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She was wringing her hands. Was she nervous?

When she stepped forward, I saw that look on her face; a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Her eyes were wide and shimmering. No, not nervous. Excited.

“What is it, Beth?”

“I want to make everyone’s fantasies come true.”


She floated over to me, setting her arms on my shoulders. Lifting onto her tip toes, she nuzzled my nose with hers. That serious look of excitement only grew more intense. “I’ve been thinking about it since this morning, actually. We’re stuck in this house with people we love. I want to fulfill their fantasies.”

“Amber’s fling,” I stated dumbly. I knew what she was saying, but I couldn’t process it fast enough.

“Amber’s fling with
. Yeah, that.”

“You want me to...sleep with Amber?”

“You know I do. Especially if I can watch.” She kissed me softly, just a brush of lips before pulling back. “I talked to her just now. She’s game, too.”


“She and Paul talk about you all the time, apparently. You left an impression on that hot blonde—at least physically.”

“And that doesn’t make you jealous?”

Beth pressed herself against me. “Sort of. But mostly just really horny.”

I laughed. “You’ve always been a giver.”

“It’s why you love me. You love how much I like to
.” She teased her tongue along her lips, then burst out laughing.

“Okay. What about your fantasy?”

“Remember this morning, when you said that you were imagining me going down on him? When you came?”

Jealousy thundered through me. I felt it sizzle out to the tips of my hair before it passed, leaving in its wake a painfully hard cock.

“That’s my fantasy, baby. Only instead of just me sucking his cock, I’m fucking him. And you’re with me.”

“This morning, when you came thinking of me with him, I was thinking the same thing.” She brushed her hand across my jeans, squeezing the column of hard flesh.

“Fuck, Beth. You’re killing me.”

“I’m turning you on. It’s a totally different thing.”

“So what else? What else happens in your fantasy?”

I caught the beat of hesitation. I knew her well enough to know when she had something more to say. Thing about Beth is that she always shared, even when it was hard. “I want…” Was she actually blushing? “I want you both inside me. At the same time.”


Beth took a deep breath. “I want to feel one of you in my pussy, and the other in my ass.”

I forgot to breathe. I forgot how to speak. I just stared at her as I tried to figure out if what she’d just said was real or my twisted, fucked up imagination. Had my wife just told me she wanted to be DP’d? We’d tried anal a couple times, and I knew I hadn’t been her first, but this was in an entirely different league.

For the longest time, we just stared at each other, wild-eyed and speechless.

“Say something, Jason. Are you upset?”

“No.” The answer to that question was easy. “No way. God, it makes me so hot, just thinking about that.”

“Being taken by two strong men? Being crushed by all that hard testosterone? Being used like a fucking total slut?”

I wanted to say no to all of her questions—I wanted to deny the misogyny that they implied—but she’d been nothing but truthful, so I was, too. “I love you, Beth. I love how strong you are, and how smart. I’m in love with all of you, but yes.
Fucking hell,
yes. That would be so fucking hot.”

Her lips crashed into mine, setting sweetness aside. Our tongues ravaged one another.

“Watching you and Paul snow-wrestle earlier today…” She kissed me again. “That sealed the deal. I wanted to be in the middle of that.”

“You’re not expecting…”

Beth giggled when she realized what I was implying. “No, I know you two don’t swing that way.” But then, she added a coy, “But it would be super hot if you did.”

a fantasy I’m not willing to fulfill this weekend.”

“So you’re game to do the others?”

I guess, although there was one that we hadn’t talked about. Her being with Paul while I was there was one thing. Her being alone with Paul was different.

“What about Paul’s?”

She nodded. “That too, but only if you’re okay with it.”

The jealousy was back, but I trusted her. And in some way, that taste of the forbidden was so damn arousing. “Yeah, I’m okay with it. After all, I’m going to be fucking his girlfriend… What about Casey? Don’t you think she’ll be a little left out?”

“Her fantasy was to watch us. I think she’ll be fine.”

“And what about mine? I never gave one.”

Beth’s smile oozed from cheek to cheek. “How about all of yours?”

“All of them? But you don’t even know what they are.”

“Baby, it doesn’t matter. If I can help you fulfill it, and it’s something you really want, then I’ll do it. If not while we’re snowed in, then later.” She squeezed my cock. “Anything at all, you just tell me.”


“Want to watch me go down on Amber? She’s never been with another woman, you know, but she’s also curious. I could tell when we kissed.”

“That would be hot.”

“What about fucking her while
? Or what about Casey?”

“She’s like a sister—”

“None of that. No more denials. Do you want to fuck her? If that’s your fantasy, I’ll do my best to make that happen, too.”


“We better get back downstairs,” she said with a cheeky smile.


“Don’t worry, honey. It’s going to be amazing. Just follow my lead.”

Chapter 7:

The Game Resumes

We managed to make it to four o’clock before we started drinking—a sure sign that we were no longer in college. We played through all our party games, but stopped once things got too competitive between Amber and Paul—he even accused Amber of cheating at Apples to Apples, something I’m pretty sure is impossible.

I kept wondering how Beth would shift things back to the sexual side of things.

Paul did it for her. “You know, Beth, Casey, and I never got to ask our questions last night.”

“And I know exactly what I want to ask,” Beth interjected, as if she’d made the point, not Paul. “Of the people in this room
that you haven’t slept with already
, who are you most attracted to, and why?”

Very nicely done, Beth. That said, I didn’t want to go first.

“I’ll answer that one since I basically did yesterday,” Paul said. “While I think you’re a fucking babe, Case, we have too much history. So I’m definitely going with Beth here.”

“But why?” Amber asked the question, hands on her hips and her mouth hard around the edges.

“Oh, come on, babe, don’t be like that. You’re hot and you know it. I guess that’s part of it. I find her really attractive because she’s so different from you. Beth’s like—this is going to be a cliché, but fuck it. Beth’s the girl-next-door. She’s friendly, easy to talk to, and also—and this is the important piece—really good looking.”

For an uncomfortable moment, I worried that Beth’s plan had backfired. That Amber was going to storm off and throw Paul’s things into the snow.

Instead, she smiled and sidled up to Beth. “Yeah, she
good looking, isn’t she? Good kisser, too.”

And just like that, like the two had planned it, they were kissing again. It lasted only about ten seconds, but it was long enough for them to share spit and get me hard.

Amber said, “Since I’ve slept with both of you boys, Beth’s the one I’m most attracted to in this room. She’s probably one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met, not to mention her slammin’ bod.”

Beth hip checked her. “Please, stop teasing.”

“Hey, Jason wasn’t available, per your rules!”

I looked over at Casey, who was watching quietly from the edge of the room. That was more her MO: blending in, hiding behind her glasses, a fly on the wall. Since high school, she may have developed confidence beyond simply trendier glasses and more flattering clothes, but she was still the same girl I knew back then—the one who skipped junior prom because there was a rumor going around that the non-popular kids were going to vote her prom queen. I’d been on board; I always liked a good underdog story. But maybe I’d like this particular underdog, too.

“Feeling left out?” I asked her.

“Not at all. Does that sound like me?” Casey said. She adjusted her glasses and smiled.

“No. You like to hide.”

“Now you’re sounding like my boyfriend,” she said.

“So he
your boyfriend!” That almost changed what I was about to say. Almost. “Well, hope he doesn’t mind, but you’re my pick.”

“Oh, how flattering. Between me and Paul, I’m honored.”

That’s right, Amber and Beth were not options. “You’re a pretty good consolation prize.”

She mock-curtsied. “Why thank you.”

“Your turn.”

“Hmm. So many choices.” She tapped a finger on her lips and looked around the room. “Who am I most attracted to...”

I felt hot as she lingered on me. Truth was, I would have picked her over Amber.

She addressed her question to Paul and I. “I suppose what you’d like to hear is that I’ve always wanted some fantasy threesome between you guys, huh? Well, I’m sorry to say that it was totally platonic back then.”

Was that a pause before she said
back then

She looked at Beth and Amber. “The first time I met you was at Beth’s wedding—my first wedding as an adult. And God, you were so beautiful. You were actually the first woman I’d ever fantasized about...I mean
fantasized about.”

“Really?” Beth said.

“I’d always been curious, and I’d had plenty of opportunities while in college and traveling around, and all that. But I never really thought about it seriously until I saw you glowing in that white dress.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.”

“But you aren’t who I’m most attracted to.”

Casey set her sights on Amber, who gasped and blushed bright. “I mean, come on, how can I not go for the tall, leggy blonde? You’re so beautiful, and Beth did a pretty good job picking out her bridesmaid dresses.”

“I actually helped pick them out,” Amber said, fighting down a blush.

Casey smiled. “Then thank you. And I think some random dude at the wedding has a lot to thank you for, too.”

Amber didn’t seem to know where to look. She glanced at Paul a lot, at me, but every time she looked at Casey, she blushed and looked away. Finally, she said, “So Beth, you going to answer?”

I turned to my wife, curious about her answer myself.

“I’m not going to prioritize my friends. Truth is, I’m attracted to all of you.” She lingered on all three of them before giggling. “And I’ve definitely fantasized about all three of you, too.” To Amber, she nodded. “Yes, even you, my bestie.”

If this group wasn’t sexually charged now, we never would be.

“I’m going to heat up some left overs,” Beth said to the silent room. Amber offered to help, leaving the original three alone.

Casey spoke first. “So I take it you two are over your little thing?”

After Beth’s round of questioning, I couldn’t even remember what I was so mad about.

“Jason’s the one who attacked me,” Paul said defensively.

Oh, that’s right.

“I seem to recall something about a snow boulder hitting me in the face, bud,” I said. “You’ve got nothing to do with that?”

Casey chuckled. “Guess there’s still a thing.”

Her phone rang before she could say more. “It’s The Boyfriend. You two get some beers and get this out of your system. You’re going to fuck up the whole night if you don’t.”

She headed for the stairs, putting an exaggerated swing in her hips. She looked great in those skinny jeans. Into the phone, she laughed. Said: “No, this is the
time to call.”

When she was gone, Paul said, “Yeah, Casey’s all grown up, isn’t she? How could we have missed that body?”

“Because she’s like a sister to us?” I said weakly. I wasn’t thinking about her like a sister at that moment.


We didn’t bother putting on jackets when we went outside to the keg. I pumped from the door as Paul held the nozzle to our cups, filling them with a golden, frothy microbrew.

“So Amber’s pretty pissed at you,” I said. Easiest way to mend guy-fences? Talk about chick problems.

“Would you believe it if I told you she isn’t as confident as she comes across?”

“Yeah, I’d believe it.” Hell, I knew it.

“I’m sorry I said that last night. About Beth.”

An apologizing Paul was a rare thing. But I also knew not to make a big deal about it, so I waved it off. “We were drunk. Things were said.”

“Yeah...” He nodded, lost in thought. At last, he said the thing that must have been on his mind all day: “That story that Amber told...”

Here we go. Awkward conversation incoming.

“It’s a little fucked up, isn’t it?” He didn’t look back, just kept on filling our cups. I let him talk. “I just sat there as she flirted with this random guy, right? And...” He forced a laugh. “And it made me hard. I thought:
so this is what she was like back in college?
And it was really hot, watching her in action like that.”

With both our cups filled, he finally had to turn around. “You must think I’m some kind of wimp, but fuck it. I didn’t feel like one when I watched.”

Paul and I had been friends since grade school, but we never opened up like this. He needed a bone to be thrown, so I tried my best.

“Pretty sure you’re not the only guy who’s had that fantasy.”

“Have you?”

“With Beth? Sure. This weekend more than ever. Hearing about some of the things in the past—”

“Has you thinking about the present?” Paul finished.

“Something like that. Beth’s an incredible woman. I’ve always had fun with her, but it’s always been in the context of the two of us. Hearing about some of her other adventures has shown me a new side of her. And I kind of want to see that.”

BOOK: Cool With Her
4.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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