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Beth immediately answered. “Yes, of course. He’s a sexy guy, in a golden boy, All-American way.” She squeezed me close. “A lot like Amber.”

“So his fantasy? You wouldn’t mind fulfilling it?”

My question sent a surge of something hot searing through my blood stream.

Beth tickled the hairs on the back of my neck. “Only if you share Paul’s other fantasy.”

His desire to watch Amber fuck another man.

“Oh, Jace. You grew. You don’t, do you?”

That was a complicated question, although until tonight, I’d never even considered it.

“I guess I understand it...” I said slowly. Understanding it didn’t make it my fantasy, though, but I also didn’t feel jealousy about it. If anything, the idea was pretty hot.

“Well, it definitely turned
on,” Beth confessed.

“You mean Amber’s fantasy? About being picked up by the pool? That could be fun to try sometime...”

“Yeah, that sounded pretty exciting...” She squeezed me, urging me to pick up the pace of our slow fuck. “But that’s not what I’m talking about.”

I pumped my hips faster, tensing for a new revelation.

“What really turns me on is thinking about watching you and Amber...”


“Mmm, just thinking about you two is...” Her eyes fluttered shut. She tipped her head back. Was she for real? “Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me like you’d fuck Amber.”

I pushed up on my arms, putting enough distance between the two of us that I could look down at my wife. Study her. She still wore the baby doll; it clung to her tits with our sweat. She collected her swells in her hands, seeking out her hard nipples through the thin red. Her brow was tight, her face tighter still. And behind her eyelids, she must have been imagining me with Amber. Must have.

“Oh, fuck me, Jace. Fuck me like you did in college.” Her legs tightened around me. “I

“Like this?” I dug in, driving my hips harder than I normally did with Beth. “Amber liked it hard.”

“God, Jace...that’s so...uhh...”

I smothered her beneath me. Her skin was clammy and hot. I could feel her heart race, her breath scratch in her throat.

With my mouth right up against her ear, I whispered, “You feel so good, Amber. So tight. Just like I remember.”

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me, Jason. Come for me.”

I kissed her neck and buried my face in her long hair. My balls tightened. I drove my hips faster, consumed by the shuddering stretch of her body beneath and the tight grasp between her legs.

In that split second before release, I imagined Amber there, taking it. Begging for it. Testosterone fueled those last desperate moments. I took her wildly, desperately, riding the ragged edge.

With one last drive of my hips, I released all that I had, emptying my balls deep inside Amber—Beth. Fuck. Fuck!


Beth stripped out of her lingerie and we snuggled beneath the comforter. We listened to the snow falling quietly outside before either of us spoke.

“So I take it you’re not mad?” Beth asked.

“Mad that you have a fantasy of watching me have sex with a hot blonde?” I laughed, although more than a little of it was forced. “Um, no.”

“Fair enough. You
a manslut.”

“Hey now.” I hugged her close. “Sorry I never told you about me and Amber. I guess you’re not upset about that?”

Beth shifted so she could look up at me. “I think it’s a pretty sexy image, but that doesn’t mean I’m not upset. At least part of me.”


“You could have told me. Should have. She’s my friend.”

“I wanted to—was going to. But...”

“You were scared that I’d be mad? Seriously, does that sound like me?” she asked.

“Guess not.”

“I don’t care what you did in the past. Like I said, it’s the
. I’m more upset that you didn’t tell me, is all.” She smiled up. Apparently she wasn’t all that upset. “Have you slept with any of my other friends?”

“None that you still hang out with?”

“Interesting answer. Who was she?”

“Morgan McDonald.”

“My roommate?” She looked impressed.

“You’re not angry, are you?”

“As long as it happened before we got together.”

“It did.”

Beth kissed my chest. “Guess we
shared a lover then.”

“You and Morgan?”

“Hey, she was a hot brunette who liked to study in her thong.”


“No, but that’s what you guys think the sororities are all like, right?”

“Tease. So you and Amber never hooked up?”

Beth rolled her eyes. “We’re not like bisexual nymphomaniacs or something.”

“You’re not?”

“You’re such a guy. I’ve experimented with three other girls, two of which involved a lot of alcohol. It was a phase.”

“So you’re not attracted to Amber?”

Beth rolled her eyes, but didn’t answer immediately.

“Uh huh,” I said.

Beth swatted my chest lightly. “Keep dreaming.”

“Don’t worry, that’s the plan.”

“What about you? You never shared your fantasy,” she said.

“You know all my fantasies.”

She twisted my nipple. “Don’t be a smart ass. Tell me one that I don’t know about.”

I thought through my catalog of fantasies, but couldn’t think of something that qualified. “You know mine. They’re all standard guy ones: two girls, public sex, that kind of stuff.”

“So you don’t share Paul’s fantasy?”

“You with another man?” The question alone triggered something, but I’m not sure it was all positive. “If you’d have asked me before today, I would have said
no way

“And now?”

“I don’t know. You want that?” I hadn’t felt this much uncertainty in a while. It reminded me of high school.

“Like I said, I think Paul’s good looking, and I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t thought about it, but I’d never do something unless you were on board.”

I thought about someone’s statement from earlier in the evening.
Learning something new about your wife?
More like,
learning something new about myself.

“You know what’s actually really sexy?” I said.

“What’s that?”


“Pretty sure you’ve got to say that.”

“No. I mean, yes, you’ve always been sexy. But I like this other side of you. This naughty side.”

“Is it so new?” The hand on my chest slipped down to cup my cock. “Remember when we had sex just before my graduation, and I wore nothing but stockings under my gown? I could feel you leaking out of me that whole walk across the stage.”


“Or how I let you film me playing with myself in the shower last month?”

“Okay, sure. I guess I just...all that stuff happened with me. I never thought about you doing stuff with other guys, you know?” My cock grew in her hand.

“Back to the past. Maybe you share more of Paul’s fantasy than you think.”


“Happy birthday, Jason. I’m sorry that the snow scared everyone off.”

“It’s okay. This has already turned out to be one of the most memorable birthdays I’ve had.” I looked outside one last time. “And I suspect that it’s only the beginning.”

Chapter 6:

Beth’s Plan

My dreams were filled with fleeting impressions of sweat-covered skin, twisting and sliding in the dark. I’d catch glimpses of the details before they slithered away: Amber and Beth kissing, this time naked; Beth standing in the doorway as I fucked Casey, much to my shock; and most startling of all, me watching my wife wrap her lips around Paul’s cock.

That last one came on like a freight train, horn blaring, destroying everything in its path. It was so visceral. I could practically feel what he felt—feel Beth’s warm mouth do to him what she’d done to me dozens of times.

“Oh, Beth, baby. That feels so good,” Paul groaned.

Or was it me?

I blinked, and she was between my legs, attacking my cock with her small mouth. I blinked again and it was morning. And Beth was still there, her dark hair bouncing with each stroke.

“Oh, Beth…”

She slurped off me. “Good morning, sleepy head. It’s a little late, but I realized I forgot to give you your birthday BJ.”

“Better late than never—ugh!”

I passed into the back of her throat and shuddered. Christ, she was good. She’d perfected her technique over the years, but she was no novice when we started dating. How many guys had she done this to before? She’d slept with seven of them, but how many others just got off with a quick suck?

I think I grew a full inch just thinking about it.

“Mmm...” Beth pulled off again. “What was that? Thinking about Amber?”


“You jumped in my throat.”

I reached down and brushed her dark hair away from her eyes. “No, not Amber.”

Did she believe me? “You
you can think about her all you want, right?” She sucked on my crown for a moment. “I’m pretty sure I’m better, anyway...”

With that, she went back to work. She propped up my cock and plunged down on it. I hit the back of her throat again a couple times as she got used to the vigorous motion. Then I passed through the tight portal.

“Fuuuck...” I groaned, resting back on my arms. They felt stiff. Weak. Her tongue tattooed magic with each dive, swirling and playing with the sensitive underbelly of my hard flesh.

On her knees and balanced with her right hand on my cock, she’d let her left drift down between her legs. I loved it when she played with herself—the girl definitely loved giving oral sex as much as receiving.

She sucked harder, timing her bobs with her plunging fingers. “I’m close, baby, so... close...” I touched her shoulder. She didn’t ease up—either on me or on herself.

“Mmmph...mmphh!” Each muffled groan was ecstasy around my shaft. Saliva bathed my balls as her right hand got into the mix. Her fingers tightened and began jerking the loose flesh with each pump.

Had she ever thought of doing this with anyone I knew? With Paul? The shadow of my dream flittered back, swift and potent.

“Beth... babe... I’m... ah—AHH!” I erupted down her throat. Fluidly, she pulled back until she held just my throbbing cock head between her lips. Both hands went to the shaft, milking every last drop of salty come from my balls.

When she sat back, she was breathing just as hard as I was. “So, whose mouth were you coming in?” Beth asked as she eased herself against my side.


“Uh huh...”


“You’re a bad liar.”

“Fine. I...I was thinking about you and Paul.”

Beth looked surprised. “Really?”

My cheeks warmed. “At the end there, yeah.” That sounded bad, so I added: “I’d been dreaming it.”

Okay, that sounded worse.

“Very interesting.” She looked up at me, something else on the tip of her tongue.


Beth shook her head. “Just the start of an idea. I’m going to grab a shower. Make me some coffee?”

I watched her climb out of bed, drinking in her nudity. I lay there for the longest time, staring at the ceiling and trying to gather my own thoughts. Beth was well into her shower when I finally dragged myself out of bed and went in search of coffee.


I entered the kitchen accompanied by the smell of fresh coffee and the sounds of the local public radio station.

“Paul, how about this one?” Seemed odd hearing Amber’s thick voice so early in the morning. “Four letters. ‘German-based car manufacturer.’ Second letter is U.”


“Duh. Thanks.”

The scene I walked into was disarmingly domestic. Paul and Amber were seated at our kitchen table, both absorbed in different parts of yesterday’s newspaper. Casey was preparing omelets.

“Oh, hey there, sleepy-head.” Casey beamed. “Want one?”

My stomach grumbled. “I’d love one. Thanks.”

“You two took your sweet time getting up,” Amber said. “It’s almost eleven!”

The thing about the blonde was that she always looked put together. Even with her unwashed hair in a utilitarian ponytail, she looked like she could stand up, throw on some designer dress, and walk a runway.

That was a little of a surprise. I never slept in. Never thought I could. And it had felt much earlier than that. She looked back at the crossword puzzle. “Ha. How appropriate. Eight letters starting with a
and ending with a
A deluge

I shook my head. I was terrible at crosswords and had no clue what seemed so obvious.

Casey answered for me. “

Amber nodded, shooting me a
you’re silly
look with her eyes and penciled in the answer.

“They’re calling this the Snowpocalypse,” Paul said, setting the front page down. “On the radio. Pretty stupid if you ask me.”

“I think it’s clever,” Amber disagreed, just as I was about to do the same.

Beth joined us at that moment, looking fresh from the shower. She said, “See, this is what happens when you Easterners make a big deal about every little snowfall. When something significant happens, it’s the end of the world in Biblical fashion.”

“There’s two feet of snow out there,” Paul whined. “And it’s still going.”

“Whatever. This is a dusting.” Now Beth was just being contrary. Even in Colorado, I knew this was a lot of snow for her.

Paul, naturally, didn’t back down. “Well, if this isn’t such a big deal, then you can go dig my car out and get my laptop bag.”

“Absolutely!” Beth agreed. I didn’t like that smile she was sporting, and I
didn’t like the way she looked directly at me. “Jace, dear, can you go get Paul his laptop bag?”

The room burst out into laughter, although no one seemed to take notice that I wasn’t contributing. “Coffee first.”


Both radio and television were reporting this as the snowstorm of the decade, with accumulations of up to three feet. Snow would continue into the afternoon or early evening before tapering off.

We had plenty of food to last the five of us, not to mention beer—but I was thankful that more hadn’t come to my birthday party. That could have been an ugly scene.

BOOK: Cool With Her
4.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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