back her tangled hair from her weary face, and looked at me with pleading eyes, tears welling up, but not spilling over. "I'll take the medicine. Please. I just...don't want to feel like that again."

"Very well." I went over to the shelf and took down the pill from the night before. "Over to the bar, please."

The bar would be the place she associated with her submission, where she gave me complete control of her body. When she grabbed hold and bent over, she accepted that her pussy and ass belonged to me.

For someone who'd been unwell all night and most likely exhausted, Catherine moved remarkably quickly, eager to feel better. She grabbed hold and stuck her bottom in the air as I'd positioned her last night without any prompting. Obviously she'd learned her miserable lesson and did not want it repeated.

I took a moment to admire the cork I'd inserted the night before, how the tight ring of her ass was stretched thin around it, even with such a small size. It was going to be enjoyment on my part, and a great deal of discomfort on hers, to open her wide. I took hold of the cork and carefully worked it from her body. She exhaled a pent up breath once it was removed.

Her pink rosebud gaped about the width of my little finger from being held open all night and I reveled in the sight. I watched as Catherine clenched down and the muscles winked at me, once, twice, then closed completely. Reaching in to the lubricant jar, I coated my fingers and worked the slippery substance around her just closed hole and then within. With the other hand, I grabbed the hard pill. "You're doing so well, sweetheart. Now, bear down when I push the pill in. That's it. You're such a good girl taking your medicine like this. It's going to make you feel so much better."

She groaned, too exhausted to put up much of a fight, as the pill stretched her wide before entering her. My two fingers now pushed it in deeply and she panted. I pulled my fingers free and she sighed. Soon, the aphrodisiac would begin taking effect and she'd sigh for a completely different reason. My cock was rock hard in my pants. I wanted to pull it out and fuck her now, but it was too soon, and she wasn't completely well. The time would come soon enough. For now, I had to keep her focused on her training.

"Not too bad, is it?"

She wiggled her hips a little, adjusting, winced. "It''s awful! I feel so...full."

"I'm so proud of you, sweetheart. Every night you'll take it like a good girl and you'll never be sick like that again," I crooned as I caressed her back.

She nodded her head, wilted.

"Now, let's get that cork back in."

Hair tangled, she thrashed her head. "No, please. I don't want it. I'm so sore there. Can you please leave it out?"

"You will always be corked or plugged, Catherine." I deepened my voice, made it sound almost harsh. This was a hard and fast rule.

"Just for a little while, please," she whined.

"The medicine will be messy without one," I cautioned. Lesson number two was about to occur. I wouldn't be so accommodating in the future. I was only allowing her to beg ─ and win ─ because this was part of her training.

"I can keep it in. I promise. Please."

I pretended to consider, then agreed. "Very well. You may stand." Once she did so and turned to face me, I continued. "Only while you rest, and that's all I'll compromise. You must be exhausted from your long night. I'm sure you want to go back to sleep now that you are feeling better. The medicine in the pill will keep you from getting sick any more."

She relaxed her shoulders, clearly relieved, as all tension drained from her like water down a sink. "Yes, thank you."

I tilted her chin up. "You make me very happy," I told her. Her response was a weak smile that didn't reach her eyes. She was a natural submissive, even more so in a new land, with a new husband. She was completely reliant on me. "Back in bed. I'll let you rest a few more hours while I catch up with the men."




I awoke to a strange room, not remembering where I was for a moment. Then, from one heartbeat to the next, it all came rushing back. I was married, I was naked and I had let him ─
let him ─
put that...pill inside me. I could feel my cheeks flush at the very idea. It was shameful, absolutely humiliating, to know that I'd asked him to do it. He hadn't forced me; instead, I'd all but begged him. The alternative, another night of horrible stomach pains, was not a consideration. Only time, six or seven hours, eased the cramping and misery before I felt better. And now I felt, well, I felt normal. I couldn't even feel the hard shape of the pill lodged within me. I only felt...

Oh no! I squeezed my legs together and tugged the sheet up to look beneath. I felt the slippery grease Jake had applied to me around the outside of my back passage, but I felt more, a slick coating on my thighs and on my bottom. I looked down and saw that the sheets beneath me were streaked with the oily substance. Why hadn't I listened to him? The cork he wanted to put back in would have prevented this. I was in terrible trouble!

Jake returned then with two steaming mugs of coffee. I yanked the sheet back up and could feel my cheeks burning. What was I going to do? I bit my lip, my fear and shame at having to tell Jake what happened bringing tears to my eyes.

“Rest well?" Jake asked, placing both steaming cups on the side table. He sat on the edge of the bed and it dipped with his weight, brushed the hair back from my face in a gentle caress. "It's late in the day, but I thought you might want a cup."

I couldn't look at him, couldn't explain what happened. “Yes, thank you,” I replied.

“Let's get you dressed,” Jake said as he stood and held out a hand to help me up.

He couldn't do that, otherwise he'd know. He couldn't find out. How could I get cleaned up without him becoming aware? The sheet needed washing. How was I going to hide it? “No, that's fine. I can tend to myself.”

“Sweetheart, your body is beautiful and I long to see it."

He'd been nothing but kind to me. Stern, but no stricter than I expected any other husband. He'd agreed to all my demands, compromised more than a spouse should. He could have fucked me, but he hadn't, although his requirement with my bottom was a little extreme. The tears filling my eyes overflowed, slipped down my burning skin.

He eyed me closely. "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

“I...I can't say,” I replied, my voice a whisper.

He watched me closely. “Your pill came out, didn't it?” His voice shifted from tender to severe.

My gaze darted up to his. “ did you know?”

“Your ass needs to be corked after the pill is inserted. Otherwise, the ointment will seep out." The truth must have shown on my face. "Feel how slick you are? That's supposed to be up inside your fuck hole, kept there by the cork or plug. It keeps the medicine inside so you don't get sick. I can also slide right in and give you a good fuck whenever I want. You wouldn't want to be dry when I do that, do you? The doctor was mighty thoughtful to make the pill have the ointment with it.”

“Are...are you mad at me?” I asked, looking up at him from beneath tear soaked lashes. I was afraid to look at him directly.

“You promised that you'd keep the pill in and you broke that promise. This is the second time where you thought you knew best, and what happened? You became sick, and now, your pill seeped out of your ass. You might get sick again since the medicine isn't deep inside you. Your wellbeing is my responsibility and this isn't safe. If you can't make healthy choices, then I'll make them for you."

I could only nod in agreement.

"I know what's best for you, don't I?"

Shamefully, I could only nod again.

"So when I expect you to do something, even if you don't want to, even if you don't understand, I do it because it's for your own good. Yes?"

"Yes, Jake," I replied meekly.

"Very well. Now let's get you cleaned up, put a new pill in so you don't get sick, and your cork your ass. Right, Catherine?”

Shamefaced, I wiped my tears from my cheeks. "Yes, Jake."

He went over to the washbasin and wet a clean cloth and returned to sit on the side of the bed. He gave me an arch look, and I knew he was waiting for me to climb from the safety of the covers. I tugged back the sheet and moved to stand before him. His gaze was on my breasts and belly and when I looked down I could see the haze of his dried seed still coating my belly. Dried white clumps clung to the hair between my thighs.

“Does this hurt?” he asked, gently running his fingers through the downy hair between my legs.

I winced slightly when he became caught on a snarl made from dried seed.

“Sweetheart, I can see that it's causing you discomfort. When I fuck you, you're going to have cum dribbling from you all the time. You don't want your pretty pussy to be a mess like this, do you?”

Tears started again. Mortified, I just stood there as I watched my husband's large fingers tug uncomfortably in my pubic hair. I couldn't speak, couldn't watch anymore so I shut my eyes, squeezed them tight in shame. I couldn't answer him other than shaking my head.

He brushed a tear away.

“I'll clean the ointment from you first, then shave you. Come across my lap.”

My eyes flew open at his words. Shave? Down there? I opened her mouth to argue, but when I saw his raised eyebrow, I said nothing and did as he bid. This was another fight where I couldn't win. It seemed I couldn't win at all.

I bent forward over his lap, my bottom in the air. My feet were on the wood floor on one side of his legs and my upper body on the bed beside him. This was awful! I felt like a child being scolded, punished.

Jake began running the cloth over my bottom, with one cheek spread wide. “You may not understand my rules, but they're for your safety, your health or because I just know what's best. Just as keeping your pussy bare will minimize your discomfort once my seed dries upon you.”

He hooked his ankle around one of my feet and pulled back, exposing me. I couldn't see his face as mine was buried in the soft blanket on the bed, but I knew he looked there. I could feel the ointment coating me, having worked it's way down to my spread thighs. I moaned into the quilt to muffle it.

BOOK: Claiming Catherine (Montana Maiden Series Book 1)
13.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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