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Worst bachelor party ever. The strippers were pudgy and bored, the beer was domestic piss, and the tepid music first played in some high school gym twenty years ago. I put up with it for almost two hours before I approached Ray, the Best Man, and suggested we go spy on the bachelorette party raging at the Chippendale's show across town. I reminded him there were female strippers downstairs at that club.

Ray is a flake and always has been, which explains why this party was so lame, but basically a good guy, so he was thrilled at my idea.

“I guess I could have planned this night a little better,” he sheepishly admitted.

I nodded. “I think you could have, yeah.”

He tipped the strippers and told them to take off and killed the music. We were in John's apartment so I'm sure the neighbors would be happy to see us leave.

“I have an announcement,” Ray said.

When no one paid him any attention he said it again. I stepped up next to him.

“Hey! Assholes! Listen up!”

That did the trick. Every guy there turned to look at me.

“Ray has something to say. Go ahead, Ray.”

He gave me an embarrassed look. “Um, thanks, David, for that. Guys, I think we should go join the women at Olympic Gardens. That place has female strippers so we can say hello and then get on with our party. Sound good?”

Most everyone liked the idea. We decided who would ride with whom and piled into our cars. Thank God we were done with this apartment.

At the club we fanned out looking for our women. Half the guys were single and headed straight downstairs. Our ladies were scattered all over the club drinking, talking, tipping, and some just stood and watched. There was a long stage that ran through the center of the room and expanded into a circle at the end and several single stages all around. At any moment there were seven males dancing so the girls had plenty to see and enjoy.

I spied my wife, Tiffany, standing with her friend Kandy, sipping a cocktail and indirectly watching a tall black stud shake it. She was well back from the action, like I knew she would be. She had no interest in visiting a strip club but my wife is too polite to refuse. She and Kandy were engrossed in deep conversation and did not see me approach. I scared them half to death. I explained what had happened back at the apartment and let her know I was headed downstairs with the other guys.

As we talked I noticed Ray across the room talking to his wife. Janet is a sexy gymnast-type, with a hard body, great ass and legs, and almost no boobs. She wears her hair short and dresses fairly provocatively. I've stolen many glances at her legs and ass over the years.

As I watched, a stripper danced closer and closer to Janet. She welcomed him, flirting like crazy. Ray watched her do it. They were pretty isolated and tucked back in a corner, but I was surprised when Janet put a bill in her mouth and offered it to the dancer. He leaned over and took it with his mouth and their lips touched, which quickly became a hard kiss lasting several seconds. Ray just watched. I looked at Tiffany to see if she'd noticed and she had. We both raised an eyebrow.

Ray took half a step deeper into shadow and the stripper took a full step forward. He danced a little more, slowly bringing his bulging G-string closer and closer to Janet's face. She stayed put. Even from across the room I saw his package brush her lips. She opened her mouth and he boldly stuck the front of his thong in. His dick was in her mouth! True, it was covered by nylon, but it was in her mouth. I looked at Tiffany again and she seemed stunned. The stripper slipped a hand inside Janet's open top and fondled her small firm tits.

Ray just sipped his drink, watching.

My body temperature shot through the roof. Janet reached up and squeezed the dancer's large protruding lump and they smiled at each other. She tugged it a few times and he leaned over to speak into her ear. She nodded yes and his grin got bigger.

I was shaken. What the hell was happening here? Ray took another sip and Janet gave the stripper another bill and then stepped back to join her husband. The dancer stayed a few minutes and then moved on.

One look at Tiffany and I knew she was as stunned as I. How could Ray be okay with all that? I gulped some whiskey to steady my nerves and moved closer to Tiffany.

“What the ever-loving fuck was that?” I asked.

I felt heat coming off my wife. She gave me her very best fuck-if-I-know look and gulped her martini.

“I have no idea,” she admitted. “But it was kind of hot, don't you think?”

I nodded. Janet had crossed the line right in front of her husband and all of us. They were somewhat hidden from the crowd but she didn't even try to mask her actions. She did not care who saw her. I debated asking Ray about it but decided I would embarrass him so I just filed it away. We all knew Janet had a wild side but now I knew it ran deep.

I kissed Tiffany and told her to have fun, keep her hands to herself, and I'd see her soon. At the last minute I added she should text me when she wants to go home. I collected all the guys and we headed downstairs.

I watched the hot girls and joked with the guys and teased Andy, the groom, that his life was about to change forever. Time flew. Hours later I noticed Ray sneak away and I decided to follow him. I did not want him driving after all the booze he'd consumed. I almost lost him in the darkness but when he pulled out his phone to check a text message I spotted the glow ahead of me. He worked his way back upstairs and I quietly came up behind him.

In the corner across the room, Janet leaned against the same stripper from earlier. He had his hand inside her top again and when her arm moved I realized she had her hand down the front of his thong. She played with his dick! Again, Ray just watched. Janet lowered her head. She was either sucking or licking or kissing this guy's cock. It was too dark to be sure.

After a minute she straightened and her camera phone flashed several times. Seconds later Ray's phone glowed again. I was sure she'd sent Ray pictures of that dancer's penis. This was crazy. It was too much. I left. I worked my way back to the other guys.

An hour later Tiffany text she was ready to leave. I was shocked at how much time had passed but watching gorgeous women dance nude has to be one of the best things ever. I said my goodbyes, paid my tab and tip, collected my wife, and headed home.

We showered off the smoke from the club and I climbed into bed. Tiffany dried her long black hair and dabbed lotion around her eyes and neck while I admired her tone body. She wasn't super fit like Janet but she worked out often. Under her soft skin were strong muscles. I gazed at her long legs and big firm tits and bubble butt. Her abs were flat and had a hint of eight-pack just beneath the skin. My wife was petite, shorter than Janet by six inches, but I'd take her body over Janet's every day of the week. She caught me looking.

“No you don't mister. You don't get to watch all those hot young girls and then come home and have me. I know who you're really thinking about.”

I laughed. “Baby, those little girls have no chance against you. I'll put your body against theirs any time you want. You have it all; ass, legs, tits, even have the perfect hair for me. No way I'd think about one of them when I have you.”

She melted.

“Okay,” she giggled. “You win, keep looking.”

I did. She tried to act indifferent but I know she loves my eyes on her. She's shy but truth be told, she loves any man's eyes on her. I guess it stems from an insecurity of some kind but she's always loved it.

She gave me a hard time about strippers but I was sure all those hot male bodies had gotten to her. She poses a little bit when she's horny and she did it now. I felt my penis wake up. She's bashful but she loves being noticed. She has no idea how gorgeous she is.

“Can you believe Janet did that?” she asked, rubbing lotion into her calf.

“Janet? Yeah, but I was more shocked by Ray's non-reaction. If anything he seemed to actually like it. He watched her like a parole officer.” I did not mention the dick-sucking. “How can a husband be so cool about his wife with another man?”

Tiffany pondered my question. “You know; I have to admit it turned me on a little bit.”

“What, the Chippendale boys?”

She stopped rubbing and looked at the floor. “No, yes, but I mean that whole thing; Janet doing that in front of her husband, Ray watching his flirtatious wife. I bet they are in bed right now. I watched your face, David. I know it turned you on a little too.”

“It did,” I confessed. “I'm not sure why, exactly. I guess witnessing the sexual side of your wife like that. Ray wasn't jealous at all. I'm sure you're right about what they're doing this very minute. If that had been you I'd be reminding you who your man is.”

“Big talker.”

Watching her lotion up had me mostly hard under the blanket so I pushed the comforter down and showed her, holding my penis straight up. I'd gotten lucky in the penis department; a little above average in length, fairly thick and well proportioned. The few women I've been with have complimented me for having a “pretty” penis.

“Oh,” she said, her voice trailing away. “Oh my.”

She sat the lotion on the counter and walked to the bed.

“Yummy,” she murmured just before taking my erection into her mouth.

Our sex was intense. She was soaked and very responsive and I knew those dancers at the club had gotten to her. I tried to remember some of the hot girls I'd seen but none of them stood out. I was much more aroused by how hot Tiffany was. I wondered if that was how it worked for Ray. Did he also enjoy seeing his wife get turned on? I regretted not asking him.

I moved her to all fours and got behind her but did not put it in. She wiggled her ass and pushed her pussy back at me, trying to capture my dick, but I avoided her.

“So?” I teased. “Are you saying you wish you were Janet? Would you like to do something like that in front of me?”

“Uuunngh... that's hot, Baby.”

Honestly, I only meant to tease her. I knew there is no way she'd ever do something similar. I expected her to recoil at the idea. I expected her to scold me for being disrespectful. Her reaction surprised me.

She again wiggled her pelvis back at me. This time I pushed my penis into her smoldering pussy. She was drenched and her walls kept clenching me. I enjoyed it for several heartbeats until I realized she'd avoided my question. Now I was intrigued. Her answer wasn't really an answer. I stopped pushing in and out.

“Answer my question, Tiff; do you wish you were Janet? Would you like to show off like that? Do you want to flirt with a stripper like she did?”

“Maybe, but not like she did. Fuck me, David. Give me your big dick.”

I fucked her briefly and then stopped. “How then?”

“Don't stop, Baby.”

When I remained motionless she relented.

“I'd be less slutty, more... classy. I don't know. Something risqué but less sexual.”

I pumped my hips. This was unexplored territory and I was unsure how I felt. Our sex life was strictly vanilla and we both came from conservative homes. We have no adult toys in the house. Tiffany has never even seen pornography. That Tiff liked the idea of something daring caught me totally by surprise. I had a mix of emotions going on but arousal stood out clearly. Imagining my shy and quietly reserved wife acting out in a way that even distantly resembled what Janet had done got me hotter than the sun.

I flashed back on Janet and this time Tiffany stood in her place. When her mouth closed on the front of the dancer's G-string, my balls tightened and my orgasm was upon me. I shot and shot inside my wife, my hips jerking out of control. My climax triggered Tiffany's and she came right along with me. Our orgasms lasted much longer than usual and we fell stunned onto the bed, twitching.  

Minutes later, Tiffany spoke. “What the hell was that? Why did we cum so hard?”

“Good question,” I moaned. “Remind me to take you to another strip club soon.”

Tiffany snuggled up to me and we drifted off to blissful sleep.

All week I was troubled. When Ray did nothing to stop his wife I'd thought less of him. What kind of a man allows his woman to act like that? Yet here I was, aroused. A few days later I masturbated while Tiff was at the gym and I tried to resist thinking about my wife acting like Janet, but the seed had been planted in my brain. As soon as I got close to orgasm my mind started throwing snap-shots of Tiffany leaning over and sucking that stripper's cock. I groaned and shot, cumming hard, even while regretting my untrustworthy and rebellious imagination.

The more I fought the idea, the stronger it became. I'd never in my life imagined something like this but now it had T-Rex jaws clamped on me. The next day Tiffany and I made love right in the middle of a movie we watched. More surprising, she initiated it, which she rarely does. I have no idea what she thought about but all I could picture was that stripper waving his cock in her face and my sweet wife unable to resist it. Once again I came really hard and so did Tiff.

As we enjoyed the afterglow, I knew I had to talk to Ray.

The next day I sent him a text asking what he was doing and he said he was at the pub watching the game and invited me to join him. Tiffany was headed out with girlfriends to shop so I answered I'd see him soon. Tiff and I kissed goodbye and went our separate ways.

BOOK: Conflagration
9.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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