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Paul clapped his hands together. “Let’s hear it.”

Casey took a swallow of her wine. She still wore her hoodie, but had it unzipped and open around her generous cleavage. I couldn’t help myself from looking, and when I did, I saw that her hard nipples making points in her tight top.

“Okay, let’s see... It was my junior year at MIT. I’d been seeing these two guys for a few weeks—one went to BU, can’t remember where the other went. Neither of them were the sharpest crayons in the box, but they made up for it in bed.”

Her smile was like a puddle of spilled molasses, spreading slowly wider.

“Anyway, they didn’t know about each other—not that I kept it a secret or anything, just...neglected to tell, you know? Then, Valentine’s Day came around. It almost turned out to be a disaster. Both guys decided to surprise me, showing up at my apartment with a dozen roses and the same damn box of chocolates! If they’d have come, you know, even a half hour apart, I would’ve been fine. But they showed up within minutes of each other.”

“Well that’s a nightmare,” Beth said.

“Tell me about it. Those two guys were like,
What the hell?
Before they could really put it all together—like I said, we’re not talking geniuses here—I dragged them into the apartment, cracked open a bottle of wine that I’d been planning on enjoying alone, and made some of the most awkward introductions of my life. I mean, what could I say?
Tom, meet Eric, he likes me doggy-style. Eric, meet Tom, who prefers coming on my face

Beth cracked up. “Wow. So what happened?”

“As it turns out, they
kind of start comparing notes. I think they were remarking on how slutty I was, I don’t know. Something about being always ready and willing. One of them suggested that I was probably willing right then. And that’s how it all kind of started.”

Casey pulled her hoodie off. “Getting hot in here. Anyone else feel that?” Her golden skin glowed in the flickering firelight, soft and smooth.

“And it was good?” Beth asked. She snuggled closer to me and I wrapped my arm around her. I could practically feel her heart racing. Or was that mine?

On the sofa, Paul and Amber had cuddled up, too, and were now sharing the blanket.

“Like I said, it was intense to be taken like that—and I was definitely taken. So much testosterone! I’m a rough sex kind of girl, and Tom and Eric were both used to that.” Her tight cotton top pulled close around her full breasts, where her nipples cast small shadows. “I just wasn’t prepared for twice the helping, you know?”

“Did they take turns?” Beth whispered. “Or...?” She looked over at me quickly, but I pretended not to notice.

When Casey leaned forward to grab a wedge of cheese off the coffee table, I couldn’t help looking into her generous cleavage. I don’t think anyone could.

“Oh yeah.” She popped the cheese into her mouth. “It was definitely a threesome, not back-to-back twosomes.”


I pushed my hand beneath Beth’s top, rolling the warm metal of her navel piercing between my fingers. On the sofa, Paul’s hands we’re definitely roaming beneath the blanket.

“How crazy did things get?” Paul asked.

Casey laughed. “Well, Tom definitely got his doggy-style while Eric came on my face. And then we switched. The guys wanted to try DPing me, but that seemed a little crazy, even for me.”

I fought the urge to look at Beth.

“DPing?” Amber asked.

“Double penetration. You know, one in my ass, one in my pussy.”

“Sounds scary,” Amber said.

“Yeah. Anal’s something where I need a guy’s complete trust. They were throwing me around like two dogs with a rawhide bone. I wasn’t about to let them go there.”

Beth’s breath caught as I dipped my hand lower, pulling open the drawstring of her pants. She caught my hand and gave a quick head shake. I relented, coming to my senses.

“Still have that fantasy?” I whispered into her ear.

“Hell. Yeah.”

The wet, muted smacks drew our attention to the couch, where Amber and Paul were making out. Amber’s hand moved vigorously beneath the blanket, just over Paul’s lap.

“God, I wish I had someone here,” Casey said beside me. I thought about reaching out and pulling her close. The fire popped. I didn’t move.

“Want to know what my wildest experience was?” Beth asked Casey directly.


Beth climbed into my lap, shifting until her pussy rubbed against my clothed cock. Casey didn’t miss the positioning, but didn’t say anything, either.

Facing out, Beth twisted, putting her hand around my neck. She looked across at Amber and Paul, who were still kissing, seemingly oblivious to what my wife was saying. Beth said, “I’m going to guess this is also going to be Amber’s craziest experience, too.”

Apparently, Amber
listening. She broke off her kiss. Her lips were pink, her hair mussed. “If this is the story I think it is, then yes. It’s never gotten wilder than that.”

Beth nodded. “So at the sorority house, we weren’t allowed to have boys in our rooms. Weird rule, but all the sisters followed it.” She slowly undulated in my lap, stimulating my cock. “That’s why we never had many guys over.”

Thinking back on it, I realized that I never saw the inside of Beth’s room—or Amber’s.

Beth continued. “If we did want to hook up, though, we had a room in the basement...” Amber’s moan drifted lazily across the room. I didn’t look, even though I wanted to. I got all the information I needed from the look on Casey’s face when

Beth continued. “There were some couches down there. A TV. No windows. There are some crazy stories about that room, but I’ve only ever used it once.”

I trembled.

In my lap, she squirmed. “I was with this guy I’d been seeing for a while. We’d just come back from dinner when it started pouring outside.”

“Were you two intimate?” The words spilled out.

Beth smirked at my old-fashioned way of asking. “Yes, Shawn and I had had sex before.” She glanced back at me, applying more pressure against my erection. “A lot of sex.”

My chest tightened along with my balls.

“That particular night, we were horny and looking for a place to hook up. The house was pretty empty, most girls out at parties. I took him into the basement.”

The air grew thicker. I ran my hands around her hips and up her back. Up under her top. Her soft skin was clammy and her breathing came short in my ear. “It was dark when we walked in. We didn’t realize it wasn’t empty...”

“Haaahh...” Amber’s moan drifted across the room, surfing on the heavy air.

“We heard them first. The sound was unmistakable. A squishy, wet slapping, you know?”

“Uh!” The blonde’s sharp cry drew my attention off my wife’s low voice. I had to look.

Amber sat straddling Paul’s lap, her legs draped on either side. The blanket covered the lower halves and her night shirt was still in place, but there was no doubt what they were doing. Not with the way Amber rolled her hips, or the look of pained concentration on Paul’s face.

Jesus. They were fucking?

Beth reached behind her and freed her hair from its ponytail. It cascaded around her, splashing around her face and off her shoulders. My lungs filled with her heady scent. She continued, her voice as thick as the air around us. “When our eyes adjusted, we saw them. Amber and her boyfriend.”

The room had filled with a hazy, orange glow as the fire died out. Shadows danced on the other couple as their bodies rippled and steamed.

Amber shifted, grasping the hem of her night shirt. It was a snug fit, but she managed to peel it off with grace. I should have looked away.

Should have, but could not. Would not.

I fed on the sight of her large, perfectly formed breasts. Paul cradled one gently as though offering it to me. Her puckered, pale nipples screamed.

Beth continued to gyrate in my lap. She twisted around and kissed me, slow and hot. When she continued, she seemed to be talking to me alone.

“Not a word was spoken. We watched for a little while from the other couch, but then it was too much. He was hard. I was horny...”


“Want to know what happened next?”

I nodded. Casey’s practically moaned her

“Let me show you.”

Kissing me one last time, she slipped off my lap and settled between my legs. Her irises caught in the firelight, bronze stars that twinkled as she looked over the contours of my cock. She chewed her lip as she eased me out of my flannel pants.

Even in my expanding lungs, the air felt heavy. The more I breathed, the shorter of breath I got. Was this happening? Was this really fucking happening?

“Nghhh!” Just a few feet away, Amber stiffened in Paul’s lap, her back arching, her eyes tightly closed. The blanket slipped until it just barely covered her pelvis. She had a tattoo low on her right hip—a songbird with musical notes floating from its beak. Very twisted Disney.

My cock hit the balmy, open air for a second before Beth rolled her warm tongue up one side and down the other. I gasped.

Paul’s eyes found us on the opposite couch, although our gazes never touched. Was he watching Beth’s ass, squatting on the floor? Or her bouncing head as she took me into her mouth? It was my engorged thickness that was passing into Beth’s throat, so why was it me who suddenly felt choked?

She teased me with slow, measured strokes, holding me firmly at the base as she faded off. Her lips formed a gliding, velvet ring. Up and down. Root to head to root.

She pulled off. I sighed.

“Are you okay with this?” she asked.

I nodded, but when I opened my eyes, I realized that the question wasn’t for me.

“It’s a little late to be asking that,” Casey said. “But I’m definitely okay.”

As if to prove it, Casey pulled her cami top off, freeing her generous tits. They were probably the same size as Amber’s—a healthy C cup, bordering on more—but on her smaller body, they looked huge.

Our eyes met. Casey winked at me. I felt the weight of the moment as we crashed through the barrier of Just Friends.

Amber’s loud climax shattered the connection. Our heads snapped to the blonde just as she stiffened in orgasm. The blanket had slipped to the floor, leaving nothing concealed. Their hips rode the edge of the couch, bodies reclined. Entangled.

Paul’s cock looked huge, bowing up and into Amber’s hairless pussy. It was almost obscene, how stretched and full she looked around him. I wanted to look away but could not. I was hypnotized by the way those bare petals pulled as she ascended, unwilling to let him go, and how she swallowed him up with each rapid descent.

I wondered what all that nonsense about me being bigger was. That dispelled my theory that Paul’s machismo was a product of a small-dick complex.

Paul fucked her hard through her rising orgasm, yanking her against him by her tits. She twisted back, their mouths finding one another in a sloppy kiss. She gasped, unable to maintain it, and moaned through the last of her release.

Beth, who’d been slowly tugging on my cock, took her hand away long enough to unbutton her shirt. “God, that’s hotter than I remembered.”

With her shirt hanging open, her perky tits presented over the top of her bra, her mouth descended on my cock again. She held me steady with both hands and attacked.

“Watch them, baby,” Beth whispered, her tongue carving a meandering zigzag along the outside of my cock. “Amber’s definitely multi-orgasmic. At least she was that night.”

The head of my saliva-bathed member carved a bulge into her cheek as she took me back into her mouth. I did as I was told.

“Oh, I’m still definitely multi-orgasmic,” Amber said. Her husky voice tantalized. “You remember, don’t you, Jason?”

The couple had shifted back on the sofa with Amber leaning forward, relieving some of the pressure. She braced herself on Paul’s splayed knees, slowly working her hips into his lap like a stripper. She gasped as Paul sent a sharp thrust through her. I could see his face tighten behind her, his teeth clenching.

“That is so hot.” Casey’s voice was tight. I followed her voice to my right, finding that the brunette had shed her pajama pants as well. She had her hand down the front of her thong, the flimsy material doing nothing to hide what she was doing. “So what happened next?”

Amber picked up on the story. “I don’t think that I even noticed that I had an audience until I came. Then I noticed Beth and Shawn—and Beth just going nuts on him...”

Beth renewed her energy on my cock, sucking harder, bobbing faster. Shawn’s name sent a spike of something cold yet exciting through me. Once insinuated, I couldn’t shake the image of her doing this to another man—and I didn’t even know what Shawn looked like.

“I’m not sure what was hotter, having an audience, or watching Beth blow him like a fucking porn star.”

“Oh, God...” I groaned, feeling my orgasm bear down on me.

Amber continued, seeming to know just how to push my buttons. “I’d heard that she was pretty good at giving head. She’d developed a rep with some of the guys we knew.”

I looked down at Beth, who was watching me carefully as she put on a demonstration of just how good she was.

“It was inspiring to watch her. She really...loves doing that.”

I looked back at Amber and Paul. They’d begun to fuck again. She leaned forward, arms braced on the coffee table as Paul took her in an awkward doggy-style.

“Beth loves giving head so much that…” She paused, moaning gently. “That when I offered my boyfriend’s cock to her, she didn’t even hesitate.”

I came, so fast and abrupt that even Beth wasn’t prepared to take the blast. She choked, taking a stream of come across her cheek before she was able to regain control. Covering my cock, she swallowed the rest of what I had. Swallowing like she had Shawn. Like she had Beth’s boyfriend—a total stranger.

“Yeah, Paul. You like that story, too?” Amber said. The empty glasses littering the table’s surface rattled with each thrust. “I bet you do. I bet you like hearing about how another man fucked me.”

As the action shifted back to our friends, Beth wiped her face, emptied the contents of her wine, and sloshed it inside her mouth before swallowing. She crawled into my lap and rested her forehead right up against mine.

BOOK: Cool With Her
9.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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