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“I won’t hurt you, baby,” he promised as he gently began to explore her with his long finger.

“I trust you, husband. And you hurting me is the farthest thing from my mind.” Perl arched her hips to encourage more stroking.

“I want you to just enjoy me right now. You’ll have time to play later,” Hank said, grabbing her hand which had been inching towards his throbbing, erect pole. He placed his mouth on her stomach, nibbling and kissing as he worked his way to the inside of her soft thighs. Gently, his tongue flicked her growing moisture, and Perl jumped with a squeal before slowly opening her legs to allow him greater access.

He explored her folds, drinking in her sweetness, heady with her warm scent. She was pure ambrosia and he hungered to feel her hold him inside. With unusual gentleness, his fingers entered her secret cave, allowing her time to feel the new sensation of being penetrated. She responded naturally to his exploration, growing wetter and beginning to move her body to produce a pleasurable rhythm.

He kissed her as he settled between her legs and slowly edged his rigid shaft into her tight, virginal opening. He took his time, allowing her to feel him and invite a deep entry. He felt her barrier resisting him and kissed her deeply as he urged through, finally seating himself fully inside. His strokes were slow, giving her opportunity to clutch him and discover her natural cadence of lovemaking.

Hank was not disappointed as her movement grew more demanding and uninhibited. She wanted him deep within her. She wanted to feel his presence. He obliged, becoming more aggressive and holding her tightly. She released a loud yowl as a tidal wave of pleasure engulfed her. Three more bold strokes and Hank released his own moan of satisfaction as he flooded her with his seed.

A single tear dripped down Perl’s cheek as Hank slid out of her and held her lovingly in his strong arms.

“Honey? Did I hurt you? I tried to be careful,” he asked with concern, gently wiping the tear off with a tender kiss.

“You didn’t hurt me. I just love you so much,” Perl smiled, tucked happily in his embrace.

“I love you too, my baby girl. I promise to make you happy.”

“You already have. Love me again. Please?”

Hank complied, eager to prove that he was a man who would keep a promise.


* * *


Perl woke early the next morning, glancing over at Hank’s sleeping form. Timidly, she reached to wrap her arm around his naked waist, sighing happily as he clutched her hand to his chest and held it against his beating heart.

“Hank?” Perl kissed his warm, tanned back, “would it be bad to ask you to do something for me?”

He turned to her and pressed her cheek to his side. “Ask and it’s yours, my darling.”

“Will you… rub my bottom?”

“I could very happily keep my hands on that bottom all day. Let’s get comfy, now,” Hank said, sitting up and easily pulling her across his bent left knee, propping her round backside high in the air and leaving it readily available. Perl squirmed to get comfortable and then rested her head in her arms as he began to massage the soft, silky skin of her protruding backside.

On impulse, he landed a gentle swat to the crown of her right buttock, smiling as a surprised squeak escaped her lips. His hand resumed stroking the reddened area before landing a second smack to the left cheek. Perl bucked slightly and felt him pin her legs under his right knee as he got comfortable on the bed. He swatted her six more times, just enough to bring a warm sting, and then squeezed her wriggling bottom gently. Lifting his hand, he applied a sharp crack to her sit spot and she reached around to block him,

“No, you don’t,” Hank said with a chuckle, grabbing her wrist with his left hand and holding it firmly against her side. He administered another four sharp spanks to her tender creases, watching in delight as she arched her bottom to meet his hand. He began to increase his speed and the strength of his blows as they landed unpredictably over her bottom and sit spots. He gave her time to breathe as he stroked and caressed her pink flesh. Despite the stinging pain, Perl felt her desire for him grow and she started begging for him to make love to her again, this time hard and fast. Hank dipped his fingers into her wanting womanhood, caressing her swollen nub as she lay face down over his knee.

Without a word, he lifted her to her knees and easily slid into her from behind, her hot bottom pressing against his groin. He watched the bright red cheeks as they joined his tempo, and he continued to caress her from the front. She tensed beneath him, lifting her bottom high in the air to accept the fullness of him as he plunged into her. With a yelp, they both merged with one another in a breath taking surge of intimate joy.

“I will never get tired of you, Perlita. You are amazing,” Hank praised, stroking her bare back and bottom as he rested beside her.

“I never knew such relations would be so… fulfilling. Thank you.”

“How about if we do the chores together and I’ll make breakfast? Then I can show you some more about ‘fulfilling’ our relations,” Hank suggested eagerly, pulling on his denims and a shirt.

Perl sniffed the air. ‘I thought you had gotten up already. I smell coffee.”

The newlyweds ventured downstairs to find a whole breakfast laid out for them on the kitchen table. Perl picked up a note, tapping Hank on the arm.

“The hands did our chores this morning while Cook made us breakfast. How sweet!”

“They are good men. And Cook outdid himself. Come eat and then let’s pack a picnic. We can go to the river. Maybe practice some relations down there.”

Perl’s eyes were bright as she giggled excitedly.


* * *


Don Piccoli’s goons tracked down the owner of the theater and ‘convinced’ him to release the information they needed to find Perlita’s whereabouts. They arrived in Austin several days later and, after some casual asking around which would not draw attention to themselves from any wary Texas lawmen, they began to head towards the little town of Great Price to hunt down their quarry. They were determined to make the little songbird sing a pretty number for them before they brought her down.


* * *


Spent, Hank gazed at his beautiful little wife as she braved the icy water after several hours of furious love making and exploration of each other. Her passion fully awakened, Perl abandoned any inhibitions and brazenly enjoyed the sensations that Hank introduced to her body. Teeth chattering, she propped her chin on the edge of the little pool and grinned at him.

“Come in, Cowboy, the water’s great.”

“Which is why your lips are turning blue. You’re gonna learn that cowboys know best, and getting into icy water at this time of year is not the smartest of things. Get outta there before you catch your death of cold.”

“It’s really not bad… Oh, ok. Help me.”

She reached her hand out to him and, as soon as he had a hold, she gave a jerk. Hank flew into the water head first and came up sputtering like an old barn cat.

You… little… brat!” he hissed, scrambling out as fast as he could and shaking his thick head of hair as the cold penetrated. Perl laughed, kicking back in the water and sticking her tongue out.

“You might as well come back in now. You’re already wet.”

With a growl, Hank jumped into the pool and grabbed hold of her. The heat from their bodies removed the chill as they joined their lips in a deep, breathless kiss.

“I love you, Perlita… Even when you act up.”

“I love you too, Hank, even when you think you know everything,” Perl snickered, her hand reaching to his unhappy organ.

“Um… cold makes that happen,” he stated sheepishly.

“I guess I need to find a way to warm it up, then,” Perl stated with a serious tone. She pushed him to the bank where the sun poured down along the water’s edge. She smiled seductively as she allowed her lips to travel down his hard abdomen, taking time to warm his thighs and pelvis by rubbing her hands wantonly over his flesh. The heat of the sun, plus her avid ministrations, eventually woke up the cold, tired member. Hank groaned, leaning back to close his eyes as Perl shyly wrapped her lips around the growing head.

Sweet from the fresh water, Perl delighted in his taste as his essence began to seep from the tip, bringing with it a delightful, mildly salty flavor.

“You taste good,” she commented between engulfing his now bobbing organ in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the shaft, and enjoying the silky feeling of his flesh against her lips. Hank only groaned… Laura would never have done anything this daring! Little by little, his memory of the past dwindled away, erased by the loving and attentive stroking of his precious wife’s mouth, and his breath hitched in his throat as he felt himself nearing release.

“I’m going to…” He gasped, holding her hair in his hands as he gently pushed her mouth off him. Perl quickly climbed over his groin to settle herself on his throbbing rod, and sunk him deep inside her. She rode him like a bull, her muscles clutching tightly as she heaved herself up and down on his pole. Hank clutched her hips and plunged himself deeply inside of her, holding her firmly against his groin as he climaxed with a loud groan. The action brought Perl along with him, and she threw her head back to face the sun, a small cry escaping her lovely red lips.

The ever present Cherry lifted her head at the sound of their release. She tilted her face to watch them and then let out a bored yawn before closing her eyes. Hank chuckled, noticing.

“We have an audience.”

“I see that, and I guess we put her to sleep.”

“Good, then she won’t be bothering us if we want to perform again,” Hank grinned, holding the woman against his broad chest as they lay on the bank in the sunshine. Perl giggled.


Chapter Ten



Dennis looked up from his desk as Perl entered the sheriff’s office carrying a basket of biscotti di Prato that she had made with dried berries and nuts.

“Good morning, Mrs. Billings. How are you doing this fine day?” Dennis asked, standing to hug her affectionately.

Her eyes shone as she handed him the basket. “Wonderful. Thank you for the special gifts. It made our first night together very pleasant. And our second… and our third,” she giggled. “These are thank you cookies from an old family recipe called biscotti. Americans like to dip them in their coffee or tea, or you can let them soak up milk.”

“Mmmm, more of that Italian cuisine? Speaking of which…”

“Tonight, regular time. I think Hank misses you hanging around the ranch.” Perl laughed, “I know I do. It’s been, what? Five days? Did you hear Hank is sending for Nana? She agreed to come down here for the winter to keep him out of trouble,” Perl said with excitement.

“You won’t be seeing much of your husband, then. Nana Gretchen runs the poor man ragged.”

“Only when he starts getting underfoot or bossy. It’s how she gets him out of her hair,” Perl giggled.

“Well. Don’t you go learning that. Hank already has his hands full with you and your antics. Speaking of which, who escorted you here, young lady?”

“I came alone. You said I was out of danger. And I’m not
horrible. Besides, Nana told me that being bossy only works if you’re old or with child.”

“If that’s the case, then I look forward to the day when you have Hank yanking his hair out by the roots. Did you get started on a grandbaby for me yet?”

“Dennis!” Perl reddened. “We’ve only been married five days.”

“So? Are you giving it an effort?”

“You’re impossible. Yes, ok? Are you coming over tonight?”

“I’ll be there. I… excuse me,” Dennis said, picking up the telephone. He frowned, muttering some unintelligible words before hanging up. “Perl, honey, I need to get some things done. I’m going to ask you if you wouldn’t mind going back to the ranch and waiting for us there? We have some things we need to take care of…” he tried to disguise the urgency in his voice, but failed.

“What’s wrong, Dennis? Is Hank alright?” Perl frowned.

“Hank is fine. I need you to go home right away. I’ll get someone to take you.”

“They found me, didn’t they? Where are they?” Perl demanded, her eyes darkening. “I’m not afraid of them! I’m not going to let them mess this up!”

“Whoa, girlie. You need to let us men handle your protection. I’m telling you to go back home and stay there while I talk to Hank and get the men together. I want you to tell the hands what’s happening so they will protect you too. Some goons were seen down in Bellview which is about three hours from here. We don’t have enough time to wait for state troopers or Texas Rangers from San Antonio or Austin.”

“I can protect myself just fine, Dennis Wilson! I’m not running home to hide under the bed. I did that before and I lost my whole family. No!” she stomped her foot angrily.

“Perlita Maria Consuelo Billings,” Dennis snapped, standing over her, “You will do as I say and do it now! You should be safe since we know where they are, but don’t you stall for a minute. You are to ride like the wind.”

“You can’t make me! I’m staying here with you two and…”

“You either vamoose or I get a switch and have it follow your bottom all the way home, if you get my drift.”

“You are so… primeval!” With a growl, Perl kicked the desk and stormed outside to where she had tied her little mare. Knowing she was being watched, she galloped the horse towards the ranch and soon disappeared out of sight. Then, she slowed the animal and backtracked away from the main road, returning to town with her rifle in hand.

She hid in the bushes behind the town hall and thought out her plan. She only knew one thing for certain. This time, she would shoot to kill.


* * *


Dennis and Hank quickly assembled the locals to tell them of the situation facing them. They were not only surprised by the number of men who demanded to protect their “Songbird” but by the women who insisted on lending their own rifles for use. Great Price was not going to let these criminals simply drive into town in their fancy cars and black suits and terrorize their community. Great Price was going to teach these city boys a valuable lesson, and show them that Texans from this part of the state were a different sort of folk. Country living and hard work taught the small town to fight for what was theirs and neither man nor woman easily backed down from a threat to one of their own. They had survived droughts, floods, fires, and wartime, and they viewed the approach of these mobsters as nothing more than a nuisance to be brushed away.

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