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Casey’s eyes grew wide as she felt my visceral reaction. For a moment, I’d forgotten about Beth in the other room—Beth having sex with another man.

“Makes you jealous, doesn’t it?” Casey asked. She didn’t draw away, her face still inches from my own, but she did start to fuck me faster. “Think he’s made her come yet? Think she’s gotten off fucking Paul’s big cock?”

“Fuck, Casey,” I moaned.

“That’s a start.” She kissed me hard, jamming her tongue down my throat as she fucked me. There was no mistaking that I was with someone else.

Casey was tighter than Beth. More compact. I could feel her glasses against my face as we kissed. And the way she fucked me was so much more possessive. She took me, and she took me hard. Even when she rolled us, putting me on top, I knew who was really in control.

“Fuck me, Jason.” She wrapped her legs around my back, guiding my thrusts. “Think of your wife getting fucked out there. Think of how he must be making her moan. Feel that adrenaline? Use it on me.”

I did. I lunged. I pounded. I felt the veins in my neck pulse and my biceps quiver.

“Fuck me! Yes! Like that!”

I could just hear her over the roar of blood.

I fucked her the way I thought Paul would be fucking my wife—the way I
Paul to fuck my wife. I brought new meaning to the term
to take
. I took and took and took. I took everything I could from her. She ran her fingernails across my back. I dug my toes into the mattress so I could thrust that much harder.

Her body buckled back. I didn’t stop thrusting. She wanted relentlessness. She’d get it.

I nibbled at her collarbone, tasting the salt of her sweat. I licked along her exposed neck, feeling her pulse beat a rapid staccato. Her life blood.

“Uh, God, Jace! Fuck me. Fuck. Me!”

Casey was there. She’d arrived, crashing and thrashing through her orgasm. I wanted to join—would have had it not been for those two previous orgasms. Instead, I took pleasure in the quivering feel of her climax around my cock and the ragged breathing I’d reduced her to.

Her legs relaxed on me, fell to either side. She put a hand on her forehead but didn’t open her eyes.

“That was incredible,” Amber said.

Amber. Right. We had an audience. Looking over, the first thing I noticed was that she had Casey’s phone held out in her hand, filming us. The next was that her free hand was buried between her legs.

“I want you to fuck me like you just fucked her,” she said.

“How about I fuck you both?”

Amber looked at me funny. I got off of Casey—moaning as I pulled free of her pussy. “Ladies first.”

Amber picked up on what I wanted quickly. Straddling Casey, pussy against pussy, tits against tits, she bent low and kissed the other woman.

Casey stirred, welcoming the Sapphic kiss. I watched them make out, watched their languid movements grow more energized. Casey planted her feet into the mattress, pushing her hips up into Amber’s. Amber shifted, driving her bare mound against Casey’s, skin meeting skin, clit rubbing against clit.

Amber broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at me, raising an eyebrow.

I was. Cock in hand, I took my place between their legs, steadied myself on Amber’s back, and eased into her soaking pussy. Sinking all the way in, my balls came to rest on Casey’s equally wet cunt.

“God, that feels good,” I blurted.

Amber moaned. “You have no idea.”

I stroked her gently at first, getting used to the angle—falling in love with the slippery welcome that came with each push. The mews of not one but two women beneath me spurred me on. I braced myself on Casey’s knees as I started fucking Amber faster. Athletically, Casey kept her pussy pressed hard against Amber’s, lifting her ass as my balls clapped against her clit with each thrust.

Without warning, I switched, pulling free of Amber and sinking into Casey’s primed womanhood.

The difference in their pussies was subtle, yet profound. Casey was tight where Amber was deep; Casey was compact, gripping me with each stroke, while Amber’s embrace was sleek and scintillating. Dipping back and forth, I tried to make up my mind which felt better. In the end, I couldn’t decide; like the women beneath me, I loved them both.

Our threesome moaned and gasped, closing in on a collective orgasm. The girls kissed when they could, but mostly just clung to one another as we fucked.

“I can feel him in you,” Casey whispered to Amber. “Your clit feels so fucking big against me when he’s there.”

Amber’s response was a jumbled mess, a moan that became a gasp that became a cry. I fucked her harder, deep strokes that bottomed out inside her and drove my balls against Casey’s pussy.

“I want his come,” Casey said. “You already got it. I want it next.”

“Okay,” Amber cried, her voice cracking.

Testosterone flood my veins. They didn’t get to determine that.
did. I was in control. I was the one fucking them. I switched back to Amber, intending to prove them wrong. Intending to empty my second deposit inside my one-time lover’s pussy.

I started to tell them. Casey didn’t call the shots. And then, Casey whispered into Amber’s ear and I nearly came.

“And when he comes inside me, I want you to eat it out of me.”

“Uh, God!” Amber cried. Her pussy rippled around my cock, milking it as she came. I clenched my teeth and fought the temptation to just give it to her.

Paradoxically, the image of Amber going down on Casey gave me the will to hold back. I switched out of Amber, my cockhead gliding across the slick union of their pussies. As I slotted myself one last time inside Casey, I felt that scrap of willpower go. I fucked her once. Twice. And then I was gone.

Casey bucked up, grinding against me, against Amber, against the decadence of the moment. She seized the bed sheets around us, crying out, brow furrowed, until Amber cut her off with a kiss.

I pulled away, first to my haunches, then all the way on to my back. I was done. Three times and I was out. TKO, baby.

I vaguely recalled watching Amber slip beneath the sheets, down between Casey’s legs. I have the distinct vision of Casey’s fingers raking through Amber’s golden hair as she went to work.

I wanted to keep watching. I fought off the fatigue, but in the end, it got me. In the end, I crashed into inky, delirious sleep.

Chapter 11:

The Morning After

Waking up between two naked, sleeping women left me disoriented. After opening my eyes to Beth every morning for the last three years, I nearly shot out of bed at the wrongness of the situation. I was spooning Casey’s petite body with Amber behind me, her full tits pressed into my back.

I was hard, and after last night, being hard was painful.

I took a couple deep breaths, fighting for calm. I hadn’t been with anyone else since I’d started dating Beth. Long before I watched her walk down that aisle, I figured I never would. That prospect never scared me. Never made me feel trapped. Yet now, I was sandwiched between two really attractive women who I most definitely had fucked last night.

I slowly extracted myself from between their bodies. They shifted, but neither woke up. I fought off the cold, along with my bewildered emotions. Guilt was in there—but so was excitement and shock. Holy shit, I’d fucked Casey and Amber? I’d watched them fuck each other?

As I grabbed my robe and slipped out into the hall, another realization shook my core. Beth hadn’t returned to our room. She didn’t give me much time to wonder where she was, either.

“Ah! AH!” The unmistakable sounds of Beth in the throes of passion filtered down the hall.

Something warm and fuzzy twisted in my gut. I felt vertigo, grabbing at the walls as images of what was happening—what had happened all night long?—came crashing in. I don’t remember approaching the door, but suddenly I was in front of it, the sounds of sex clear through the flimsy wood.

“You like that?” I heard Paul grunt. “You like the way my cock feels inside of you?”

“Yes,” she whispered. Then, shouting, “Yes!”

“Say it,” Paul demanded. “Tell me you love how good this feels.”

I held my breath. My heart beat like a trapped animal against my chest. I waited for her to say it. To admit something that I wanted to hear, but didn’t.

Instead, Beth laughed. It was a strained laugh—one delivered through intense pleasure—but it was also unmistakably Beth. “Can’t you just fuck me? Why do men always have to let their egos get in the way?”

I smiled, relaxing.

Paul shot back. “Says the chick who woke me up with a blowjob.”

“Well, it was driving into my hip like a fucking baseball bat. What else was I supposed to do with it?”

The jealousy I felt was easier to deal with. Beth didn’t even know I was there and she was saying all the right things.

“Besides,” she went on. “Doesn’t it take a
real man
to keep up with two horny nymphos at once? You know, Amber looked pretty pleased when she fucked Jason. I’ve never seen her come like that.”

I heard them shift—heard them kiss. The grunting returned. Paul said, “You’re going to play that game, huh?”

“Yeah. Fuck me, Paul. Fuck me like you hope Jason fucked Amber all night long.”

“You’re a dirty whore.”

Beth’s reply was strained. “No, babe. That’s your girlfriend.”

“Fuck you.!”

After last night, there was no risk of me coming with them, but my dick was hard enough that I could have tried. I nearly moaned as I listened to Beth crash through another loud orgasm—this time arriving as Paul filled her with his come.

I considering barging in. I considering joining them. Instead, I headed downstairs. I needed to get my head on straight, and I needed a break from sex. At least for a couple more hours.

When I got downstairs, things felt bright—and it wasn’t just the sun reflecting off a wasteland of white around the house. I stood at the window and surveyed the glacial landscape. It was like someone had pressed the pause button on the world. Everything was stuck.

Yet that scene wasn’t what brightened my world. That belonged to Beth. It always would. Even as she got thoroughly fucked by my best friend upstairs, she held true to me. And when this snow had melted away enough to end this crazy few days, we’d be together again—the couple that pledged ‘
til death do us part

I set the coffee maker to brew a full pot, finished off the bowl of pasta salad in the fridge, and decided to tackle the snow outside.

A neighbor had plowed our long, tree-lined driveway, but the turnaround was still piled high with over a foot of snow. It was warmer than it had been yesterday and with the sun out, our house guests could probably leave sooner rather than later now.

The thought was bitter-sweet. I liked having them around—it felt like camp for adults, if you left out the sex part—but I wanted my life back. And I needed some time with Beth, just the two of us.

“Digging us out of your life?” Paul asked, startling me from my thoughts. I’d done about a third of what was needed to get his SUV out, just didn’t realize that’s what I’d been doing.

“Can’t wait to send you on your way.”

“Seems like a good idea. Before your wife gets
addicted to my cock,” Paul said.

My fist flashed out before I realized I wanted to punch him. My knuckles crunched into his square jaw. Pain shot up my arm.

Paul reeled back, clutching his face. He spit into the snow, staining it red with bloody spittle. He’d lost his hat and his styled, blonde hair was mussed. For a moment, he was the bull, with eyes that flashed bloody murder and nostrils that flared and snorted. I thought he was going to come at me. Paul had height and mass on me. If he wanted to kick my ass, he could.

Then he relaxed his shoulders and did something I’d only seen him do a couple times in his life. He said, “I’m sorry, man.”

“You’re an asshole.” The adrenaline hadn’t quite left me.

“It’s a defense mechanism.”

“I know,” I said. “I should be used to it.”

Paul tested his jaw, rubbing the red spot where I’d connected. “Feel better?” he asked.

“A little. But you’re still an asshole.”

He grinned. “Want a beer?”

“It’s like 9:30 in the morning,” I said. Paul just stared, so I shrugged. “Love one.”

We circled the house to the porch so we wouldn’t have to worry about tracking snow in. I said, “So about last night...”

“Pretty crazy, huh? Don’t hit me again, but Beth is amazing in bed.”

“Ditto for Amber.”

“And Case?”

“The nerdy girl’s probably the wildest of us all.”

We got to the keg. He pumped, I poured, and we wandered over to the patio furniture. I sank into the plush snow and sipped the ice cold drink.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you didn’t want me to, you know,” I said.

Paul laughed. “Amber wasn’t giving you much choice.”

“There’s always a choice.”

Paul nodded. “I know you wouldn’t have. And I’d be lying if I told you it wasn’t exciting to watch.” He drained his beer and stood to get another. “It’s all fucked up.”

“I know what you mean. I heard you two this morning, you know. It was really hot.”

We drank. It was quiet out here. Muffled. Occasionally, I’d hear the soft whoosh of snow sliding off a tree branch. Nothing more.

The door slid open, warm air buffeting us as we were joined by a third.

“Morning, Case,” Paul said. “You get any sleep?”

“When your girlfriend let me.” She winked. “For someone who says she’s never been with another woman, Amber sure can eat pussy.”

“” Paul’s jaw dropped. He looked at me for confirmation. I nodded.

Casey giggled. “Did we have sex? Oh yes, more than once. In fact, we just had some fun in the shower. I can still feel her mouth on me. Mmm...”

“That’s insane.”

“Everything about last night was.” Casey went over to the keg. The nozzle hissed when her cup was half full. “Looks like this thing is finally kicked. What happened to it lasting a week?”

Paul laughed. “Guess we can drink enough for a whole party.”

BOOK: Cool With Her
7.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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